Decorating With Swedish Country Antiques- Darlene Peterson Buchanan

Swedish Country Plates Sold Through Food52Swedish Country Plates Sold Through Food52. Visit Swedish For A Look At The Whole Rosemaling Collection

America is a land of many immigrants. As many as 1.4 million Swedes immigrated to America between 1840 and 1930. As the descendants of these immigrants and others seek to decorate their homes, it is not surprising that Swedes and non-Swedes alike are looking to Swedish country décor. It offers a colorful Carl Larsson look or the light and airy Gustavian look.

The Swedish people are lovers of color and light. They use all aspects of nature relating to light and its effect in a room. The color and light play off the walls, furnishings and accessories. This decorating style blends perfectly with the Gustavian look of old Sweden or the peasant look depicted by Carl Larsson. By placing a lovely old Swedish antique in a room bathed with light and having the traditional white and blue colors, you can capture the desired Swedish look.

Carl Larsson was a very famous painter in Sweden. He captured the daily life of old Sweden on canvas, and his home is now a museum. It bursts with color, design, shapes, art, creativity and representations of the simple life in Sweden at the turn of the century. This style is very popular and has created a high demand for Swedish antiques in this country.

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12 Interior Designers Pick Their Favorite Swedish Paint Colors

12 Interior Designers Pick Their Favorite Swedish Paint Colors House Beautiful's September 2014 issue- Photographer Michael Croteau 1 12 Interior Designers Pick Their Favorite Swedish Paint Colors House Beautiful's September 2014 issue- Photographer Michael Croteau 2

House Beautiful’s September 2014 issue- Photographer Michael Croteau

Seen In House Beautiful’s September 2014 issue, interior designers spill on their favorite “Swedish” inspired paint colors.

Tori Golub suggests- Only Natural SW 7596 From Sherwin- Williams

Shea Soucie suggests- Blue Gray 91 Farrow & Ball

John Danzer suggests Pavement C2-988 C2 Paint

Jill Dienst suggests Donald Kaufman Color DKC-67

William Cummings suggests Skylight 206 From Farrow & Ball

Rhonda Eleish suggests Pavilion Blue 252 From Farrow & Ball

Laura Bohn suggests Sensible Hue SW 6198 Sherwin Williams

Jayne Michaels suggests Donald Kaufman Color DKC-6

Sara Story suggests Pavilion Gray 242 From Farrow & Ball

Christine Markatos suggests Milk White 15-32 From Pratt & Lambert

Sandra Nunnerley suggest Lamp Room Gray 88 From Farrow & Ball

Eileen Kathryn Boyd suggests Sleepy Blue 6225 From Sherwin Williams

50+ Decorating Books Worth Looking At

Decorating With White

1. Shades of Country: Designing a Life of Comfort – From $3.99 Amazon

“Shades of Country,” written by “Chippy Irvine,” masterfully presents some of America’s most beautiful, charming and fascinating country houses. It is profusely illustrated with a wealth of examples of actual American homes, some of them are derived from European country styles, but most are what we think of as typically American – east coast farmhouses, Shaker simplicity, Montana ranch and rustic Adirondack cabin.   This book covers a lot of decorating territory. A few pictures of each, as well as others styles like Ranch, or French. If you are having trouble deciding on a style, this book might help you.

2. Country Living Decorating with White- From $14 Amazon

Country Living Decorating with White showcases a beautiful new vision of how to use this classic hue. Explaining the art of choosing the right shade of white and blending it with other colors and objects. Close to 150 color photographs fill this volume with captions describing successful design features and giving decorating tips. The classic motifs of white with blue or black are given primary focus, although every room of the house is shown with various color accents.

“I have wanted to change back to all white but needed ideas to avoid a completely “washed out” look. Varied surfaces, tones of paint color, accents, etc. are among suggestions that work well with white and offer many great ideas.”

3. Living Life Beautifully $14 On Amazon

Christina Strutt Living Life Beautifully tells the story of how Christina founded legendary fabric company Cabbages & Roses and grew it into a lifestyle brand. Christina talks about her inspirations and influences, and how she works these into her products. Christina gives the reader a look behind her home where she designs her fabrics, experiments with her new wallpapers, and gathers all her favorite antiques. 

4.  La Vie Est Belle: The Elegant Art of Living in the French Style$18 On Amazon

The book is arranged by region and offers a privileged glimpse inside dozens of French homes, from chateaux to farmhouses, as well as the regions in which they are set.  Interior colors are more simple and muted that what we use here in our American country homes

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Swedish Decorating Inspirations In Yellow, Ivory And Beige- 50+ Pictures

D.Larsson Swedish Antiques

D.Larsson Swedish Antiques

The Swedish style is a bright decorating style, in which presents a peaceful, liveable, serene place to live in.  The lighter interior looks have always been popular in the Nordic countries for centuries.  Pale wall colors, lighter painted furniture, throws and bedding in white, or pastels tended to give the illusion of light, which was particularly welcoming through Sweden’s long winter evenings.

1.  Lighter Painted Walls Allow You To Do More With Your Interior

To achieve the Swedish style, consider starting with the foundational walls of your room in a lighter paint tone.  Gray, or tones of light green, blue or natural creamy white will complement accessories in touches of warm yellow and gold.  Using a neutral base color such as ivory, beige, or light gray will complement additional colors added into the room.  Consider soft pink, bold red, for stenciling ribbons, scrolls and gatherings of wheat upon walls.

Like your walls and draperies, keep your floors light and bright.  Consider blonde or pale woods, or a lighter hued paint for your floors. If you want to jazz things up, stencil or paint pale designs on the floor’s surface.

  • Thinking About Painting Your Floor? Consider These 10 Tips First…. Hersite Blog
  • Polish Your Concrete To Make It Look Like Marble- Hersite Blog

Floor coverings can make all the difference in a room.  Natural fiber rugs, such as berber, jute, sisal rugs are natural and a neutral covering that works with any style and decor choice.

An alternative to painted walls is wallpaper patterns. If you consider wallpaper, work with a  neo-classic style with soft colors on a white background. Floral prints, swags, ribbons and bows are a common theme that runs through Gustavian style. A touch of gold gilding is important as an accent, and adds the prestige into your rooms.

  • 6 Stencils I have My Eye On- Which One Is Your Favorite? – Hersite Blog
  • Buy Floral, Chintz, And Gustavian Wallpaper and Fabrics From My Friend Paula At Lily Oake

2. Pair a Settee At One Side Of Your Dining Table

While many of us may not have the room, a settee at the dining table really looks fabulous if you can pull it off.  My friend Stephanie Tuliglowski went for a French Provence look in her house, and paired a large farmhouse table with a French settee.  In this photo, you can see she left the settee in it’s natural wood, instead of painting it. It gives the room so much more of a natural, cozy feel.

  • Picture 1– Pillows at the table
  • Picture 2– Louis XV chairs on one side, and settee on the other

The “Köksoffa” has been known as the kitchen sofa, and originates from the 1700’s. The idea behind this sofa was it could be used during the day, and then pulled out at night to be used as a bed.  Rooms were smaller, and often pieces were created for multi purposes.  The sofas were often painted and antique versions often can be seen having a dark patina from the paint aging over time.

3. Rotate Your Collections Through Out The Year

The Nordic style of decorating has always been one to border on minimalism.   Invest in pieces that function as storage solutions which can hide away your belongings, while at the same time look decorative.

  • Leave Armoire Doors Open- If you have a armoire, paint the inside a different color than the outside, and leave the doors open to display what you have.
  • Paint The Inside Of Your Cabinets, Or Bookcases In A Different Color– Spice up your collections by painting the inside of your drawers, or cabinets in a color that will pop.  If you are decorating around the creams, consider a darker buff, vanilla, apricot, or saffron for the inside.
  • Rotate Your Decorative Accessories through out the year, and mount more of your collections on the wall. If you do collect, consider keeping only the best of what you already own, and discard the rest.  Use lighting to draw attention to those items that you want to be seen.
  • Group Decorative Items In Pairs, or Collections. Gather your pictures in one spot, and create a collection by using the same frames.  Simplify your pictures by working in black and white, or sepia tones.  Work with cabinets, bookcases, or wall shelving to give your collections a really upscale look.
  • Store Collections In Boxes Which Can Be Painted In this photo, you can see a picture of Eric Pike’s home office, where magazine boxes, and storage boxes look sophisticated on shelves.

26 Ways To Organize With Shoe Boxes- Kids Room Decor

4. Push Chairs And Side Tables Against The Walls

This is a classic Swedish look that is found in most historical Nordic homes.  Chairs and tables were pushed against the wall, creating more space in a room.  Furniture was positioned in the center of the room, allowing more room between furniture pieces.  Position one chair by itself, or gather your chairs in sets of threes.

5. Redesign Your Closet Space

As soon as my husband and I moved into our new home, I wanted to make the best use of our closet space. You can see some of my closet makeovers at my new website Hersite.

  •  My Summer Projects, My Garage Makeover-Hersite

Shelving brackets were bought from Home Depot, and wood shelves, which were painted were added to our closets.  Paint makes everything so much more inviting.

Why NOT make use of the wall space all the way up to the ceiling? Instead of having one rod in your closet, break the wall up so you can have two rods. Show off those expensive heels you only wear once a year, and coordinate your wardrobe into color schemes.  Your closets can look like they were professionally designed.

In this picture of Eric Pike’s home, he transforms an ordinary closet into a beautiful display for his tableware.  The interior of the closet is painted in a darker gray, and collections are grouped together.

French Wall Sconces

French Wall Sconces On Ebay

6. Work With Neoclassical Lamps And Mount Wall Sconces For The Classic Swedish Look

Wall sconces can look very romantic in the Swedish setting.  We should light candles more often, and working with candles on the wall, than on the table is the safer route to prevent fires from happening.

Decide if you want something simple or ornate in style for wall sconces. Today you can purchase an ornate set of French wall sconces for around $90 dollars on Ebay. Place a set of two sconces on either side of a mirror or painting.

Plain table lamps can be dressed up by recovering plain shades.  Purchase simple barrel shades from your local big box store, and re-cover them with the same upholstery material as your accent chairs and slipcovers.  Chandeliers and lamps add light to an already bright interior.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of even more open space and to reflect light, and use light colored accents like blue and white china, silver and glass to add shine and style.

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Decorating Around The Color Green – Swedish Style

House Beautiful- 26 Designers Share Their Favorite Grays4House Beautiful- 26 Designers Share Their Favorite Grays

House Beautiful Designer Grays 3: Top Row, 1-Pratt Lamberts Argent 1322, 2-Farrow Balls Light Blue 22, 3- Farrow Balls Green Blue 84 Middle Row, 1- Benjamin Moores Cedar Grove 444, 2-Ralph Lauren Paints Blue-Green GH81, 3-Benjamin Moores Colony Green Bottom Row, 1-Benjamin Moores Heavenly Blue, 2-Benjamin Moores Palladian Blue HC-144, 3-Benjamin Moores Sage Tint

House Beautiful- 26 Designers Share Their Favorite GraysHouse Beautiful- 26 Designers Share Their Favorite Grays

Benjamin Moore’s Colony Green, Ralph Lauren’s Blue-Green GH81, Benjamin Moore’s Cedar Grove 444

Mora Clock Seen At Bagatelle Antiques, Green Painted Mora Seen On Attic, Blue Green Mora From Eloquence

Mora Clock Seen At Bagatelle Antiques, Green Painted Mora Seen On Attic, Blue/ Green Mora From Eloquence

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A Dallas, Texas Home Decorated Around The Swedish Style

4611 Arcady AVE, Highland Park, TX Briggs Freeman

Featured twice in Veranda, this utterly unique home contains 1610 square feet, decorated in the Swedish, Nordic decorating style.  The current owner transformed this cottage into a Swedish oasis in the heart of West Highland Park, Dallas, featuring fabulous finishes and extraordinary workmanship.

Calcutta marble adorns the open kitchen and bathroom, while antique French stone mantles create a warm ambiance. Large French doors with double-paned glass add to a light and bright interior. Several interior doors were specifically picked out in European antique markets and imported. The kitchen was designed for serious cooking and includes top appliances with room to entertain guests. The brick patio was built on pier and beam foundation for future expansion, or to be enjoyed exactly as it is.

This property is listed under 4611 Arcady Avenue, for $879,000, MLS #12170512 at


4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 2 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 4 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 5 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 7 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 8 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 9 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 10 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 11 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 12 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 13 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 14 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 15 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 16 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 17 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 18 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 19 4611 Arcady Avenue, Dallas Texas 20


3 Houses Decorated Around The Rustic Swedish Style

Ginger Barber's Rugged Texas Home House Beautiful Magazine July 2009

Ginger Barber’s Rugged Texas Home

1.  Cotswold’s Barn Conversion comes from Light Locations.  Inside, the home is saturated with shades of whites.  Take notice of it’s whitewashed rustic oak beams, the neutral decor scheme and open plan interior.  Decorated around minimal decor, this home has rustic furniture, industrial pendant lights, linen bedding and furniture and huge picture windows.

See more of this home at Light Locations

2. A Chattahoochee River Home, decorated by designer Amy Morris, was seen in Atlanta Home Magazine.  This home is decorated around the neutral palette, with soft creamy whites and touches of gray, green and blue.  In the entry hall, we see the start of a theme that continues throughout the house….  “Rustic and elegant“.  A herringbone-patterned brick flooring, combined with country distressed furniture is very welcoming.  What makes this house appear warm and cozy are the fabric choices and old world color choices.  One of the designer’s favorite style secrets involves using outdoor fabric in busy rooms…… “I typically use a polyester, which looks like natural velvet,” she says. It looks great and no one knows.

View more of this interview in Atlanta Home Magazine

View Designer Amy Morris Interiors

3.  Ginger Barber’s Rugged Texas Home.  This home was featured in House Beautiful‘s July 2009 issue. As you enter her 180-acre property you see a beautiful white farmhouse, which is Ginger’s main house, and across the pasture, is her 1850s guesthouse.

When they decided to renovate the guest house, they worked with an open design scheme.  It has a combined family and dining room, along with a master bedroom and bathroom.

She choose to work with a soft creamy gray for the color scheme.   Going with a lighter color palette helps the rooms feel bigger.  In addition to keeping it brighter, they boarded every wall with reclaimed wood and whitewashed the boards for warmth.

Ginger Barber On Lived-In Rooms

On Patina “A nice wide table with the paint peeling off. It’s got great lack-of-paint, doesn’t it? I love chipped painted things; they feel more natural, softer, more inviting. And that washedout Swedish cupboard in the main house’s living room is so wonderfully dull—I love that, too. I’ll even take a new piece and work on the finish to get the look I want. If you look at that pine table in the main house, you’ll see it’s stripped raw, rosy raw. I used white chairs around it because I love the back and forth of crisp white against old and worn”

On Slipcovers- “Again, you’ve got to live. You’ve got to be ready to throw the slipcovers in the wash andbe done with it. My work is 90 percent slipcovers. I mean, this family’s got two Jack Russell terriers, and they’re always on the furniture.”

Simple Linens- “I think a person gets sick of a floral sofa in six months, tops. And in a small space it probably takes even less time to get tired of too much color. The accessories are what give a shot of color to my work, and their shapes and textures add personality. A simple purple-striped coverlet does amazing things for a white bedroom like this guest room, doesn’t it?”

View more of this article in House Beautiful Magazine

View Designer Ginger Barber

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Reproduction Distressed Furniture And Home Decor From Bliss Studio

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss Studio 2

Lindome Swag Table, H:34″ D:24″ W:36″

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss Studio

Lindome Console Table -H:34″ D:16″ W:62″

 If you love furniture with layers of paint, distressed detail, old hardware, and unique looking features, you could spend months searching for that hand scraped finish and texture to fit perfectly in your bedroom or living room.

Consider looking though Bliss Studio’s line which features really old looks, layered rich paint finishes often admired in the really high end antique dealers across Europe.

Their range of furniture is designed around the classic antique looking furniture that have been popular through the centuries.

Bliss Studio produces fine collections of historically inspired items including furniture such as console tables, accent chairs, dining room tables, decorative accent tables, lighting, and a range of chippy accessories.

Marvel at the paint finishes, as I have, and consider picking up a piece for your home.

Below are my favorite pieces that would be an ideal fit for a Nordic styled home.

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioPadua Wall Plaque

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioLaudere Hall Table

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioVanika Settee- H:33.5″ D:32″ W:79.75″

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss Studio

Tosca Chest, H:40.5″ D:18″ W:44″

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioMoorish Dining Table

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss Studio

Oval Frame Mirror $645 On Amazon

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss Studio 2

Candlesticks From Bliss Studio

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioItalian Serpentine Commode, H:34.5″ D:25″ W:60″

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioHonore Mirror $940 On Amazon

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioFoscari Console Chest- H:38.5″ D:16.5″ W:63.5″

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss Studio

Philippe Bench- H:26″ D:19″ W:48.75″

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioBelgian Commode- H:38″ D:23″ W:62″

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioGallia Bench, Antwerp Armchair, Aimee Side Chair,

Beautiful Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss StudioPerugia Chair, Winshire Accent Table, Clara Accent Table,

Rustic Pedestal Table, Carnavale Pedestal Table

Chippy Paint Finishes From Bliss Studio

Buy The Swedish Style For Less

Gustavian Gilt Cartel Clocks On Ebay

19th Louis XVI Gilt Wood Cartel Clock- $189+$88 Shipping From Arek631 On Ebay

Skalin Bell Chime Swedish Gustavian Gallery Wall Clock Louis XV- Starting bid $24 On Ebay

Hau Junghans Rare 19th Cartel Clock $199 From Arek631 On Ebay

Hau Junghans Rare 19th Cartel Clock $199 From Arek631 On Ebay

Porcher sells a terrific stone top black granite bathroom vanity that has a very attractive Swedish design. These doors feature beautiful reeded wood that bring texture and dimension.The cabinet is made from select veneers and premium hardwood construction. This cabinet is designed to resist moisture and warpage over time making it ideal for the bathroom.

Paint and distress this cabinet with an off white paint. Consider a black to match the black granite top, or consider a red for a country appearance. Distress the cabinet to show off the wood details and add classic Swedish key holes for an upscale antique appearance. Amazon has one for sale from $127.50

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3 Swedish Style Homes Featured In Magazines

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt's Home In Veranda Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt’s Home In Veranda

I have been holding on to Veranda’s November / December 2011 issue which featured an 18th century manor situated in Sabylund, 2 hours west of Stockholm. Built in 1780’s in the Gustavian aesthetic, the house has stayed virtually intact as it was back in the 18th century.

In the red room, chalky white finished chairs with gilt wood embellishments are covered in Chinese red damask. A Swedish day bed functions as a sofa and a bed, and is accompanied by a table surrounded by Gustavian white painted chairs. A Swedish Kakelugn stove has gold painted garlands on the tile. A number of small rectangular portraits hang on the wall.

In the main room, light blue painted walls are framed with wall moldings, and hand painted garlands add a romantic feel to the walls. Sheer drapery allows the light to come into this room.  A settee and Louis XVI chairs with a blue and white stripe slipcovers form a seating area with a Empire table and crisp white tablecloth.  A pale light blue and white scheme pull together a soft, yet delicate look for this room.  A pink rug, and lighter pink upholstery seen on the backs of the chairs offer up a subdued, yet tender room to lounge in.  Large gilt oval portraits add a historical feel to the room.

A grand library filled with the owners original books offered a taste of the high life.  Books were so much more valuable in the 17th and 18 century, and having a library filled with them, suggests the owners were well off.  A 1799 white stucco medallion mounted on a simple wood frame depicts the houses first owner.  A Dutch or German table centers the room, with English cane chairs backed to the books.  Swedish pewter candlesticks sit on the table, along with a brass telescope for viewing nature.  The shelves are painted in a blue/ gray, houses natural leather books adding such rich contrast.  Furniture is left in it’s natural wood, which adds a rustic effect.

The most interesting thing about this house is that it has actually been lived in all these years” says Johan who owns the house. His wife Ingrid Lagerfelt and their two children live in this home currently. Their ancestor inherited the house from the original brother and sister who built the home. Johan is a doctor, and his wife Ingrid farms the estates 2,500 acres of land.

More from Veranda:

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt's Home In Veranda 6

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt’s Home In Veranda

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt's Home In Veranda 5

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt’s Home In Veranda

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt's Home In Veranda 4

An Up-close and Detailed Look At The Wall Painting

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Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques19th Century Swedish Birch Neo Classical Sofa US $5,540.37 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Early 19th Century Painted Gustavian Sofa -US $4,477.83 Beautifully carved, re-upholstered with fitted cushions- On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham AntiquesPair of 19th Century Carved wood French Armchairs US $3,718.88 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

19th Century Massive Extending Swedish Painted Dining Table US $12,702.51 On Ebay

This table has been adapted to form many scenarios of use and size. Can be used as a round dining table, and comes complete with varying bearers to allow housing of 5 leaves. Fully extended at 167″ in length which is just short of 14FT.  Could also be used as a pair of demi lune side tables when not in use for dining.  

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques19th Century Painted Pine Bookcase Cabinet US $6,151.53 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Circa 1880. Fine piece of Swedish rustic furniture which could lend itself to many uses such as a desk, kitchen table or dining table

Rustic 19th Century Pine Table From Debenham Antiques US $1,510.32 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Early 20th Century Birch Root Swedish Bombe Chest Of Drawers- US $2,796.15 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

19th Century Swedish Elm Secretaire Chest Of Drawers- US $2,504.55 On Ebay
Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Massive 19th Century Biedermeier Birch Sofa Settee, US $5,236.79 -Length: 108 3/4″, On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

19th Century Inlaid Swedish Kingwood Commode US $2,959.92 On Ebay

Profusely inlaid and decorated with various woods such as satinwood and walnut. Detachable marble top with ormolu handles and decoration. 3 drawers which open on the key- circa 1870

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques19th Century Mahogany and Satinwood Inlaid Desk $4,477.83 On Ebay

Early 20th Century Mahogany Inlaid Commode- US $3,718.88 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham AntiquesPair of 18th Century Louis XV French Gilt Fauteuil Armchairs By Michard US $7,513.65 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

19th Century Antique Swedish Carved Wood Gilt Pier Mirror -US $3,718.88 On Ebay

19th Century Painted Swedish Day Bed Sofa

19th Century Painted Swedish Day Bed Sofa, US $3,263.51- On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

19th Century Antique Biedermeier Birch Commode Chest of Drawers -US $2,504.55, On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham AntiquesPair of 19th Century French Empire Mahogany Armchairs US $3,718.88 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Early 19th Century Antique Carved Scandinavian Mahogany Sofa US $3,415.30 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Massive Mahogany Cherrywood Gateleg Table Seats 16- Can be made up to 18 feet, 9FT 6INCH X 8 FT On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Pair of 19th Century Painted Pine Swedish Armchairs- US $1,510.32, On Ebay

Swedish arts and crafts influenced.  Made from pine, painted with floral decoration to the back, gold lining to the seat, continued with painted elements to the freize and turned legs

Swedish Antiques From Debenham AntiquesSwedish Antiques From Debenham AntiquesEarly 19th Century Swedish Occasional Side Table US $1,176.38 On Ebay

Early 19th Century Biedermeirer Birch Drum Table US $4,326.04, On Ebay

19th Century Swedish Birch Square Tilt Top Table – US $1,897.39 On Ebay

19th Century Painted Gothic Swedish Cabinet US $6,311.31 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques19TH Century Swedish Painted Pine Bookcase- US $3,507.17 On Ebay

Swedish Antiques From Debenham AntiquesRare set of 12 -19TH Century Queen Anne Influenced Painted Swedish Dining Chairs US $12,702.51 On Ebay

The History Behind Jean Bernadotte Otherwise Known As Karl Johan

Pair of Karl Johan MirrorsPair of carved and gilded wood mirrors from the Karl Johan, or empire, period, Sweden circa 1830. Original brass candle holders on each. Original gilding, mirror glass, and backs. $8,500

He was born by the name Jean Bernadotte in France,  and later in life became the ruler of Sweden.   Here is how the history unfolded…..

Napoleon I  – On The French Front

In May of 1804, the French people voted to change the consulate to an empire and to make Napoléon the Emperor of France.

In 1805, Austria, England, Russia and Sweden became united in a new Third Coalition to move against France.  It was in September of 1805, when Austria attacked the French controlled Bavaria.   Napoléon moved his army into Germany in September, and by October, Napoleon  captured the Austrians at Ulm and occupied Vienna.  It didn’t stop there, in December, Napoléon won his most brilliant victory which decimated the Austro-Russo armies at Austerlitz.

In June of the following year, Napoléon named his brother Louis as King of Holland, and within each following each victory, Napoléon enlarged the French Empire.

On the other front, Prussia and Russia joined together to mount a new campaign against France.  In  October, of 1806, Napoléon’s army decimated the Prussian army at Jena and at nearby Auerstadt.  Napoléon was interested in preventing his enemies, especially the British, from trading with continental Europe.  In November, he declared a new administrative law, which banned English ships from all ports under French control.

Napoléon was on a roll, in June of 1807, Napoléon eliminated the Russian armies at Friedland, which resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Tilsit, by Napoléon and Tsar Alexander.  Under the treaty, King Frederick William III, of Prussia, became a vassal to France and lost half of his territories.  Russia was forced to recognize the yet-to-be-created Grand Duchy of Warsaw which was to be carved out of Prussian Poland.  Russia was also forced to make other territorial changes.   Napoléon then turned to defeating Sweden, which he did with the help of Russia, in 1808.

The Start Of Things Falling Apart For Napoleon

The Peninsular War began in 1808 when Spanish and Portuguese forces rebelled against French rule. Tens of thousands of French soldiers died in the war, and the loss of Spain and Portugal greatly damaged Napoléon’s prestige.

Napoléon divorces Josephine, aged 46 years old in 1809, because she had not produced an heir.  Worried about the continuity of the empire, he had the senate pronounce his divorce from Josephine in December of 1809.  It was because of this that Pope Pius VII excommunicated Napoléon.  Retaliating, Napoléon had the Pope arrested on July 6.  On February 17, 1810, the Papal States were annexed to France.  The pope was then forced to sign an additional concordat and to annul Napoléon’s marriage to Josephine. It wasn’t too long after that that Napoléon married Marie Louise, in April, 1810, the 18 year old daughter of Emperor Francis I of Austria.

On July 9, 1810, Napoléon again increased the size of the Empire by annexing Holland and much of Germany to the Empire.

Jean Bernadotte – On The Swedish Front….

Bernadotte joined the French army and after the French Revolution, he advanced quickly and was in 1804 appointed as a Marshal of France by Napoleon I, even though the pair had a tumultuous relationship. When his service to France ended in 1810, he was voted the heir to the Swedish throne.

In August of 1810 Swedish Parliament had their eye on him for the Swedish throne.  In October the same year, Bernadotte arrived in Sweden, and quickly took over as the real head of state, as the reigning King Karl XIII was in poor health. The Swedish royal family was dying out with King Charles XIII, so Baron Carl Otto Mörner (a Swedish courtier), advocated for his position for leadership.

Karl Johan had good relations with France however, Swedish foreign policy led Sweden into alliance with Russia and Britain against France. Sweden was then promised to Norway, which meant going against Napoleon.  In 1813 led Karl Johan Swedish troops in the sixth coalition war , which was successful against France.  After the victory against French, he forced Denmark to cede Norway by the Treaty of Kiel . Norway declared its independence after having hosted a national assembly at Eidsvoll, but after a short war in late summer 1814 the Norwegians surrendered, and  entered into a union with Sweden.

