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3 Swedish Style Homes Featured In Magazines

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelts Home In Veranda 500x505 3 Swedish Style Homes Featured In Magazines Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt's Home In Veranda

I have been holding on to Veranda's November / December 2011 issue which featured an 18th century manor situated in Sabylund, 2 hours west of Stockholm. Built in 1780's in the Gustavian aesthetic, the house has stayed virtually intact as it was back in the 18th century.

In the red room, chalky white finished chairs with gilt wood embellishments are covered in Chinese red damask. A Swedish day bed functions as a sofa and a bed, and is accompanied by a table surrounded by Gustavian white painted chairs. A Swedish Kakelugn stove has gold painted garlands on the tile. A number of small rectangular portraits hang on the wall.

In the main room, light blue painted walls are framed with wall moldings, and hand painted garlands add a romantic feel to the walls. Sheer drapery allows the light to come into this room.  A settee and Louis XVI chairs with a blue and white stripe slipcovers form a seating area with a Empire table and crisp white tablecloth.  A pale light blue and white scheme pull together a soft, yet delicate look for this room.  A pink rug, and lighter pink upholstery seen on the backs of the chairs offer up a subdued, yet tender room to lounge in.  Large gilt oval portraits add a historical feel to the room.

A grand library filled with the owners original books offered a taste of the high life.  Books were so much more valuable in the 17th and 18 century, and having a library filled with them, suggests the owners were well off.  A 1799 white stucco medallion mounted on a simple wood frame depicts the houses first owner.  A Dutch or German table centers the room, with English cane chairs backed to the books.  Swedish pewter candlesticks sit on the table, along with a brass telescope for viewing nature.  The shelves are painted in a blue/ gray, houses natural leather books adding such rich contrast.  Furniture is left in it's natural wood, which adds a rustic effect.

"The most interesting thing about this house is that it has actually been lived in all these years" says Johan who owns the house. His wife Ingrid Lagerfelt and their two children live in this home currently. Their ancestor inherited the house from the original brother and sister who built the home. Johan is a doctor, and his wife Ingrid farms the estates 2,500 acres of land.

More from Veranda:

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelts Home In Veranda 6 500x330 3 Swedish Style Homes Featured In Magazines

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt's Home In Veranda

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelts Home In Veranda 5 3 Swedish Style Homes Featured In Magazines

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelt's Home In Veranda

Johan and Ingrid Lagerfelts Home In Veranda 41 500x447 3 Swedish Style Homes Featured In Magazines

An Up-close and Detailed Look At The Wall Painting

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Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques19th Century Swedish Birch Neo Classical Sofa US $5,540.37 On Ebay Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques4 Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Early 19th Century Painted Gustavian Sofa -US $4,477.83 Beautifully carved, re-upholstered with fitted cushions- On Ebay

 Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques15 Swedish Antiques From Debenham AntiquesPair of 19th Century Carved wood French Armchairs US $3,718.88 On Ebay Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques11 Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

19th Century Massive Extending Swedish Painted Dining Table US $12,702.51 On Ebay

This table has been adapted to form many scenarios of use and size. Can be used as a round dining table, and comes complete with varying bearers to allow housing of 5 leaves. Fully extended at 167" in length which is just short of 14FT.  Could also be used as a pair of demi lune side tables when not in use for dining.  

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques16 Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques19th Century Painted Pine Bookcase Cabinet US $6,151.53 On Ebay Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

 Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

 Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques1 Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

Circa 1880. Fine piece of Swedish rustic furniture which could lend itself to many uses such as a desk, kitchen table or dining table

Rustic 19th Century Pine Table From Debenham Antiques US $1,510.32 On Ebay Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

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The Most Beautiful Swedish 19th Century Furniture

Pair of Karl Johan Mirrors The Most Beautiful Swedish 19th Century FurniturePair of carved and gilded wood mirrors from the Karl Johan, or empire, period, Sweden circa 1830. Original brass candle holders on each. Original gilding, mirror glass, and backs. $8,500

He was born by the name Jean Bernadotte in France,  and later in life became the ruler of Sweden.   Here is how the history unfolded.....

