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Hem & AntikHem & Antik -6 Issues-$49

Gard And TorpGard & Torp -10 Issues- $85

Antik & AuktionAntik & Auktion -11 Issues- $99

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International Interior Decorating Magazines Worth Buying

Antik Auktion 3 500x658 International Interior Decorating Magazines Worth BuyingAntik & Auktion

Antik & Auktion- (Antique & Auction) Antique & Auction is a great Swedish magazine which focuses on antiques and art. Experts write about furniture, silver, rugs, art and much more. Features often include auctions, fairs, and general trends around the antique market and prices.

Antik & Auktion 11 Issues For $99 On Amazon

Gods & Gardar (Gods & Farms) -The magazine that takes you to the beautiful farms, manor halls and castles that will leave you speechless.  Learn about the families who have inherited and live in the countryside on these dream farms. Gods & Farms tells us how to live a modern life out in the country. For those who enjoy looking at classic style in the Nordic country, rich history, breathtaking antiques, architectural homes and lush gardens, this magazine might be for you.

Gods & Gardar-

Gard & Torp -(Farm & Cottage)  is the only magazine that deals with how to renovate older homes. When was the house built, and what colors were used?  Tell me about how to buy a older property without destroying the original charm? The Farm & Cottage takes you behind some of the oldest homes and gives expert advice on how they are maintained.  Here you will find inspiring images of farms, cottages in rural areas.

Gard & Torp -10 Issues For $85 On Amazon

Hem & Antik - (Home And Antique) -Do you like renovations?   Are you excited about antiques, yet desire to have modern amenities?  DThen this is a magazine for you! Classic Home & Antique is namely the country's first and only interior design magazine that is also an antique newspaper. In this magazine you will see furniture and auction finds, side by side with modern day furniture such as Ikea.  Classic Home & Antique is published six times a year and is in Swedish.

Hem & Antik -6 Issues For $49 On Amazon

Skona Hem (Comfortable Home) Comfortable home is a source of inspiration for those who are interested in interior design. Here you will find inspiring homes in Sweden along with home décor, the latest trends, antiques and all things that involve the home.

Skona Hem- 14 Issues For $133 On Amazon

Other International Magazines To Consider:

Campagne Decoration- $44.41 ($7.40/issue) 6 Issues- Amazon

Period Living - $143.99 ($12.00/issue) 12 Issues- Amazon

Elle Decoration - British Edition- $122.72 ($10.23/issue) 12 Issues- Amazon

World of Interiors- $103.09 ($8.59/issue) 12 Issues- Amazon

Elle Interior (Sweden) $127.99 ($12.80/issue) 10 Issues -Amazon

House And Home (Canada) $21.63 ($1.80/issue) 12 Issues - Amazon

Marie Claire Maison - (France) $57.07 ($7.13/issue) 8 Issues- Amazon

House & Garden - (England) $91.63 ($7.64/issue) 12 Issues - Amazon

Homes & Antiques- $59.90 ($4.99/issue) 12 Issues - Amazon

The English Home- $32.75 ($5.46/issue) 6 Issues- Amazon

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Swedish Council Of America Articles

Swedish Council Of America Articles Swedish Council Of America Articles








5 Homes Decorated Around The Nordic Style

New Orleans invid Mälaren Skona Hem 5 Homes Decorated Around The Nordic Style

New Orleans invid Mälaren- Skona Hem

Country House Inspired After New Orleans -One hundred and fifty meters from Lake Mälaren is 1800-century house whose decor is inspired after the famous city of New Orleans. Kristina Spur found the house 11 years ago in deplorable condition. It leaked, had no electricity, water or heat.   The building had been abandoned since the 1950s, and the roof was almost completely destroyed as the home had it's original roof timbers from 1887 when the house was first built.  In February 2001, she moved in with her two sons Oscar and Gustav, then 3 and 5 years old. Read more about this transformation at Skona Hem

A Swedish Seaside Home Decorated Around The Nordic Style- This Scandinavian home is surrounded by rocks and sea. The owner, Jacob is an architect followed in his forefathers steps, as his ancestor designed the the library in 1760, at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  His home boasts huge windows, which can be seen from the ocean, and lets in a terrific amount of light, and  provides an open concept with the vaulted ceilings.  Interior wood paneling on the walls brightens things up.  The interior decor mingles the new with the old.  One of the oldest pieces in the house is a rococo sofa from 1760, which was completely refurbished. Originally featured at

Granholms Estate has been named the the Manor of the year in 2014 in the Great Gods & Farms Gala. Gransholm is also Mary and Jan Åke of Trampes private homes. Granholm's mansion, built in 1812, has regained its original beauty. With great passion and respect for the history, the family has managed to create a modern functional home while preserving the cultural history behind the home. The mansion also serves as showroom for antiques. See the rest of the pictures in

Gotland House- When Asa Hallin and Håkan Jacobsson finally got to buy the house of Hemsedal municipality 20 years ago, it was run down and in poor condition. Håkan is a carpenter by profession, and through the process of renovating the house, they enlisted the help of another carpenter, a mason and a painter. Over a year and a half, they completely restored it back to the style resembling its original condition. Read more at