A few facts about Karl Johan:

  • He was originally named Jean Bernadotte, but was also named Jean Baptiste after John the Baptist
  • He converted the royal court from Roman Catholicism to the Lutheranism, and never learned to speak Swedish or Norwegian.  French was widely spoken by the Swedish aristocracy.
  • He married in 1798 with Désirée Clary , who had previously been engaged to Napoleon Bonaparte .

Rosersberg Carl's Country Retreat - Featured in Neoclassicism In The North On Amazon Rosersberg Carl's Country Retreat - Featured in Neoclassicism In The North On Amazon Rosersberg Carl's Country Retreat - Featured in Neoclassicism In The North On Amazon

Rosersberg Carl’s Country Retreat – Featured in Neoclassicism In The North On Amazon

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5 Faux Wall Painting Techniques That Are Easier Than You Think

Lars Sjoeberg The Swedish Room Photo credit Ingalill Snitt Source

Lars Sjoeberg  The Swedish Room  Photo Credit Ingalill Snitt 

If you are wanting depth to your walls, here are some of the very simple faux finishes you can do yourself.

Start by selecting a color theme for your room.  In this post you will see a variety of color examples from pale blue, to lighter warm yellows and lighter greens.

Working with glaze, crackle finishes, and distressing techniques can make your furniture appear older than it is.  Likewise, layering paint on your walls will also create depth and give you that old world look we all have fallen in love with.  Here is how to do it…..

1. Ragged Finishes

Color washes are finishes that are produced with rags and paint.

Color washing is usually is achieved by a using rags which attach to a roller.

The trick to achieving this finish is to work with translucent glaze. Don’t attempt this finish with solid paint.  Using a glaze mixture of (half glaze, half paint), paint is applied over a previously painted wall.  The effect it produces a subtle textured finish.

Ralph Lauren Ragging

A Primitive Effect Using Green, seen on

Notice the whole wall isn’t ragged, just a small portion of it. Also painted furniture in the same tones are paired in this room to join together the various looks.

Keep All Tones In The Same Color Family

  • One tip that I have learned through ragging finishes is to have the glaze mixture matched to be a few shades darker or lighter than the wall color.  If you decide to do three colors, keep the tones quite close in color.  The overall effect will be soft, and subtle.

Glaze + Paint For A Final Top Coat

  • Another trick I have learned is to go over your entire project with a layer or two of glaze mixed in with a small amount of paint.  The entire effect of the tinted glaze dulls the look slightly, and hides the roller effects. The idea behind this is to make your work appear subtle. You want to keep people guessing as to what you used to complete the finish.

2. Dry Brushing

Brushed finishes, is an effect which is achieved by dipping your brush into paint, and then removing most of the paint, on a rag.  The small amount of paint allows you to add a very soft effect over a previous layer of paint.

The effect depends much on the brush you use.  If you use a badger softening brush which tends to be very large and soft, it will produces a soft effect with paint.

I have used this effect with an old broom handle.  The bristles are thicker, and harder, and produces lines than a soft shading.

Again, mixing together paint + glaze will allow you to get the look of an additional layer with a faux effect, and you may not have to wipe off the excess paint.

  • In this picture, this effect can be achieved by using a dark brown artists oil paint. Most of the paint must be removed from your brush to achieve this look. This look can be achieved using brown artists oil paint over a muted orange base coat, slightly brushing the which highlights some of the raised details.
  • Achieve depth to your furniture by applying a lighter coat over top of a painted finish. As you can see with this look, a lighter shade of green-gray is applied over a darker shade of green. This look could be achieved by dry brushing.

3.  Sponge Finishes

Sponged faux finishes are those which a paint mixture is applied with a sea sponge.

Sponge painting is still the best and most frequently used mediums when it comes to classic faux finish painting.

Using a sponge, you can use multiple glazes layered over solid paint which gives the illusion of great depth.

Ideally, like most finishes, you want to start with a base coat, and build on it using a glaze mixture. The overall effect should be soft and serene.

Sponging can also be used on furniture to give an old world Swedish look.

In the past, I would use a base coat of brown, and then after it was dry, I would apply a base of oil paint in butter yellow and use a rag, or a textured paper towel to remove the paint.  Within just a few minutes of applying the paint, I would remove it, and the oil paint which was wiped off on the  rag I would then slightly dab here and there, on the furniture to create a very soft effect, making it seem as there was more layers to the paint finish.  After it was dry, dry brushing with the same oil paint was used to blend in the textured effects.

4. Faux Leather

Terrific faux effects can be produced using a very heavy garage bag. Again working with a wall that has been painted, apply a layer of a glaze mixture on the wall. More than half glaze to paint.

Tape the wall in rectangular sections and apply the glaze in the taped area.

Next apply a heavy weight garbage bag to the wall allowing the folds to be pressed into the wall using your arms and hands.

Take the garbage bag off, and the folds of the bag produces a beautiful faux finish.

This is a very easy way to create a classy effect on the walls.

– Great Article- How To Faux Paint

5. Stenciling

Stenciling can be very powerful if it is done right.

Create your own stencils using a stencil cutter which is a fine heated tip that cuts through the plastic blank stencils with precision. Lay a piece of glass in between the stencil and the pattern, and cut away.

17th and 18th Century stenciling has always been the very best model of inspiration.

Here are a few very well done Swedish stenciled homes:

– Book Review: Jocasta Innes Scandinavian Painted Furniture

Ted and Lillian Williams chateau in Normandy, France

-Neoclassical White Stenciled Walls-Petit Trianon

-Antique Original Red Hand Painted Trunk with Rosemaling Floral Motif

-This photo shows a great example of wall framing simply made by stencils and paint

-Here we see a stunning Rococo design stenciled, or hand painted on the walls for a distinct Swedish look.

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Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The Look

Childrens Furniture

Youth Kid-Size Wood Chair  Blue , Gray, Black, White

Add a little Nordic flavor to your child’s room, and make it unique.  Here are a couple tips to pull it off:

1. Buy A Day Bed-   The Swedish Kitchen Sofa is an example of practical Swedish design that  originates from the 1700’s.  Houses were small, so the furniture also had to be mult-functional.  These sofas could be used during the day and then pulled out at night to be used as a bed. Sofas were painted white or different colors. Not all Swedish Kitchen sofas / köksoffas were used as sofas, some were strictly used as beds.  Borrow this classic look, and opt for a day bed, instead of a regular bed.

2.  Frame Folk Art Prints– Go for framed embroidery, or vintage tourist prints to hang on the wall.  Loose Petals on etsy sells art poster prints that combine lots of color with a vintage flare.  For a boys room, consider a gallery wall of printed maps, such as the ones sold through O MapsVintage Masters also sells a variety of vintage travel prints that are enticing.

3.  Include Antiques– Go for something really unique to showcase on a dresser, wall or on the floor.  I once saw an antique rocking cradle used as a storage box for a bunch of vintage dolls.  Go for an old school desk, which could also function as an area to draw or practice their writing skills.   Create a series of frames which a pairs of antique children’s shoes are framed.  Create an open shelving wall where vintage children’s books can be displayed.

4. Paint A Chest In The Classic Rosemailing Technique– Search through google to determine which look you are most attracted to.  There are a handful of books on Amazon which also teach this classic Swedish painting.  Pinterest also has a ton of pictures of this style.

5.  Consider Storage Furniture– Consider installing floor to ceiling bookshelves with doors that that can house their endless toys, clothing and knick knacks. Here you can see Christina Aguileras shoe closet that extends from the floor to the ceiling, making the best use of the wall space.  Painting the shelves and the walls all one color will allow the bookshelves to appear built in. A nice light blue would be very Swedish. Place their bed right in front of the shelves as if it was a wall. Build gigantic closet doors from plywood to conceal their toys and clutter.

And Finally…………

6. Don’t Get To Serious- Children’s rooms are a time to break out of your gray obsession and go for color.  Hang unique toys from the ceiling and make it an area that will get their imagination going.

Additional Articles:

– The Science Behind Choosing A Paint Color For Your Kids Room – The Kids Room Decor

– Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn Kids Paint Colors- The Kids Room Decor

– Painting A Half Wall- Ideas For Adding That Pop Of Color Into Your Childs Room – The Kids Room Decor

-Neon Is Back- 80 Ideas For Your Kids Room –Kids Room Decor

– 80+ Pictures Of Looks Around Pink and Purple- The Kids Room Decor


This Swedish farm table from 1st Dibs

Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse Kit - 1 Inch Scale

Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse Kit –  Amazon

Garfield Doll House KitGarfield Doll House Kit – Amazon

Embroidered Antique Silk Baby Coat ... c. 1895-1900

Embroidered Antique Silk Baby Coat … c. 1895-1900 Found on

Swedish Kids Room Ideas

Swedish Kids Room Ideas – Visit

Kids Swedish Furniture

Found on

Painted Floors Seen Visit planete-deco.frPainted Floors Seen  Visit

Skona Hem

Scandinavian children's room

Scandinavian children’s room Visit

Victorian Manor Doll House Antique Vintage Baby Nursery

Plan Toys Victorian Dollhouse – Seen on Amazon UK

Gustavian style, DecoaratingCreate a calm corner with an antique Gustavian daybed and canopy.

Gustav III

Gustav III –

Swedish Kids RoomsVisit

Swedish Kids Rooms

Swedish Kids Room Ideas Visit

Swedish Nordic Gustavian PicturesCarl Larsson Children Featured In Art Work

Dala Hast (swedish wooden horse) by Hart Interior photo on Flickr

Artwork In All Black Frames

Kay Nielsen Fairy Tale Lithographs 1983 In by PetitPoulailler

Kids Room Decor Ideas

12 Outdoor Pieces Worthy of Bringing Inside Visit

Swedish Dala HorsesVisit the birthplace of Dala horses – Dararna, Sweden. Visit

French Styled Childrens Rooms

French Swedish Styled Childrens Rooms

Vintage Baby Carriage

Vintage Baby Carriage-   Found on

Swedish Wedding ChestSwedish folk art painted chest 1837

Childrens Room Decorated In Neoclassical Style From Anne Sage Blog

Childrens Room Decorated In Neoclassical Style From Anne Sage Blog

Swedish Kids RoomsSwedish interior, Clare Youngs – Visit


Vintage Swedish Poster Design From Kate Davies Designs

vintage inspired style from RUCHE 2012

Vintage inspired style from RUCHE 2012

Victorian Rockers Live Auction

Victorian Rockers- Found on

Antique Swedish Chest

Antique Swedish Chest Visit


Gerrie Bremermann’s Home Featured on Cote De Texas– Here we see classic Swedish Blue and White fabrics on a Directoire Bed With A Canopy.

Gustavian Decorating Playroom Period Color Ideas

Gustavian Decorating Nordic Style on Facebook

The White Home Caroline Clifton Mogg 9

The White Home Caroline Clifton Mogg

Wicker Victorian misc. furniture baby carriage

Wicker Victorian Baby Carriage – Found on

Swedish Decorating With Folk Art – Swedish owners renovated their new home and furnished the interiors in a fun style incorporating folklore motifs and modern accessories which blend perfectly with the natural surroundings.

Create Cut outs For the WallsCreate Cut Outs For The Walls – Visit

Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions

Theriault’s Antique Doll Auctions – Found on


The Norwegian blog Ernashus featured a kids room decorated in the Gustavian style.Gustavian-Decorating-Using-Natural-Woods-500x750

The Norwegian blog Ernashus featured a kids room decorated in the Gustavian style.

A 19th c. French velocipede or child’s toy tricycle featuring a body of
carved wood with brushed steel faceplate and glass eyes, resting on
spoke wheels with brass accoutrements and horse-hair tail.

A very good article :

Antique Toy Black Leather Baby Pram Carriage Early 1900’s From Bought It SOld It ebay



Antique tricycles are worth looking out for. Every once in a while ebay sellers will list antique or vintage reproductions for great deals. Consider tricycles that may even need a new paint job. Paint and a little faux work can make anything look antique.

Shannon Bowers Swedish Nursery

Many of us were wowed when Veranda magazine featured the home of Dallas designer Shannon Bowers a couple of years ago, so it may come to you as a surprise that she had it listed to be sold on the market.

“If I have antiques in the living room, I think they should appear in the children’s spaces, too,” Bowers says. “I would like for my children to develop an appreciation for them just as I have as the daughter of an interior designer. Sometimes the value of a home in our lives is underestimated. Home is where your children’s memories are made. I want it to look beautiful, but more important, I believe it should be a warm and comfortable place.”

I have always been attracted to the cover of Childrens Spaces From Zero To Ten as the space showed a rustic appeal based around white. You have a stunning farmhouse tabe painted in white with reclaimed wood, and naturally distressed appeal.

A long lenthy wall bench is also painted in white and made from clap board. Above the very adorable children is an oversized distressed wall mirror. Beige linen accompanies the bench and the children are dressed in blue. With a cover like this, it is no wonder it has sold 100,000 copies sold in hardcover.

Judith Wilson, mother of two, shows how homes can be adapted for children without surrendering order and good taste while also ensuring that children have their own wonderful spaces to enjoy.
This is a truly beautiful book. No more circus animals painted on walls and other run of the mill decorating ideas. These are beautiful – modern ideas for creating spaces for children. Look out Martha Stewart.

Any girl would be so blessed to have a desk like this in her bedroom. A desk like this is a timeless piece that could be purchased for a young girl and be sophisticated enough to be taken with her as she moves out and on her own for college. This desk sells for $319 and comes in white, a natural cherry wood, green and the blue you see above. If you decided to order blue fabric, and want to match the desk up with the fabric, all you need to do is paint over the manufactures blue to match up with your fabric swatch.

If you decide to do any other Swedish color such as Scandinavian orange, yellow, green or red, order the desk in cherry which allows you to distress down to the wood having a neutral color show through your distressed finish.

Blue and White Kids Rooms Stenciled Walls

This picture shows that you can create the ornate patterned Gustavian wall finishes easy and inexpensively with over sized wall stencils. All you need is paint! The best thing about stencils, is they can customized from room to room. Use a light tone of blue and white for your childs room, and white based backgrounds in your main living areas. Stencils can be customized from one room to the next, and any color combinations can be used.

Swedish Gustavian Wall Stencils

Swedish Gustavian Wall Stencils

Guidecraft Junior Roll-Top Desk- Available in White, Espresso, and Oak Priced From $212-$255

Guidecraft kids furniture is great looking wood furniture that you should consider for your child’s room. They sell beautiful solid oak furniture that is beautiful all on it’s own, as well as painted furniture that has a whimsical nature. Guidecraft prides itself on fourty years of manufacturing quality products that put children first. They design their products with kids in mind and continually test their products to meet or exceed mandatory safety standards. They also batch test their paints prior to production for the presence of heavy metals through independent US based third party testing laboratories. They uphold these quality standards to provide you with a safe, durable, and lasting product that will bring years of enjoyment.

Guidecraft has a long history of receiving Toy Awards for their product’s innovation, creativity, and adaptability.

Guidecraft Block Cart $62

Hideaway 4-Section School Locker $450

Guidecraft Classroom Unit Blocks – 170 Piece, Classroom Unit Blocks – 170 Piece

Guidecraft Double-Sided Book Browser $170

Guidecraft Easy – View Storage Bench $260

Guidecraft Stacking Bookshelf $80
Toy Storage – Big Book Storage Box – Guidecraft – $73

Guidecraft Mission Baskets – Set of 5 $34

Audio Center Chairs Set of 2 $80

Guidecraft Single-Sided Book Browser $139

Guidecraft SOUND BOX Games $36

Guidecraft WEIGHT BOX Games $44

Guidecraft Art Activity Cart $217

Guidecraft Corner Book Nook $214

Guidecraft School Library Cart $219

Guidecraft G6470 Mobile Book Organizer $240

Guidecraft Tabletop Book Browser $34

Arches and Tunnels Arches and Tunnels $85

Kids Chair – Harmony Chair (Set of 2) $60

D Is For Dala Horse Illustrated by Renée Graef. Beautiful pictures of scenes from Scandinavian countries for every letter of the alphabet. The rhyming text makes the alphabet recital pleasant and additional information on the featured word is also presented.

The Dala Horse was first produced in Sweden in the 1700’s (or so), and has become Sweden’s most recognizable symbol. The original Dala Horse (Dalahäst) has been around for many centuries, and probably was created by Swedish woodcutters.

During the long winters, woodcutters would pass the time by carving little toys for their children. These carved wooden toys, made from the scraps of the men’s wood were mostly horses. The most enduring of the little creatures remains the Dala Horse.

The bright, happy little animal as we now know the Dala Horse probably originated in the 1700’s. The carving of the stocky little tailless horses had become a well-established tradition, but up until this time they had been unpainted.

Legend has it that in the winter of 1716, while King Charles XII of Sweden waged war throughout most of Europe, many soldiers were quartered in private homes. Because of the severe winter and the war, all suffered from lack of food and warmth. Tradition has it that one such soldier, carved a Dala Horse from some scrap wood in the home where he was staying. Before presenting it to the child of the home as a gift, he painted it a bright red, a color readily available from the copper mine at the nearby community of Falun.

He also decorated the horse with kurbit painting for the harness and saddle. In return for this bright toy, the woman of the house gave the soldier a bowl of soup. He made another horse and received another bowl of soup. When word o his success in bartering for food reached the other soldiers, they too began carving and painting horses in exchange for food. Thus the Dala Horse is credited in part with the army’s surviving the cruel winter.

Swedish Nordic Gustavian Pictures

6 Pictures – Animal Cushions Visit

Wooden horse on a painted wooden chest Visit

All White Kids Rooms Visit

Childrens Toys– Old Wooden Cubes Game- Found on

-Rare Advertising Automaton of Denslow’s Mother Goose, with painted papier-mache head articulated at the neck and beak, webbed papier-mache feet, standing on dark-green paper-covered wood base with printed gilt borders and lettering on four sides I am Denslow’s Mother Goose. Found on

– Devonshire Villas Antique Doll House- Found on

-Late 19th C tin toy Found on

Childrens Toys1890 German Twin Horse Pull Toy w/ Iron Wheels- Found on

Antique Dolls – Found on

Vintage Dolls Found on

Child’s Rattle and Teether, Silver and Coral, Birmingham, England, 1835-36 Found on

Sculptural Folk Art Horse Form Push Toy...hand carved & painted wood, horse hair and metal.. English, c.1870.

Sculptural Folk Art Horse Form Push Toy…hand carved & painted wood, horse hair and metal.. English, c.1870. Found on

Childrens Toys

A Steiff Early Velvet Elephant Skittle – Found on

English Victorian misc. furniture baby carriage/crib/cradle pine – Found on

Antique Childrens Books Found on

Antique Victorian French ivory and silver baby rattle whistle Found on

Antique French child's rocking horse c.1880

Antique French child’s rocking horse c.1880 Found on

Rocking Horse, Wood and metal, France 1870

Rocking Horse, Wood and metal, France 1870 Found on

5+ Nordic Homes Decorated Around White

Swedish Nordic Homes Seen On Skona Hem 3

The Swedish interior decoration magazine Skona Hem had a wonderful write up on an English family who transformed their home into that of a Gustavian period style.

The home is largely based around a white palette, anchored by distressed wood floors which create a down to earth family feel. While many of us wouldn’t have access to an authentic Swedish tiled stove, we can incorporate the lines of the furniture that were seen through this time frame.

What To Look For….

– Straight Or Curvy Lines– Look for Rococo, Louis XVI furniture that has straight lines.  Look for straight chests which you can add round ornate pulls, and round keyholes to. Victorian furniture also can be painted and re-upholstered to achieve that Swedish appeal.

– Mix And Match Styles– Don’t be afraid of mixing in a variety of country and formal styled furniture. You can see in this home, mixing and matching is very appealing.

– Go Authentic With Patterns- Work with country throws, and rugs to bring in the authentic patterns of Sweden.

– Wallpaper Is A Great Investment– Wallpaper can really transform a room, as seen in this home.  Go for white based wallpaper with a geometrical or floral based patterns.

-Lighter Everything–  Work with lighter colored fabrics, with an airy feel.  Go for thinner fabrics for the summer, and collect natural based thicker wools for the winter time.

– Faux Painting and Stenciling- Create faux molding with paint.  Here we frames on the walls, used in combination with stencils to give a whimsical, feminine look to the walls.  As you can see, they pick a very light blue for the frames, and all the stenciling is done in a couple shades lighter and darker than the base wall colors.  This look is very easy on the eyes.

– Crystal Chandeliers Everywhere– Chandeliers can really make a difference.  In this home, almost every room has a crystal chandelier.  Get the Swedish look by changing out your light fixtures to something more classic.  It will instantly change the space.

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10 Of The Best Tours In Sweden

Gripsholm Castle- Ground Floor Corridor Coutiers Wing Built 1780-82

Gripsholm Castle- Ground Floor Corridor Coutiers Wing Built 1780-82, Neoclassicism In The North

If you have never been to Sweden, here is a guide of what tourists have found to be the best and not so worthy sites to visit….

Best Places To Visit………..

1.  Monteliusvägen Is Totally Worth Finding According To Many –Is a scenic walkway along the heights of Södermalm.   This is one of the most captivating viewpoints in Stockholm, as it overlooks the Old Town and Norrmälarstrand.  Plan a lunch or get a latte and enjoy looking at the view from many of the benches that are available.  Plan something really special for your significant other here.  Tourists have said it is tricky to find, yet definitely worth the search. Many mention that many of the locals don’t even know the place exists or very  surprised tourists can find the place on their own.

2.  Take In A Free Walking Tour Of Downtown Stockholm– Enjoy a free 90-minute walking tour of Stockholm’s Norrmalm district with a guide who works only for tips, so all you need to pay is what you feel the tour was worth at the end!- Links- Get Our, Trip

3.  Fotografiska Museum – (The Swedish Museum of Photography) -Fotografiska presents four unique large exhibitions and about 20 smaller exhibitions annually.  The photos will range from powerful and thought-provoking to creepy.   This museum will certainly be a very interesting tour!

4. The Vasa Museum is an absolute must for any tourist!  The Vasa Ship Museum features one of the most complete and best preserved shipwrecks in the world.   The ship sank a few hundred meters from its first sailing in the 1650’s.  It was then discovered at the bottom of the harbor was painstakingly brought back to the surface and reassembled. In the museum, you can see this ship up-close, and truely is a work of art.

5.  The Ghost Walking Tour In Gamla Stan– This tour isn’t your every day tour.  Get the inside story behind stories of legends, diseases, murders and of course, ghosts. The old town is charming. Get lost in the atmosphere of walking down cobbled streets and winding avenues. The buildings are colorful, and the narrow lane ways are very interesting to see. Mårten Trotzigs Gränd is the narrowest alley. Take time out to leisurely visiting the shops, eating at the local eateries, enjoying the architecture and simply soaking it all up.  There is a lot to see and do, however, don’t arrive early, as many shops don’t open until 11:00 a.m.

 6.  Royal Palace, Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Sweden- Amongst all European palaces, many people report that this one is the most interesting.  It’s beautiful Baroque architectural style took 63 years to finish. This palace is proper and formal but far from pompous. The collection of costumes, uniforms and jewelry are kept in the main museum, while the basement museum features the architectural fortifications and underpinning of the “new” palace.

This palace has over 1400 rooms and many are still in use today.The tour takes about one hour but you can go at your own pace through the many rooms.  Your ticket would cover the State and Guest apartments, the treasury, the Kroner Museum and Museum of Antiquities.  They stamp your ticket at each venue, which allows you to visit once, over 7 days if you so wish.  You can’t take any photographs inside, but the gift shop sells books and post cards.

The changing of the guard ceremony has been a daily tradition since 1523.  The change happens at 12pm and lasts for approximately 40 minutes.


– Throne room, Drottningholm Royal Palace, Sweden.- Corbis Images

-Chinese Style Interior at the Royal Palace of Drottningholm – Corbis Images

Helpful Comments On Trip Advisor

Pay Attention To The Tapestries “The tapestries in the palace are most interesting. Some depict the lavish lifestyle of the Swedish Royalty. There is one in particular that shows famous people from around the World including The Beatles and Bob Dylan plus many Heads of State.”

You Can Walk Through At Your Own Pace, Or Take The Tour “The Tre Kroner museum gives a history of the palace, we nearly missed it we were on way out when we spotted sign leading down some stairs.You can do the Palace on your own as we did but there were guided tours.”

“The Tre Kronor museum takes you into the Medieval history of the palace which I found fascinating”

“There is so much to see, but no photos are allowed–fair warning! The crown jewels/Treasury museum was my favorite, but the apartments were by far the coolest thing to walk through.”

“There was a very interesting temporary exhibition about the life of today’s king. Among the old baroque palace halls you can see the room which is designed nowadays, for various state meetings – it’s modest and elegant. All in all the palace has modest and austere (even bordering on dull) look in comparison with other European palaces, but hey, this is probably one of the reasons why Sweden never had any revolutions, the royals were just less greedy than the others!”

Take The Tour and Then Visit The Palace On Your Own“The Royal apartments are very dark, and you can not take any pictures. The attendants in the museum are there to make sure you don’t take pictures, not to answer questions. The only exception to this is the guard in the knights room, they are friendly and will answer questions. A few of the rooms were very nice, but most were just dark. There are many stairs. You can see the backs of some statues on the tour but are not allowed to go to see the front of the statues.”

Lack Of Restrooms Within The Palace “Two warnings. You cannot take any pictures inside the palace and WCs are at a premium. Make sure you use the one at the gift store/ticket center before you go in as there are none in the palace.”

7. Oaxen Slip in Djurgarden “Our favorite meal was dinner at Oaxen Slip in Djurgarden, which our AirBnB host recommended to us. It is the cheaper, ‘backdoor’ sister restaurant to Michelin-starred Oaxen Krog. We ordered a variety of dishes to share, and everything we ate was spectacular! In fact, this is the first time I could say I actually enjoyed the veggie dishes more than the meat dishes. The baby asparagus was absolutely divine. Our waiter also recommended the beets with mayonnaise, which sounded suspect but we went along with what he said, which ended up being the right decision- they were also divine! We also had duck, pork and char as our entrees, and then the bread pudding and glace du four desserts. Service, and our waiter in particular, was great”

8.  Stockholm City Hall has been described as a hidden gem.  This building is the seat of Stockholm city government and also contains a luxury restaurant and happens to be the site of the banquet after the Nobel Prize ceremony. The organ in the Blue Hall has 10,270 pipes and is the largest in Scandinavia.  If you intend to catch the tour, it is advised to buy your ticket in advance. One lady said that if you buy tickets at the hall, you need to buy them in the gift shop and can get crazy if you are feeling rushed to get on to the tour and someone in front of you is buying postcards. The tours last 45 mins and sell out quickly.  The views from the top of the hall are especially captivating.  So get your camera ready.

 9. The Swedish History Museum- This museum has an extensive and unique collection of Viking artifacts, some dating to 4,800 BC. The second floor has a very imaginative timeline of Swedish history and some report a  disturbing exhibit that graphically shows a medieval massacre.  The best part of this museum is their famed Guldrummet or Gold Room.   They feature over 100lbs of gold and 500lb of silver which are treasures from the Bronze to Middle Ages.  This museum is a must see.

