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Swedish Inspired Kids Bedrooms

  Located in a sunny 1,250-square-foot bungalow, Madre features children’s clothing and accessories, furniture, lighting, artwork, handmade ceramics, and gifts. Locally made headboards, slipper chairs, desks, and side tables are...

5 Kitchen Design Lessons You Can Learn from Scandinavian Interiors

Picture Credit - ladyinspirationsblogg.se Guest Post - Jason Phillips Elegance and style along with a sense...

Jenny’s DIY Wide-Plank Plywood Flooring Studio Renovation

Check out these absolutely beautiful pictures of Jenny's studio space made over with plywood...

Decor Mistakes All 20-Somethings Make

Can you see yourself in some of these?  Vogue pulls together 12 pieces of...

Can I Stain Over Paint To Produce A Patina?

  Adding stain over paint on furniture, or exterior wood surfaces such as siding or...

Q&A With Swedish Designers Edie Van Breems and Rhonda Eleish

Q: Clearly, you are scholars on Scandinavian style. For you, what is the essence...


Swedish Antiques From Debenham Antiques

19th Century Swedish Birch Neo Classical Sofa US $5,540.37 On Ebay Early 19th Century Painted Gustavian Sofa -US $4,477.83 Beautifully carved, re-upholstered with fitted cushions- On Ebay Pair of 19th Century...

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Tropical Twist In An Norwegian Home By Nicolette Horn

An Island-Inspired House in Oslo... Norway Interior designer Nicolette Horn brings a bit...

Linda And Lindsay Kennedy’s California Bungalow Decorated In The Swedish Style

This beautiful California home decorated in the Swedish style was featured in the Country...

International Interior Decorating Magazines Worth Buying

Antik & Auktion Antik & Auktion- (Antique & Auction) Antique & Auction is a great...

5 Homes Decorated Around The Nordic Style

New Orleans invid Mälaren- Skona Hem Country House Inspired After New Orleans -One hundred and...

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Swedish Inspired Kids Bedrooms

  Located in a sunny 1,250-square-foot bungalow, Madre features children’s clothing and accessories, furniture, lighting,...

Essential Characteristics Of 18th Century Swedish Interiors

Guest Post by Jason Phillips The 18th century Swedish interior was a manifestation of neo-classism...

Gustavian Style By Kristie Barnett

I don’t know what kind of leader King Gustav III of Sweden was, but...

Gustavian Romance By Melissa Goldstein

A Swedish twist on French neoclassicism, Gustavian décor may date back to the 18th century,...

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45 Examples Of Country Styled Nordic Interiors

Anna Maria King Upholstered Bed Found on ballarddesigns.com Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi Sweden Early 20th Century A great neoclassical Swedish gray. and white painted oval table in Louis XVI style....

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