Gustavian Romance By Melissa Goldstein

A Swedish twist on French neoclassicism, Gustavian décor may date back to the 18th century, but its suddenly popping up everywhere–like Selena Gomez. Some tell-tale signs your favorite space is aligned to this trend? A pale-on-pale color scheme, intricately carved wood furnishings, and incredibly flattering date night lighting. If the aforementioned design tenets are (Nordic) music to your ears, follow our tips below to get the look. 01 Think soft focus with your color scheme: powdery whites and blues are the order of the day.

gustavian-market-01 gustavian-market-02 gustavian-market-03
Gustavian Gray Dining Table, $1574, Kathy Kuo Home Uttermost Portici Rectangular Mirror, $383, Arcadian Home Patric Chest, $2740, Bliss Home & Design

  02 Painted wood pieces finished with thoughtful but not overly ornate carved detail are a must.

gustavian-market-04 gustavian-market-06 gustavian-market-05
Gustavian Tall Clock, $4500, 1st Dibs Zentique Louis Settee, $1582, Amazon Provence Dining Chair, $489, Kathy Kuo Home


This aesthetic traditionally depends on subtlety and a more low-key approach to luxury, so seek out textiles in warm neutrals with nuanced texture: ivory linens accomplish all of the above.

gustavian-market-07 gustavian-market-08 gustavian-market-09
Bangalore Paisley Navy, $112, Arianna Belle Duvet Cover Basic Queen, $545, Calypso Simply Shabby Chic Patchwork Bolster Pillow, $35, Target

04 Ask yourself: Would this work in Phantom of the Opera? If the answer is yes, then that candelabra or crystal chandelier you’ve got your eye on is very likely the statement moment you’re looking for.

gustavian-market-11 gustavian-market-12 gustavian-market-10
Four Arm Candelabra, $625, Garde Aidan Gray Denbigh Castle Chandelier, $2250, Candelabra Candelabra Sconce, $140, Wisteria

05 Yes we know, we just got finished telling you that this trend is all about light hues, but if you want to add a modern spin, introduce a dark accent to create dimensionality.

gustavian-market-14 gustavian-market-13 gustavian-market-15
Handcarved Gustavian Desk, $798, Anthropologie Capital Pillow, $36, Zara Home Crown F Tortoise, Price Upon Request, Canopy Design Ltd.

Photographs: Looks Like White, The Paper Mulberry, Paintura Home, Remodelista, Chalk Farm