10.  Royal Armoury  -If you are interested in learning about Sweden’s royalty, this is the place to go.  The history behind Sweden’s kings and queens from the 15th century are displayed in an ever-expanding collection of memories from the country’s different dynasties.  They give the history behind Sweden’s well-known events in a captivating way.  See objects like Gustav Vasa’s crested helmet in 1548, or the costume Gustav lll wore at the masked ball at which he was murdered.  View costumes worn in various films such as from the film “Elizabeth”

We will have to leave Gothenburg, Malmö, Marstrand, Skåne, and Visby/Gotland for another article……..

 Some Of The Less Than Impressive Sites According To Comments At Trip Advisor:

Skansen Museum “Some of the less impressive things we did in Stockholm included going to the Skansen museum… we just didn’t understand what the hype was about. At first we thought it would be cool to see the old houses and be able to go inside them, but all of the doors were locked! There was written commentary outside each of the houses, ie. “Inside the living room there are some interesting artifacts” which really didn’t help since we weren’t able to go inside” here

“As for Skansen, everyone I took there really liked it, you must have been unlucky if many of the houses were closed. High season is probably better”

Rosendal’s Garden “We also walked all the way to Rosendal’s Garden to have lunch, given the positive views on TA, but it did not live up to expectations at all! If it had been closer to the museums, then that would be one thing, but we had to walk through farms and forests to get there. To us, it seemed like a prettied-up self-service cafe, and the food wasn’t even that great. If I could do it again, I would give this place a pass”here

A Bit About Swedish Culture Before Visiting Sweden

-43 Things I Love About Sweden –

-Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Sweden and the Swedish –

– 10 Things Not to Do in Sweden –

-Party Like A Local – 10 things to know before visiting Sweden

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The Romantic Baroque Style: Part 3 Skokloster & Steninge Palace – The Swedish Furniture

Neoclassicism in the North- The Style Saloniste

Swedish Painted Furniture Gustavian Neo-classical Annie Sloan

Empire style in the former royal summer palace Rosersberg

Empire style in the former royal summer palace Rosersberg – Picture Credit

The study of duke Fredrik Adolph Tullgarn Palace

The study of duke Fredrik Adolph Tullgarn Palace –

History Behind Many Of Sweden’s Palaces

Haga Palace

Since 1966 this small palace has been in the Swedish government’s hands, and used for meetings and conferences and as a guest house for prominent foreign visitors.Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt decided to return the right of disposal to the royal family.

Here is the summarized history behind Haga…….

  • The neoclassical Haga Palace was built 1802-1805 by the architect Carl Christoffer Gjörwell on the orders of King Gustaf IV Adolf. Across the road was Gustaf III’s Pavilion, which had been built by Olof Tempelman for King Gustaf III in 1787-1790.  Located behind this was the ruins of  Haga Palace, a Swedish Versailles designed by Louis-Jean Desprez.  The structure which was being built was was halted when Gustaf III was assassinated in 1792. Later when his son, Gustaf IV Adolf, found his father’s pavilion to be too small to accommodate his growing family, ordered a new building from Gjörwell.
  • Haga Palace was given to his aunt Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta, (the new queen), and it became known as the Queen’s Pavilion.   The next inhabitant was Prince Erik, the mentally handicapped youngest son of King Gustaf V. Prince Erik died in the autumn of 1918 and Haga Palace was thereafter briefly opened up to children who had lost their homes as a result of World War I.
  • Later, Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla, moved into Haga following their marriage in 1932. They raised their four daughters, Princesses Margaretha, Birgitta, Désirée and Christina at Haga.
  • In 1950 the widowed Princess Sibylla and her children temporarily moved to the Royal Palace in Stockholm in which a few repairs were needed.  They fell in love with country living, and chose to remain at the Royal Palace until the renovation of Haga was completed.
  • In 1966 when King Gustaf VI Adolf transferred Haga to the disposal to the government, it was turned into a guesthouse for distinguished foreign official visitors. In 2009, it was announced by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt that the rights of disposal to the palace will be transferred back to the royal court to be used by Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, and her husband, Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland, as a wedding gift in 2010.

Haga Pavilion

Haga Pavilion built in the 17th century by Gustav III. Located in Haga Park, King Gustav III used the pavilion year round and had grand plans for the park, which included a new residence. He was murdered in 1792 and his vision was never completed.

When King Gustov III made his way through the grand courts of Europe, it made a lasting impression. Upon his return to Sweden he along with architect Olof Templeman, designer Louis Masreliez and Swedish craftsmen were responsible for creating the pavolion that adapted to the style and grandness seen in the European courts.

Sweden’s Drottningholm Castle

Drottningholm Castle is located in Lake Mälar, 12 kilometres from Stockholm. The construction of this regal residence began in 1662.  Baroque and Rococo influences largely comprise the  characteristic features of the park that surrounds the castle.  Drottingholm Castle has managed to retain the regal atmosphere of the Swedish royal families as it was during the 18th century.

Work on the castle began at the end of the seventeenth century under the architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder and was completed by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger. The interior was decorated between 1665 and 1703.  Nicodemus Tessin the Younger also laid out a garden design that reflected a baroque appearance according to what was modeled in France.  Gustav III also added an English park in 1777.

Drottningholm Theatre is one of the most well preserved baroque theatres in all of Europe. It was built in 1764-66 and was truly magnificent in 1777, when Gustav III took over the castle. After the death of Gustav III, theatrical performances were discontinued and the theatre fell into dispair. In 1922 it was restored to its original state under the direction of Agne Beijer. A unique collection of stage sets is preserved giving you a glimpse into how wonderful it was at one time in history.

Tullgarn Palace

Built in the late 16th century, for Count Carl Sture, this is a renaissance palace was pulled down in  1720 and replaced with the present building which was designed for the French officer Joseph Gabriel Destain for the then owner, Count Magnus Julius De la Gardie.

In the 1770s the Palace was acquired by the State for Gustav III’s youngest brother, Duke Fredrik Adolf of Östergötland. He then radically re-built the Palace in the 1780s.  Wings were raised to be one story higher and the whole building was given a flat Italian roof.  Fredrik Adolf’s interiors at Tullgarn, were are among the finest of their kind in Sweden.  Credit-

Additional Links To Fantastic Pictures:

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-The 1st Floor – Rosenborg Castle

-Royal Arms Collection at Rosenborg

-10 Must-See and Do Attractions in Copenhagen The Culture Map

-Inside The Rosenborg Castle

– Tsars Palaces In Paintings English Russia Blog

-Room Interior at Digitalt Museum – Tyresö slott
Gustav III’s Pavilion at Haga Park

Classical Swedish Architecture and Interiors, 1650-1840' by Johan Cederlund

Classical Swedish Architecture and Interiors, 1650-1840′ by Johan Cederlund



Stora Huset

Stora Huset –

Stora Huset

A Close Up Of The Stunning Slipcovered Swedish Chairs……


Stora Huset –

Tyresö slotDigitalt Museum – Interiör, Tyresö slot

Tyresö slot

Tyresö slot-

Stora Wäsby - Swedish Castle

Stora Wäsby – Swedish Castle – Found on

Stora Wäsby - Swedish Castle

Stora Wäsby – Swedish Castle – Found on

Rosendal, the former summer palace of Charles XIV - Picture Credit

Rosendal, the former summer palace of Charles XIV – Picture Credit

manor built between 1713-1719 in the middle of the Great Northern War- Swedish Country House Book- Kevin Sharkey Blog

Manor built between 1713-1719 in the middle of the Great Northern War- Swedish Country House Book- Kevin Sharkey Blog Found on

Stola Herrgård

Gunnebo Castle

Gunnebo Slott

Neoclassicism in the North- Seen On The Style Saloniste

Neoclassicism in the North- Seen On The Style Saloniste

Gunnebo Seen In Neoclassicism In The North

Gunnebo Seen In Neoclassicism In The North

Gripsholm interiors - Gula Salongen National Museum Stockholm's Flicker 4

Gripsholm interiors – Gula Salongen Nationalmuseum Stockholm’s Photostream

Gripsholm Castle- Princess Sophia Albertina's Bedroom

Gripsholm Castle- Princess Sophia Albertina’s Bedroom

Neoclassicism In The North


Princess Sofia Albertina’s rooms at Gripsholm

Original Picture Credit Costumes, Cats 18th Century Blog

The Princess’s Apartments were fitted out at the beginning of the 1780s for Gustav III’s younger sister Sofia Albertina. At the end of the 17th century these apartments were lived in by Crown Prince Karl, who later became King Karl XII. The interior decorations have remained virtually untouched ever since 1782.

The interior decorations in this room have remained virtually  untouched since 1782. The painted  wall-hangings have faded, which leaves you wondering how bright and vibrant they must have looked the day they were installed.   

Rococo ChestJonas Hultsten

The chest of drawers in the original room was made in about 1780, was originally purchased for Sofia Albertina and is typical of its maker, Jonas Hultsten.

Rococo ChestJonas Hultsten

Jonas Hultsten

Jonas Hultsten

Rococo ChestJonas Hultsten 1700

plaids and checked fabric are traditional in swedish interior design

“A Visit to Gripsholm Castle in Sweden” The Martha Blog

Stunning Slipcovers In Gripsholm

every room seems to have a different parquet pattern on the floor another floor pattern another great floor-good ideas for flooring at home depot! another parquet pattern

Walk through Gripsholm with Martha Stewart in this post – “A Visit to Gripsholm Castle in Sweden” The Martha Blog

She captured the beautiful floors at Gripsholm. Each room had a different pattern.

Tour description, Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities. Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities, The Royal Palace

Tour description, Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities. Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

Royal Palace –

Souvenirs from The Royal Gift Shops

Beautiful Floral Patterns

Souvenirs from The Royal Gift Shops –

"A Visit to Gripsholm Castle in Sweden" The Martha Blog

“A Visit to Gripsholm Castle in Sweden” The Martha Blog

Slottskyrkorna - Sveriges Kungahus

Slottskyrkorna – Sveriges Kungahus

Exteriör Drottningholm Castle

Tyreso Castle Seen on nordiskamuseet dot se

Welcome to Tyresö Castle! | Nordiska museet

Rosesbergs slott, Hedvig Elisabet Charlottas stora sängkammare.

Rosersbergs slott -Karl XIII’s library. Photo: Hakan Lind. Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta large bedchamber. Photo: Alexis Daflos

Tullgarn slott (castle) Flickr

Tullgarn slott (castle) | Flickr

Swedish Wedding at Tullgarn Palace

Swedish Wedding at Tullgarn Palace

Jane (&) Haglund Photography,

Entrance to Salon at Tullgarn Palace, Sweden

Entrance to Salon at Tullgarn Palace, Sweden

Take a trip to Tullgarn Palace

Take a trip to Tullgarn Palace

Castle Tullgarn

Castle Tullgarn, Seen at Rococo Revisited

Castle Tullgarn Flickr

Castle Tullgarn | Flickr

Hässelby slott

Hässelby slott

Hässelby slott

Hässelby slott

Svartsjö Palace, the widow estate of king Gustaf III's mother Lovisa Ulrika 1771-1782.

Svartsjö Palace, Found on

Svartsjö palace

Svartsjö slott, interiör – Foto Åke E:son Lindman

Lindman Photography

Svartsjö Palace, the widow estate of king Gustaf III's mother Lovisa Ulrika 1771-1782 Seen On Wikimedia

Svartsjö Palace, the widow estate of king Gustaf III’s mother Lovisa Ulrika 1771-1782.

Found on

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

Stockholm Palace – Wikipedia

Frederiksborg Castle - Copenhagen

Frederiksborg Castle – Copenhagen Wikimedia

Tyresö slott Nordiska museet

Tyresö slott | Nordiska museet

A Visit to the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen www.hollandamericablog

A Visit to the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen

Rosenborg Castle (Photo credit CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK

Rosenborg Castle (Photo credit: Christopher Macsurak)

A Visit to the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen dicksandy dot org

Rosenborg Castle Venture Denmark

Rosenborg Castle: Venture Denmark

copenhagen rosenborg castle throne room

Copenhagen Rosenborg Castle Throne Room –

Stairway at the Rosenborg Palace, Copenhagen.

Stairway at the Rosenborg Palace, Copenhagen.

-Neoclassicism in the North- The Style Saloniste

Neoclassicism in the North- The Style Saloniste

Gripsholm Castle

Gripsholm Castle

Olivia November 2012 2 Olivia November 2012 3 Olivia November 2012

Olivia November 2012 Outi Ranua – Fashion Models

Swedish Interiors

Unknown Swedish Home Picture Credit- Uploaded On Pinterest


3 Rustic Scandinavian Country Homes – Borrow Ideas From Norway and Denmark

Swedish Country Home

Inspiring Interiors Blog posted some terrific pictures of a barn styled home with a Scandinavian styled interior. If you are looking for a country styled look, consider how this home is set up.

Start With A Gray Palette

Starting out with gray through out your house can be a really simple way to decorate the rest of your home.  To make it interesting, choose several shades of gray which you can work through your home.

For my own home, I decided that lighter colors worked well in larger rooms, while the more saturated shades could punch things up in the closets, the bathrooms, and smaller rooms.

Using gray through out your home allows your home to flow nicer than having one bright bold color in each room of the house.  Later if you want to add color, simply attach a chair rail, and paint the upper half of the wall.  You can add depth with accessories and wall art.

Work With Muted Shades For Country Styles

The wood walls in this home look very primitive with a gray wash. Some walls are left natural while others are painted.  In one of the rooms, dried floral wreaths add a rustic touch to the walls.  Here is an example of a captivating look that is inexpensive.

Helichrysum Strawflowers are one of my favorite florals.  Pick flowers for drying when they are open, but not fully mature.  Hang the stems upside down in a cool-well ventilated spot to dry.  Avoid over-watering during the growing season, and these florals will look spectacular dried in a vase or a floral wreath.

Incorporate Red And Rust…….

Red is a classic country color that is commonly seen in the countryside of Sweden. Barns and countryside homes are painted rich reds, making it a very classic color to work with.  Painting a chest of drawers or an accent chair in Falu red can really bring out the country side of Scandinavian decorating.  Pair together rusty metal urns, and accessories like natural straw, hay, wicker, baskets for that country feel.

French Swedish Inspired Country HOme

Swedish HomeFrench Swedish Inspired Country HOmeThe house below was originally an eighteenth century barn which was converted into a guest house.   This lovely barn is located in the village of Saint-Hilaire-sur-Helpe, in France, and pairs together both the Swedish and French rustic styles.

Photography by Corinne Schanté-Angel, All images from here.

Early 19th Century Female PortraitEarly 19th Century Female Portrait –Maison Maison

A Tyner Antiques - Swedish Rococo ChestSwedish Rococo Chest-A. Tyner Antiques

Continue Reading…

Spring Summer Checks and Florals For The Swedish Home

Best Ikea ProductsPÄRLVIVA Cushion Cover From Ikea

One of the easiest ways to decorate in the flavor of the Swedish style is through the use of fabrics.

My husband and I took a trip up to Canada a few weeks ago, and I had the chance to visit one of my favorite stores, Ikea.  We got to Ikea around 7pm, so we didn’t have a lot of time to shop before the store closed up.  I missed a few items on my list, but thankfully, most of their new and old collections are available on ebay.

In my early 20’s I had the chance to work at Ikea as a short term job though the summer, and I loved it.  When I go to Ikea, I tend to look for the classic accessories that would fit into a home designed around the antique styles.  Their linens, wood mirrors, bowls, glass accessories, and throw rugs are the best products at Ikea.

Their drapery, bedsheets, comforters, and pillows are always great buys.  They have wonderful selection of pillow covers from year to year, which allow you to exchange out patterns in your home without having to sew, cut and assemble it yourself.

Adding florals in your home is one way to bring the garden inside.  Ikea often keeps their florals and stripe fabric from year to year, giving you a really classic pattern to work with for your Swedish inspired interior.  They also have a friendly mix of new updated modern looks that fit into the Swedish styled looks as well.

Quick Updates For The Summer

Change Up Your Bedroom

If you are looking to update your bedroom for the summer, buy a duvet set.  If you can handle a sewing machine, buy a second set of the same pattern and add make slipcovers for your chairs or lamp shades.  You could have a summer and winter look for your bedroom without spending a ton of money.

emmie land cushionsIn the book “In Bringing It Home – Sweden”  Author Cheryl MacLachlan gives us some really easy tips for pulling together the Swedish look in your bedroom.

– She says that the classic Swedish fabrics belong to three families: Stripes, Checks and Motifs inspired by nature.  You cannot go wrong with any of these three choices.

– In the finest homes, the bedrooms were fitted with hand carved poster beds or gracious carved bed-crowns.  Consider buying a canopy bed, or replicate the look by hanging drapery from the ceiling using rod holders made for the ceiling.

– If you prefer the 17th and 18th century romantic bed looks, consider making your own bed crown out of wood, upholstering it, and attaching it to the wall.  Match your bed linens to the fabric draperies hung from the crown to create a dramatic look for your bedroom.

– Swedish beds were distinguished by the treatment of the wood frame.  The bed frames were usually carved and painted in a pale gray, or an “English red” the name for a reddish brown color.

– Select bed linens in pale shades of soft sky blues, pale yellows and grays.

-If you have an antique wood bed, consider sanding it down to it’s raw pine state.  Raw pine wood is beautiful without paint.

Update Your Living Room

-A very easy way to update your living room for the spring and summer season is to purchase throw pillows.  Ikea has throw pillow covers for as little as 7 dollars.

– Exchange out the heavier blankets used in the winter for lighter throws.  Go for color, and pattern on your sofa.

– Don’t be afraid of colors such as pink and light blue.  Pink can be pretty on a chair, or consider a print on the wall in the color tones of pink and green.  Botanical prints featuring flowers can be a nice way of updating your walls in the summer.  Go for a pretty pink slipcover, or bed linens.

– A nice floral centerpiece can be really captivating for the summer.  I am always surprised at the quality of the florals at Michael’s crafts.  Go for a large floral mix, in the colors you dream about, and build your room around it.

– Pick up a set of summer dinner plates.  Adding some color to your table can really lift the spirit.

– Go flea market shopping and pick up something really bright for your interior. Consider painting a side table, or a wood accessory.  A pop of color can go a long way.  Go for something that really is fun, and exciting!

"In Bringing It Home - Sweden" Author Cheryl MacLachlan

Bringing It Home – Sweden” Author Cheryl MacLachlan

In Bringing It Home - Sweden, Cheryl MacLachlan

In Bringing It Home – Sweden, Cheryl MacLachlan

In Bringing It Home - Sweden, Cheryl MacLachlan

Another look at this room from Cheryl’s book…..

NYPONROS - Queen Size Duvet Set $39 at Ikea

NYPONROS – Queen Size Duvet Set $39 at Ikea

Swedish Checks For The Summer

Swedish Checks For The Summer Found on


 Large Scale Checked Fabric- BERTA RUTA From Ikea

Finding heavy weight blue and white fabric for upholstery can be difficult.  After shopping at some of the largest fabric stores, I have found Ikea to have some of the best heavy weight fabrics at reasonable price points.

After ordering several check prints on ebay and amazon, I found the number one problem, is the size of the box print to be very small, or 2, the fabric is so paper thin, that it would be difficult to upholster with.  Ikea’s fabric section is limited, I find their fabrics are heavier, and cost less than most fabric stores.  I have used the Berta Ruta pattern in my home for my upholstered pieces.  Use some of their lighter fabrics for making slipcovers.

Find Berta Ruta in Red, Navy, Black and Beige – At Ikea

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70 Swedish Furniture Pieces That Sell For Less- Swedish Decorating On A Budget

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's PicksWhite Lacquer Finish Round Accent Table $321 From Overstock On Ebay

17th and 18th century furniture is still tremendously popular today.  One of the biggest draws to Swedish and Nordic styles is the wood, the carvings and depth of detail.  In a typical home in Sweden centuries ago, you would find almost everything made from wood.  Wood furniture, plank flooring, wood walls, and decorative accessories made from wood.  Each piece would be individually carved, and often painted, and overtime would endure natural distressing.  

Gustavian Looks

Gustavian style drew a lot of attention from around the world, so much that they became known throughout Europe as the “Paris of the North.”  Gustavian style embraced all the grandeur that Paris had to offer, but without the money that France was able to spend.  Instead of marble, they brought out their paint brushes, and learned how to paint faux marble. Instead of mahogany woods, they made their furniture from the white blonder woods found in their native land.  Silk and satin was exchanged out for linen.  Painted swags replaced the costly hand carved garland-like swags found on the walls in France.

Sweden’s vast forest industry made it possible for citizens to be skilled in some sort of trade that involved wood. So, as the trends came out from France and England, the latest looks would be crafted inexpensively. Woodworkers could modify the designs, change out the distinctive English or French designs, and add or change the look to suit their taste.  Furniture feet, leg style, color, wood was all modified for what they found most desirable in their communities.  From region to region different styles of furniture and accessories were made, which also had their own character trait, and color palette.

France and England heavily influenced Europe at that time, and so it was natural that Sweden also followed suit. They adopted the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles founded in France, but made them their own.  Over time, with the excavations from Pompeii, Gustavian style also incorporated the classical looks that circulated around Italy, and Greece.

How To Get The Look On A Budget

I used to paint furniture as a hobby, spending most of my days hunting through thrift stores, estate sales, and I always had my eye on craigslist for the best finds in Virginia.  My husband worked full time, which allowed me the ability to shop for worn out pieces which I then updated and sold.  We moved away from the city, and into the country, where blogging is now my day to day life.   Over the years, I have found some pretty amazing finds second hand, but I also have come to know, they just don’t compare to what you can buy new. I find I am always running across great pieces of furniture around the net which are sort of hidden away.  I have come to realize that you can find really nice furniture for under $500 dollars.  When you add up your valuable time, and gas-  buying online simply just makes sense, especially if you are pretty particular in what you are after.

Here are 70+ links to great pieces from a couple big sellers on Amazon and ebay to give you the Swedish and French looks on a budget.

Here are just a few tips to pulling your look together…..

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks

Arrow Ormolu Mounts From Ari Luxury On Ebay

1. Use Ormolu Mounts– If you have a pretty simple table, dress it up using decorative appliques.  Europe embraced the use of gilt-bronze mounts, brass inlay and quintessential gilded enrichments that we all admire to this day.


-Affordable French Furniture Appliques- Hersite

-How Decorate With French Empire Antiques- Hersite

-Architectural Molds- French Style Authority

2.  Look For Straight Leg Furniture– If you live in America, look for the straight legged shaker style table and chairs. Straight legged tables, chairs, benches will give you the Swedish look and they are pretty easy to find in America.

Additional Articles:

– Amazingly Affordable Swedish Looking Furniture- The Swedish Furniture

-Swedish Furniture And Decorating On A Budget- Mora Clock Reproductions And More – The Swedish Furniture

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's PicksTurn this unfinished international concepts table, sells for $42 dollars into a thousand dollar table with an additional marble top and some paint.  Consider white paint with gold accents for a classic Swedish style.  The Second table, sold by International Concepts features straight legs with a round round table top with Drawer- $104

3.  Look For Fluted Legged Furniture -Gustavian furniture is well known for their use of fluted leg tables, square back chairs,  and demi lune tables.  If the legs are right, often times, you can add to the look to make it Swedish.

– This dark brown side table needs some color. Gray, pink, or blue, it would look prettier painted.  It has spectacular legs, and a round table top that looks like it belongs in the Louis XVI collections.  Only $133 On Ebay

-This 3-piece nesting table set sells for only $110 Dollars On Ebay  I would strip off the existing paint, paint it, and then heavily distress it.  Or, paint it a muted pastel and gold leaf the details.  What a great price! 

– Another pretty Console Table $418 On Ebay  Gold leaf the details, or use white paint on the details, and a pretty color on the other features.

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

 4Use The Right Colors– Paint has always been my best friend.  Typical ‘Gustavian’ colors include gray, pale blue, and pale green colors.  Consider accenting your home with light pink and pale yellow.

Additional Aricles

– The Shocking History Behind “Emerald Green Paint-The Swedish Furniture

-Top Designers Pick The Best Furniture Paint Colors- The Swedish Furniture

-Swedish Paint Finishes -How To Wash Wood-The Swedish Furniture

-Salmon Paint Shades- Decorate With Apricot, Peach and Terracotta –Hersite

5.  Paint With Matte or Chalk Paint – Swedish furniture tends to have a matte, chalky or powdery look. Limewashes were once used to brighten furniture and saturated colors were used along with glue or oil to make paint.

Chalk paint sold through distributors can give the look that is commonly seen on Swedish furniture.  Or, consider adding in a bit of un-sanded grout to your paint.  I tend to buy it in an off white color at the local hardware store, and a tablespoon goes a long way.  It will give you chalk like finish. Use brown glaze to add an antique appearance.  What I tend to do is brush it on, and after 2 minutes, I wipe it off using a facecloth.  It can add a tint to your overall paint finish, and give your paint a look that doesn’t appear to be so new.

Additional Articles:

– Furniture Painting, Distressing & Glazing Examples-The Swedish Furniture

-What’s With Chalk Paint? 80+ Pictures Of Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Furniture – Painted Furniture Online

-How To Paint French Provincial Furniture A Perfect White –French Provincial Furniture

-Priming Furniture- French Provincial Furniture

-Staining And Re-Finishing Furniture- 40+ Pro Tips- Hersite

-What We Are Not Being Told About Furniture Strippers – Hersite

-DecoArt Chalk Paint Line Sold At Home Depot – Hersite

-50+ Pictures Of Great Painted Pieces- Painted Furniture Online

-56 Greige Pieces- Exceptional Painters And Their Furniture Painted Furniture Online

  6.  Work With Blonde Woods- Swedish style generally only features the lighter woods, because that was what was available in the surrounding regions.  Swedish country homes contain a lot of birch, white pine, beech, and alder. It is used for furniture, floors and walls, and either left natural, bleached, or painted in pale colors.

If you have a piece of furniture that is stained, consider investing in a heat gun, to remove the existing finish.  By doing this, when you go to paint and distress the piece, the lighter wood color will show through than the mahogany or darker stains.  It will give your pieces a more authentic appearance.


