Make A Statement In Your Home With Burl Wood

Burl Wood Commode From Charles And Charles

Burl walnut furniture is always in demand with serious collectors of unique furnishings.  The pattern of burl wood is intricate making each piece unique and  breathtaking.

What is Burl Wood?

Burl wood is an outgrowth on the trunk of a tree.  The wood is cut from the outgrowth and is often fashioned into small objects such as wood pens, jewelry boxes, knives, and decorative objects.  Burl wood is the result of fungal or insect infestation and the growth occurs when the tree becomes damaged.  Very few trees produce the intricate design known as burl wood.  They include wood such as walnut, oak, elm, redwood and ash.   This kind of wood is highly sought after by craftsmen, and is especially expensive when it is crafted into furniture.

Some of my favories:

Patchwork Burl Lingerie Chest James & Jeffrey Antiques

Burlwood & Lucite Dresser – Mecox

Antique 19th Century Louis XV Style Burl Wood End Table $500 Ebay- Turns out they have two nightstands!

A Fantastic Empire Occasional Table Northgate Gallery Inc.

Burl wood happens to form where the outgrowth is evident, making it very hard to make a solid piece of furniture decorated all in burlwood, which is why veneers are often used to finish large scale pieces such as chests, dressers, beds and clocks.

Due to the beauty of burl veneers, burl walnut furniture has always been in demand and often demands more money than your average piece of wood furniture.  Burls are quite rare, and often very small, which rare increases its value further.   It is no wonder why they use burl wood as inlay in doors, and interior paneling in luxury sports European automobiles.

Consider a piece of furniture made from burlwood and showcase it in your home.  It is guaranteed to turn heads!

French Walnut Louis XV Jardinere West World Imports

A Beautiful Late 18th Century Burlwood Swedish CommodeA Beautiful Late 18th Century Burlwood Swedish Three Drawer Commode with Original Hardware circa 1750 Candace Barnes

A collection of 12 Giltwood Musuem Quality Framed Intaglios

A collection of 12 Giltwood Musuem Quality Framed Intaglios

A collection of 12 23kt giltwood museum quality frames containing a single Neo Classical intaglio in each frame mounted on a cream colored silk background.- Candace Barnes

Lyrical Neoclassical Oyster Burl Wood Console

Lyrical Neoclassical Oyster Burl Wood Console –Dual 2