Napoleon I  - On The French Front

In May of 1804, the French people voted to change the consulate to an empire and to make Napoléon the Emperor of France.

In 1805, Austria, England, Russia and Sweden became united in a new Third Coalition to move against France.  It was in September of 1805, when Austria attacked the French controlled Bavaria.   Napoléon moved his army into Germany in September, and by October, Napoleon  captured the Austrians at Ulm and occupied Vienna.  It didn't stop there, in December, Napoléon won his most brilliant victory which decimated the Austro-Russo armies at Austerlitz.

In June of the following year, Napoléon named his brother Louis as King of Holland, and within each following each victory, Napoléon enlarged the French Empire.

On the other front, Prussia and Russia joined together to mount a new campaign against France.  In  October, of 1806, Napoléon’s army decimated the Prussian army at Jena and at nearby Auerstadt.  Napoléon was interested in preventing his enemies, especially the British, from trading with continental Europe.  In November, he declared a new administrative law, which banned English ships from all ports under French control.

Napoléon was on a roll, in June of 1807, Napoléon eliminated the Russian armies at Friedland, which resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Tilsit, by Napoléon and Tsar Alexander.  Under the treaty, King Frederick William III, of Prussia, became a vassal to France and lost half of his territories.  Russia was forced to recognize the yet-to-be-created Grand Duchy of Warsaw which was to be carved out of Prussian Poland.  Russia was also forced to make other territorial changes.   Napoléon then turned to defeating Sweden, which he did with the help of Russia, in 1808.

The Start Of Things Falling Apart For Napoleon

The Peninsular War began in 1808 when Spanish and Portuguese forces rebelled against French rule. Tens of thousands of French soldiers died in the war, and the loss of Spain and Portugal greatly damaged Napoléon's prestige.

Napoléon divorces Josephine, aged 46 years old in 1809, because she had not produced an heir.  Worried about the continuity of the empire, he had the senate pronounce his divorce from Josephine in December of 1809.  It was because of this that Pope Pius VII excommunicated Napoléon.  Retaliating, Napoléon had the Pope arrested on July 6.  On February 17, 1810, the Papal States were annexed to France.  The pope was then forced to sign an additional concordat and to annul Napoléon’s marriage to Josephine. It wasn't too long after that that Napoléon married Marie Louise, in April, 1810, the 18 year old daughter of Emperor Francis I of Austria.

On July 9, 1810, Napoléon again increased the size of the Empire by annexing Holland and much of Germany to the Empire.

Jean Bernadotte - On The Swedish Front....

Bernadotte joined the French army and after the French Revolution, he advanced quickly and was in 1804 appointed as a Marshal of France by Napoleon I, even though the pair had a tumultuous relationship. When his service to France ended in 1810, he was voted the heir to the Swedish throne.

In August of 1810 Swedish Parliament had their eye on him for the Swedish throne.  In October the same year, Bernadotte arrived in Sweden, and quickly took over as the real head of state, as the reigning King Karl XIII was in poor health. The Swedish royal family was dying out with King Charles XIII, so Baron Carl Otto Mörner (a Swedish courtier), advocated for his position for leadership.

Karl Johan had good relations with France however, Swedish foreign policy led Sweden into alliance with Russia and Britain against France. Sweden was then promised to Norway, which meant going against Napoleon.  In 1813 led Karl Johan Swedish troops in the sixth coalition war , which was successful against France.  After the victory against French, he forced Denmark to cede Norway by the Treaty of Kiel . Norway declared its independence after having hosted a national assembly at Eidsvoll, but after a short war in late summer 1814 the Norwegians surrendered, and  entered into a union with Sweden.

A few facts about Karl Johan:

  • He was originally named Jean Bernadotte, but was also named Jean Baptiste after John the Baptist
  • He converted the royal court from Roman Catholicism to the Lutheranism, and never learned to speak Swedish or Norwegian.  French was widely spoken by the Swedish aristocracy.
  • He married in 1798 with Désirée Clary , who had previously been engaged to Napoleon Bonaparte .