70 of Meranda's Picks


Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Classical Furniture

Safavieh American Home Collection Concord Console Table $112 on Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintSafavieh American Home Collection Brigg White and Dark Brown Console Table $196 on Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Natural Washed Tray Accent Table $381 Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Solid Oak Paola Arm Chair $863 From Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh American Home Collection Lexington Console Table $125 on Amazon

Safavieh American Home Collection Newburgh 6-Drawer Storage Unit, Vintage Grey $184 on Amazon

Safavieh American Home Collection Newburgh 3-Drawer Storage Unit $242 on Amazon

Safavieh American Home Collection Orford Off White Low Bookcase $208 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Victoria Padded Bench with Distressed White Legs ONLY $70 From Overstock On ebay

  • Seat dimensions: 21 inches wide x 15 inches deep
  • Dimensions: 18 inches high x 21 inches wide x 15 inches deep

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintStratton Linen Side Chairs with Nail Head, Beige, Set of 2 $413 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintSafavieh Ashton Carved Side Chairs – Set of 2 $436 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

nuLOOM Casual Living Vintage Patchwork Blue Bench $275 Overstock on ebay
15.7 inches high x 31.5 inches wide x 15.7 inches in length

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Cleopatra Solid White Oak Bench $182 Overstock on ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh American Home Collection Emma Four Drawer Storage Cabinet $204 Amazon

Safavieh American Home Collection Barnet Wall Shelf $148 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Tabouret 24-inch Metal Counter Stools (Set of 2) $72 Dollars From Overstockon ebay

Tabouret Furniture From Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Hudson Collection Johnny Linen Side Chair, Beige, Set of 2 $479 on Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Chloe Linen Club Chair $447 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Nottingham Taupe Nailhead Club Chair $360 at Overstock on ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Mansfield Linen Pillowtop Ottoman Free Shipping $211 Overstock

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintAngelie 3-seater Sofa $1149 Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintLadderback Armchair $699 Wisteria

Lounge Armchair  $799 Wisteria

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintGustavian Tub Chair $799 From Wisteria

Louis XVI Dining Chair in Royal Blue$299  Wisteria

Chateau Arm Chair in Lavender $389 Wisteria

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintCamille Premium Linen Down Wrapped Sofa $1433 Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Lexington Oval Swivel Storage End Table $159 On Amazon

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Remiremont Antique White Upholstered Bench $76 on Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Cherry Wood Side Chair, Set of 2, Cream $479 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintSafavieh Mercer Collection Heather Linen Nailhead Dining Chair, Set of 2- $346 on Amazon

Safavieh Mercer Collection Stella Velvet Side Chair $305 Amazon

Featured above is the Ivory and Taupe chair sold for $270 Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Becca Side Chair Finish: Upholstery: Leather- Clay with Nickel Nailheads $261 On Amazon

Alexia Contemporary Fabric Dining Chair $246 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintSean Sofa $1393 Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintMarie Curved Grey Settee $1094 From Overstock on ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Eddie Black Onyx Club Chair $569 on Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Baxton Studio Antoinette Classic Antiqued French Accent Chairs (Set of 2)

Buy them on OverstockOn Ebay

for $1050

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintJoe Dark Teal End Table $147 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Swedish Style Pulls – 12 Pulls For $24 Dollars On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintThelma Ash Grey End Table $140 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintNotting Hill 6-Drawer Dresser $654 at Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Notting Hill Collections From Overstock on ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint3-piece Nesting Table Set Only $110 Dollars On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintWood Console Table $418 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintSafavieh Bernice Dark Brown Side Table $133 On Ebay


Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintAndrew Carved Oak Side Chairs, Set of 2 $514 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintNara Side Chair (Set of 2) $494 on Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Mercer Collection Randy Linen Bench $343 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintCharcoal Grey Castro Armchair $570 Overstock On Ebay

Oval Accent Table $307 From Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

nuLOOM Casual Living Weathered Vintage French Upholstered Linen Ottoman $269 On Overstock

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Pecos Reclaimed Wood Stool in Brown$272 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintSwedish Storage Bench $1149 Wisteria

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Lisa Cradle (Free Shipping) $164 On Amazon here

Orbelle Trading Ga Ga Cradle (Free Shipping $164 on Amazon here

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

White Naples Media Chest $256 on ebay

Search out the rest of the furniture collection on ebay

Simply replace the hardware…..

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintSwedish Secretary $1999 From Wisteria

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintThelma Distressed Vanilla End Table $140 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintToby Eggshell End Table $135 On Ebay

Toby Brown End Table

Safavieh also sells a lovely set of nesting tables that have a Swedish look to them.    The dimensions are 35″ H x 20″ D x 20″ W.

Chelsea Textiles Demi Lune Tablehere

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Oxford Beige Linen Arm Chair $179 From Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Lauren Upholstered Queen or King Canopy Bed Only $319 From Overstock on ebay

Check out other canopy beds from Overstock here on ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Naples King Canopy Bed $638 From Overstock on ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintWooden Nightstand $219 From Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintLouis XV Chest $999 From Wisteria


Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Mercer Collection Danni Side Chair with Nail Head, Beige and Antiqued Oak $417 On Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintEddie Camel Club Chair $754 On Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Abram Dark Teal Console $130 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Andy Ash Grey Shelf Unit $147 From Overstock  on ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintHand Painted Black Finish Rectangular Accent Table $401 Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintSafavieh Doris Black Round End Table $105 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh American Homes Collection John Side Table, Antique Black $173 On Amazon

Meranda's Picks, Country Styles, French Provence

Safavieh Suncoast Arm Chairs – Set of 2 $283 on Amazon

Safavieh Dolan Sideboard, Light Oak $311 on Amazon

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh American Homes Collection Susan Side Table, Dark Brown $190 On Amazon

4-Foot 6 by 6-Foot 6 Handpicked Argentinian Cowhide Area Rug, Natural Brown and Off-White $201 On Amazon

Safavieh American Home Collection Devon Walnut and Antiqued Pewter Etagere $281 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Safavieh American Homes Collection Simon Console Table, Natural $208 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Safavieh American Homes Collection Alexander Bookcase, Natural $195 on Amazon

Ossett Antiqued Pewter and Light Ash Wooden Storage Bench $214 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Safavieh American Home Collection Leyton Writing Desk $342 on Amazon

Safavieh DHU205B Dhurrie Collection Handmade Wool Area Rug, 4-Feet by 6-Feet, Ivory and Green $128 On Amazon

Safavieh American Home Collection Howden Sideboard $263 on Amazon

Natural Fibers Collection Sisal Area Runner, 2-Feet by 10-Feet, Natural and Rust $75 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From SafaviehSafavieh American Home Collection Sussex Light Brown Console Table $167 On Amazon

Retford Medium Oak Finished Dining Table $194 On Amazon

Inexpensive Swedish Furniture

Safavieh Jethro Honey Natural Console

$113 at Overstock on ebay

Safavieh Amos Honey Natural Console

Safavieh Abram Eggshell Console

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintThema Honey Table $140 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish PaintDeniz End Honey Nature Table $156 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Safavieh Coby Honey Natural End Table $126 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Midwest CBK Marquetry Print Accent Table

This product has been dis-continued

Swedish Looking Furniture, Gustavian Styles, Swedish Decorating, Low Cost Swedish Furniture, Meranda's Picks, 18th Century, 17th Century, Swedish Paint

Inlay Cherry Veneer Accent Table $289 On Ebay

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Safavieh Tami Night Table $165 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From SafaviehAuckland White Washed Console Table $194 On Amazon

AA Importing 18243 French Wall Clock $112 here

Swedish Furniture

Winfrey Hutch Cabinet $2340 Overstock  on ebay

Gustavian Furniture

Gustavian Console Table $399 Wisteria

Swedish Looking Furniture‘La France’ Round Distressed Dining Table $1389 On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture

Cosmo 4 Door/3 Drawer Buffet $1232 on Overstock On Ebay

Swedish Looking Furniture

Chael Distressed Pine Bookcase $1716 From Overstock on ebay

Swedish Looking FurnitureHamshire Round Dining Table 60 inch $1400 On Ebay

Decorating With Blue: Swedish Style Decorating Ideas

Swedish DecoratingThere are so many shades of blue, which one do you pick?  Swedish decorating is known for their partiality towards the color blue.  Blue is one of the staple colors in 18th Swedish century decorating, so if you plan on decorating with this style, we can give you a few ways to incorporate the color blue into your design scheme.

First decide if you want a formal or country appearance in your home.  Knowing which look you are attracted to can help determine accessories, furniture, drapery and wall treatments.

1. Formal Blue Interiors Blue-gray, painted finishes became popular after King Gustav ruled in 1772, and since then they still remain fashionable.

Formal Swedish Tips- Line Furniture Up Against The Wall- This is a classic Swedish touch that can give the look of finer living.  If you have a room where you can line a set of three chairs against the wall, or a pair of chairs and a accent table, this will always give your room that refined, superior Swedish appearance.  Push your furniture in the middle of the room, and if you have a tv, consider hanging it on the wall.  I find that this arrangement always gives the look of more space.  You can never have too many chairs. Collect furniture that have fluted legs, such as side tables, benches, or chairs.

Formal Swedish Tips- Buy A Long Oval TableHere is a Henredon oval table selling on ebay for just over $1000. Strip off the finish and paint it gray.  A long, dining table echoes the simple curves of early Gustavian style.  Dress up your furniture in light, greenish blue-gray paint finishes to get the high end looks found in the Swedish castles.  Consider investing in a crystal chandelier, which coordinates with white or really pale blue or pastel walls and work with white upholstery. Squared picture moldings, and sconces really can add to this formal Swedish appearance.  Consider stenciling your walls with green-blue leaf patterns along the inner edges of the walls, and collect old styled portrait oil paintings with dark grounds which give rooms a dark accent.

Formal Swedish Tips- Go For Gold Accents–  Dress up your furniture with furniture appliques and ormolu mounts.  You can make any picture frame seem so much more expensive by adding gold leaf.  Gold leaf is really simple to apply.  Follow this link, and I show you where I buy my gold leaf on ebay.  Buy a sconce and gold leaf it. Get ideas from this post, where I wrote about the sconces that are the most sought after from collectors world wide.  A thin rectangular mirror on ebay can be a great look, which you can then add on a brass candle holder.  This DIY project will give you the Swedish look for less.

– Decorative Mirror Molding, French White Bow- $21 Buy it on ebay

– Decorative Scrolls For Mirrors, and Dressers – $40 Buy it on ebay

– Ribbon Bows Mold, Decorate Mirrors and Furniture- $13 Buy it on ebay

-Ormolu French Gilded Furniture Ribbon Large- $35 Buy it on ebay

Swedish Looks For Less


Louis XV Antique GILT WOOD handcrafted CARTEL WALL CLOCK estimated $1200- buy it for $350, buy it on ebay

Antique Gilt Wood Cartel Clock $450 on ebaybuy it on ebay

– Formal Swedish Tips- Go Brighter With Bright Blue and White- Go for a home that has white accessories and upholstery.  Don’t be afraid to go with bolder blues for drapery, upholstery and bed linens.  Brighter blues look great in formal settings.

-20 Yard Bolt – 44/45″ White Polycotton Liberty BROADCLOTH- $61 Buy it on ebay

– Solid Poly Cotton Fabric In Bright Blue – Buy it on ebay

-Fabric By The Bolt – 40 YARD BOLT $190 on ebay- Buy it on ebay

-Sunbrella Canvas Air Blue Outdoor Fabric $21 dollars a yard- Buy it on ebay

Cane Back Cushioned Seat Side Wood Chair Fluted Distressed Hammered Nailheads

(Paint it gray, white, blue or what ever colors you are working with.  Great frame, great price)

Swedish Looks For Less

Another great Empire looking Swedish styled chair.  Again, the frame would look terrific in a light gray or blue with a white upholstery.  This chair sells for $665 on ebay

Swedish Looks For Less

Here is another great accent chair, get two of these and pair it with a sofa.  It is already painted white, and the white upholstery makes this chair look upscale.  This chair sells at $719, which includes the shipping  on ebay

Swedish Country Rustic Styles

2. Country Keys- Rustic Architecture – Country Swedish style is beautiful and worn. The countryside contains a mixture of rustic elements. Go shopping in architectural salvage yards and collect things that are worn. Wood is the key to getting the look. An old wooden door can be replaced by those builder typical doors you see in new homes. A old ladder can lean against the wall. Paint it in a darker blue and distress the heck out of it. Ceiling beams in their natural wood give an architectural feel to a home. Add some faux hallow wood beams across your ceiling. Get the look without having to hire 5 strong men to anchor it in place. Work with light wood flooring, and natural materials.

Country Keys- Country Textiles- Skirted sofas, slipcovers in natural blends and textured walls are classic marks of styles found off the beaten path in Sweden. Ebay sells a number of Restoration Hardware’s stone washed Belgian Linen products new in their packages. You can buy new pleated drapes on ebay, along with bedding, pillow cases and more for half the cost in the stores. Raw and natural textures are the key to this look. I ordered this heavy oatmeal linen for several of my drum lamp shades which I am re-covering. The material is heavy, and would be terrific for upholstery.

– Heavily distressed Mora clocks such as these on ebay, give your room that traditional Swedish look.

– Warm Old Barn Finish Table (paint it, and change the color) – $229 Buy it on ebay

– Reclaimed Salvaged Fir End Side Table- $564 on ebay here

Country Keys – Go For Color On The Rustic Side– Muddy shades of blue work with the country styles.  If you like the lighter shades of baby blue, distress your furniture more than you normally would.  This certainly helps when the furniture’s wood is raw and stripped.  The paint will blend nicely with the raw woods surface giving you a more authentic appearance.  For complementary shades, pair blue with orange-red accents, along with shades of green-blues.  Gingham upholstery also looks terrific in a country home, along with florals.  Work with carvings, such as art that can be hung on the wall, and accessories that are carved such as standing wood birds which are painted and made from wood.  Dala folk horse carvings are a Swedish country favorite. Pillows with embroidered blue-and-white folk patterns nicely work in a country home.  Think about hand crafts, such as hand embroidered artwork, quilts, delft fireplace tiles, over-sized ginger jars, and colored glass. 

Restoration Hardware Diamond Matelasse Shower Curtain

Restoration Hardware Shower Curtains

Swedish Looks For Less

Carved Mango Wood Accent Table Mindi Veneer Hand Finish Robin’s Egg Blue, this table sells for $229 on ebay Buy it on ebay

Continue Reading…

Buy Antiques WITH A Pro- Swedish Buying Tours

Swedish Buying ToursSwedish Period Gustavian Secretaire £3400.00 (approx $5490 / €4013)

Scandinavian 18th and 19th C antiques have been highly sought after by dealers, designers and decorators for quite some time. In today’s market, the best of the best are still buying Gustavian and Rococo painted furniture to use as feature pieces in their projects. Because Swedish antiques are known for demanding top dollar, typically only the crème de la crème of dealers have been able to afford stocking them in their stores. When I first discovered the wholesale antique warehouses in Sweden I knew I had discovered the “low door in the wall,” and would be able to give our clients access to more Scandinavian inventory and better prices than ever before.

I’m delighted that The Antiques Diva® & Co now officially offers Scandinavian Antique Buying Tours for both the Trade as well as Design-Obsessed Tourists wanting to shop abroad. While we have 10 Antiques Diva® Tour Guides scattered across Europe and England, making us the largest antique buying service in Europe, Daniel Larsson is our first Divo – male Diva Guide – to join this all-woman-run company. Heaven help him! He might just as well be Saint Peter for he holds the keys to the kingdom of antiquing bliss as the Divo Guide on our Sweden Buying Tours.

While on tour with a recent client – discretion prevents me from name dropping this First Dibs Dealer – The Antiques Diva® & Co went “on the road” helping to stock their store. While we can do 1, 2, 3 or 4 day tours, we recommended a full-on 5 day tour with this client to fill their container as their shopping list was extensive.

At our recommendation our client flew into Copenhagen and rather than taking a customary day off to doze before starting his tour, this experienced buyer went head-on into his tour by having us pick him at the airport and start shopping his first day in northern Europe. Rejuvenated by Danish hot chocolate we took our client to some small private dealers before be-bopping to Green Square, the Mecca of Danish Décor Inspiration.

In Copenhagen a visit to Green Square is almost a rite of passage for design aficionados visiting the city. This giant warehouse is very posh in its presentation, not at all the dirty, dusty halls one normally expects when hearing the word “warehouse”. Here my dealer client filled his cup up with inspiration, whetted his appetite for the days following and scored some amazing pieces to jump start his Scandinavian buying tour.


Hungry for more, we headed to an antique vendor’s house for dinner to finish out our first day. Britt Paulsen is not only my favorite antiques dealer in Denmark but also an amazing cook. While she sells in Britain at The Blanchard Collective, at home in Denmark she opens her private home to Antiques Diva clients for antiquing straight off her own dining room walls – you get access to the inventory wholesale before it hits her retail store in England! Between pheasant pie and mascarpone and bramble for dessert, we sourced wholesale pieces, happily shopping for antiques between courses with a gorgeous glass of French wine in hand. After all, this might be a hard-core trade tour but a client can’t live on antiques alone. Wine and local foods are a necessity for Diva clients.

The next day it was off to Sweden, crossing the famous 5 mile long Øresund Bridge, destined for finding more Scandinavian treasures. For the next 4 days we shopped non-stop, crossing our way up from Malmo to Helsingborg before delving deeper into Sweden, passing by the town famous for the original Ikea store, before foraging deeper and deeper into the southern Swedish countryside to sources that can only be defined as “well off the beaten path”. One warehouse was housed in a former church, another a former train depot, another in a storage facility – a giant cavern of a warehouse – without heat and yet another in a rambling private mansion. Inside these places we found the mother lode of Scandinavian antiques, sometimes finding ourselves barely able to turn around without knocking into another chair, cabinet or armoire.

Swedish Buying

While there we learned which chair backs came from which region, easily learning to tell the various origins apart. In one wholesale store specializing in unrestored pieces we were looking for a set of 8 dining room chairs. The vendor let us pillage through a giant pile of Rococo pieces, finding 8 pieces with the same lines but painted in various colors. Then he took his knife and scraped a huge chunk out of the side of the chair, showing us centuries of layers of paint covering the chair. In Sweden, in the days of yore, it was customary to regularly repaint your furniture as part of your spring cleaning. During the month after we left the store, the vendor scratched down the chair by hand, through layers of paint, finding the perfect patina for each of the pieces. This fascinating process is unlike any experience I’ve had in the antique kingdom before and felt quite unique to shopping in Sweden.

During our time in Sweden with this particular client, we based ourselves in Helsingborg, returning each day to Diva Guide Daniel’s hometown where we stayed in a nearby hotel, enjoying the comforts of traveling with a local who toted us around in his personal car.

Before Daniel was a Divo Guide, we first knew him from shopping in his eponymously named wholesale store – D. Larsson Interior & Antikhandel. His shop is one of the best choreographed collections in Sweden, offering 18th & 19th C furniture, and when he approached me about leading our tours locally I knew with his eye for pieces perfect for export that he was the perfect person to lead our tours in Sweden.

When the week-long antique buying tour was finished with this particular trade client, we returned our client to Copenhagen to the airport to catch his international flight back home across the pond. Exhausted from all that shopping, I suspect he slept like a baby on that return flight!

And while all our client had to do was return home and wait for his inventory to arrive, Divo Guide Daniel took care of the rest of the details on the ground in Sweden. While we don’t do the shipping ourselves, we liaise our clients with international freight companies, helping our clients
post-tour by filling out the complicated customs paperwork and following up on collections and deliveries, offering full service on our European Antiquing Tours.

For more information on Antiques Diva Scandinavian Tours visit or email

The Antiques Diva & Co offers tours in 8 countries – France, Belgium, Italy, England, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Coming soon Portugal and Switzerland.

By Toma Clark Haines, aka The Antiques Diva®

Swedish Buying

Swedish Buying Tours

Swedish Buying Tours

Swedish Buying Tours

An Interview With Daniel Larsson- The Go-To Guy For Swedish Antiques

Keywords: Daniel Larsson, D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Antiques, Swedish Reproductions, 18th Century Antiques

D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel

I recently was able to interview Daniel Larsson, owner of  D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel, one of Sweden’s top sources for authentic antique furniture and decor. Daniel opened his store in July 2012 and has quickly become recognized in the industry as the go-to guy for Swedish Antiques – He not only locates the goods you’re looking for but also educates you when buying your first slice of Swedish history or adding to your ever growing collection of rare Scandinavian finds.

Unlike other dealers who wouldn’t dream of sharing their sources, Daniel is a guide with The Antiques Diva® & Co European Tours which means he takes clients hand in hand to wholesale warehouses and secret sources.

Daniel has traveled around the world, and has lived in the USA, England, India, Norway, Spain and Holland, but has returned back to his roots in Helsingborg, Sweden where his main antique store is located.

He and his better half, life partner and wife- Cristina, work together to run D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel, a busy antique store, which offers Swedish furniture ranging from 18th to late 19th century. They specialize in presenting Gustavian painted furniture and Swedish country styled pieces.  They supply directly to private or trade customers worldwide, and network with easy and reliable shipping companies.  Daniel is one of six dealers in Decorative Collectives; a new Antiques Center in Petworth, Uk, where he currently features the majority of his stock.

Here are my questions for Daniel:

Q- What had you interested in antiques? Where did that passion come from?

A: I have always been interested in Interior Design and it came rather naturally to me. In my early 20s I got hooked on the modern retro Scandinavian style when I decorated my first apartment. After taking several years to tour the world I settled down with my wife in Helsingborg, Sweden and together we began to make my house a home.  A friend recognizing my talent in design approached me and asked if I wanted to start a business selling antiques together. After a couple of years together we eventually decided to each go our own way – but I was hooked! I had been bitten by the antiques bug and I was committed to staying in the trade. I began to concentrate on higher quality Swedish pieces and expand my repertoire in to Baroque, Empire, Rococo and Gustavian pieces.

Q: Was there one antique that you let go, and wish you hadn’t?

A: Sigh… the one that got away.  I’m dreaming of a stunning Rococo mirror (see attached pic) that I wished I would have kept for myself. I try not to get too attached to the pieces in my store – but must confess sometimes I sell items to quickly and find I don’t have enough time to enjoy them properly.

Q:Tell us a few keys to look for when determining if a piece of furniture is an authentic antique?

A: The authenticity of antiques is a complex matter, there are great books about the subject but for an untrained eye it can be very hard to spot a fake. A good way to start is by looking at the wood to check if it’s old and has a nice patina. The best thing you can do is to buy from a trustworthy dealer which will be able to give you all the information about the piece so you are sure of what you have bought. And you can always ask for a certificate of authenticity. Another tip is to always check the price, if it is to good to be true… it probably is!

Q:What are the most sought after styles right now? What are people asking you for?

A: The Gustavian style with it’s pale colors is always popular and people are also asking for good Swedish country pieces because they fit perfectly in a modern setting as well. People are looking to mix things up nowadays, it gives more caracter to a home.

Q:Like many of us who are fond of one thing over another when shopping for furniture and decor, is there a particular style or antique that your wife Cristina buys over and over? Tell us her secret antique fetish?

A: Cabinets, She always need to have at least one big cabinet in the showroom. She likes big and impressive things 🙂

Q: For New Buyers, ….what would you suggest to invest in first?

A: Always buy something that you love, follow your heart. If you want something really Swedish go for a tall case painted clock or a Gustavian sofa.  Both are very decorative. Another great choice is a Rococo or Gustavian mirror as they are easy to place making a fabulous statement peace.

Q: Many Swedish dealers shun the thought of re-painting antiques. I find many dealers re-painting furniture in the most popular colors such as gray, or white, and others cringe at the thought of disturbing a finish. What are your thoughts on this?

A: The majority of Swedish painted furniture has been painted several times thru the centuries and to find one in original color is extremely difficult nowadays and when you do find them they sell for extraordinary sums. What happens sometimes is that the latest layers of paint are dry scraped to reveal traces of the original color but the majority of times this is not possible because the paint has suffered to much damage thru the years and needs to be repainted. This way the tradition continues. Don’t be mistaken; repainted pieces, if done properly are still highly valued.

Q:From a Small Business point of view, here are some pooled questions that have been asked from small furniture collectors who represent smaller markets:

How would you suggest going about determining the price for an item? Do you recommend reproduction pieces and if so what determines a good piece?  How do you go about restoring pieces that are not in tip-top condition?

A: When I determine the price I look at the originality, rarity and quality of a piece.  It’s also important to know the market value.

I certainly do recommend reproduction pieces especially when clients are looking for more than one-of-a-kind pieces. What often happens in the hospitality market is that they need many arm chairs of the same model and that is an impossible to find in the antique market.

I always use a specialized furniture carpenter to restore my pieces if they are not in tip – top condition. It’s important that the restoration work is done the traditional way sympathetic to the past.

Q: Finally, what should clients who wish to participate on the hardcore antiquing tours be prepared for?

A: At The Antiques Diva® & Co we’re known for giving clients access to the best little black book of antiquing address on the continent – in Sweden as well as all over Europe.  On my tours I really try to educate my clients.  All our tours are private and customized – and thus, when a client books a tour we inquire what they’re looking for and then we plan a route that gets them to down the back roads to the places they need to know about.  On tour we translate, negotiate and then we liaise with a shipper to help get the goods home sweet home across the pond.   While you can book at 1 day tour – real dealers want to delve deep into the countryside – and our trade tours can run 3 or 4 days of hard core antiquing.

Visit Daniel and Cristina’s website

Follow Daniel on Twitter- here

D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel

Wrangelsgatan 13 254 39 Helsingborg, Sweden

+46 73 438 18 43

Keywords: Daniel Larsson, D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Antiques, Swedish Reproductions, 18th Century Antiques

Picture of Daniel’s Rococo mirror that is sold.

Keywords: Daniel Larsson, D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Antiques, Swedish Reproductions, 18th Century Antiques

Picture of a 18th Century Baroque Commode that has been repainted.

Keywords: Daniel Larsson, D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Antiques, Swedish Reproductions, 18th Century Antiques
Provincial Gustavian Buffet.
This 19th century provincial Gustavian buffet would usually have been repainted but as i found small traces of it’s original color and that it has a great patina to it i chose not to have it repainted. Elegant simplicity at it’s best.

Gustavian Buffet Keywords: Daniel Larsson, D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Antiques, Swedish Reproductions, 18th Century Antiques

 This picture is taken just last week (2014) of Daniel’s showroom in Helsingborg, Sweden.

D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel , Swedish Antique Buying Tours, Swedish Antiques, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish COuntry Antique Furniture, Swedish Dealers D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel , Swedish Antique Buying Tours, Swedish Antiques, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish COuntry Antique Furniture, Swedish Dealers D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel , Swedish Antique Buying Tours, Swedish Antiques, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish COuntry Antique Furniture, Swedish Dealers

D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel , Swedish Antique Buying Tours, Swedish Antiques, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish COuntry Antique Furniture, Swedish Dealers




7 Scandinavian Country Decorating Books

Of all the European country home styles, none is more universally popular than Scandinavian Country. These fresh, light-filled northern interiors have an effortless grace that never fails to delight the eye.

JoAnn Barwick and the editors of House Beautiful lead us on a tour of more than twenty exceptional residences in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland that show this immensely appealing look at its very best.

These interiors are both steeped in tradition and utterly contemporary. Scandinavians have a passion for color and an abiding reverence for nature: stippled, spattered and even faux-marble painted finishes enliven even the most humble country furniture; and an abundance of rich woods, crisp tiles and robust textiles embody the pleasures of natural materials.

With nearly 300 full-color photographs and an extensive directory of sources for Scandinavian furnishings and accessories, this engrossing and seductive book encapsulates this most inviting of country styles.

JoAnn Barwick was editor-in-chief of House Beautiful magazine for more than a decade, and is acknowledged as a pioneer in the development of American and international country style. She was the founding editor of Country Living magazine and has been an editor at Good Housekeeping and Modern Bride.

Norma Skurka is the former Home editor of the Sunday New York Times Magazine. She has taught at Parsons School of Design, lectured at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, and is the author of several books, including The New York Times Book of Interior Design and Decoration.

Scandinavian Country by , JoAnn Barwick On AMAZON

Scandinavian Country by , JoAnn Barwick On Ebay

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75 Swedish Nordic Pinterest Pages! Oh Yes…More Eye Candy!

75 Pinterest LinksCannot get enough of gray furniture, Nordic style decorating and the lush interiors of Gustav III?  Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to ideas for re-decorating, painting, and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing in the morning.  There are hundreds of pages that have to do with themes of the Nordic Heritage.  From decorating, to cultural costumes, to travel ideas; pinterest is rich with ideas.

