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Antique Original Red Hand Painted Trunk with Rosemaling Floral Motif From Scandinavian Antiques Co

Antique Original Red Hand Painted Trunk with Rosemaling Floral Motif From Scandinavian Antiques Co

Scandinavia Living Design is explores Scandinavian design in forest manors, postmodern apartments, and snug cottages. This book has 400 full-color photographs, and lots of detail on Scandinavian design.

This refreshing survey of Scandinavian architecture and interior design guides readers through rural localessnowy Norwegian forests, rugged Icelandic coasts and lush Danish farmland and picturesque cities like Oslo and Helsinki.

Gaynor, a contributing editor of European Travel & Life, explores a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary styles with special emphasis on the fertile, land-wed culture in which they are rooted.

An 18th century slate-and-grass-roofed log cabin is naturally integrated into its mountain setting. Similarly, an innovative Danish architect literally buries his coastal home in the dunes, creating giant, multifaceted glass domes that protrude toward the sea “like large, unblinking eyes.”

In concert with Haavisto’s 400 tranquil, full-color beckoning images, Gaynor pays thoughtful tribute to the Nordic “fingertip-feeling for wood”expressed in romantic “dragon style” carvings and in the sleek, modern simplicity of stripped and oiled fir.

This delightful volume celebrates a prolific tradition of domestic craft, perfecting a classic symmetry of form in functional design. First serial to House & Garden, European Travel & Life, House Beautiful and Home; Interior Design Book Club main selection. Copyright 1987 Reed Business Information, Inc

Review: By Yuri Kuzyk (Toronto, Ontario Canada) This has some good photographs of Scandinavian homes; particularly country homes in Norway and Finland. The styling of the homes is rather rustic so don’t expect to see lots of examples of Danish and Finnish design from the 60’s. I found the photography to be a little ‘claustrophobic’ and not really giving a good view of the whole room; too much focus on details. The book is not bound very well and mine has started to separate from the cover after only a few readings. I’d only buy this if you are really interested in Scandinavian living.

Elizabeth Gaynor also is the author of Russian Houses offers an unprecedented look at the architecture and interiors of Ostankino, the Menshikov Palace, and other homes of the princes and czars. The rough-hewn beauty of traditional peasant homes–with their samovars, stoves, and ornate exteriors–is portrayed with knowledgeable and insightful authority. The breathtaking photographs and evocative text guide the reader through the homes of Pasternak, Gorky, Dostoevsky, and other artists and intellectuals. Over 300 full color photographs.

From the rustic simplicity of wooden cottages to the gaudy glitter of imperial palaces and estates, this intriguingly illustrated survey of Russian houses filters social history through architecture. Timber cathedrals, manor houses (all nationalized after the 1917 revolution), Peter the Great’s wartime cabin by the White Sea, eclectic villas of the 19th-century bourgeoisie and fisherfolks’s clustered dwellings evoke a panorama of Russian life. The homes of famous people shown here duly reflect their personalities. Words and photos invite us inside Lenin’s monastic three-room apartment, the cozy corner flat of Dostoyevski’s last years, painter Ilya Repi’s hexagonal studio with skylights illuminating the interior, and dwellings of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gorky, Pasternak, Stanislavsky, Chekhov and Tchaikovsky. Gaynor and husband-photographer Haavisto are coauthors of Scandinavia: Living Design ; Goldstein is an associate professor of Russian at Williams College.1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

REVIEW By Glebow (Ontario, Canada) – First off, I must admit that I do not own this book – yet. I picked it up at random at a friend’s house or, more correctly, hoisted it up, as it is printed on good paper and is very thick. Once started, I could not leave it until the end. Most books of this nature do not appeal to me very much, because they only warrant a cursory paging-through. I am sure there are many excellent books of this genre, it is just my ignorance which prevents me from appreciating them. But this one is different. The selection of the photographs is such that the pictures are never boring, and the descriptions, in spite of, or perhaps because of, their brevity, contain a surprising amount of information, which encourages one to read more about the many different subjects touched upon. This is not just a book about houses, it is a book on which one could base a study of the Russian people in its entirety, such as their history and culture in all its forms. Definitely a book I am buying.

Review- By Sand Castle (Baltimore, Maryland) For those who have been to Russia and Europe in the past, or lived there, this book highlights all beautiful details of Russia. I bought this book for my father years ago as a gift and later wanted to buy one for myself. I couldn’t find it anywhere until I saw it here. I was in tears when I received it since this book has everything about the design and the heart of the country that I came to love and to know. Excellent photography!

Elizabeth Gaynor also is the author of Finland Living Design.

Review From Judith E. Pavluvcik I have never traveled to Finland, but after reading this book, one will feel like they have journeyed there many times! The author beautifully portrays the simple yet elegant Finnish living designs and also brings the reader though the seasons in order to experience a more up close and personal Finland. The pictures are beautiful, bright, and do help the reader to have more of a “feel” of the land and people of Finland.”The house is like its master”, states a Finnish Proverb, which greets the reader at the beginning of the book. Gaynor depicts Finland to the reader in both black and white and incredibly vivid color. Her narratives throughout the book are wonderful and one will feel that they are totally immersed into the experience of touring the countryside with the author! The richness of the people, portrayed through their simplistic lifestyle, is very much evident.

The reader is also bought into the design of the exterior of the buildings and I loved the pictures of all the different doorways! The taste of the architectural adventure and history is a treat! Sources are also listed at the back of the book if one wishes to purchase Finnish furniture or accessories.

I heartily recommend this book, whether one is contemplating a trip to this Nordic country, or whether one has a fascination for the culture and experience of Finland. This book will easily feed your fascination as you cannot help but devour chapter after chapter! The photographer, Kari Haavisto, is also to be commended for the beauty of the land as seen through her eyes. The reader will definitely walk away with a more