Rosersberg Carls Country Retreat as Prince and King 500x516 The Most Beautiful Swedish 19th Century Furniture Rosersberg Carls Country Retreat as Prince and King 2 500x523 The Most Beautiful Swedish 19th Century Furniture Rosersberg Carls Country Retreat as Prince and King 3 500x648 The Most Beautiful Swedish 19th Century Furniture

Rosersberg Carl's Country Retreat - Featured in Neoclassicism In The North On Amazon

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5 Faux Wall Painting Techniques That Are Easier Than You Think

Lars Sjoeberg The Swedish Room Photo credit Ingalill Snitt Source 500x699 5 Faux Wall Painting Techniques That Are Easier Than You Think

Lars Sjoeberg  The Swedish Room  Photo Credit Ingalill Snitt 

If you are wanting depth to your walls, here are some of the very simple faux finishes you can do yourself.

Start by selecting a color theme for your room.  In this post you will see a variety of color examples from pale blue, to lighter warm yellows and lighter greens.

Working with glaze, crackle finishes, and distressing techniques can make your furniture appear older than it is.  Likewise, layering paint on your walls will also create depth and give you that old world look we all have fallen in love with.  Here is how to do it.....

1. Ragged Finishes

Color washes are finishes that are produced with rags and paint.

Color washing is usually is achieved by a using rags which attach to a roller.

The trick to achieving this finish is to work with translucent glaze. Don't attempt this finish with solid paint.  Using a glaze mixture of (half glaze, half paint), paint is applied over a previously painted wall.  The effect it produces a subtle textured finish.

Ralph Lauren Ragging 500x273 5 Faux Wall Painting Techniques That Are Easier Than You Think

A Primitive Effect Using Green, seen on

Notice the whole wall isn't ragged, just a small portion of it. Also painted furniture in the same tones are paired in this room to join together the various looks.

Keep All Tones In The Same Color Family

  • One tip that I have learned through ragging finishes is to have the glaze mixture matched to be a few shades darker or lighter than the wall color.  If you decide to do three colors, keep the tones quite close in color.  The overall effect will be soft, and subtle.

Glaze + Paint For A Final Top Coat

  • Another trick I have learned is to go over your entire project with a layer or two of glaze mixed in with a small amount of paint.  The entire effect of the tinted glaze dulls the look slightly, and hides the roller effects. The idea behind this is to make your work appear subtle. You want to keep people guessing as to what you used to complete the finish.

2. Dry Brushing

Brushed finishes, is an effect which is achieved by dipping your brush into paint, and then removing most of the paint, on a rag.  The small amount of paint allows you to add a very soft effect over a previous layer of paint.

The effect depends much on the brush you use.  If you use a badger softening brush which tends to be very large and soft, it will produces a soft effect with paint.

I have used this effect with an old broom handle.  The bristles are thicker, and harder, and produces lines than a soft shading.

Again, mixing together paint + glaze will allow you to get the look of an additional layer with a faux effect, and you may not have to wipe off the excess paint.

  • In this picture, this effect can be achieved by using a dark brown artists oil paint. Most of the paint must be removed from your brush to achieve this look. This look can be achieved using brown artists oil paint over a muted orange base coat, slightly brushing the which highlights some of the raised details.
  • Achieve depth to your furniture by applying a lighter coat over top of a painted finish. As you can see with this look, a lighter shade of green-gray is applied over a darker shade of green. This look could be achieved by dry brushing.

3.  Sponge Finishes

Sponged faux finishes are those which a paint mixture is applied with a sea sponge.

Sponge painting is still the best and most frequently used mediums when it comes to classic faux finish painting.

Using a sponge, you can use multiple glazes layered over solid paint which gives the illusion of great depth.

Ideally, like most finishes, you want to start with a base coat, and build on it using a glaze mixture. The overall effect should be soft and serene.

Sponging can also be used on furniture to give an old world Swedish look.