Here are 75 Pinerest pages that have to do with all things Nordic.  Follow these pinterest pages I have listed, and if YOU have a page that fits with the Nordic theme that we haven’t listed, PLEASE leave a comment below in the facebook comments section, or regular comments section with a link to your page.  Share the love people!  You might discover a new friend.

So here we go:

1. Furniture: Gustavian – Meranda Devan here

2. Interior Design: Nordic – Meranda Devan – here

3. Interior Design: Swedish Meranda Devan –here

4. Poutres Blanches- Anne Magnier – Here

5. Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine Photos- Here

6. Swede Blog- Swedish Antiques- Here

7.  Nordic Style From White Lace Cottage- Here

8. Gustavian Style and Inspiration Kristin Fägerskjöld- Here

9. How Swede I am- Judy English- Here

10 Sweden – WP- Daily Themes Group Board- Here

11.  Beautiful Pins From here

12 Marie Antoinette Vanna H- Here

13 Day Bed Love Jane Love Here

14 French & Belgian- Anna Tausend- Here

15. Swedens Red Houses Kristin Fägerskjöld- Here

16 Scandinavian Themes -Susanna Nykänen Here

17. Interiors Gustavian Cornélie Polderman –Here

18. Norwegian heritage, foods, crafts Bette Calderone Here

19. Mäster Henriks Blog Kristin Fägerskjöld- Here

20. La Maison de Mes Rêves- Hanna H Here

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69 Inspiring Pictures Of Nordic Country Style Decorating

Bogstad Manor

Bogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad Manor is a protected cultural monument and one of the few country estates in Norway. The history of the estate dates back to 1649, while Norway was still Catholic the land was rented out to tenant farmers by Hovedøya Monastery. After the reformatin in 1536 it was confiscated by the Crown. It was then in 1649 that the Danish-Norwegian King Fredrik III sold Bogstad and number of other farms to Morten Lauritzen. This land provided great timber for sawmills which was rapidly expanding in the 17th century.

The Manor remained in the same family from 1649 until it was left to the Bogstad Foundation in 1955, administered under the Norwegian Folk Museum.   The museum has left the estate authentic to the original time period, leaving a monument that shows layers of layers of history.

Peder Anker, became the first Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm in 1814 during the union with Sweden (1814-1905). From 1773 to 1780 Peder Anker made some alterations and additions to Bogstad Manor’s main building.  He designed the ballroom with inspiration from Versailles, bought a huge collection of paintings in Rome and created the first English landscape park in Norway.


Bogstad Manor is open to the public throughout the year, as well as guided tours of the main buildings are offered from May-September.  Bogstad Manor also has copies of artifacts for sale in the museum shop that relate to the history and tradition at Bogstad manor.  The museum shop sells glass, pewter and porcelain.

The gardens at Bogstad are sensational to see.  The baroque garden was established in the first part of the 18th century. The English style park was created by Peder Anker around 1780 and has  canals and ponds for carp and ducks. Peder Anker introduced more than 400 rare trees and plants from abroad. This park became a model for number of parks in Norway.

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Stave church, Rollag, Buskerud, NorwayStave church, Rollag, Buskerud, Norway

Scandinavia In The Middle AgesPicture Credit Visit

Røldal stave church, Hardanger region in Norway. The church was built at the end of the 13 th century and is famous for its crucifix. According to legend it sweats once a year (July 6 th), and the sweat has healing power. After Trondheim (Nidarosdomen cathedral), Røldal was the most important site of pilgrimage in Norway during the middle ages.

Garden Snails - Cepaea Hortensis (Detail) New painted ceiling on antique floorboards. Peter Korver Amsterdam 2008

Garden Snails – Cepaea Hortensis (Detail) New painted ceiling on antique floorboards.

Peter Korver Amsterdam 2008

Rustic Swedish AntiquesVisit

Norwegian cubbord beds adorned with wood carvings and RosemalingNorwegian cubbord beds adorned with wood carvings and Rosemaling


The colorful knotted throw was created to compliment the wall painting.

The colorful knotted throw was created to compliment the wall painting.


Swedish Decorating

“The lady’s bedroom at Skogaholms herrgård (Skogaholm Manor), Skansen open air museum, Stockholm.” Visit

Antique 1840-1870 Swedish Mora Clock

Antique 1840-1870 Swedish Mora Clock Visit

Swedish Antiques

Swedish Antiques Visit

Dining Rooms

Stora Nyckelviken, Stockholm – Visit

Hall (ivistoga) with intricate rosemaling; Yli farm in TelemarkHall (ivistoga) with intricate rosemaling; Yli farm in Telemark

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Länna Prästgård, Norrtälje. Martha Stewart

Länna Prästgård, Norrtälje Visit

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Two Scandinavian Homes

Two Scandinavian Homes Visit

Lone Ranger Antiques 321 Walnut Street Hollywood, Florida, 33019. United States Tel: 001 (954) 925-8990. Fax: 001 (954) 920-6977Lone Ranger Antiques 321 Walnut Street Hollywood, Florida, 33019.

Swedish palette & galvinized pail as vaseSwedish Palette – A Galvinized Pail Is Used As A Vase

Dining RoomsNäs herrgård, Norrtälje, Uppland –Wikipedia

Skogaholms Herrgård, Skansen, Stockholm.Skogaholms Herrgård, Skansen, Stockholm.

18th century weeks at Skansen by Johanni on Flickr

Sunlight in the dining room at Haga, Haga Pavilion, Late 18th century, Gustaviansk or Swedish Neoclassicism Photograph by Magnus photoSunlight in the dining room at Haga, Haga Pavilion, Late 18th century, Gustaviansk or Swedish Neoclassicism Photograph by Magnus photo Seen on Pinterest

Sweaters by Designer Solveig Hisdal

Sweaters by Designer Solveig Hisdal


Traditional Swedish Nordic Dining Rooms – Visit

Coronet of Prince Fredrik Adolf of Sweden Visit

Adolf Frederick was born, 14 May 1710 -12 February 1771) was King of Sweden from 1751 until his death. His father was Christian Augustus (1673—1726) duke and a younger prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, prince-bishop of Lubeck, and administrator, during the Great Northern War, of the duchies of Holstein-Gottorp for his relative Charles Frederick. His mother was Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlach. On his mother’s side, Adolf Frederick descended from king Gustav I of Sweden and from Christina Magdalena, a sister of Charles X of Sweden. From both his parents he was descended from Holstein-Gottorp, a house with a number of medieval Scandinavian royal dynasties among its ancestors. Adolf Frederick was also a 13th-generation descendant of Erik V of Denmark; a 13th-generation descendant of Sophia of Denmark and Valdemar I of Sweden; and an 11th-generation descendant of Euphemia of Sweden, Duchess of Mecklenburg and her husband the duke Albrecht.

Pair of Swedish Baroque Commodes created in the 1850s. Unknown Dealer

Nordic Architecture

Nordic Architecture Visit

Swedish FolkSarah Richardsons Country House Visit

Nordic Style

GRUVGATAN 13 Blog Visit


 The pale colors and bare windows give this room a Swedish feel….Colefax and Fowler

18th Century French Carved Wood Louis XVI Panel

18th Century Giltwood Barometer with Allegory of Science

This comfortable and fresh vacation home displays simple palette combined with clean lines and rustic finishes. In place of a traditional oil painting, designer Jessica McIntyre created an art installation for the dining room with wall brackets from Ballard Designs, pewter chargers from Pottery Barn, antler trophies from Two’s Company and antique Chinese water vessels from Club Cu. The rustic Durango light fixture by Arteriors Home contrasts nicely with the more traditional Zentique dining chairs. The tonal damask rug is from

A Swedish Farmhouse- Source: Skeppsholmen.


Lennart Castelius Antiques & Interiors- here

Klockaregården 1
314 41 Torupsgatan

073-506 56 62


LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 1   LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 3 LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 4Lennart Castelius Antiques & Interiors


20 Scandinavian Gift Ideas

Swedish Gift IdeasKAWAI grand piano $168 Amazon

Are you interested in buying something different than the typical gifts found in the big box stores? Scandinavian style gifts come with a taste of heritage and family traditions passed down through  generations. Below we list a selection of gifts that are inspired from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

1.  Consider buying a Dale Of Norway Sweater – Dale of Norway is a world leading designer and manufacturer of premium knitwear, and is available on Amazon  All of its garments are knitted at Dale, a small village by the west coast of Norway, located between beautiful steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords.  The company was established in 1879, and has since then developed many innovative yarns and knitting techniques, creating beautiful designs made of 100% pure, high-quality wool.

2. Make Your Own Norwegian Mittens and Gloves: Over 25 Classic Designs for Warm Fingers and Stylish Hands by Annemor Sundbo This gorgeous collection showcases traditional Norwegian mitten and glove patterns, providing an accessible format for new and old lovers of knitting. Presenting a beautiful selection of 29 classic figurative concepts, this array is a fashionable representation of Norway’s history of the craft. Used From $12

3. Create Your Own Nordic Gifts: 35 Projects Inspired by Scandinavian Style by Mia Underwood – Add a touch of Scandinavia to your home and your wardrobe. Scandinavian style has never been more desirable, with its emphasis on natural materials, light and fresh colors, and classic motifs. Mia Underwood inherited her love of making things from her Danish grandmother, and she understands both the techniques and the heritage of crafts from Scandinavia. In Nordic Crafts she presents 35 new projects which reflect the traditions of the Scandinavian countries, with a modern twist. Projects for the home include a novel bread basket, and a gorgeous bird mobile. For a child’s room, there is a beautiful baby blanket, and a woodland scene to hang in the window. For playtime, felt animal masks will fire your child’s imagination, while nisse – mischievous elves – are easy to make from scraps of wool. The Danish love of coziness and comfort – ‘hygge’ – is reflected in patterns for felted slippers, embroidered mittens, and snoods for both adults and children. Buy New from $16

4.  Can You Knit?  Make Traditional Scandinavian Knitting Gifts (Dover Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Lace) by Sheila McGregor lassic guide to the styles of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands. Vibrant patterns for an array of garments include jerseys, gloves and mittens, stockings, and caps. Illustrated with 191 black-and-white and 20 color pictures, this volume is well known and prized among longtime practitioners of the craft.- Buy Used From $5

5. Our Nordic Heritage Ingalill Snitt-Our Nordic Heritage presents the 18 sites in the Nordic countries which have been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List – the cultural and natural heritage of mankind. Areas with this status represent outstanding and irreplaceable cultural and natural treasures. They are important to us as sources of experience and understanding of our manifold historical, cultural and natural background. Buy It Used From Amazon $18

6- Gifts For Little Girls- Scandinavian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls (Dover Paper Dolls) by Kathy Allert and Paper Dolls (Aug 17, 1993) Two dolls, 32 traditional, accurately detailed folk costumes. Full-color renderings of a Norwegian bridal ensemble, Finnish Lapp outfits with colorful “four winds” hats, Swedish Lapp summer garments, Danish bridal apparel with a floral crown, an Icelandic folk-dancing costume, and more. Includes map showing countries and regions represented  – Buy Used From $1

7.  Have a Baker In The Family?  Or Consider Baking Scandinavian Style.  Scandinavian Classic Baking by Pat Sinclair and Joel Butkowski- Shows you how to do Scandinavian coffee breads and cakes to cookies and tarts.  This gorgeous cookbook offers forty-three recipes, along with photographs, history, musings, and stories. Buy it new from $13 on Amazon

8.  Make Something Out Of Paper For A Gift– Norigami: The Art of Norwegian Paper Folding by John Roth Buy Used From $2

9. Classic HOW To Nordic Needlework-Scandinavian Needlecraft: 35 Step-by-step Projects to Create the Scandinavian Home by Clare Youngs and Sarah Hoggett – Incorporating the finest elements of Scandinavian crafting traditions, inspiration is taken from a range of backgrounds including classic folk art and local needlework, as well as more contemporary sources. These delightful designs, each with clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, will have you itching to get stitching. Buy used from $5

10.  Swedish Cooking Guides – In Kitchen of Light readers are transported to Viestad’s Norway—fishing for cod, halibut, and salmon; gathering chanterelles, porcini, and wild berries. More than 100 recipes emphasize fresh, simple ingredients in delicious and elegant dishes such as Pepper-Grilled Oysters and Scallops and Roast Dill-Scented Chicken with Leeks and Potatoes. This inspired cookbook, a companion to the public television series New Scandinavian Cooking, is perfect for home cooks, armchair travelers, cultural food enthusiasts, and anyone who yearns for the simple life. New From $17 on Amazon

11.  The Knitter’s Directory  150 Scandinavian Motifs is an inspirational collection of favorite motifs found in the traditional knitting of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands. New From $16 on Amazon

12. Embroidery Books- Scandinavian Stitch Craft: Unique Projects and Patterns for Inspired Embroidery – Highlighting traditional Swedish embroidery techniques and featuring easy instruction, Scandinavian Stitch Craft will be an inspiration to modern crafters. Through thirty inspiring projects, Holmberg highlights many of Sweden’s traditional embroidery stitches and uses them in new and exciting combinations. The projects can be used to make new buys more personal, to embroider clothes that you already have in your wardrobe, or to brighten up a flea-market bargain. Also included is information about materials used, tips and tricks, descriptions of the various stitches, and removable pattern templates which can be used to create your own works. Buy it new from $15, Used from $11 on Amazon

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5 Ways To Add Life Into Worn-Out Furniture

White Painted Furniture, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Furniture, Updating Furniture, Swedish Decorating Ideas

Colefax and Fowler

Furniture ages just like everything else…and like with most other things, you don’t notice the small changes that happen to your furniture until one day, a few years (or maybe even a decade or more) down the line, you stop and say, “When did my furniture develop this natural patina?”

Obviously you love your furniture — you wouldn’t have kept it for so long if you didn’t — but loving your furniture doesn’t mean you can’t update it or dress it up a little. What’s more, you can make your updates and do your dressing up for very little cost (which should be a relief since it’s doubtful you’ve got a Steve Wynn-sized bank account to fund these projects).

Here are a few cost-effective ways to do just that.

1. Put on New Hardware

Consider adding a little bit of bling to that old chest that you want to fall back in love with.  Putting on new hardware is a great way to dress up old cabinetry and furniture. For example, maybe instead of having handles on the dresser drawers, you can put pulls on instead. New hardware can completely change (and update) the look of a piece and costs way less than buying a whole new item.

2. Refinish It

That chest sitting in the back of the garage may look nice in it’s all natural elements.  Consider sanding off the old layers of varnish and finish.  Maybe this time you can choose a different paint color, or maybe you’ll leave it all-natural.

Refinishing vintage furniture helps get rid of layers of gunk and grime. It can also remove dings and scratches that might have dampened the appearance of the piece. While it won’t often make the piece look brand new, it can help it look re-energized.

3. Paint

As someone who is undoubtedly into the purity of his or her furniture, the idea of painting over the current finish, stain, or varnish probably turns your stomach. Before you hurl, though, know that light paint colors are very “in” right now (and has been for a while). You don’t have to paint the furniture a garish color if you don’t want to. In fact, one of the best things you can do is paint it white. A coat of white paint helps it keep its integrity while also updating its look.

4. Reupholster It

The simple fact of the matter is that over time, fabric (in spite of your good intentions and good care) starts to rot. Cushions (even with minimal pressure) lose their strength. Reupholstering the seat, sofa, or stool helps maintain its beauty and structural integrity. You can even find antique-looking fabrics fairly cheaply online. Even better — upholstery is something you can easily do yourself, which saves you even more money!

Whatever you choose to do, know this: Updating is not the same as replacing. You can keep the same furniture for decades if you treat it well and give it a facelift now and then!

Erin Steiner is a full-time freelance writer and web content creator.

Country Swedish Furniture, White Painted Furniture, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Furniture, Updating Furniture, Swedish Decorating Ideas

White Table set ,White Painted Furniture, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Furniture, Updating Furniture, Swedish Decorating Ideas

Table With 4 Chairs- Live Auctioneers

White Table Set, White Painted Furniture, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Furniture, Updating Furniture, Swedish Decorating Ideas

Table With 8 Chairs- Live Auctioneers

Texas designer Joe Minton, White Painted Furniture, Gustavian Furniture, Swedish Furniture, Updating Furniture, Swedish Decorating Ideas

Riverhills Game Room- Texas designer Joe Minton sought to create a space that would be well-used. Accordingly, he selected a durable outdoor fabric for the banquette. Its yellow-and-blue, slightly nautical stripe adds playfulness to a room rich in antiques.

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Mora Clocks: Investing In Swedish Heritage

Picture Credit Scandinavian Antiques Co On Ebay

Swedish-Mora-Clocks, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish Antiques

1800s White Folk Art decorated Antique Swedish Mora Clock From Swedish Interior Design Blog

 Swedish Mora Clock In Black With Gold Birds Detailing From Swedish Interior Design Blog

Folk Art Painted Swedish Mora Clock- Swedish Interior Design

Mora clocks are breathtaking to look at, and have become tremendously popular over the last 10 years.  Swedish tall clocks are commonly called “Mora clocks” however, it is known that only clocks and cases produced in the Mora municipality can accurately bear the name of Mora.  The mora clock began in around the Mora municipality in Dalara provence in a small town called Ostnor during the late eighteenth century. According to Wikipedia, Mora clock faces are often marked with the inscription “A A S Mora”—the initials of Krång Anders Andersson (1727-1799) of Östnor, traditionally known as the first clockmaker in the district of Mora.

The clock works were crafted by farmers, the first being Krang Anders Anderson (1729-99) , who needed to find additional income during the winter months. The iron mines of nearby Sala made iron affordable for the farmers to work with, which allowed the clock industry to grow. It started with a few farmers who needed extra money, but by the end of the nineteenth century the clock making business in Sweden thrived.  More than 50,000 clockwork motors were produced during this time.

Each family around the region would specialize in producing one or more of the parts required for these clocks. A finished clock would often be sold without a case, in which the buyer would then have to arrange for one to be made locally. As many as 1,000 clocks were being made each year.  Clock cases evolved from a straight case in the eighteenth century to a curvier form in the nineteenth century. Within 80 years, the competition from inexpensive German and American clocks put an end to this cottage industry.


Swedish Mora ClocksSwedish Mora Clocks- Swedish Interior Design

Jo from Swedish Interior Design, shares some ideas on what you should look for when you want to buy a Mora Clock.

Many people’s first time with a Mora comes from the movie ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ where there is a mora clock prominently displayed in the living room scene with Jack Nicholson. Original 1800s Mora clocks are very rare now so here’s a few pointers to help you find the right one.

They are most worked in pine but very occasionally built in oak and they measure height wise from 180-250cm and feature a great wealth of decorative carvings and original paint finishes.
Each Mora clock is a unique handmade object dreamed up by the imagination of its maker so every clock has a different the hood, clock face decoration, belly shape, plinth etc .

1800s Swedish Mora clocks generally come in a number of types –

Fryksdall: These clocks have a pinched waist, wider belly, curly scroll decoration on the waist and neck and extravagant hood carvings. They come in a variety of whites & greys and would be owned by wealthier individuals.

Bridal: The most unusual of mora clocks, often from Jamtland, these pieces have the finest levels of decorative carving. They exhibit the finest level of craftsmanship in the Mora clock world.

City: a catch all phrase to describe Mora clocks that have fine levels of decoration or beautiful painted finishes that set them apart from the simpler country clocks.

Country: the country clocks are usually plainer in appearance with less decoration. Often given as wedding presents, they would be a prized possession in poorer families. Normally they have simpler hood crowns and less use of glass. They may have no face glass at all or pendulum viewing port for example. Painted in earthier folk art colors in the Swedish Kurbits folk art tradition, they show with yellows, oranges, deep russets, browns and ochres.

There seem to be 3 schools of thought in terms of paint finishes.

Some people strip the clocks back to the bare wood and repaint but that doesn’t make sense to me. Every clock has lived a history and by over restoring, you strip away its special ‘aura, it becomes just a clock body made of old wood devoid of personality making it not much different from a repro one in reality.

Also many clocks have ‘scraped back’ paint. But this is just a paint effect really. Originally the paint would have been a rich chalk paint in perfect condition, and the scraped paint ‘effect’ is just that – an interior design effect similar to ‘shabby chic’ that you see on lots of restored Swedish furniture. It looks nice but its not real!

At Swedish Interior Design, we prefer to keep the paint whenever we can as it is and only repaint where the original coat is in poor condition or it has been repainted at some later time. When we do it is sensitively done to allow the mora clock to live and breathe so to speak.

Finally you need to think about whether you want to use the original clock mechanism or fit a battery powered electric one. This may seem a strange question but mora clocks have very ‘country’ parts, unlike the precision clock mechanisms of English clocks of the period.

So they can be difficult to set up and can be affected by a change in temperature causing the wood in the clock body to shift slightly or being jolted as you walk past. This affects the swing planes and can cause the clock to stop. Also the mechanisms are open to the air and its very easy to get dust caught in the cogs.

So that’s why most of our clients go for the battery option. It doesn’t need winding and it looks exactly the same as the original from the outside. Its easy to do and there’s no damage to the clock as the original mechanism is only kept in place by small screw and you can put the original mechanism back in place whenever you like (although it will need cleaning and setting up professionally if you do).

Further Reading:

  • Martha Stewart Appearance, Mora Clocks, and a Winner! Cove Table
  • “Swedish painted furniture”. Julie Foster Decorative Antiques. Retrieved 2005-12-17.

    Edgar Reeves Lighting and Antiques sells this terrific late 19th century tall long case clock in Swedish “Mora” style.  The clock is elaborately painted with floral details from a period perspective.  “Mora” clocks are a type of long case clock which were made in, and derived their name from, the town of Mora in Dalrana provence Sweden. Edgar Reeves has this clock priced at $3,200

    Leif Antiques has for sale an early Gustavian clock by Johan Lindquist who was a royal clock maker to King Adolf Frederick 1750-1771. This clock was made towards the end of King Frederick’s reign and is a prime example of Lindquist’s work and the beginning of the Gustavian Period.  This clock is in exceptional condition and is priced at $80,000

19th Century Swedish Mora Clock circa 1830 Jacqueline Adams Antiques, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish Antiques

19th Century Swedish Mora Clock circa 1830 Jacqueline Adams Antiques

Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish AntiquesSwedish Mora Clock Painted In A Soft Blue With Cream Painted Carved Accents, A 19th C. Swedish Clock with Custom Paint,  A Tyner Antiques

Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish AntiquesEarly 19th Century Swedish Mora Clock, Judy Frankel Antiques,A Beautiful Swedish Clock from Circa 1830 – 1840. A Tyner Antiques, A Swedish Tall Case Clock, Rococo Period circa 1760 Dawn Hill Swedish Antiques

Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish AntiquesSwedish Painted Pine Tall Case Clock, C. 1780 Lillian August Designs, Pendulum Clock with Original Paint. Signed “Mora” on Clock face, Liza Sherman, Early 19th Century Painted Swedish Mora Clock- Dated 1827 Jacqueline Adams Antiques

Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish AntiquesA Swedish Grandfather Clock by “Myberg” Stockholm 1780, Talisman, Dramatic Tall Antique White Swedish Mora Grandfather Clock, Gustavian Style Scandinavian Antiques, Gustav III Period Painted Long Case Clock from Stockholm, Sweden ca. 1790 Carl Moore Antiques

Swedish Mora Clock, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish AntiquesAntique Swedish Painted Mora Clock Early 19th Century, Scandinavian Antiques & Living, Swedish Mora clock, circa 1800, dry scraped to its original pale green painted surface, CUPBOARDS & ROSES Swedish Antiques, Beautiful Mora clock in a classic Gustavian case, Sweden circa 1800. CUPBOARDS & ROSES Swedish Antiques

Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish AntiquesSwedish Baroque Mora Clock with beautiful flower carvings circa 1760 dryscraped down to original paint. Scandinavian Antiques & Living, A painted long case clock of voluptuous shape from Scandinavia c.1800. Carl Moore Antiques, Swedish tall case clock, c.1780-1800, of the Gustavian period, the rococo case carved with neoclassic gilded motifs and retaining traces or its original paint.Lillian August Designs

Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish AntiquesA floor clock made around 1770 in Sweden. Later paint and gilded decor but made during the 19th Century.Laserow Antiques, A Breathtaking Swedish Mora Clock ; Painted With Gilt Chinoiserie Scenes and lattice. Sold for $1,800 Stair Galleries , Tall Swedish clock with rounded middle A Tyner Antiques

Swedish Antiques, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish AntiquesMora Clocks At A Tyner Antiques

19th Century Swedish Clock, Swedish Mora Clocks, Swedish Wall Clocks, Swedish Tall Case Clocks, Swedish Floor Clocks, Swedish Furniture, Swedish Antiques19th C. Swedish Clock with Custom Paint- A Tyner Antiques

How To Decorate With Botanicals

Carl von Linnaeus home, Hammarby 18th century Swedish

Today Linnaeus’ Hammarby is one of Sweden’s most accurately preserved eighteenth century farms, with household items, clothing and art from Linnaeus’ own home.  Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) bought the farm in 1758, and it became the Linné family’s “summer residence” .  The family was able to keep animals and grow vegetables, grains for bread, and tobacco. Carl Linnaeus, papered his bedroom in plant posters, of the works by the French botanist Charles Plumier (1646-1704) and British Georg Ehret (1707-1770). Sängförhänget is a print based on his favorite flower “Linnaea borealis” – in short, the Linnean.  Linnaeus’ study appears today, much like it would have looked when he was alive, with walls papered with flower illustrations.

In the 1600s, botanical artists were thought to lead an exciting life. Many left on expeditions to exotic locations around the world, devoting their lives to documenting plants, bulbs, and flowers in some of the most breath taking gardens around the world. Publishers would issue their etchings as part of an encyclopedic or scientific project. Wealthy people then would subscribe to a series, and whole collections were often displayed and bound into books.

Johan Wilhelm Palmstruch (1770-1811)

A Swedish artist’s most famous work is the “Swedish Botany,” which consists of a total of over 770 posters, which appeared in books between the years 1802-1843. Each image is hand-colored with great care and skill, and printed on fine paper. After Palmstruch death, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences published a series of booklets in 1843 with Palmstruch’s art along with a table of contents.

Martha Stewart, Botanical Dresser, Botanical Art

Cover A Chest With Botanical Prints

Martha Stewart had a 8 page article about this very topic in her September 2004 issue of Martha Stewart Living.  She showed how to pull this look together using two different techniques.  The first technique showed wallpaper which was cut out, and glued on to a piece of furniture, while the second technique glued selected sheets of botanical prints to a chest.

Project 1 shows a large wardrobe, which botanical wallpaper was carefully cut out.  Images were arranged on the wardrobe using the placement seen in the original wallpaper pattern.  In the article they suggest using one sided tape to arrange the graphics, which then can be removed later to glue each graphic down.  Another easy way of doing this is to lay the wardrobe down on the ground, and then glue each motif in place.  Remove air bubbles, which may squeeze out glue from under the image.  Simply use a damp paper towel to wipe away any access glue.  Touch up the edges with glue to seal any places around the image that might have been dried up.  Let the glue dry overnight, and then apply water based satin polycrylic to seal the graphics.

