Decor Mistakes All 20-Somethings Make

Can you see yourself in some of these?  Vogue pulls together 12 pieces of advice from design experts showing common mistakes young designers make.  See if you think they are correct:

“Horrible throw pillows. I don’t even know where people get some of these. The ones I see are often flat and limp and look like something I’d use as a dog bed.”
—Amanda Gorski, Gimme Shelter Designs

“Twenty-somethings don’t realize the power of framing artwork. Posters taped or pinned on the walls can look crazy unless you have that artistic eye.”
Danielle Arps, Dani Arps

“Oftentimes, 20-somethings will either try too hard to be cool (with black pleather furniture, neon beer signs, and shag carpet) or just follow the trends. For example, the zigzag pattern is everywhere—on rugs, towels, and sheets. This design is what the younger generation gravitates toward because it’s what they see everywhere, but I prefer more classic patterns that will stand the test of time.”
Ashley Darryl, interior designer