Outstanding Reproduction French And Swedish Furniture From NOIR

For more than ten years, Noir has been designing, building and importing a unique collection of home furnishings.  The company emphasizes their collections around natural fabrics, carved furniture and outstanding finishes.  The best thing about Noir is they base their collections around the very best designs of our time.  In their collections, you will see a variety of furniture from key designs in history such as Empire, English, French and Gustavian looking pieces.

Noir builds their furniture using high quality solid wood, instead of composite woods.  You would be surprised to learn that some of the most recognized furniture brands which used to build in wood, are now gravitating towards composite woods to save money.  Noir uses solid wood, something that is almost forgotten in a world concerned about the bottom dollar.  Buying solid wood will ensure that your furniture will stay in your family for years to come.

Wood washes have become extremely popular in the last 10 years.  Some of the best reproduction designers such as Restoration Hardware have been building furniture that combine the best of painted furniture and the beauty of wood in a wash finish. With painted furniture, you often don’t get the detail of the wood, and additionally wood left alone can look rather plain.  Washing wood gives you the extra edge towards an appearance of aged furniture that we have all come to enjoy.

Noir’s Gustavian Pieces……

I am particularly thrilled with the Fabian three seater sofa in a weathered finish, as well as the Fabian loveseat.  With this collection, they have also produced an armchair to complete the collection.  It seems as though the Louis XVI styles,(square back chairs, and sofas) can be challenging to find locally, but they are still widely available through dealers, ebay and amazon of all places.  Gustavian collections such as these three pieces are incredibly hard to find and some what rare to have available in a reproduction, which makes this collection particularly exciting!   Scroll through their website, and find dealers who carry the Noir furniture here.