Botanical Prints, Botanical Crafts, 18th Century Decorating

The second chest which is featured shows botanical prints which were measured out, and glued to a chest.  In this instance, botanical prints were measured and cut to size.  Martha suggests using craft paper which show the measurement of the drawer, which allow you to determine each prints dimensions.  Cut prints using a sharp utility knife and metal ruler.  Plan your design by laying out each print on the dresser, arranging the prints before you glue them in place.  Next, brush mod podge glue on the back of the print, and apply it to the drawer.  Smooth the image out, removing any air bubbles.  Repeat the process with all the images, and let the glue dry over night.  Add a water based polycrylic clear coat, and either several coats of thick mod podge, or gloss epoxy as a finishing touch.  Add new hardware, or attach existing hardware to complete the look.

Gustavian Decorating November December 2010 Veranda

Gustavian Decorating November December 2010 Veranda From Wilson Kelsey Design Blog

This lovely Uttermost Ava Table is an iron table with a marble top, perfect for seating in the kitchen or living room.  The lovely scrolled iron legs are a bit of a break from wood.  Uttermost sells this table for m$355.

Uttermost sells a lovely set of Leaf Botanical frames in a set of Nine. This set features a wide array of leaf prints, this art is accented by frames that have
a champagne silver leaf base with a gray glaze & light black distressing.  Uttermost sells this set for $306.

Uttermost Set of 6 Ferns I-VI Botanical Wall Art Prints by Uttermost- Each of these six framed botanical wall art prints presents a beautiful illustration of a fern with its scientific name. Frames feature a champagne silver leaf base with brown and black wash and a gray glaze, and the prints are presented under glass. A fantastic accent for your walls from Uttermost. Set of 6

Orange Florals 18×14 Framed Wall Art I, II, III, IV, V, VI (Set of 6) by Uttermost These floral prints are accented by wooden frames with silver leaf inner and outer edges that have a light brown wash. Center section of frames have a sage green base with a heavy brown wash. Prints are under glass.

Set of 6 Wheat Grass Art Accents Sold through Uttermost– This set of prints features wooden frames finished in bronze undertones with brown and black distressing and a gray glaze. Prints are under glass.

Universal Lighting and Decor also sells a lovely iron table which features dainty iron legs with organic curves that lead to a decorative finial. These curved legs are topped with a round, limed pine wood table top.  Lamps Plus sells this table for $355


Make Your Own Botanical Plates

Annekata Blog walks us through step by step how to make your own botanical plate using decoupage techniques.  Being that there are plenty of royalty free sources containing vintage botanical, animals, and sea life art available for download, why not dress up a set of plates found at your local thrift store, or estate sale?

They suggest working with a glass plate.  Simply lie the glass plate face down onto the paper you’ve selected, and center the pattern, and cut around the plate.  Draw a line around the plate roughly 0.5 to 0.75 inches out.  Next, relax the paper in water for 30 seconds. Glue up the bottom of the plate, and then center the wet paper face down on the bottom of the plate and carefully smooth out any air bubbles.  Annekata Blog gives us some visual aids to show where to cut the print around the plate for the botanical print to best adhere to the glass without bubbles.  Next, trim the rim with your scissors, and once it is dry, the plate can be hung on the wall.

Another way of creating botanical plates is to start of with a set of white plates.  Simply cut out the images with a pair of fine scissors, which then can be glued on to the plate.  First soak your prints in water, then add mod podge glue to the back of the images.  After your images have dried, paint on a thick layer of gloss epoxy, to get the sheer glass look.

Frame Botanical Art

Create a collection of Botanical prints on your wall by using vintage frames found on ebay.

– For a classic Gustavian Swedish look, consider using round or oval frames.  Many sellers are selling sets of Homco oval and round frames that you can gold leaf.  Consider displaying a collection of 9 prints on the wall in matching oval or round frames.

– Making a large scale gallery wall using botanical prints doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  Dollar Tree on occasion has WOOD 8 x 10 rectangular frame that can be painted and distressed, or gold leafed.  They sell them for just one dollar.  You simply cannot get better than that!  The item number of the ones I purchased are 639277459237 .  If they are out of stock, the number will not show up on their website, although you can order them with a customer sales rep.

– MCS Industries 12-Pack Bulk Frames Available on Amazon

– Picture Frame Room 6 Panel Divider 387.00 + Free Shipping- Amazon

– Frames 4 Art on Ebay sells their beautiful frames in lots- Ebay

Botanical BooksBotanicals: Butterflies & Insects- – Buy it on Amazon $44

The Golden Age of Botanical Art Buy it on Amazon From $23

Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Curiosities Buy it on Amazon From $23

-The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery Buy used on Amazon from $12

-Birds: Mini Edition: The Art of Ornithology-Buy it new used on Amazon from $19

Botanical Books

Botanicals: Butterflies & Insects- Including more than three centuries of drawings culled from the rare books library of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, each page in Botanicals explodes with rich colors and lifelike details. Exquisite flowers, delicate fruits, and exuberant butterflies are among the jewels of nature that come to life in this unique compendium. Featured are works by leading botanical artists, including Maria Sibylla Merian, a revolutionary female entomologist and natural historian of the seventeenth century; E.A. Seguy, whose are nouveau-era work serves as inspiration for many contemporary creative directors and designers; and Dr. Robert John Thornton, a British visionary renowned for his interest in botany– Buy it on Amazon $44

The Golden Age of Botanical Art-The seventeenth century heralded a golden age of exploration, as intrepid travelers sailed around the world to gain firsthand knowledge of previously unknown continents. These explorers also collected the world’s most beautiful flora, and often their findings were recorded for posterity by talented professional artists. The Golden Age of Botanical Art tells the story of these exciting plant-hunting journeys and marries it with full-color reproductions of the stunning artwork they produced. Covering work through the nineteenth century, this lavishly illustrated book offers readers a look at 250 rare or unpublished images by some of the world’s most important botanical artists. Buy it on Amazon From $23

Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Curiosities is one of the 18th century’s greatest natural history achievements and remains one of the most prized natural history books of all time. Though scientists of his era often collected natural specimens for research purposes, Amsterdam-based pharmacist Albertus Seba (1665-1736) was unrivaled in his passion. His amazing collection of animals, plants and insects from all around the world gained international fame during his lifetime. In 1731, after decades of collecting, Seba commissioned illustrations of every specimen and arranged the publication of a four-volume catalog–from strange and exotic plants to snakes, frogs, crocodiles, shellfish, corals, birds, and butterflies, as well as fantastic beasts, such as a hydra and a dragon. Buy new on Amazon from $25

-Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery-The book focuses on an exquisite selection of natural history drawings and watercolors by Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Marshal, Maria Sibylla Merian, and Mark Catesby, and from the collection of Cassiano dal Pozzo—works all held in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. Buy used on Amazon from $12

-Birds: Mini Edition: The Art of Ornithology- This breathtaking collection of important and beautiful ornithological art from London’s Natural History Museum traces its development from the Renaissance through the scientific approach favored in the Age of Exploration. Included are brilliantly reproduced artworks by the world’s great naturalists and scientists such as Audubon and Humboldt, along with the legion of Victorian explorers who catalogued the world’s avifauna before photography finally prevailed as the primary means of recording the natural world.  Buy it new used on Amazon from $19

Other Links

– Botanical Decoupage- With Martha Stewart- here

– Martha Stewart Crafts- Botanical Birds Decoupage Paper Cutouts From Michaels.  64 pieces, 12 sheets.  Create nature-inspired decoupage designs on dinnerware, fabric napkins, furniture and many other items using decoupage paper cutouts.  Cutouts work well on glass, wood and most other surfaces.

– Buy Botanical Prints on Ebay

– Inspirational Interior Design With Botanical Prints- Interior Design It Yourself


Botanical Illustrations (reproductions from the 1700's) on the wallpaper at the Carolus Linnaeus Swedish estate. Photo by Ingalill Snitt
Botanical Illustrations (reproductions from the 1700’s) on the wallpaper at the Carolus Linnaeus Swedish estate. Photo by Ingalill Snitt
Linnés Blumenuhr Bücher

Linnés Blumenuhr | Bücher- Found on

Back to school from Mr Perswall Sverige
Mr Perswall Sverige – Visit

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala are the gardens off famous Swedish 18th century botanist Carl von Linné, and the oldest botanical garden in Sweden.

Carolus Linnaeus

Carolus Linnaeus- Picture Credit-

Carl Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus Seen on Pinterest

Swedish ChestA visit to Hammarby said to have inspired Josef Frank to design the  ” Flora Agency “(Model No. 1050), in 1950 for the Swedish Tenn. The chest is wallpapered with flora posters from “Nordic Flora” by CA Lindman.

18th century medicinal manuscript

18th century medicinal manuscript – Visit

Picture 8Picture 9Housesdecorated by designers Katrin Cargill Interiors, and Carol Glasser Interiors

See more of these house below

The designers had an artist hand-color and glaze 18th-century black-and-white Dutch engravings for the sunroom; eleven are originals, the balance photocopies that are all but indistinguishable from the real thing. Unable to decide which side of Pierre Frey’s Mennecy Bleu fabric was more beautiful, Carol Glasser and Katrin Cargill used both, one on the settle and one on the the armchair. Like the table, the pieces are Swedish antiques.

Better Homes & Gardens 2

Botanicals always look elegant. Paired with traditional furnishings, they bring pastoral sophistication to a room. Frame and mat botanical prints and hang them in a grid. Don’t be afraid to take over an entire wall — the ivory mats and simple colors of the prints keep the look subtle.- Better Homes and Gardens Magazine- here

Insider a 1790's New York Farmhouse- Country Living MagazineInside a 1790’s New York Farmhouse-  Visit


Swedish Decorating Ideas From Country Home Magazine

Restoration Hardware2Restoration Hardware

Hand-Pressed Botanicals on Linen From Restoration HardwareHand-Pressed Botanicals on Linen From Restoration Hardware

Gård & Torp From The Best of Swedish BlogGård & Torp From The Best of Swedish Blog

Buying Property In Sweden

Gård & Torp, Property In Sweden, Homes In Sweden, Renting In Sweden, Swedish Real Estate, Searching For A Home Overseas, Swedish Vacation Homes

Gård & Torp Magazine

Have you ever considered buying or renting a home in Sweden?  The prices for a cottage in the country are surprisingly affordable.  Expert Home Design Blog details the costs of real estate in Sweden:

Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia and the fourth largest in Europe, bordering Norway and Finland, within the Arctic Circle. Sweden has large numbers of newly built properties, with over 50% of apartment homes being built since 1960 with the majority being mainly rented. Freehold individual properties are largely owner occupied. Official language is Swedish with a minority understanding Finnish.English is widely spoken. Capital gains should not be charged for the sale of privately owned property.

There are no restrictions on Foreign Ownership.

Property and Real Estate Prices in Sweden
Range Varies, for example:
From around £25,000 / $37,000 for a single family home
From around £25,000 / $37,000 for an apartment
From around £40,000 / $60,000 for a villa
From around £50,000 / $75,000 for a bungalow
From around £85,000 / $125,000 for city homes
Country homes vary from around £150,000 / $225,000

Locations to buy real estate and property in Sweden Stockholm being Sweden’s capital is popular and including the suburbs represents about 20% of Sweden’s total population and with the growth of financial and technical companies around Stockholm this will likely grow. It is situated on the Baltic Sea, at the entrance to Lake Malaren and is built on 14 islands with many exceptional waterside buildings.

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city on the West Coast of the country is a major port and industrial center. Malmo, on the south coast is expected to grow significantly over the next few years following the completion of the 16 km bridge and tunnel linking to Copenhagen in Denmark.

Living Costs in Sweden

Sweden has enviable living standards supported by high tech capitalism and extensive welfare benefits.

Buying property and real estate in Sweden

It is usual for a Real Estate Agent to be used for buying and selling of property in Sweden. They will handle the necessary paperwork and communicate buying and selling prices with all parties involved. It is not contractual to have your property valued but fairly common for buyers to hire independent surveyors. When you have satisfied any questions in respect of your purchase a completion date can be agreed through your Real Estate Agent. It is the responsibility of the buyer to apply for deeds of title within three months of the sale transfer and submit for registration.

Property In Sweden, Homes In Sweden, Renting In Sweden, Swedish Real Estate, Searching For A Home Overseas, Swedish Vacation HomesCarolina Romare is a Swedish freelance photographer. After three years in Melbourne, Australia and a Bachelor of Arts in commercial photography from RMIT University, she decided to move her business back home and is currently based in Malmö, Sweden.

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Get The Swedish Look By Installing Tongue And Groove Paneling

How to Install Tongue-and-Groove Paneling

Beadboard Kitchen Island Cottage kitchen Litchfield Designs


This wonderful picture was taken From House to Home

Tongue and groove paneling is a great alternative to drywall for a home which is decorated around the Scandinavian style.  These wood panels are inexpensive, and easy to install. All that is needed is a good nailing gun, wood glue, and a good miter saw, and this weekend project can radically transform any room in your home.  These planks of wood are quite thin, making them lightweight, practical solution for walls and ceilings.

The tongue and groove features of the wood make it really easy to put together, and with a surprisingly quick turn around time. The installation of tongue and groove paneling, compared to drywall, (which requires taping, mudding and sanding) is easier, cleaner and takes less time.

Installation Steps

1. Calculate How Much Wood You Will Need

Calculate the amount of paneling that you need. Amazon offers free shipping right to your door, making it easier if you don’t have a truck to transport the wood.

Determine if you want to do the whole wall, or half the wall.  Consider changing up your trim.  You can add layer on your trim to make it appear more bulky and architectural.  In the House to Home picture above, you can see the floor trim is built up giving it more of a presence in this room.  Calculate the amount of wood by simply measuring the length and height of each wall, and multiply the height times length to get square footage.

Tools and Wood

-Allwood V-Groove Knotty Pine Planking, 70 SQF Thickness: 5/16″, Width: 3-1/2″, Length: 96″ Package: 70 SQF (5 mini bundles x 14SQF) $110 + Free Shipping on Amazon

– Optional Buy For Walls of Half Pine Planking and half wallpaper – Allwood Wainscot Base and Chair Moulding, Thickness: 9/16″, Width: 2-5/8″, Length: 96″ $13.60 + Free Shipping on Amazon

-Henkel Power Grab All-Purpose Construction Adhesive (Recommended for molding, paneling, chair rails, plaster, concrete) $17 +$7 Shipping Amazon,or add on item for $4 with Free Shipping

– A Miter Saw – Buy re-conditioned saws on Amazon from $45 dollars

– A Nailing Gun and Compressor Combo.  Money worth spent.

– Senco PC0947 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Compressor Combo Kit $179 +Free Shipping Amazon

– Porter-Cable 6-Gal. Portable Electric Air Compressor and Finish Nailer $199 + Free Shipping Home Depot


Swedish Wall Paneling Ideas1st picture, white painted paneling shown in a bedroom, designer unknown, 2nd picture, Santa Monica home designed by Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture

2.  Remove The Existing Trim

-Before you start installing the wood paneling to the wall, remove the existing trim by using a hammer or pry bar. Be careful with your trim, so you can put it back into place once your wood paneling is up on the walls.

-Locating the wall studs and ceiling joists is a good starting point.  Mark them out on the wall using a stud finder.  This can be a tricky part of the job, but well worth your time. Decide how you would like to install the paneling. You can either run the planks vertically or horizontal to the wall.  As you put up the wood planks, nail them right into the 2 x 4 studs.

3.  When installing the paneling to the wall, leaving a gap of 1 /2″ at the edges for expansion.  Start installing the plank with groove closest to the wall, and secure the first row by nailing into the stud. Insert the nails into the tongue at an angle and use enough force to have the nail flush with the surface of the tongue. If this is done properly, the groove of the next board should slide easily over the nails on the tongue of your previous plank.

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The Lavish Interior Of The Swedish Häringe Castle

$11M Stockholm Palace is Made for ….Curbed

$11M Stockholm Palace is Made for ….Curbed

Häringe Slott Sweden, Swedish Castles, Swedish Resorts, Historical Hotels, King Gustav Vasa, Gustavus Horn, Swedish Wallpaper, Swedish Furniture, Swedish Decor, Swedish Interiors

Häringe Castle-

If you want to explore near Stockholm Sweden, consider visiting the Palace-turned-hotel Häringe Castle.  This stunning 17th-century baroque castle- hotel just 45 miles outside Stockholm is located near a nature reserve.   Historic lore suggests that Vikings first claimed the Häringe Peninsula as property in the 11th century.  The estate has belonged to many famous people as King Gustav Vasa, Gustavus Horn, and Axel Wenner-Gren. Häringe was a ship yard during the time of King Gustav Vasa and probably even earlier.  Häringe manor consists of the castle garden and park facilities, farm buildings, staff quarters, the farms and active farmland. Häringe is a very important link to the City’s history, and is a national tourist destination.

The main building was originally built in 1657 by Field Marshal Gustav Horn. The south wing was built slightly earlier when the castle was built. The castle got its present appearance at a major refurbishment in 1770.  Häringe sat as an estate from about 1770 until 1929, when it was bought by the newspaper man Torsten Kreuger. Kreugar added the landscaping and the swimming pool.
After Kreuger, Häringe was bought in 1934 by business and industrialist Axel Wenner-Gren and founder of Electrolux. He filled the mansion with expensive furniture, and it was said he also built the road leading up to the estate. The Wenner-Gren had Häringe many famous guests like Greta Garbo, Danny Kaye, Karl Gerhard. At one point, all the furnishings were sold by one owner, only to be researched and re-purchased by another one years later.  After Wenner-Gren’s death in 1961, the lavish furnishings disappeared.  The new owner, crab importer Olle Hartwig, pored over Wenner-Gren’s photo albums, and was able to re-purchase most of the items.

Häringe castle is located in open countryside between Landfjärden and Bobäcken. Häringe estate was in the early 1900s, one of the largest in the county. The manor house, which has its origins in the mid-1600s, is today a whitewashed two-story building with mansard roof. It has separate wings on both the north and south side. On the south side there is a large swimming pool and remnants of very old trees.  Beyond the grandeur interior, the property lead the way to feature Sweden’s first outdoor pool with a slide from the second floor bathroom, as well as a bowling alley and underground tunnels.

North and east of the castle are a dozen red-painted farm buildings of different ages, which at one time meet the housing needs of the property. These are dominated by a large barn from 1946. On the castle’s west side are the remains of a garden with statues from the Wenner-Gren at the Castle (1934-1961).

There is also a nature reserve south of the property called the Häringe-Hammersta. The land in the nature reserve owned by the Archipelago Foundation. The land immediately surrounding the castle is privately owned.  Today the palace is used for conferences, as hotel accommodation. This castle turned hotel is owned by the Ljungberg family since 1999 and is part of an exclusive hotel chain.

Information gathered from

Additional Links:

– A Bridal Party At Häringe Castle –

– Most interesting pictures tagged “häringeslott” on Flick River

– An Enchanted Castle in Sweden –

– An Enchanted Garden in Sweden-

– Sweden’s most haunted castle: Häringe – Network Europe

– A night at Haringe Palace –Live Like You


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The Swedish Wreta Gestgifveri Inn

Take a trip back in time to Carl Larsson’s turn-of-the-century romanticism by dining and taking in a breath of fresh air of all things Swedish at the Wreta Gestgifveri Inn.  Lose yourself in the romance of the 17th century baroque period, and forget the tv, work, and stresses of this day.

When Owner Jim Grundstrom, one of Sweden’s most accomplished interior designers, first saw the seventeenth century building, it was empty, and lacked any sort of style.  Seeing beyond the battered interior, he saw the potential of restoring it back to it’s orginal form and opening it up as a  boutique country hotel.  This hotel gives you the choice of several different styled rooms, ranging from Gustavian, Empire and rustic folk art.

Around The Area

Only 20 minutes out of Stockholm is the Högberga farm and a magnificent view over the water. In about an hour you will find Rånäs Castle, Ulvhälls Estate and Wreta Gestgifveri.

1.5 hours north reaches you Gimo Estate in Northern Roslagen and Söderforsgatan Mansion at Dalälvens beach. Hotels Havsbaden, Chub Estate and Söderköpings Brunn are all two hours away.

The Upper Floor In The Main Building:

The Mamsells Kammare room is one of the oldest rooms in the guesthouse, showing off a country feel with a touch of red. The Kuskens Kammare is another old room, and may have been one of the rooms where the coachmen stayed. The von Fersens Kabinett room, has an elegant feel, and was inspired by the late 18th century frequent guests, Axel von Fersenis. The Bernadotterummet Room is a room decorated around the true Empire style, named after Crown Prince Karl Johan Bernadotte’s visit to Wreta in 1816.

The Gustavianska Gemaket room is a late-Gustavian-style room looking out over the apple orchard. The Hårlemanska Gemaket Room is named after the castle architect Carl Hårleman, who was a frequent guest at Wreta in olden times. The Kolonialrummet Room is an example of how the Swedish East India Company’s journeys to Southeast Asia influenced some Swedish manor houses. The Gestgifverisviten Room is where he Gustavian meets the Empire style. A warm welcome awaits you in this bedroom and lounge.

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Paint It White He Says….

Darryl Carter on One Kings Lane- Swedish ArmoireDarryl Carter on One Kings Lane- Swedish Armoire

Washington, D.C., interior designer Darryl Carter certainly has made a memorable mark on the color white.   Fifteen years ago he had a busy career as a lawyer when he decided to change course and open his own interior-design firm.  He made a name for himself by transforming rooms that were grounded in a neutral palettes with an appreciation for showcasing art and antiques.  Swedish interiors have always been known for their white based interiors.  In an interview by Veranda, designer Darryl Carter gives his best tips for using the color white in your home.

1. Pick Your Paint First

“It’s not a cop out,” he insists. “It’s a way to harmonize a house in its entirety.” Once you’ve chosen your paint, select textiles next—preferably a hue that closely matches the walls. “Navigate the drapery into the wall color so that you are not so aware of the window treatment,” he suggests.

2. Paint Your Architecture In White

He says that architecture looks best in white.  He gives an example pointing to a bookshelf cabinet in a Virginia townhouse which was painted to blend into the walls.  The coffered ceiling was also painted the same color, which added a subtle architectural element to the space.

3. Don’t Shy Away From White Or Cream Around Kids

He tells Veranda, that you don’t have to sacrifice style and serenity because there’s a toddler in the house. “There is a presumption that neutral cannot be kid-friendly,” says Carter.

“Instead of shying away from softer shades, he suggests changing the materials. Try enamel finishes and high-gloss paint in high-traffic areas, as well as durable faux leather and outdoor fabrics for upholstered pieces that withstand the wear and tear of young children”

4. Unite Your Kids Rooms Into The Rest Of The House

Carter encourages parents to integrate their child’s room into the larger experience of the home.

“You don’t want to open the door and suddenly wonder where you’ve landed,” he says.

In one family home, Carter created a space in the child’s room which matched the overall modern style of the family’s home. Over time, parents can adjust the space with different pillows and textiles as the child matures.

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5 Pro Painting Tips For Black Furniture

Pro Painting Tips- Best Painted Furniture, Black Painted Antiques, Black Painted Furniture, How To Paint, Scandinavian Furniture, Swedish Antiques

Anyone can paint a piece of furniture black, but there are certain tricks to make your painted pieces appear more valuable than they really are.  Many of us feel that sensation of discovering a beautiful piece of furniture at a garage or estate sale, and then dreaming of what to do with it next.  If you are anything like me,  scrolling through pictures of paint chips, and color combinations can be a thrilling experience.

If you love lighter colored interiors such as white, light blue, or mint green, then black furniture might be a consideration for your interior.  Painting a piece of furniture black can create tremendous contrast for your interior.   Here are a couple tips to making your painted furniture look antique:

1.  Use Matte Paint

You won’t find shiny finishes on the old antique furniture in Sweden. This article won’t cover the modern black painted furniture that one would expect to see in the 50’s or 60’s , but rather the aged furniture that someone could come across 100 or more years ago.

When selecting a sheen, consider starting out with a matte finish.  Once the piece is dry you can add either a tinted wax or a tinted glaze to the final finish to give it even more depth.  The sheen will then produce a look between flat and satin.  Starting out with a low sheen will keep the overall finish looking rustic even after you apply additional paints.

2. Paint Your Hardware

While there are so many ways to feature hardware on black painted furniture, painting the hardware can be a smart way to making a black piece look understated yet elegant.  Take a look at a French Provincial chest painted in olive by Knack Studios.  The hardware was painted and carefully distressed.  In this case, a little bit of distressing went a long way.  Compare that photo, with this photo of a black painted bombe chest which is also painted in black.  The hardware is painted, but not distressed.  While bombe chests are considered some of the most spectacular pieces of furniture, this piece falls short for me.

– Darken your hardware with chemicals.  Rockler sells a brass darkening solution that ages brass, copper and bronze metal. It allows you to change the color gradually so you can control how dark the final product turns out.

– American Accents by Rustoleum sells an Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint that I have used on many pieces of my own furniture. After the paint has dried, simply distress the hardware with a sponge sander.

– 9 DIY Recipes For Rusty Hardware- Hersite

3.  Show Off The Wood With Distressing

Adding a bit of interest to your furniture can go a long way.  There are several ways to add patina.  Two ways that come to mind is by distressing, and another is by layering paint.

A: Distressing is a sure way of adding depth and interest to a vintage piece of furniture.  Some people like a LOT of distressing, and others like MINIMAL distressing.  It is rather interesting to see how people fall into those two categories.  Look at a few pictures on pinterest to decide what appeals to you.  The best thing about distressing is if you go too far, simply just repaint the areas, which will tone down the distressing.

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The Swedish Artist Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson Alma - 18 x 24 Premium Archival PrintCarl Larsson Alma – 18 x 24 Print $29

Guest Post- Dawn- Bella Visione Blog

Carl Larsson is Sweden’s most recognized artist who depicted his idyllic life, with wife Karin and their children, in exquisite delicate watercolor paintings.

Born in Stockholm in 1853, he grew up in less than idyllic surroundings, being left by his father for his mother to rear. She worked diligently as a laundress, but earned very little. They lived in squalled conditions and he learned to work very hard as well.

At thirteen he was urged by his school teacher to apply for entry to the Stockholm Academy for Fine Arts. He was accepted, but it took some time for him to acclimate to the new, more refined surroundings.

He continued through school, became an illustrator and later moved to Paris to become an artist. He started painting in oils, but in 1882 having moved to Grez, (a Scandinavian artists’ colony) he transitioned to watercolors, which he mastered in six short months.

This is where he met Karin Bergoo and they soon married in 1883. Five years later Karin’s father gave the couple the house Lilla Hyttnas at Sanborn. This was to be the setting for many of Larsson’s paintings, capturing his life as it unfolded with his wife and their many children.

There were two major influences, whether knowingly or not, that shaped the creativity that took place within the walls of the Larsson home.

In 1891 a major exhibition of the Gustavian Style was compiled, this was in response to the look becoming popular once again in Sweden. This happened to be within the same time frame that the drawing room at Sanborn was redecorated in the fashion it still is today. The Gustavian tenets of light, refinement and unpretentious elegance are evident.

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A Guesthouse Decorated in The Swedish Style

August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors,

In the August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful, an editorial was written up on a garage in Salt Lake City which was transformed into a relaxing guest house with an overall Swedish design. Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer took the everyday average space we all forget about and utilized the property in an entirely new way.

This concept of using the garage space has become even more popular in recent years as the need to accommodate  “boomerang” children and aging parents has made many of us re-think the space we already own.