In the past, I would use a base coat of brown, and then after it was dry, I would apply a base of oil paint in butter yellow and use a rag, or a textured paper towel to remove the paint.  Within just a few minutes of applying the paint, I would remove it, and the oil paint which was wiped off on the  rag I would then slightly dab here and there, on the furniture to create a very soft effect, making it seem as there was more layers to the paint finish.  After it was dry, dry brushing with the same oil paint was used to blend in the textured effects.

4. Faux Leather

Terrific faux effects can be produced using a very heavy garage bag. Again working with a wall that has been painted, apply a layer of a glaze mixture on the wall. More than half glaze to paint.

Tape the wall in rectangular sections and apply the glaze in the taped area.

Next apply a heavy weight garbage bag to the wall allowing the folds to be pressed into the wall using your arms and hands.

Take the garbage bag off, and the folds of the bag produces a beautiful faux finish.

This is a very easy way to create a classy effect on the walls.

- Great Article- How To Faux Paint

5. Stenciling

Stenciling can be very powerful if it is done right.

Create your own stencils using a stencil cutter which is a fine heated tip that cuts through the plastic blank stencils with precision. Lay a piece of glass in between the stencil and the pattern, and cut away.

17th and 18th Century stenciling has always been the very best model of inspiration.

Here are a few very well done Swedish stenciled homes:

- Book Review: Jocasta Innes Scandinavian Painted Furniture

-Ted and Lillian Williams chateau in Normandy, France

-Neoclassical White Stenciled Walls-Petit Trianon

-Antique Original Red Hand Painted Trunk with Rosemaling Floral Motif

-This photo shows a great example of wall framing simply made by stencils and paint

-Here we see a stunning Rococo design stenciled, or hand painted on the walls for a distinct Swedish look.

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Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The Look

Childrens Furniture 500x708 Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The Look

Youth Kid-Size Wood Chair  Blue , Gray, Black, White

Add a little Nordic flavor to your child's room, and make it unique.  Here are a couple tips to pull it off:

1. Buy A Day Bed-   The Swedish Kitchen Sofa is an example of practical Swedish design that  originates from the 1700's.  Houses were small, so the furniture also had to be mult-functional.  These sofas could be used during the day and then pulled out at night to be used as a bed. Sofas were painted white or different colors. Not all Swedish Kitchen sofas / köksoffas were used as sofas, some were strictly used as beds.  Borrow this classic look, and opt for a day bed, instead of a regular bed.

2.  Frame Folk Art Prints- Go for framed embroidery, or vintage tourist prints to hang on the wall.  Loose Petals on etsy sells art poster prints that combine lots of color with a vintage flare.  For a boys room, consider a gallery wall of printed maps, such as the ones sold through O MapsVintage Masters also sells a variety of vintage travel prints that are enticing.

3.  Include Antiques- Go for something really unique to showcase on a dresser, wall or on the floor.  I once saw an antique rocking cradle used as a storage box for a bunch of vintage dolls.  Go for an old school desk, which could also function as an area to draw or practice their writing skills.   Create a series of frames which a pairs of antique children's shoes are framed.  Create an open shelving wall where vintage children's books can be displayed.

4. Paint A Chest In The Classic Rosemailing Technique- Search through google to determine which look you are most attracted to.  There are a handful of books on Amazon which also teach this classic Swedish painting.  Pinterest also has a ton of pictures of this style.

5.  Consider Storage Furniture- Consider installing floor to ceiling bookshelves with doors that that can house their endless toys, clothing and knick knacks. Here you can see Christina Aguileras shoe closet that extends from the floor to the ceiling, making the best use of the wall space.  Painting the shelves and the walls all one color will allow the bookshelves to appear built in. A nice light blue would be very Swedish. Place their bed right in front of the shelves as if it was a wall. Build gigantic closet doors from plywood to conceal their toys and clutter.

And Finally............

6. Don't Get To Serious- Children's rooms are a time to break out of your gray obsession and go for color.  Hang unique toys from the ceiling and make it an area that will get their imagination going.