Restored Home Built In 1792- There isn't a lot of information about this last Swedish home on the internet.  The home is decorated with classic Swedish distressed furniture.  It is unclear how many rooms are in this house, but an obvious kitchen/ dining room has a large center table, with two rectangular side tables pushed together.  Off this room, is another bedroom with a twin bed, and rustic wood chair.  A children's room is the highlight of the tour, with a painted blue doll house situated on a table, with a country style Swedish bed with draperies.  A stenciled floor make this room memorable. Photography Solvie dos Santos

 View the pretty pictures below:

Granholms Estate Seen In Gods And Gardar Magazine 1 500x304 5 Homes Decorated Around The Nordic Style

Granholms Estate- Seen In Gods And Gardar Magazine

Granholms Estate Seen In Gods And Gardar Magazine 2 500x500 5 Homes Decorated Around The Nordic Style

Granholms Estate- Seen In Gods And Gardar Magazine

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Swedish Reproduction Furniture At Solgarden

Trågsoffa Solgården 500x459 Swedish Reproduction Furniture At Solgarden

 Trågsoffa | Solgården

If you are looking for beautiful reproduction Swedish furniture, consider Solgarden.  Solgarden has two lines of furniture, one named "classic", and the other named "vintage".

Solgarden Classic- This line is manufactured by a Swedish furniture maker and the timber is locally grown in Sweden.  This line is inspired after authentic 1700s furniture found in Sweden.  Within this line, you will find furniture inspired after gustavian, rococo and baroque styles. All of their furniture is hand painted adjacent to their store.

The pricing of the furniture includes a choice of color within their "Solgård Colours".  Their signature painting is a process that involves nine different applications. While you have the option to paint the furniture, you can also have it finished to a "worn" appearance that also gives the look and feel of antique furniture.

Solgarden Vintage- Here you'll find beautiful pieces found around Sweden which have been restored and refreshed with paint or new fabric. Often times these pieces are one of a kind, very unique and special.  If you are looking for something specific, which you cannot locate yourself, contact them, and they can do their best to locate that item. Solgarden also offers furniture painting, furniture upholstery and sewing services.

About Solgarden

The operation was named Solgarden, and was originally founded out of a yellow house.  After a few years, the business grew and moved to Karlavagen 58 in Stockholm.  It was in 1998 when the company changed owners, and over the years the business developed a passion for concentrating their efforts in Gustavian styled furniture, and it was there that special pieces were copied and reproduced.  The level of painting evolved over the years, and the quality of the furniture just got better over time.

In 2012, Anki and Mary took over, and Solgarden opened the current store on Surbrunnsgatan 28 in Stockholm.  Skilled painters and artists continue to paint furniture next to their shop, and they have expanded to also offer add one-of-a-kind older refurbished furniture along side their 1700s reproduction furniture.  A customer can also take advantage of their upholstery and sewing services.  If you need slipcovers made, upholstery for a chair, or settee, or bedding and drapery to be made, they can do that too.

Contact Solgarden:

  • Surbrunnsgatan 28, 113 48 Stockholm
  • +46 (0)8-663 93 60

Byrå Solgården 500x469 Swedish Reproduction Furniture At Solgarden

Byrå | Solgården

gustaviansk stol 500x735 Swedish Reproduction Furniture At Solgarden

Gustaviansk stol | Solgården

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Behind The Rundale Palace in Latvia

Behind The Rundale Palace in Latvia Behind The Rundale Palace in Latvia
This week we’re visiting Rundale Palace in Latvia, newly restored to former glory. I can’t wait to go there.

This summer, New York-based photographer Christopher Flach discovered this world-heritage Latvian palace, Rundale. I had been aware of this baroque treasure, and knew it was undergoing major restoration. Chris was there just at the right moment.

Rundale, built between 1736 and 1740, is important because it paints a vivid portrait of the period from 1730 to around 1812. Rundale graphically embodies the world of an international coterie of eighteenth-century architects and craftsmen who traveled from one job-site to the next in Europe. These talents worked on palaces and museums for the Russian and Swedish and Latvian kings and czars and queens and empresses and nobles in the late eighteenth century.

Rundale Palace is one of the most outstanding monuments of Baroque and Rococo art in the Baltic region.

Read more at the

Nordic Style Historical Interior Decorating Books – Living Museums in Scandinavia

Nordic Style Historical Interior Decorating Books Living Museums in Scandinavia 500x659 Nordic Style Historical Interior Decorating Books   Living Museums in Scandinavia

Living Museums in Scandinavia By Per Nagel- On Amazon From $89

An inspiring, interesting and useful insight into Swedish life and interior decoration of the past. This is a lavish photographic guide to 13 historic houses in Scandinavia that have been preserved exactly as their original owners left them. They have now been opened to the public as museums.

The houses featured represent a wide range of types, from the sophisticated Jugend style to simple country dwellings, city houses and studios, and belonged to artists, architects and scientists, as well as ordinary folk. Painstakingly reconstructed and preserved with authenticity, these homes offer the reader a rare opportunity to travel back in time to experience the best in Scandinavian style, characterized by simplicity and by clarity of light and color.

