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Bukowski is the leading auction house founded in 1870 by the Polish nobleman Henryk Bukowski. Bukowski Market also happens to be Sweden and Finland’s largest on-line internet site for quality auctions. Bukowski Market offers modern capabilities to the auction experience; one that combines online shopping with spectacular antiques and reliable expertise.

Bukowski pairs together buyers and sellers from around the world and allows antiques to be brought to the public for sale.  All items sold at Bukowski have been reviewed by experts in showrooms in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki, and Norrköping.   Bukowski offers a large assortment of antiques, design, art and decorative items for all tastes.  Before bidding from Bukowski, be sure to look at their terms of sale, and have your shipping and pick up arrangements set before bidding.

Gustavian Antiques

Swedish winters are long, dark and dreary, so historically Swedes have always turned to lighter interiors.  Swedish style isn’t all about the gray and the white interiors they are famous for, but many homes  feature brighter, richer colors to decorate around.

There are so many shades and tones of paint, that it can be impossible to decide on one color.  Buy sample-size colors to help you make the perfect selection.   A color can look quite different at night than the day.  We recently painted the outside of our home, and the color which looked to be a creamy yellow at night, turned green in the day.  Be sure to try your selected colors on a few different walls to determine what suits which room.  You’ll thank yourself for making this extra effort before spending $$$ on the wrong shade.

Don’t judge the room until the paint is in place, and accessories and furniture are placed.  A color which may seem to bright can be toned down by wall accessories, coordinating drapes, and art work.  Consider working with the off shades of the primary colors.  Intead of purple, consider lilac, or a raspberry tint.

Consider whether you are a warm or cool person.  I once was asked this by a hairdresser, looking to choose a shade of blonde.  I never gave it much thought before, but knowing which color you lean towards can certainly make picking colors a lot easier.  Earthy reds, dusty warm plums, and rusty golds are in the warm color range.   Silver blues, mint, and lavenders are colors which are cooler.

Advice From Pros

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” Steve Jobs

“Green pigment was expensive in the 18th century, making it a status symbol. So it would have been appropriate for the royal governor’s house. I’ve been a curator at Colonial Williamsburg for 20 years, and when my husband and I lived in a historic house, we had similar green woodwork. It worked with every fabric I wanted to use, and it’s a great mood enhancer—chlorophyll for the spirit!” —Liza Gusler

“People think that they need to use small furniture and light colors to make a small room look big, but that’s not the case at all. Dark colors and just a few pieces of large-scale furniture, with the appropriate lighting and accessories, can give a room a larger, more luxurious feel.” —Mona Hajj

“Everything else in my house is off-white and grey, and I just had to have a break from that. I was looking at my pond, which is this murky shade of acid green, and I thought, ‘I’ll do that in high gloss to make it even more watery and translucent.’ It’s strange, but I love it.” —Stephen Sills

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” – Coco Chanel

“While looking at one of my first New York apartments, David Hicks told me diplomatically,’Dear boy, if you’re going to paint the walls white, you need art.'” Peter Dunham

“The only time white curtain lining should be used is with white curtains- J Randall Powers

“Use the precious for everyday purposes. We’ll rummage through clients closets and find loads of precious hand-me-downs like porcelain vases and crystal that are a bit out of vogue. We’ll use them for completely ordinary purposes – a case becomes a chic pencil holder, a crystal bowl holds makeup brushes. Turn the ordinary into a special moment” Benjamin Dhong

“I learned that passion about objects and furnishings makes for fearless decorators—and that if you are comfortable in your home, everyone else will be too. That sense of authenticity is what gives a home its soul.”- Courtnay Daniels Haden

“The most elegant interiors are just slightly tatty.” – David Netto

“Playing it safe. Instead, put a large-scale printed fabric or wallpaper on the walls and even the ceiling. It’s easier, safer, and less expensive to be dramatic in a small space. You might get tired of a bold print in the main living area, but it can make a smaller, less-used room an exciting space to spend time.” —Victoria Neale

  Rococo Period Clock– The Dial Is Marked Stockholm.

Uppsala Auktionskammare is known to present some of the finest collections of antique furniture. Uppsala Auktionskammare has been known to feature exquisite collections of silver, furniture, and art from Swedish private homes at their auctions. In the spring of 2008, Sweden’s most expensive furniture ever was sold at Uppsala Auktionskammare, a unique bureau by Nils Dahlin for 18 million.