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This Swedish farm table from 1st Dibs Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The Look

This Swedish farm table from 1st Dibs

Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse Kit 1 Inch Scale Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The Look

Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse Kit -  Amazon

Garfield Doll House Kit 500x567 Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The LookGarfield Doll House Kit - Amazon

Embroidered Antique Silk Baby Coat ... c. 1895 1900 500x497 Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The Look

Embroidered Antique Silk Baby Coat ... c. 1895-1900 Found on

Swedish Kids Room Ideas 500x736 Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The Look

Swedish Kids Room Ideas - Visit

Kids Swedish Furniture Swedish Kids Rooms: 6 Ideas To Get The Look

Found on

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5+ Nordic Homes Decorated Around White

Swedish Nordic Homes Seen On Skona Hem 3 5+ Nordic Homes Decorated Around White

The Swedish interior decoration magazine Skona Hem had a wonderful write up on an English family who transformed their home into that of a Gustavian period style.

The home is largely based around a white palette, anchored by distressed wood floors which create a down to earth family feel. While many of us wouldn't have access to an authentic Swedish tiled stove, we can incorporate the lines of the furniture that were seen through this time frame.

What To Look For....

- Straight Or Curvy Lines- Look for Rococo, Louis XVI furniture that has straight lines.  Look for straight chests which you can add round ornate pulls, and round keyholes to. Victorian furniture also can be painted and re-upholstered to achieve that Swedish appeal.

- Mix And Match Styles- Don't be afraid of mixing in a variety of country and formal styled furniture. You can see in this home, mixing and matching is very appealing.

- Go Authentic With Patterns- Work with country throws, and rugs to bring in the authentic patterns of Sweden.

- Wallpaper Is A Great Investment- Wallpaper can really transform a room, as seen in this home.  Go for white based wallpaper with a geometrical or floral based patterns.

-Lighter Everything-  Work with lighter colored fabrics, with an airy feel.  Go for thinner fabrics for the summer, and collect natural based thicker wools for the winter time.

- Faux Painting and Stenciling- Create faux molding with paint.  Here we frames on the walls, used in combination with stencils to give a whimsical, feminine look to the walls.  As you can see, they pick a very light blue for the frames, and all the stenciling is done in a couple shades lighter and darker than the base wall colors.  This look is very easy on the eyes.

- Crystal Chandeliers Everywhere- Chandeliers can really make a difference.  In this home, almost every room has a crystal chandelier.  Get the Swedish look by changing out your light fixtures to something more classic.  It will instantly change the space.

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10 Of The Best Tours In Sweden

Gripsholm Castle Ground Floor Corridor Coutiers Wing Built 1780 82 500x441 10 Of The Best Tours In Sweden

Gripsholm Castle- Ground Floor Corridor Coutiers Wing Built 1780-82, Neoclassicism In The North

If you have never been to Sweden, here is a guide of what tourists have found to be the best and not so worthy sites to visit....

Best Places To Visit...........

1.  Monteliusvägen Is Totally Worth Finding According To Many –Is a scenic walkway along the heights of Södermalm.   This is one of the most captivating viewpoints in Stockholm, as it overlooks the Old Town and Norrmälarstrand.  Plan a lunch or get a latte and enjoy looking at the view from many of the benches that are available.  Plan something really special for your significant other here.  Tourists have said it is tricky to find, yet definitely worth the search. Many mention that many of the locals don't even know the place exists or very  surprised tourists can find the place on their own.

2.  Take In A Free Walking Tour Of Downtown Stockholm- Enjoy a free 90-minute walking tour of Stockholm’s Norrmalm district with a guide who works only for tips, so all you need to pay is what you feel the tour was worth at the end!- Links- Get Our, Trip

3.  Fotografiska Museum - (The Swedish Museum of Photography) -Fotografiska presents four unique large exhibitions and about 20 smaller exhibitions annually.  The photos will range from powerful and thought-provoking to creepy.   This museum will certainly be a very interesting tour!

4. The Vasa Museum is an absolute must for any tourist!  The Vasa Ship Museum features one of the most complete and best preserved shipwrecks in the world.   The ship sank a few hundred meters from its first sailing in the 1650's.  It was then discovered at the bottom of the harbor was painstakingly brought back to the surface and reassembled. In the museum, you can see this ship up-close, and truely is a work of art.

