45 Examples Of Country Styled Nordic Interiors

Anna Maria King Upholstered Bed

Anna Maria King Upholstered Bed Found on ballarddesigns.com

Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi

Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi

Sweden Early 20th Century A great neoclassical Swedish gray. and white painted oval table in Louis XVI style. Good scale with nice carving and a good later painted finish.

Sweden Early 20th Century A great neoclassical Swedish gray. and white painted oval table in Louis XVI style. Good scale with nice carving and a good later painted finish Found on 1stdibs.com

Swedish Longcase Mora clock c.1860 scraped back to original paint.

Swedish Longcase Mora clock c.1860 scraped back to original paint Found on europeanantiques.co.nz

The exhibition of Dala horses in Dalarnas Museum in Falun by Feltangel on Flickr

The exhibition of Dala horses in Dalarnas Museum in Falun by Feltangel on Flickr


The furnishings of the Anteroom are typical of the Empire period with very few ornaments and a strict positioning of the furniture ~ Sweden

The furnishings of the Anteroom are typical of the Empire period with very few ornaments and a strict positioning of the furniture ~ Sweden, Found on designdecorreview.tumblr.com

Swedish Rococo Commode 18th century

Swedish Rococo Commode 18th century, Found on 1stdibs.com

Dala Horse

Dala Horse, Found on designsponge.com

Antique Blue Cutting Board From One Kings Lane

Antique Blue Cutting Board, Found on onekingslane.com

Complete Chinois Set of Stencils for Wall Decor and More, Found on etsy

Complete Chinois Set of Stencils for Wall Decor and More, Found on etsy.com

Swedish Mora Clocks

Mora Clock in Original Salmon Paint Found on 1stdibs.com

Swedish Tall Case Clock, ca.1780-1800 Found on 1stdibs.com

Decorating The Swedish Style

Swedish Gustavian Bench, Found on dlarssoninterior.com

Swedish Rococo Mirror Sconces, Found on dlarssoninterior.com

K & Co. Fransk Antik & Industriel Vintage. Vesterbrogade 177. 1800 Frederiksberg C. www.k-co.dk

Traditional Living-rooms from Charles Faudree on HGTV, Found on hgtv.com

19th Century Swedish Orange Painted Wooden Clock Found on 1stdibs

19th Century Swedish Orange Painted Wooden Clock  Found on 1stdibs.com

Decorating The Swedish Style

Gustavian Style Found on houzz.com

Harvest Basket, Found on anthropologie.com

Directoire Bed, Found on eloquenceinc.com

De-constructed Chair – Found on inspired-design.tumblr.com

Swedish Bench Sofa Bed

Swedish Bench Sofa Bed, Found on annetteputtnamantiques.co.uk

Scandinavian tuck-away daybed, 19th c., Found on liveauctioneers

Scandinavian tuck-away daybed, 19th c., Found on liveauctioneers.com

Alden Collections, Swedish Furniture InspirationsAlden Furniture Collections- Curations Limited

Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware Baby

Embroidered Rose Bird Pillow Cover Pottery Barn

Restoration Hardware Baby

Indigo Washed Nightstand And Chest - Anthropologie

Indigo Washed Nightstand And Chest – Anthropologie.com

Vineyard Stripe Rug Ballard Designs

Vineyard Stripe Rug Ballard Designs

Harbor Springs Floral Duvet Cover

Harbor Springs Floral Duvet Cover, Lands End

Reagan Floral Duvet Cover & Sham From Pottery Barn

Reagan Floral Duvet Cover & Sham From Pottery Barn

Orrefors GlassOrrefors Mirror Mirror Bowl Cut $89 Amazon

Orrefors Mirror 6-7/8-Inch Vase $99 Amazon

Swedish Interior Country Living Feb 1995 Photography By Barbara And Rene Stoeltie

Swedish Interior Country Living Feb 1995 Photography By Barbara And Rene Stoeltie

Swedish Interior Country Living Feb 1995 Photography By Barbara And Rene Stoeltie 2

Swedish Interior Country Living Feb 1995 Photography By Barbara And Rene Stoeltie

Russian Houses

Russian Houses -by Elizabeth Gaynor From $5.73 On Amazon

Replica of a ball gown of Empress Elizabeth displayed at the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo

Replica of a ball gown of Empress Elizabeth displayed at the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo- www.saint-petersburg.com

Delft tile at Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Delft tile at Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm.

Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm

Castle Wallenstein

Castle Wallenstein

Porcelain Kitchen at Tureholms Slott.

Porcelain Kitchen at Tureholms Slott- Jaanasgottoblandat.blogg.se

Ekebyholm fabric - Skattmanso bed Seen at Scandinavian Design Center

Buy Authentic Historical Textiles online at Ljungbergs Factory

Swedish Medallians Biskops Garden

Plaster medallions of Carl Michael Bellman & Ulla Hopken Seen at biskopsgarden.blogspot.com

Swedish Decor From biskopsgarden.blogspot.com

Swedish Decor From biskopsgarden.blogspot.com

Soft Blue Paneling Roche Bobois

Meubles Design – Roche Bobois

Gröna anemone: Lebellska köpmansgården

Gröna anemone: Lebellska köpmansgården

A Black Swedish Rococo Style Desk Circa 1850- Talisman London

Swedish Medallion

Swedish Medallion – www.metropol.se

Swedish Antiques From The HighboyPair of Swedish Sulla chairs with curved and open H-form backs, with original upholstery raised on splayed legs.- Highboy Antiques

Nordic Scandinavian Decorating Advice from Designer Alexandra Angle

Alexandra Angle Feb 2011Alexandra Angle Feb 2011 2

House Beautiful Feb 2011

Designer Alexandra Angle shares her Scandinavian design advice with House Beautiful on how she made over a dark cottage in Venice, California.

This house mixes Americana and Swedish country. Are we in the midst of a Scandinavian revival?

It does seem so. There’s a trend toward being unpretentious and relaxed and real, and people like airy spaces. The way Scandinavians bring light into a room, having these long dark winters, is amazing. People seem to like the simplicity of the historical Gustavian pieces, and the contemporary furniture is novel and a little bit wacky and very well crafted.

If you were Mrs. Blandings, how would you decorate your dream house?

No froufrou. It would have handcrafted things, some Danish, some of my designs, all simple and textured with wicker, felt, and really heavily woven linens and cottons.

What gives you the decor chills?

I don’t like things that feel sterile. There has to be some texture, like worn stairs or a beat-up antique in a minimal house. But not overdone. I love mixing things up, but not just for the sake of it. I don’t like 10,000 layers of something unless it’s an 80-year-old woman who’s been collecting all her life, and then it makes sense.

Read more at House Beautiful.com

Swedish Tripod Tilt-Top Candle Stand Tables

Swedish Tea Tripod Tables- trouvais.com

Tea tables were originally designed to serve tea. Some were designed to tilt like the pie table which could then be folded up and stored away.

Dutch painters were known to decorate the tops of these tables with landscapes starting in the late 17th century, and this following survived well into the 19th century. In the late 18th century the English style became extremely fashionable, and this style of table became extremely popular.

Swedish Tilt Top Tables

19th century Swedish tilt-top table –Lorfords Antiques, 19th Century Swedish Birch Square Tilt Top Table, Debenham Antiques Ltd

 Tea Tables
Butler produces a hand-painted foyer table in plum black which features a distressed hand-painted finish crafted from selected hardwoods and choice cherry veneers. The unique raised pedestal design is a throw back to primitive century-old designs. The overall dimensions: 30” H x 36” W x 36” D.

Plantation Grown Hardwood Side Table, Measures 24-inch diameter and 25-inch height, White $63 On Amazon

Aluminium Accent Table with Attractive Design $120, From Benzara Amazon

Swedish/English Painted Birch Round Tilt-top Tripod Table $295- Eron Johnson Antiques.comSwedish/English Painted Birch Round Tilt-top Tripod Table $295- Eron Johnson Antiques.com