From The Amazon Preview:

The museums chosen for this book are all authentic Scandinavian homes. Their distinctive common Scandinavian origin is evident in the wonderful clarity of light and colour and in the beautiful, simple living style for which Scandinavia is so well

These museums also have in common that they seem especialry alive because they are still intensely reflecting the life that was once lived in them. They are all real, in
the sense that they were created by those who originally lived there. It is as though the residents have just stepped out for a moment! These homes represent a wide variety of types ranging from a sophisticated Jugend style to simple country style, and from urban houses to farms and artist's studios. The residents have represented many social levels from famous citizens and farmers to well-known artists, architects and scientists.Because of the strong authenticity of these places, they offer us a rare opportunity of going back in time and experiencing different ways of living, and perhaps
finding inspiration for our own lives.

Photographer Per Nagel has collaborated with architect Vibe Udsen for many years in publishing the world-wide distributed architectural annual, LIVING ARCHITECTURE, which is based on his exceptional photographs of Scandinavian architecture.

In LIVING MUSEUMS IN SCANDINAVIA, Per Nagel's evocative photographs convey the atmosphere of these old residences in such a magnificent way that the reader almost has the feeling of having been there.

Table Of Contents:

8 Melstedgard Farm House on Bornholm, Oenmark
16 Erichsens Gard Townhouse on Bornholm. Denmark
24 Hjorth's Pottery on Bornholm. Denmark
26 Michael and Anna Ancher's House The Artists' Home In Skagen. Denmark
42 Holger Drachmann's Villa Pax The Artist's Home in Skagen. Denmark
58 Kauppila Farm House in Finland
68 Qwensel House Chemist's Shop ana* Home in Turku. Finland
82 Hvittrask Architects Saarinen, Gesellius and Lindgren s Home in Finland
96 Carl Larsson-Garden Karin and Carl Larsson's Home in Sundborn. Sweden
124 Zorngarden Artist Anders Zorn's Home in Mora. Sweden
138 Carl von Linne Carl Linnaeus' Town House and Summerplace in Uppsala. Sweden
163 Siggebohyttan Mine Owner's House in Nora, Sweden
182 Husantunet Farm House in Alvdal. Norway

Nordic Style Historical Interior Decorating Books Living Museums in Scandinavia1 500x434 Nordic Style Historical Interior Decorating Books   Living Museums in Scandinavia

Melstedgard, Farm House on Bornholm, Denmark

Decorating Around Red- Historical Interior Design Ideas

Home Beautiful Red Colors Decorating Around Red  Historical Interior Design Ideas

House Beautiful Magazine featured the top favorite red colors from the most famous interior designers. Here are my favorite 9 red shades of paint from their selection of 24


1."This is a really deep coral, kind of like a cheerful Chinese red. Pinks and reds to me are synonymous with frozen drinks and relaxing." -Richard Mishaan Pictured, Benjamin Moore's Chili Pepper 2004-20

2."When I look for red, I want a pure, true red, like the color in the American flag. Ralph Lauren does absolutely the best. It's the essence of red. It makes me think of boating or polo." -Suzanne Kasler Pictured, Ralph Lauren Paint's Dressage Red TH41

3. "Red never goes out of style. It's full of life — always fresh, always fun to wake up to. We go for reds with less blue in them and more orange because they're happier to live with." -William Diamond and Anthony Baratta Pictured, Ralph Lauren Paint's Lattice Red IB57


4. "It's a true, deep red. I like the temperature of it: it's a bit cooler. But a little red goes a long way. It's good in areas where you don't spend much time or in boring areas that need a strong burst of color." -Roderick Shade Pictured, Benjamin Moore's Million Dollar Red 2003-10

5. Benjamin Moore's Redstone was used in Eldon Wong's cupboard.

6. "All my life I've pursued the perfect red. I can never get painters to mix it for me. It's exactly as if I'd said "I want Rococo with a spot of Gothic in it and a bit of Buddhist temple" — they have no idea what I'm talking about." -Diana Vreeland Pictured, Benjamin Moore's Red 2000-10


7. "Red is the color of excitement, and I tend to go for corally orange reds. With red, you know you've arrived and you glance in the mirror and realize how great you look and breeze right in." -Keith Irvine Pictured, Benjamin Moore's Salsa 2009-20

8."I prefer the warm, vibrant reds to the historic reds, which are beautiful but sedate. This is a daring red, a real fire engine red. It has a playfulness that reminds me of a little red schoolhouse." -Ruthie Sommers Pictured, Fine Paints of Europe's Dutchlac Brilliant Tulip Red W1001B-M

9."Lately I'm on this anti-completely-neutral kick. You have to have some seasoning in your rooms. Sangria is good, universal-donor red — not too blue, not too orange, not too dark." -Elissa Cullman Pictured, Benjamin Moore's Sangria 2006-20

Frijsenborg Castle 500x500 Decorating Around Red  Historical Interior Design Ideas

Frijsenborg Castle

Celerie Kembles Advice House Beautiful  Decorating Around Red  Historical Interior Design IdeasHouse Beautiful Color Celerie Kemble's Advice

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