5.  The Ghost Walking Tour In Gamla Stan- This tour isn't your every day tour.  Get the inside story behind stories of legends, diseases, murders and of course, ghosts. The old town is charming. Get lost in the atmosphere of walking down cobbled streets and winding avenues. The buildings are colorful, and the narrow lane ways are very interesting to see. Mårten Trotzigs Gränd is the narrowest alley. Take time out to leisurely visiting the shops, eating at the local eateries, enjoying the architecture and simply soaking it all up.  There is a lot to see and do, however, don't arrive early, as many shops don't open until 11:00 a.m.

 6.  Royal Palace, Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Sweden- Amongst all European palaces, many people report that this one is the most interesting.  It's beautiful Baroque architectural style took 63 years to finish. This palace is proper and formal but far from pompous. The collection of costumes, uniforms and jewelry are kept in the main museum, while the basement museum features the architectural fortifications and underpinning of the "new" palace.

This palace has over 1400 rooms and many are still in use today.The tour takes about one hour but you can go at your own pace through the many rooms.  Your ticket would cover the State and Guest apartments, the treasury, the Kroner Museum and Museum of Antiquities.  They stamp your ticket at each venue, which allows you to visit once, over 7 days if you so wish.  You can't take any photographs inside, but the gift shop sells books and post cards.

The changing of the guard ceremony has been a daily tradition since 1523.  The change happens at 12pm and lasts for approximately 40 minutes.


- Throne room, Drottningholm Royal Palace, Sweden.- Corbis Images

-Chinese Style Interior at the Royal Palace of Drottningholm - Corbis Images

Helpful Comments On Trip Advisor

Pay Attention To The Tapestries "The tapestries in the palace are most interesting. Some depict the lavish lifestyle of the Swedish Royalty. There is one in particular that shows famous people from around the World including The Beatles and Bob Dylan plus many Heads of State."

You Can Walk Through At Your Own Pace, Or Take The Tour "The Tre Kroner museum gives a history of the palace, we nearly missed it we were on way out when we spotted sign leading down some stairs.You can do the Palace on your own as we did but there were guided tours."

"The Tre Kronor museum takes you into the Medieval history of the palace which I found fascinating"

"There is so much to see, but no photos are allowed--fair warning! The crown jewels/Treasury museum was my favorite, but the apartments were by far the coolest thing to walk through."

"There was a very interesting temporary exhibition about the life of today's king. Among the old baroque palace halls you can see the room which is designed nowadays, for various state meetings - it's modest and elegant. All in all the palace has modest and austere (even bordering on dull) look in comparison with other European palaces, but hey, this is probably one of the reasons why Sweden never had any revolutions, the royals were just less greedy than the others!"

Take The Tour and Then Visit The Palace On Your Own -"The Royal apartments are very dark, and you can not take any pictures. The attendants in the museum are there to make sure you don't take pictures, not to answer questions. The only exception to this is the guard in the knights room, they are friendly and will answer questions. A few of the rooms were very nice, but most were just dark. There are many stairs. You can see the backs of some statues on the tour but are not allowed to go to see the front of the statues."

Lack Of Restrooms Within The Palace "Two warnings. You cannot take any pictures inside the palace and WCs are at a premium. Make sure you use the one at the gift store/ticket center before you go in as there are none in the palace."

7. Oaxen Slip in Djurgarden "Our favorite meal was dinner at Oaxen Slip in Djurgarden, which our AirBnB host recommended to us. It is the cheaper, 'backdoor' sister restaurant to Michelin-starred Oaxen Krog. We ordered a variety of dishes to share, and everything we ate was spectacular! In fact, this is the first time I could say I actually enjoyed the veggie dishes more than the meat dishes. The baby asparagus was absolutely divine. Our waiter also recommended the beets with mayonnaise, which sounded suspect but we went along with what he said, which ended up being the right decision- they were also divine! We also had duck, pork and char as our entrees, and then the bread pudding and glace du four desserts. Service, and our waiter in particular, was great"

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