375 Hours Of Machine Embroidery- One Woman Successfully Pulls Off Her First 18th Century Men’s Outfit

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Christine Yoo Millar with Matthew Millar.

After 375 hours of machine embroidery, 60 hours of hand sewing, my husband’s outfit for Versailles is finally done! I’m very proud of this outfit as I don’t think I’ve worked so long on one outfit before, and this is my first 18th century mens outfit.

Giant shoutout to the incredibly talented Carol Barg from Cabbit Corner Embroidery for digitizing the original Smithsonian embroidery sample from 1780 into a usable PES file for my Brother VE2200. This was done entirely in silk thread (Tire brand #50) on silk duchesse. Other than the embroidery, coat was sewn entirely by hand, machine used for the pants only. The pattern was modified from JP Ryan’s coat, waistcoat and pants pattern. Silk stockings from Jas Townsend and Son, and the shoes from Fugawee.