Many homes have attached or detached garages, and these spaces can be turned to very nice living accommodations. As with any project, you’ll want to make sure that you comply with local ordinances and building codes before undertaking such a project.

When converting a garage into to livable space, there’s always the issue of what to do with the garage door opening. A good solution is to keep a garage door in the original opening.  By doing so, you can keep with the overall exterior look of the house.

Another option is to install carriage-style garage doors which feature decorative windows. These doors allow you the functionality of windows on the inside while maintaining the original garage look on the exterior. Another option is to replace the garage doors with large scale windows or doors which will fill the opening.

One of the most challenging aspects of this sort of renovation is the option of a bathroom. Additional plumbing requires tying into the existing plumbing lines which can be problematic and challenging. An additional bathroom is always a nice amenity to have for those additional guests, so investigating ways to add this possibility is worth doing.


About the Swedish Salt Lake City Garage Transformation:

After looking at the pictures of the Salt Lake City interior, one would never suspect it was a garage to begin with. Bead board paneling frames a fireplace where a gilded 19th century Italian mirror gives the living room a refined look. Porcelain garden stools are scaled perfectly for a pair of 18th century Swedish chairs. A Swedish sofa with embroidered crewel work add a natural, yet refined look for this room. A traditional mora clock in the entry way sets the mood for the whole guest house.

Subscribe to Home Beautiful- House Beautiful (1-year auto-renewal) $15 dollars ($1.50/issue)

Borrow Elements From This Home:

– Pairs of French Bergeres- Ebay

– Gingham check black curtain drapes W46 X L42 $25- Amazon

-Ivory & Orange Faux Silk Checks Curtains 52″W X 84″L – $38- Amazon

-Juliet Heavy Satin Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain Panel 52″W X 108″L – $295 Amazon

-Howard Elliott Bright Gold Lead 37″ Round Wall Mirror -$299 Amazon

-Uttermost Valent Blue Accent Table- $217 Amazon

-Two’s Company Gold Leaf Round Wall Mirrors, Set of 3- $136 Amazon

-Hickory Manor Round Rose Mirror, Cream Gold Silver- $292 Amazon

-Howard Miller Grandfather Clock $3K – Amazon

-Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock- 3K Amazon

-Traditional Grandfather Clock with Chime from Coaster $230 Ebay

-Uttermost Cadey Side Table-$283- Amazon

-Howard Miller Chili Red Mora Clock For $1K Amazon

Commentary from the House Beautiful article:

FRANCES SCHULTZ: Sometimes the guesthouse is the second-Hand Rose of decorating, but this is a little jewel box.

MARSHALL WATSON: The owners treat their guests like family, and most of the time they actually are family. Between them they have seven children-two still at home and five grown and away who return frequently to visit.

Jeffrey KILMER: She wanted the house to be a fantasy escape, for her visitors to have a feeling of being transported into a foreign environment that
was cozy and warm.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- That Swedish Mora clock as you enter really sets up the whole scheme.

MW: You also feel, ‘Boy, I’m entering a really special space.’ You’re enthusiastic and drawn in. Even though you enter directly into the main room, it creates the feeling of an entry distinct from the room.

IK: And as opposed to a painting or a mirror, the clock is three-dimensional, so it adds depth and enhances the sense of space.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- Small spaces allow the luxury of less. And yet there seems to be everything here you need.

IK:- It’s laid out comfortably. The living room and dining room pieces are small scale, but still very comfortable. There’s not a lot of stuff here, but everything
has its function. We’ve kept the seating arrangements pulled away from the walls. If you create space beyond the furniture, it adds volume to a room.

MW: And there’s no upholstery to the floor. There are a lot of legs, and that creates that air space, which in turn creates an open feeling. But you have to be careful. In a large area a lot of legs will look like too many ballerinas on tiptoes.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- That elaborate gilt mirror is a bit brazen for a Nordic country cottage. Did it come from an ancestor’s castle?

MW: Well, it’s from somebody’s ancestral castle,and it works here for several reasons: It’s in a rather squashed space, so to put a square mirror there would not have been nearly as interesting. Also, a bull’s-eye expands the room. As for its elaborateness, you know the mantel was—and [still is—the place where you put your best pieces.

So the idea is that this was handed down through generations, and it was going here because it was the finest thing given to us by Grandmother.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- The lanterns seem to be the only place in the room where you’ve played up the scale. How big are they?

JK: About 18 inches tall and 13 across. There weren’t a lot of lamps, and we needed something to anchor the space. The two large lanterns delineate the living and dining spaces and give an intimacy to each,but at the same time pull them together.

MW: We also used downlighting in this room,and rather dramatically on that wonderful wall of wood that’s the fireplace wall. There’s a hidden door at the left of the fireplace to conceal a closet and television—that’s easy to do with beadboard.

It was typical of both Swedish and American Colonial houses to have wood paneling on the fireplace wall, since it was the focus of the room, and the rest of the room would be lath and plaster. We added beams also to give that cozy feeling of a very old
house with low ceilings.

FRANCES SCHULTZ– The kitchen blends so seamlessly into the room that
I almost missed it.

M W: We love to do kitchens, but we hardly ever do a ‘normal’ kitchen. We try to find an antique and adapt it to a kitchen cabinet door-front, whether it’s a rustic couple of boards from a wash stand or a wonderful Gustavian sideboard, which is what these were inspired by.

FRANCES SCHULTZ-There’s an element of depth in everything, from the fabrics to the furniture to the layers of color and glazing on the painted surfaces.

MW: In a small space you view things close at hand,so in many ways the detail is more important than it might be in a grander space.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- Which is not to say you don’t have elements of grandness. The clock, the mirror, that amazing headboard. Talk about going for Baroque.

MW: And if it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it. Isn’t it fabulous? It was part of a large cartouche that came from Austria. It’s pine, and in two pieces mounted directly to the wall. We thought it was reminiscent of a chalet in Europe where you’d throw this one
enormous piece in a room. It makes the room feel a little larger, and everything else holds together.

FRANCES SCHULTZ-The house may be small and relatively sparse, but there are big gestures.

MW: You don’t have to have a lot of pieces in the room if the pieces have a lot of character. We do many large projects, and it’s wonderful to have these great, large rooms for entertaining. Yet invariably the couple finds the smallest, coziest study or
library to live in. In our everyday lives we want to feel enveloped and protected, don’t we?

Produced By Doretta Sperduto

August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer

August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors,

6 French Carved and Painted Directoire Jansen Dining Chairs Greenwich Living

The surprise of a gilded 19th-century Italian mirror “gives the living area a great jolt,” Watson says. Porcelain garden stools are perfectly scaled for the pair of 18th-century Swedish chairs.

The house is on a promontory that overlooks a canyon: “There are several resorts in the region, so it gets a lot of use, winter and summer,” Kilmer says. Seating is arranged away from the walls, giving the room an airy, open feel. The cushion on the painted antique sofa is covered in Hinson’s Classic Crewelwork and shaped to follow the lines of the wooden seat. Curtains are Mariefred by Country Swedish. Sofa and drop-front desk from Evergreen Antiques.

Beautifully effecting patina and age, decorative painter Judy Mulligan applied multiple layers of pigment and glaze to kitchen cabinets and walls. The narrowness of the Dennis & Leen Formations dining table “allows for intimate, lively conversation,” Watson says. English Hepplewhite-style chairs are covered in La Seyne by Brunschwig & Fils. Sub-Zero refrigerator with custom panels; Viking range and hood.

Gustavian Three Seater Sofa By Gustavian sells a traditional Swedish 18th Century sofa made from solid birch wood with hemp fibre in supporting weave. Seat and back cushions in natural rubber and coconut fibre. Hand carved floral pattern on the front. Price: £3,200.00

White Painted Gustavian or French Style Carved Wood Sofa – A very decorative white painted Gustavian or French Style carved wood sofa, modified to accept comfortable upholstered cushions $4,950.00 FS Henemader Antiques

Swedish Furniture From Bukowski Market

Rococo Desk 1700's -Swedish Furniture From Bukowski Market- Gustavian, Gustavian Furniture, Rococo Swedish, Swedish Antiques, Swedish Auction Markets, Swedish Online Furniture AuctionsRococo Desk 1700’s

Bukowski is the leading auction house founded in 1870 by the Polish nobleman Henryk Bukowski. Bukowski Market also happens to be Sweden and Finland’s largest on-line internet site for quality auctions. Bukowski Market offers modern capabilities to the auction experience; one that combines online shopping with spectacular antiques and reliable expertise.

Bukowski pairs together buyers and sellers from around the world and allows antiques to be brought to the public for sale.  All items sold at Bukowski have been reviewed by experts in showrooms in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki, and Norrköping.   Bukowski offers a large assortment of antiques, design, art and decorative items for all tastes.  Before bidding from Bukowski, be sure to look at their terms of sale, and have your shipping and pick up arrangements set before bidding.

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My Favorite 216 Selections From Wallpaper Direct!

Woodland Chorus by Sanderson

Ella by Arthouse

Cielo Panel by Designers Guild

Take me on a road trip Now by Eijffing


Wallpaper Giveaway From Wallpaper DirectThere’s no question that Swedish style has been popular for decorating homes. The causal, yet elegant decorating style combines a bit of both worlds we seem to enjoy. There are a few things that are unmistakably Swedish – beautiful architectural design, furniture craftsmanship and wonderful wallpaper!

The striped patterns and florals which were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries are still some of the most popular designs to this day. While some of the retro patterns have dated themselves over the years, the large scale damasks, florals, and geometrics are indubitably still in fashion hundreds of years later.

Wallpaper Direct has offered a generous $200 dollar wallpaper give away for the readers of  The Swedish Furniture. The winner can then look through a large selection of wallpaper that meets the giveaway dollar amount.  If the winner is located in the US, they must pick from the US site.  If the winner is from the UK, Australia or Sweden, they must order from the international site. The comments will be numbered on December 1, 2013, and then a number will be drawn from .

Enter 2 ways- Leave a comment in the facebook comment box telling us WHAT wallpaper you like best, or what you plan on doing with the wallpaper.  We will then contact you through facebook if you win.


Enter To WinBelow I have selected 216 of my favorite designs that have a Swedish edge; both modern and traditional from The US Wallpaper Direct website.  If you want something modern with a scandinavian flair, there are several selections that will wow you.  If you have always longed for a classic Swedish design, such as those found in the 18th century, there are several beautiful wallpapers that will instantly transform your room over the weekend.

Duro Wallpaper From Sweden

Duro, for the first time is now offered in the USA.  Duro is a family-owned company and leading brand in Sweden, has been around since 1930, and is one of only 120 companies to be appointed to the Royal Court and has had this distinction since 1946.

The printing process used by Duro uses ten times the standard amount of ink to create a distinctive, rich look, similar to hand-printed papers. They also have started a green initiative during the 1960s and eliminated PVCs, developed their own water-based inks and uses only solvent free coatings.

Swedish Wallpaper From DuroDuro Wallpaper From Wallpaper Direct

Duro Wallpaper 2Duro Wallpaper From Wallpaper Direct

Make Your Own Folding Screens With Wallaper and Wood

Gammalsvenska Collection By Duro 8Gammalsvenska Collection By DuroGammalsvenska Collection By Duro From Wallpaper Direct

Thibault DesignThibault Design

Thibaut PiccadillyThibaut Piccadilly

House & Garden November 2013House & Garden November 2013

About Wallpaper Direct:

Wallpaper has been selling wallpaper online since 1999.  They carry over 4,000 different wallpaper patterns.  To understand the volume of their business, they have approximately 10,000 wallpaper samples on hand, and dispatch 40,000 samples per month through the mail.

Wallpaper Direct is a trading name of C. Brewer & Sons Ltd. and is part of the BREWERS group of companies. C. Brewer & Sons is one of the country’s oldest decorators’ merchants, established in 1904.  Brewers holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of decorating materials to The Queen.   Brewers is a family run business with more than 146 stores selling an extensive range of decorating materials.  Paint and wallpaper is what they specialize in.

Wallpaper Direct has two distinct websites.  One for their international clients, and another for the United States.  We’ve been supplying equally discerning customers in the USA from our UK site since we launched Wallpaper Direct online in 1999, and now we’re open for business with a new American company Wallpaper Direct Inc with a dedicated team in Tennessee.

Wallpaper Direct

Call Toll Free on: 1-855-823-9754
Wallpaperdirect Inc.
PO Box 1258
155 D-2 Durham Drive
TN 37807

Blue and white St. Antoine wallpaper by Farrow & Ball Keith Scott MortonSt. Antoine Wallpaper by Farrow & Ball Keith Scott Morton

Uses For Wallpaper Other Than Walls:

Do you want to create a wow factor with wallpaper?  Here are a couple of tips how you can transform your home and simple every day objects with wallpaper:

1. Mod Podge Photo Mats With Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used as Artwork. Frame pieces of wallpaper and group these frames together to create a miniature art gallery. OR, consider covering picture mats with wallpaper.  Simply use mod podge which can be applied to empty mats.

-Craig Frames Collage Frame- From $20 on Amazon

-Accent Design Framing Mat Double 5″x 7″Ivory/Gold- Amazon

-Accent Design Mat 8″x 10″  4 Openings- Amazon

– Accent Design Mat- 2 Openings, – Amazon

 2. Wallpaper Your Closets

Consider transforming your walk in closet, pantry or linen closet with a statement of yourself using wallpaper.  Wallpaper the walls, and consider buying storage boxes, which you can then cover with the wallpaper for a unifying effect.   Closets allow you to experiment with bold patterns, and outspoken colors.

– Darice 8/9/10-Inch Paper Mache Round Box- New From $6- Amazon


Bryonie Porter’s Wallpaper Furniture
Bryonie Porter’s Wallpaper Furniture

3.  Mod Podge Wallpaper To Furniture

One of the best artists to site, would be Bryonie Porter’s Wallpaper Furniture.  You can see how wallpaper can go a long way on furniture.  Transform a vintage chest with wallpaper, or consider adding interest to glass display cabinets.  Add wallpaper inside a chest of drawers,  or inside of a wardrobe. Apply two or three coats of clear polycrylic  (not polyurethane as it will yellow it) to protect the wallpaper, sanding gently with a very fine sandpaper between coats of varnish.  Use wallpaper as drawer liners.  Line the inside of a drawer with wallpaper cut to fit. Attach with double-stick tape so the lining won’t shift when you’re rummaging in the drawers.

Additional Links:

 – Decoupage Is Simple! Update Your Kids Furniture- Kids Room Decor

– Decoupage Map Wallpaper Dressers & Kids Map Decor- Kids Room Decor

– 30 Mod Podge Project Ideas – The Painted Furniture

Previous Posts For Inspiration:

-Swedish Interiors: The Chinese Pavilion- here

-Swedish Styled Wallpaper- here

-How To Decoupage Furniture- here

Combining Swedish antiques with modern wallpaper, never looked so hot!  

Ben Dhong’s combined classic Swedish antiques in a residence for a finance executive in San Francisco’s Marina. Ben Dhong left the world of finance to intern with designer Martha Angus. He later launched his own design firm, Benjamin Dhong Interior Design, and today Ben works for clients around the country,and has his work published in House Beautiful.

The Gustavian Inspired Room:

This room is all about my love of contrasts and how to highlight what you love about something by pairing it with something that brings out that essence.”   The wallpaper sets an entirely different direction for the Swedish antiques placed in this room.  It goes to show you the power of wallpaper.

Combine the New with the Old:

The wallpaper’s field of gold blocks creates a modern backdrop.  The  plaster medallion of king Gustav pops like a piece of modern sculpture, and gives the room a focal point.  The polished silver Saarinen style base pops against the carpet, and the Louis XVI-style chairs bring in the rich flavor of Sweden into to the room.  Ben brings a very fresh approach to classical design.

1. Great Design Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

I play a fun game with people and tell them that in this room is something from west elm, ikea, restoration hardware and marshalls and make them try to find it….it all proves that chic doesn’t have to be expensive.”

2. Elevate Your Overall Collections With A Few High End Pieces

I like creating confident rooms in which everything is not shouting at you “look at me”. It’s a low-keyed confidence. The ability to pair the precious with the humble. One of my joys is to elevate the humble and treat the valuable as an everyday object

3. Just Focus On What You Like Rather Than Just “Expensive”

For years I couldn’t figure out if I’m a traditionalist that likes modern things or a modernist that has a strong sense of history. I’m now comfortable with dropping the labels. Beautiful design is timeless.”

4.  Layer In Points Of Interest

I love layering textures in the same color tones. It brings a richness in a very understated way“.

I adore contrasts. There is a wonderful tension between the contrast of a rough linen with a rich velvet, or a distressed wood with a silver bowl. I find that tension exhilarating.”

5.  Choose Furniture That Has An Edge Of Beauty

Great thought goes into the combination of a room. Some pieces must speak, while others must be sotto voce. The addition of a new piece may very well require removing something to keep it balanced.”

I like my rooms to have a bit of intellectual heft…A sense of history and erudition but never pompous.”

Furniture Credits:

Dining chairs: Vintage Louis XVI Style chairs, Tara Shaw Antiques

Wallcovering: turquoise and gold geometric metallic pattern, “Margot,” by Sandberg

Dining table: Hammered nickel table base by Julian Chichester and vintage Knoll top from Converso

Chandelier: white plaster from Donzella Gallery.

Statue: “Attitude” by Paul van Lith, Erickson Fine Art Gallery.

Relief: Plaster Medallion of King Gustav from Real Gustavian.

Carpet: custom turquoise and cream diagonal stripe wool carpet, designed by Benjamin Dhong.

Wallpaper Give Away Results

Wallpaper Give Away Results- WINNER- Debra Rodkey Lee!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the giveaway!  Thank you Wallpaper Direct for such a generous prize! 

200 Gustavian Pictures Ideas For Your Swedish Home

Gustavian Pictures

Elements of the 18th century Gustavian style still find their way into our decorating magazines some 200 years later, and have been said to be the most beautiful interior design period throughout time.  Interiors were designed around light, colors were muted, pastels were at their height in art, and the furniture was drop dead gorgeous.  White painted furniture is still the most popular trend in home decor.  So where did this all start?

Gustavian style was named after King Gustav III, whose design style was inspired by the neoclassical designs he saw in France.  Gustav traveled to France as a young man before he became king, and spent many years at the French court where he observed a lifestyle of richness beyond comprehension.  At the time, Versailles was one of the largest palaces in the world.  France was determined to make a statement of it’s wealth without saying a word.  The best furniture, drapery, upholstery and architecture was bought and displayed, and Gustav found himself captivated by the  grandeur associated with the court.

Gustav III came into power after the death of his father and ruled in Sweden from 1772 to 1792. While 20 years doesn’t seem like a significant period of time, this king left an artistic mark in Sweden that hasn’t ever been forgotten.  While Sweden couldn’t compete with the vast wealth of France, they adopted many of the styles seen in France in their own way.  Wood was plentiful in Sweden, and woodworkers were able to reproduce much of the fashionable furniture seen in France.   Other decor elements such as marble were costly, so faux painting produced these same looks for less.  Natural fabrics such as linen were used for upholstery instead of silk.  Lighter woods were used instead of mahogany and painted.

Early Gustavian styles were clearly inspired by the French Rococo movement.   The floral fabrics, and the bombe chests, and Louis XV rounded back chairs were marks of the Rococo styles found in Louis XV’s reign.  The neoclassical design which moved in after were seen through Louis XVI’s reign.  He adopted some of the same ornamental designs seen in furniture, yet changed the overall frame to ones that were square or rectangular.  Later with the excavations at Pompeii, classical design further left it’s mark on this style. In Italy they had unearthed the ancient cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii, and a interest in art and design spread like wildfire through Europe.  Gustaf III himself visited the ruins in 1783-84, near Naples.   The late Gustavian style was heavily influenced by the English models clearly seen inspired from the chippendale chests and hepplewhite tables.  A combination of all three of these design styles can be classified as Gustavian, and are seen all mixed together much like our modern homes today.

Gustavian interior designs in Sweden were practical, yet pretty even in the tightest of spaces.  Swedes needed to bring in as much light as possible, as the winters seemed long and dark.  Lighter paint colors were seen inside, with bleached out wood floors. Pullout sofas functioned as a place to sit in the day and as a sofa and a bed at night.   Round demi lune tables were pushed against the wall through the day, and assembled together when needed.  Beds were built in the wall, much like an over-sized closet with a curtain which could be pulled across for privacy.

Get the Swedish Look For Yourself- Here Is How:

– Furnish your home with straight legged furniture.  Consider bleached wood, or white, or light gray painted furniture.

-Exchange out your silk fabrics for something more lived-in and natural.  Linen, raw silk, simple checked cotton, or natural duck canvas are great choices for drapery and upholstery.   The use of floral patterns were also quite popular in the Gustavian / Swedish style.

-Gustavian style is marked by gray painted furniture, pastel colors and lots of whites and creamed painted interiors.  Consider painted furniture with clean simple lines and fabulous lighting.

– Remove the clutter, less is always more with the Gustavian styles.  Showcase collections in a simplistic manner.


A Look Behind The National Museum of Stockholm- 14 Pictures

Nationalmuseum, Stockholm | by Dimitry B Nationalmuseum, Stockholm | by Dimitry B

Armchair Karmstol Mahogany, gilded details, 1820’s National Museum Stockholm’s Flicker

If you plan on visiting Sweden, then don’t miss the chance to go to the National Museum of Stockholm. I stumbled across some of their pictures on Flicker, and thought you would find them as interesting as I have.  Fotograf Alex Hinchcliffe’s photostream shows a photo with a model in one of the rooms.   This museum would be a wonderful place to spend the day.

Artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Goya, Renoir, and Degas are common as The National Museum contains about 16,000 collections of paintings and sculptures.  They feature artwork from the late Middle Ages up to the beginning of the 20th century,  and the French 18th century collection is regarded as one of the best in the world. The Royal Castles Collections were owned by the State, and today many of the collections appear at the  National Museum.  Enjoy paintings, engravings, drawings and sculptures that once existed in Gripsholm, Drottningholm, Strömsholm, Rosersberg and Ulriksdal.

National Museum of Stockholm

Be Apart Of Their Guilded Tours- See Their Schedule Here

Questions about the museums exhibitions and programs etc.

Address: Nationalmuseum Box 16176 S-103 24 Stockholm Sweden

Switchboard: +46 8-5195 4300 24 h Info: +46 8-5195 4410 Fax: +46 8-5195 4450

National Museum of Stockholm

Check out the beautiful wall colors and the patterned floor.  The marble pedestal and the white color of the sculpture provide a great contrast.  The classic gold paintings look terrific against the blue walls.

National Museum of Stockholm

Moving out- featured on flicker


Pride & Prejudice, 27 September 2012–20 January 2013

Pride & Prejudice, 27 September 2012–20 January 2013

Pride & Prejudice, 27 September 2012–20 January 2013

Pride & Prejudice, 27 September 2012–20 January 2013

Pride & Prejudice, 27 September 2012–20 January 2013

Pride & Prejudice, 27 September 2012–20 January 2013

National Museum of Stockholm - Gold Leafing A Frame

National Museum of Stockholm – Gold Leafing A Frame

National Museum of Stockholm - Gold Leafing A Frame

National Museum of Stockholm – Gold Leafing A Frame

Trome l'oeil-målning av Johan Sylvius i trapphallen på Drottningholms slott.

Swedish Interiors From The National Museum of Stockholm-

Troms l’oeil painting by Johan Sylvius in the stairwell at Drottningholm Palace

National Museum of Stockholm - Exhibition Napoleon Karl Johan Alexander

National Museum of Stockholm – Exhibition Napoleon Karl Johan Alexander

Exhibition Napoleon

Exhibition Napoleon- September 30th 2010 – January 23 2011.

Alexander Roslin, 2007-2008 3

Alexander Roslin, 2007-2008

Alexander Roslin, 2007-2008

Alexander Roslin, 2007-2008

Gripsholm interiors - Gula Salongen

Gripsholm Interiors Featured On National Museum of Stockholm Flicker

Prinsessans sängkammare på Gripsholms slott.

Gripsholm Interiors Featured On National Museum of Stockholm Flicker

Matsal Dining hall Featured on National Museum of Stockholm

Matsal Dining Hall Featured on National Museum of Stockholm

Matsal Dining hall Featured on National Museum of Stockholm 2

Matsal Dining Hall Featured on National Museum of Stockholm

Antique Swedish Dealer Jane Moore’s Home Veranda Magazine

Jane Moore

Veranda featured a wonderfully Swedish home way back in their March 08 issue of a home designed by Jane Moore.  This home was also featured in the book Swedish Country Interiors by Rhonda Eleish & Edie Van Breems which was published in 2009.  Indulge Decor Blog put together a terrific job of comparing the home in each of the publications, and noted what changed and what did not.

This home was decorated in both Swedish and French antiques.  Among all the antiques that stood out were the chairs which were featured in the house.  The chairs sitting in the living room, have detailing paint in light blue, which perfectly contrasts the sandy colored linen.

Swedish rococo chairs are paired with a check upholstered couch and feature a heavily distressed paint finish with colors of green.  In the sitting area, a pale blue rug seems to be the perfect choice to add color amongst simple Swedish rococo chairs.  This room is simple and elegant, and the furniture seems to add so much of the interest in this room.

About Jane Moore:

Those who follow the Swedish and French decorating circles know all about Jane Moore. Her interior designs have been admired for years. Jane Moore is an interior designer and antiques importer from Houston. Early in Jane’s career she imported primarily English antiques. It wasn’t until she traveled to France that she fell in love with the Provence style. Impressed by the cottages and farmhouses, it influenced her whole design compass. She later traveled to Sweden and found more of the humble countryside she saw in France.

Everything was so simple. They copied from the French, but in a more rustic way. I loved that.”

Jane Moore’s work has been published in Veranda Magazine and Southern Accents Magazine more than once. Her work was also included in The Houses of Veranda book by former Veranda editor Lisa Newsom. Jane and Lisa Newsom are now connected by family. Jane’s daughter, Shannon, is married to Lisa’s son, Andrew, and the pair (Lisa and Andrew) own the Wisteria catalog.

Veranda featured an article titled “5 Design Tips To Live By– in which Jane Moore gave her top 5 tips when it comes to decorating.

Consider Your Environment

“One of the most important rules of decorating is to let your environment help you make decisions about your home. For example, I have always lived in Houston, where it is very hot and humid. As a result, I always pick cool colors that come from nature—soft blues, greens, grays—because when I come in out of the heat, I want to be refreshed. Wherever I am, I look outside and bring that in”

Edit Your Home, and Keep Only Things That Work With Your Current Style

“In each stage of life, we have different needs. Many of us want to keep holding on to things from each stage. We feel that if we hold on to what’s safe, we don’t have to deal with what’s changing.It’s hard for a lot of people to get rid of what was given to them or what they bought with their own money in their earlier stages of life. But as we grow and mature, our likes and dislikes change, and that’s okay! Don’t hold onto what doesn’t fit anymore.”

“We all love a lot of different things and different looks. Decide what you love the very most, where you feel the most comfortable, what’s the most peaceful to you. Once you’ve done that, carefully edit out what doesn’t enhance that look or feeling. I started my career doing almost all English, but as I grew to love the Provençal and Swedish aesthetics, I let go of those English things, even though I still loved them. The same goes for people with a lot of bright, colorful pieces who want to transition to something serene and neutral. With each object, ask: ‘Is this going to fit in?”