They carry a beautiful selection of European art; everything from the Renaissance until the late 19th century.  They are known to collect an array of antiques from mirrors, table clocks, chandeliers, table lamps, candlesticks,bronzes, figurines, and much more.

They are known to carry mirrors, candlesticks and bronzes by the following masters: Burchard Precht, Pierre-Philippe Thomire, Carl Henrik Brolin, Ehrhart Göbel, Johan Åkerblad, Fredrik Ludvig Rung, Niclas Meunier, and others.

Uppsala Auktionskammare features many prominent furniture designers such as Gottlieb Iwersson, George Haupt, Nils Dahlin, Christian Linning, Ephraim Ståhl, Jonas Hultstén, Anders Lundelius, Gustaf Foltiern.

They also are known to feature silver from Pehr Zethelius, Jonas T. Ronander, Petter Eneroth, Gustaf Stafhell, Arvid Floberg, Isak Sauer and Kilian Kelson

Check out some of Gustavian furniture and decorative collections from Uppsala Auktionskammare below…..

A Gustavian Chest of drawers, attributed to Jonas Hultstén.

A Swedish Gustavian Chest Of Drawers, by Nils Petter Stenström.

A Pair of Swedish Gustavian Armchairs.

Swedish Antiques

Laserow Antiques has some of the most beautiful antique Swedish furniture around.  Here we see a Swedish signed Gustvian Wall Clock, from the period between 1790-1810.   Signed on face is the name of Wihl Pauli,  Stockholm.  Second, we see a  Gustavian Wall Clock in Gilt wood made in Sweden during the late Gustavian period between 1790-1810.  This lovely gilt wood wall clock is decorated with all the typical Gustavian symbolics such as columns, pearl beading, urns shapes, swags etc. The clock was made in Stockholm by Welter.

Here are our favorites

– A corner sofa made in Sweden during the Gustavian period 1790-1810. Custom made for a country house. Corner flowers and carved railings.- here

-A gorgeous black painted secretary made during the baroque period 1650-1750 in Sweden. Cabinet top with shelving and wiring department with interior of small drawers and compartments. Base with 3 drawers.- here

-A beautiful Gustavian armchair made 1790-1810 in Sweden with traditional carvings for the period such as: Braided carvings along the frieze, armrests and back. Legs are rounded and channeled.-here

-A lovely armchair from the Rococo period with amazing carvings and curved shapes. Frieze and back splat is decorated with carved flowers and leaves. The scrolled legs and armrests are typical for the Rococo period.-here

-large Swedish desk made during the Gustavian period ca 1775-1790. Repainted in soft distressed black . 2 long working drawers. Original hardware.- here

Swedish Antiques

Swedish Gustavian Chairs

A pair of late Gustavian chairs with a generous seat and a curved splat inspired by antique roman “sulla” models. Leaf boarder on the frieze and back. The fleurons on the back harmonize with those on the corners above the legs. Chair was made in Stockholm.

A white painted cabinet from Sweden with glass doors and a cabinet base.

A white painted cabinet from Sweden with glass doors and a cabinet base.

Swedish Antiques

Swedish Antiques

Swedish AntiquesBarrel Chairs Swedish

A pair of barrel back chairs in ALL original. Stripped to their original paint. Curved backs with leaf tip carvings symmetrical to the carvings on the frieze. Turned foot cross connecting the rounded legs with leaf decor. Circular corner decorations.

Swedish Antiques

Swedish Antiques Pair of Swedish Gustavian stools in a large size. Curved frieze with leaf tip carvings and fluted legs decorated with channels, attached to the frieze with a rounded corner flower. The curved and rounded shapes shows that the stools were made during the early part of the Gustavian period.Signature HIGK on underside of frieze.

A Swedish tin stand used here for walking sticks

A Swedish tin stand used here for walking sticks

Swedish Antiques

Swedish AntiquesGiltwood mirror made in the transition between the high Gustavian and Late Gustavian period, 1780. The mirror is not signed but attributed to the greatest mirror maker in Sweden during the Gustavian Period (1751-1799). A very similar mirror was made by Niklas Sundström.

A gilt wood mirror made during the transition period between Rococo and the Gustavian period 1780. Signed by Niklas Sundström who was a mirror maker in Stockholm 1754-1781. The mirror has a rectangular frame characteristic for the Gustavian period with carved decorations such as the rocaille the symbol for the Rococo period.