Be Who YOU Are, and Not Someone Else

“Many of us have things we don’t necessarily love, but we live with them because they have sentimental value: heirlooms, gifts, things we didn’t know how to say ‘no’ to. What I tell my clients is this: Be in the moment as it is right now. ‘It’s your moment. Let’s do what makes you happy, what makes you have a good feeling when you’re home.’ Those before us—grandmothers, mothers, friends—had their time to enjoy what they loved, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to love it, too.

Buy things you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Avoid buying what I call ‘fillers.’ Instead, buy only what you absolutely love, what you simply cannot live without. A good rule of thumb: If you see it, don’t buy it right away. Then if you keep thinking about it, go back and buy it, because you’ll always be sorry if you don’t. Most of the time it costs more than you thought you’d ever spend. Buy it anyway. A few years from now, it will be even harder to find and cost twice as much. For example, I have this 18th-century hand-carved angel on my mantle—it wasn’t anything I was looking for, but when I saw it, it just touched me. I didn’t buy it immediately, though. I thought
about it for 24 hours, and I still just had to have it. At the time, I was trying to rationalize purchasing it, thinking ‘Oh, someday my daughter will love it, or my granddaughter will love it,’ Then I thought, ‘No. I love it, and if they choose not to have it in their homes someday, that’s all right.’

Contact Jane Moore:

2930 Virginia St. Houston, Texas 77098

Phone (713) 526-6113

Jane Moore Interiors On Facebook

Jane Moore

Jane Moore Gustavian Swedish AntiquesUp close look of the neoclassical chairs and pale blue carpet

Featured on Color Outside The Lines Blog

Swedish Jane Moore designchic

A Swedish secretary with clock and Swedish chair.  

Photo from Veranda Magazine via Indulge Decor blog.



A view of the other side of the living room features Swedish barrel back chairs, a Swedish console, and bench.   Photo from Veranda Magazine 


 Gustavian Room Designed By Jane Moore Featured in Veranda March 08

Also seen on “Houstonian Great Jane Moore”- Cote de Texas

Gustavian Room Designed By Jane Moore

Gustavian Room Designed By Jane Moore

Gustavian Room Designed By Jane Moore

Gustavian Room Designed By Jane Moore


Jane Moore’s Townhouse featured in Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore's Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore’s Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane’s family room is home to her collection of French 19th-century tians 

Jane Moore's Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore’s Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore's Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore’s Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore's Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore’s Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

The table is Swedish 19th-c. and also serves as a working island.

Jane Moore's Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore’s Townhouse Veranda Magazine. Dining Area

Jane Moore's Townhouse Veranda Magazine.

Jane Moore’s Townhouse Veranda Magazine- A Look at her wall mirror in the livingroom

Trumeau Mirror Featured On Veranda

 A stunning Trumeau Mirror- Seen On Veranda

A beautiful bedroom decorated by Jane Moore

A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York

In the March 2013 issue of House Beautiful Magazine, featured a home with a unique flair for the Scandinavian style.  The owner spent years collecting Swedish pieces, and together with her designer, Charles O. Schwarz III,  they created a home that captures all the charm of a period Swedish interior.

To give warmth to the home, Schwarz installed planking on the walls and bead board on the ceiling and painted it all Farrow & Ball Picture Gallery Red. beautifully they mix the red with rustic wood.In the breakfast room, dark blue walls add so much drama.  The Gustavian chandelier and mirrored sconces which draw attention to themselves in this dark room, as the lights are turned down and the candles are lit at night.


The home is surrounded by neutral furnishings and paint colors.  This color combination can be seen in the rugs, the choice of cabinetry, tile work in the bathroom and the soft Scandinavian furnishings.  A beautiful selection of wallpaper is seen throughout the house in the living room, and several bedrooms, adding a softness to this home.  Farrow & Ball’s Ringwold wallpaper complements the living room’s creamy checkerboard flooring, which was painted by the previous owner. Pay special attention to the choice of paint colors on the trim work, which nicely blends with the overall theme of each room, while at the same time highlights the beautiful architecture of this Greek revival home.  See so many more beautiful pictures of his home at the House Beautiful website

A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New YorkA Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York

A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York A Swedish Collected Home In Upstate New York

$100+ Solid Braided Rugs

Braided Rugs On AmazonBraided Rug 80″ Round Off-White $109

The careful selection of your homes rugs can really bring alive that Swedish look you are after.  Last month, I found myself spending hours trying to select a rug that would work perfectly for our outside covered patio.  After browsing endless patterned rugs, I found myself drawn to plain, simple braided rugs.

Living in Seattle for a short period of time, I left several large sisal rugs outside under a lofted outdoor barn, only to find later they were molded, so much so, that I had to pour bleach to remove the dark black spots that were left on the rug.  So after that experience, I didn’t want to chance getting the wrong rug for my outdoor patio.

Super Area Rugs on Ebay, had a large selection of rugs that work for indoors and outdoors.  The intricate braided detail was enough pattern, and also gave my space that simple look I was after.  These rugs can work for the indoors, as well as the outdoors.  I ordered an Oval version of the “Reversible Braided Rug in Blue Ice Color”  When they arrived at my door, they were rather light, made of a synthetic material, which enables them to be washed and used outside throughout the winter.

In this post Swedish Decorating MUST Haves – Natural-Fiber Rugs I show pictures of jute rugs, sisal rugs, and hemp, all great choices when selecting a rug for a Swedish home.  If you want something different, consider a braided rug.  I have found they come in very pretty light colors such as blue, ice blue, and white, amongst so many other colors.

Sunbrella Solid Braided Outdoor Rugs

Sunbrella Solid Braided Outdoor Rugs- Find Them On Amazon

Here are some selections that would work with a Swedish style home:

– Rhody Rug Braided Rugs In French Blue–  Amazon

– Rhody Rug Braided Rugs In SOLID Navy–  Amazon

– Rhody Rug Braided Rugs In SOLID Key LimeAmazon

Braided Rugs For That Swedish Interior

Solid Braided Rugs By Rhody Rugs- In Hydrangea Color

Braided Rugs On AmazonITM Indoor/Outdoor Braided Rug, Green, 8-Feet, Round- $199

ITM Indoor or Outdoor in Periwinkle Blue – 8 Feet Round $199

ITM  Indoor/Outdoor Braided Rug, Blue, 6-Feet, Round $144

ITM Nautical Braided Reversible Rug, 5-Feet by 7-Feet, Grey $116

ITM Indoor/Outdoor Braided Rug, Dark Blue, 6-Feet, Round $165

Braided Rugs For That Swedish InteriorSolid Braided Rugs By Rhody Rugs- You choose the color and size!

60 Scandinavian Country Folk Art Books On Amazon


Scandinavia – made up of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway -has always had a unique mark on the arts through history. Whether it be needlepoint, embroidery, wood carving, furniture painting, knitting or any other local arts, they inspired each other in these regions, often drawing on the same color tones, motifs, and decorations.

The Nordic style craftsmanship and decorative themes can be seen unique to this northern area of Europe. Chances are if you love Scandinavian furniture, you will fall in love with so many of the different arts that are also found in this region.

Folk art, is celebrated in the international galleries around the world, but it also can be found in people’s homes, garages, and attics around Scandinavia. With access to to the internet, you don’t even have to know the back streets of Sweden, or speak the language to invest in high quality antique folk art. With esty and ebay within reach, you can pull together a collection for your interior without leaving your home.

“Folk art” is the most common term to describe the every day craftsmanship of people from one region or another, which depicted the artistic talent of life and times in art. Almost everyone has a hobby today, and it was more so, 100 to 300 years ago, when the family didn’t gather around the television for three hours each night.  People had so much more time that could be devoted to the arts when the children were home schooled, and mom and dad worked off the land.  Life was so much better back then, and you could have a little piece of that history.

The art was influenced by the culture, which is why German, Italian, and even American folk art each has their own style and flavor. Many of the popular collectible folk art pieces include handcrafted toys, quilting, wood carvings, and basket weaving. Folk oil paintings can be some of the most expensive range of collectibles within Folk art. Oil paintings emerged in the late 1700’s but only until the 1800’s did it really begin to flourish. Folk artists were often self-taught, and considered amateur artists due to the fact that they were not academically trained in the fine arts. These paintings are some of the most collectible of the wall art, and surprise, surprise,….sometimes they are inexpensive!  It is amazing what you can find on ebay, if you are willing to wait.

Here is a collection of 60 books that focus their attention on Folk art, or the Scandinavian region in general.

Continue Reading…

50 Examples Of Swedish Folk Country Interiors

Swedish Mora Folk Art Clocks

Country Style Mora ClocksSwedish Interior

Interior archive is one of those sites where you can spend hours on.  Looking through their dozens of pictures, there are a number of beautiful pictures that present a country look from Sweden.  Here are my favorites:

A  Swedish Interior Design Country Folk Art Home Photographed By Tim Clinch

The Interior Archive showed some beautiful pictures of a country house in the folk art Swedish style. A simple kitchen is furnished with antique wooden furniture. A hand-painted Swedish Mora clock stands against a distressed orange wall in the kitchen.  Here, we see the detail of the hand-painted decoration on the chair that sits in the kitchen.  A wall-mounted corner cupboard provides ample storage in the kitchen.

Swedish Country Home Designed By Van Breem

Photographer Simon Upton captures a guest bedroom is painted a pale grey and the bed is from van Breem’s line of reproduction Swedish furniture. A pair of rustic wooden chairs flank a console table and a Swedish Baroque mirror in the yellow painted hallway. The dining area in the kitchen has a wooden trestle table and Swedish grandfather clock and is full of spring flowering bulbs. The large range in the kitchen displays a collection of Swedish copper pots. A painted yellow Swedish sofa from 1760 and a dresser in the living room.  Outside we see a Swedish bench and lantern infront of a shed with a blue door.

A Swedish Home Designed By Lena Renkel-Eriksson

-Lena Renkel-Eriksson has used shades of white, blue and dove grey to recreate the classic style of her native Sweden in her Surrey home  Here she creates a unique space around the color blue. A blue-painted cabinet in the kitchen was custom made by Swedish carpenters and the swedish country chair was painted in a richer more saturated blue and distressed.  In this photo, we see a yellow painted doll’s house flanked by tiers of battered leather suitcases in a nursery.  This spectacular photo shows off a dining area designed around the Swedish styles.  A Swedish bench is paired with white painted Swedish gateleg table, and two classic swedish side chairs. The wooden floor of this hallway has been hand- painted in a yellow and white harlequin pattern.  In the attic bedroom, white is the dominant color.  A white wooden desk and Gustavian-style chair are placed infront of the window.  A country styled white painted chair sits in the corner of the living room, where beautiful painted walls steal the attention.  An oval Gustavian bow mirror is painted in white on the wall shows this room is decorated around the classic Swedish styles.

Noteworthy Beauties:

-A Rustic Lars Sjoberg Home shows a Swedish mora clock which stands on the stone staircase.

-Designer Lena Proudlock shows a solid blue-painted Swedish mora clock which stands on a blue-painted wooden floor.

-Mish Tworkowski designs this rustic styled living room that sits an antique spoolwork armchair
and a re-upholstered French chair in an orange velvet.  In the room sits a cream painted 19th century Swedish cabinet.  White washed wood walls give plenty of light to this sitting area.

-Miguel Flores Vianna shows a spectacular Swedish kitchen with a wood burning stove, with country Swedish chairs.  This kitchen has many rustic elements to it.  A light blue is painted on the walls breaking up

– Christian Kain positions two pairs of boots on either side of a carved painted console table in green the hallway.


 Swedish photographer Anna Kern

Corner cabinet in red, white and green with a built in Mora style clock. Tumblr

Gustavian Bench

Swedish Bench- Live Auctioneers

Sandemar, Sweden, 17th Century

Swedish Cartel Clock

 Swedish Gustavian Style Gilt Bronze Cartel Wall Clock,circa
1860, having a heavy bronze case in the form of an anchor draped with a
laurel wreath mounted on a blue painted wooden plaque; the white
porcelain dial has a blue Roman numeral chapter ring encircled by an
Arabic numeral minute ring, marked Knut Svala / Stockholm


Scandinavian style bed

Scandinavian Bed

Folk art painted step back hutch with adjustable shelves, two drawers and two doors.

Folk art painted step back hutch with adjustable shelves, two drawers and two doors.

Scandinavian room scanned from BOOK: The Perfect Country Cottage by Bill Laws

Featured on Glenda’s Blog The Paper Mulberry

Gustavian Antiques

A Rare Swedish Gustavian Red Painted Sofa circa 1790 Reupholstered by Talisman

The Swedish Country House By Susanna Scherman- Buy It On Amazon

Original Pictures Seen On Martha Stewart

Remarkable Arch Pediment Folk Art Marriage Cupboard

A remarkable late 18th Century Marriage Cupboard, in the Folk Art tradition, made in two vertical sections and surmounted by an arched molded cornice, all retaining the original painted decoration and hand wrought iron hinges. The original painted surface shows some appealing evidence of wear and age and the subtle original polychrome colours have softened and patinated to a delightful chalky dry surface.

Marriage Cupboards of this scale and importance were generally made to special commission for young married couples and were frequently offered by their families, containing woven, homespun and embroidered fabrics. They are also known as “Dowry”, “Brides” or “Wedding” Cupboards and are often associated with the Scandinavian Countries, where there was a strong tradition of Paint Decorated Furniture of this type as in other European alpine regions. The reason they are made in separate sections is so they could easily be de-assembled and transported up to the mountains in summer months, when the agricultural folk would take their livestock up to new pastures.

The extraordinary artwork seen in this social gathering space was painted by Jonas Hertman in the 1770s.  The subjects of the murals depict cherished images and events in Swedish culture.

Original Pictures Seen On Martha Stewart

Gustavian AntiquesThe colorful original paint has been well preserved on this lovely chest. The monogram and date of 1848 indicate it was likely a wedding or anniversary gift.

Scandinavian style bed stuffed with charm.

Scandinavian style bed stuffed with charm.

Scandinavian style bed stuffed with charm Flicker

Norwegian Corner Chair With Salmon Background 

 Jeff R Bridgman American Antiques

  Palace-turned-hotel Häringe Slott in Sweden

Swedish Interior With Slat Wood Walls- Tumblr

 Swedish photographer Anna Kern.

Summer Country House In Sweden – Unknown Details

Summer Country House In Sweden – Unknown Details

Norrlands Chairs Lucas Antiques Blog

Segreto Secrets Blog

Swedish photographer Anna Kern

Swedish photographer Anna G. Tufvesson ,

Swedish antiques from Gudrun Ödmann Antikhandel


Swedish Folk Art Style

Swedish Folk Art Style

Swedish Folk Art Style

Swedish Folk Art

Swedish Folk Art Style- Space For Inspiration

Lucas Antiques Blog

Lucas Antiques Blog

Lucas Antiques Blog


Primitive Corner Cabinet With Astonishing Blue Paint, 3 Beautiful Country Chairs,

Red Antique Chest, -Swedish Wedding Chest Lucas Antiques Blog,

Red Scandinavian Clock

The beauty of a Swedish Mora clock such as this is found in the lovely
curves of the piece itself. In addition, this one had been painted a
deep shade of red and has intricate floral and leaf flourishes in gold
and green (note, paint is newer than the clock case, painted
approximately 100 year ago).

Red Scandinavian Clock

Swedish Mora Clock In Red From Scandinavian Antiques

Embroidered Fabric, Needlepoint Pillows And Gustavian Furniture From Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Chelsea Textiles, is a family company, which was originally started in the 1990’s by Mona Perlhagen. Formerly a fashion buyer for Bloomingdale’s, Mona developed an eye for luxurious details, and high priced textiles, which eventually enabled her to transition into her own business. After moving from London to New York, she identified a need for antique furniture and embroidered fabrics for an ever growing market which was willing to pay for reproductions, and was in search of higher quality furniture and textiles.

Perlhagen set about researching and sourcing authentic materials to produce hand-embroidered fabrics of the same quality as those of the 17th and 18th centuries. Over time, Chelsea Textiles has expanded to include early re-creations of 20th century goods. Mona’s seven years in Sweden, allowed her to develop a line around the Scandinavian theme, both traditional Gustavian and 20th century design classics. While Chelsea Textiles overall vision is firmly rooted in the past, many of the newer collections have been carefully selected to complement the more modern interiors of the 21st century.

Favorite Items from Atlanta Market 2011 - Petit Chateau Blog

Favorite Items from Atlanta Market 2011 – Petit Chateau Blog

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Gray Bureau

Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Gray Bureau $1,575

Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Three Drawer Console

Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Three Drawer Console- $1,875

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

 Chelsea Textiles Color Selections Featured On The Picket Fence

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Side Table with Shelf- $975 Amazon

Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Side Table with Pedestal $662 Amazon

Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Upholstered Headboard – Single- $1,562 Amazon

Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Bookshelf $1,375 Amazon

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Chelsea Textiles

Gustavian Furniture- Chelsea Textiles

Chelsea TextilesChelsea Textiles

Chelsea TextilesChelsea Textiles Fabrics 6

Designers Pick Their Favorite Gray Paints

Picture Credit –Scandinavian Antiques Co On Ebay

House Beautiful Designer Grays

Featured above are the colors, Top Row: Pratt & Lambert’s Argent 1322, Farrow & Ball’s Claydon Blue 87, Farrow & Ball’s Green Blue 84, Middle Row, Farrow & Ball’s Light Blue 22, Benjamin Moore’s Sea Star 2123-30, Benjamin Moore’s Wolf Gray 2127-40 Bottom Row,  Benjamin Moore’s Graytint 1611, Sherwin-Williams’s Magnetic Gray SW-7058,  Benjamin Moore’s Stone Harbor 2111-50

Home Beautiful featured an article on 26 Designers who shared their favorite Grays.  Gray painted interiors can be the perfect color palette for Swedish Gustavian or Rococo antique furniture.  Gray can showcase antiques like no other color, because it is neutral, and doesn’t compete with the furniture and decor. The last thing you want after spending thousands on a piece of furniture, is to have someone notice anything but what you spent your hard earned money on!   Pair your painted gray antiques with a backdrop of white gray interior walls and trim, and add a punch of color with your upholstery, accessories, and flowers.

Many of the designers featured in the article, were those of Richard Gluckman, Stephanie Stokes, David Kleinberg, Tori Golub, Stephen Sills, Phoebe Howard, Steven Gambrel, Gerrie Bremermann, and Sharone Einhorn and Honey Walters.  

Here are just a few of the designer quotes:

“Mesquite is a flattering light moss green without much yellow. I love it because it doesn’t shout ‘I’m green!’ It says, ‘I’m a very beautiful color.'” –Jennifer Garrigues, Benjamin Moore’s Mesquite 501

“Lago Argentino is a glacier lake in Patagonia, and it’s the most amazing color, an aqua, milky because as the ice melts it pulls minerals off the mountain. I stayed in an inn with a stunning view of the Perito Moreno glacier.” –Suzanne Rheinstein , Ralph Lauren Paint’s Blue-Green GH81

“For me, the most appealing colors in summer are not hot but cool. You don’t need to be reminded of the sun and heat — you’re in it. What you want is a cool breeze through the pine trees, like this chalky gray green.” –Frank Roop, Benjamin Moores Soft Fern 2144-40

“In my cutting garden I have morning glories climbing over a lattice obelisk painted this wonderful silvery sage green. It reminds me of lavender leaves.” –Michael Whaley, Benjamin Moores Cedar Grove 444

“I have a big, hugely functional Georgian Revival lawyer’s desk in tired dry mahogany, bought from a tired dry lawyer. I painted it this pale gray-green in an oil-base stain finish, cleanable, very calm, but not so pale that it dies. The gimmick is the old-fashioned desk in an unexpected color. It catches light and makes for a more interesting surface.” –Carey Maloney, Donald Kaufman Color Collections DKC-10

“It’s kind of robin’s egg blue, and with mahogany furniture and neutral upholstery, it looks great. I see dining rooms as mostly evening rooms, and this has life to it. It’s very soothing.” –Mariette Himes Gomez, Benjamin Moore’s Sage Tint 458

“Green is the great neutral, all the way from pond scum to soft sage or pale celery. I recently moved into a new house surrounded by greenery, and when I was thinking of what color I might use for a drapery lining, it came to me to reflect the green that is present year-round right outside that window.” –Barbara Barry – Donald Kaufman Color Collection’s DKC-8

“This is the color of the sky in Old Master paintings, when the varnish has yellowed; it’s luminous. Paint just the floor and you’d feel as if you were floating.” –Thomas Jayne, Benjamin Moore’s Heavenly Blue

“In my cutting garden I have morning glories climbing over a lattice obelisk painted this wonderful silvery sage green. It reminds me of lavender leaves.” –Michael Whaley, Benjamin Moore’s Cedar Grove 444

Gray Painted Swedish FurnitureGray Painted Swedish Furniture – Laserow Antiques

18th Century Swedish Tray Table – Jacqueline Adams Antiques

This mirror would have been part of a room paneling. It features a beautifully hand carved and gilded top panel of a basket with flowers and grape bunches before crossed mallets and grape branches and is surrounded with a square, gilt molded frame. Beneath is a square mirror framed with a beaded, molded edge

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HOW TO: Paint Gustavian Finishes

Paint Gustavian Finishes

Andie, from Divine Theatre Blog, posted an amazing transformation of an outdated Mexican armoire, which was converted into the classic Gustavian styles with layers of distressed paint and new hardware. Andie shows us how to do it ourselves….

“These pine Mexican Armoires are outdated, having seen popularity in the mid to late 90’s, they are a trend whose time has come. It is evident by the sheer volume of pieces like this on Craigslist. This particular armoire is a bit different in that it has a domed top with a carved cutout in front.”

In the post, the biggest challenge with the armoire was changing out the hinges. Hinges can be really tricky. Transforming my own armoire, I know all too well, that not every hinge is alike.  Be careful when removing existing hardware.  Save the existing hardware until you find another set that will work well.

More From Andie about Hinges….

” There are more than 20 different types. Three of those types made their way into my home and had to be returned because they would not work on this piece. The doors are very thick! I ended up using plain old butt hinges. I chose 2 inch hinges and merely placed them under each existing strap hinge and drilled small pilot holes, then attached them all and finally removed all the existing strap hinges. I then filled the holes with wood putty and let it dry overnight. I also filled the knotholes with wood putty. It required two applications, allowing the putty to dry thoroughly between applications. I then sanded the putty with a fine grit sandpaper”


Armoire Transformation

Painting Steps:

1). One Coat Annie Sloan Old White
2). (Not Shown) Second Coat Annie Sloan Old White
3). One Coat French Linen
4). Sand with Medium grit sandpaper.

Andie explains more about the Swedish paint finishes:

“Following these foreign impulses the Swedes created a more restrained or austere style of decoration more suitable for Sweden than the over embellished continental Baroque and Rococo styles. Original 18th century finishes were achieved by multiple layers of a pigment such as black Iron Oxide, mixed with linseed oil. The typical Gustavian grey was reached by mixing these two ingredients and the depth of the color depended upon how much iron oxide was used. A high sheen is not common among Gustavian painted pieces.”

“When I paint a piece I peruse hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs, as well as old paintings. I look to see how the piece withstood the ages, where the paint is worn away and the patina of time and use. With this piece I imagined it came from a large home that had only fireplaces for heat and candles for light. I was heavy handed with the Annie Sloan Dark Wax to mimic the acrid, clinging smoke that no amount of cleaning could erase. Then I sanded the corners, where busy hands may have grabbed the doors through the centuries, taking bits of paint and depositing oils. I then sanded around the hardware to mimic the efforts of the housekeeping staff to keep the hardware clean. I imagined a servant buffing in the same pattern each time she was assigned the task of cleaning this armoire. Up and down…side to side…year after year… until the pattern became engraved upon the surface. The mops they used sometimes nicked the base of the piece and removed paint.”

Mexican Cabinet After Drawer Hardware

Andie’s Paint and Hardware Suggestions:

– Remember to have clean t-shirts or terry towels on hand to rub the wax in after it is applied.

– Place laurel, torch keyhole escutcheons on each drawer and used mock key pulls as well.  In this post, “The Best 5 Sites For Purchasing Hardware” shows these torch keyholes. Find additional Swedish and French hardware here

– “The mock key pulls had a shiny brass finish. I first soaked them in acetone to remove the clear sealer, wiped them off , rinsed in hot water, then boiled them in a mixture of salt and white vinegar. I used a ratio of one cup to one cup. After you boil them for 10 minutes, remove them from the vinegar and salt solution and place them on a baking sheet in the oven at 450 degrees for ten minutes. Please be cautious when working with chemicals and high temperatures!”

– Add additional architectual details such as the large finials Andie found on ebay

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Paris Grey With Dark Wax

Louis Chairs Before and After- Divine Theatre Blog

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Fill Length Bibliotheque Library

Fill Length Bibliotheque Library

“Söderbo” A Home Untouched Since 1920

Swedish 1900's Decorating

This Swedish home takes several chairs and combines them with a day bed.  One way to unify several pieces of furniture is to simply paint them the same color, as they have done here.

“Söderbo” is a summer home, and perfect for all those who love history, because this home is practically untouched.  Nothing has changed since the house was decorated in the 1920s.  In fact, every piece of furniture, every picture, and the decor is such as it was in the early 1900’s.  The interior lets in lots of light as large windows reveal the beautiful greenery outside.  Elegant white painted furniture makes the home larger than it really is.  Reading a book, playing a few games, and having a hot bath might be what you would do in this home in the summer months.  Although you may have to haul in the water, and manually heat it!  The modern amenities of the home are missing, but that doesn’t stop the owners from getting away and enjoying all the life that this property has to offer.  Water must still be carried out and the food collected in the root cellar, so the children of the home don’t have to wonder how grandma and grandpa did things, the old way of live is very evident in the day to day functioning of the home.

“Söderbo” in the past was only used as a summer house. Servants were brought out into the country with lots of luggage, and the residents from the big city enjoyed the summer life to rest and enjoy the rich fresh air, and all that the countryside could offer. Besides the main house, the property is equipped with a boathouse pre-existant from the mid-1800s, a root cellar and a cabana by the water.

Inside the house,  white painted wooden furniture shows a classic Swedish design which can be seen throughout the home.  The furniture was originally purchased back in the days of the era’s most fashionable department store NK. The various pieces of furniture are seen in the country style which if fluent in the dining room, bedroom, desks, chairs and shelves. The kitchen is set up to function for food preparation, such as cooking, baking and canning.  The upstairs of the home is mostly how it was originally.  Some fabrics have been worn through time and replaced, but the beautiful Art Nouveau wallpaper in the parents’ bedroom are original. Gather some ideas from this time period for your home.

Images and full article found on Swedish 1900's Decorating
“Söderbo” A Home Untouched Since 1920

Swedish Art Deco

A rare pair of Swedish Art Deco 2-arm mirror sconces designed by Gustav Bergstrom. Frames are gilt over pewter and Incised with a serpentine pattern.The frame tops are decorated with a sculpture of a lotus flower flanked by 2 mythical sea creatures. Candles are newly wired for candelabra bulbs. Mirror glass is original and show highly desirable movement in the reflection. Sconces are the perfect example of “Swedish Grace” style.

Swedish Art Deco

Delicate gilt wood Swedish Art Deco wall mirror with cared details depicting a sunburst and ancient oil lamps. Mirror glass is original and has a one inch beveled edge

Swedish 1900's Decorating

“Söderbo” A Home Untouched Since 1920

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