Swedish Painted Tilt Top Candle Stand From Rhonda Eleish and Edie Van Breems

Swedish Painted Tilt Top Candle Stand From Eleish Van Breems Antiques

Swedish Occasional Tilt Top Table Seen at Puckhaber Decorative Antiques

Swedish Tilt Top Table Seen at Puckhaber Decorative Antiques

London-Townhouse By designer Katrin Cargill

London-Townhouse By designer Katrin Cargill

Swedish Tripod Table Seen At Max Rollitt

Swedish Tripod Table Seen At Max Rollitt

Swedish Tilt Top Table Seen at Puckhaber Decorative Antiques

Swedish Tilt Top Table Seen at Puckhaber Decorative Antiques

19th Century Swedish Tilt-top Table Lorfords Antiques

19th Century Swedish Tilt-top Table- Lorfords Antiques

Swedish Late Gustavian Alder Root Table D Larsson Interior

Swedish Late Gustavian Alder Root Table D Larsson Interior.com

Decorating With Swedish Country Antiques- Darlene Peterson Buchanan

Swedish Country Plates Sold Through Food52Swedish Country Plates Sold Through Food52. Visit Swedish Country.com For A Look At The Whole Rosemaling Collection

America is a land of many immigrants. As many as 1.4 million Swedes immigrated to America between 1840 and 1930. As the descendants of these immigrants and others seek to decorate their homes, it is not surprising that Swedes and non-Swedes alike are looking to Swedish country décor. It offers a colorful Carl Larsson look or the light and airy Gustavian look.

The Swedish people are lovers of color and light. They use all aspects of nature relating to light and its effect in a room. The color and light play off the walls, furnishings and accessories. This decorating style blends perfectly with the Gustavian look of old Sweden or the peasant look depicted by Carl Larsson. By placing a lovely old Swedish antique in a room bathed with light and having the traditional white and blue colors, you can capture the desired Swedish look.

Carl Larsson was a very famous painter in Sweden. He captured the daily life of old Sweden on canvas, and his home is now a museum. It bursts with color, design, shapes, art, creativity and representations of the simple life in Sweden at the turn of the century. This style is very popular and has created a high demand for Swedish antiques in this country.

Read more of this article by Darlene Peterson Buchanan at go-star.com

3 Rustic Scandinavian Country Homes – Borrow Ideas From Norway and Denmark

Swedish Country Home

Inspiring Interiors Blog posted some terrific pictures of a barn styled home with a Scandinavian styled interior. If you are looking for a country styled look, consider how this home is set up.

Start With A Gray Palette

Starting out with gray through out your house can be a really simple way to decorate the rest of your home.  To make it interesting, choose several shades of gray which you can work through your home.

For my own home, I decided that lighter colors worked well in larger rooms, while the more saturated shades could punch things up in the closets, the bathrooms, and smaller rooms.

Using gray through out your home allows your home to flow nicer than having one bright bold color in each room of the house.  Later if you want to add color, simply attach a chair rail, and paint the upper half of the wall.  You can add depth with accessories and wall art.

Work With Muted Shades For Country Styles

The wood walls in this home look very primitive with a gray wash. Some walls are left natural while others are painted.  In one of the rooms, dried floral wreaths add a rustic touch to the walls.  Here is an example of a captivating look that is inexpensive.

Helichrysum Strawflowers are one of my favorite florals.  Pick flowers for drying when they are open, but not fully mature.  Hang the stems upside down in a cool-well ventilated spot to dry.  Avoid over-watering during the growing season, and these florals will look spectacular dried in a vase or a floral wreath.

Incorporate Red And Rust…….

Red is a classic country color that is commonly seen in the countryside of Sweden. Barns and countryside homes are painted rich reds, making it a very classic color to work with.  Painting a chest of drawers or an accent chair in Falu red can really bring out the country side of Scandinavian decorating.  Pair together rusty metal urns, and accessories like natural straw, hay, wicker, baskets for that country feel.

French Swedish Inspired Country HOme

Swedish HomeFrench Swedish Inspired Country HOmeThe house below was originally an eighteenth century barn which was converted into a guest house.   This lovely barn is located in the village of Saint-Hilaire-sur-Helpe, in France, and pairs together both the Swedish and French rustic styles.

Photography by Corinne Schanté-Angel, All images from here.

Early 19th Century Female PortraitEarly 19th Century Female Portrait –Maison Maison

A Tyner Antiques - Swedish Rococo ChestSwedish Rococo Chest-A. Tyner Antiques

69 Inspiring Pictures Of Nordic Country Style Decorating

Bogstad Manor

Bogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad Manor is a protected cultural monument and one of the few country estates in Norway. The history of the estate dates back to 1649, while Norway was still Catholic the land was rented out to tenant farmers by Hovedøya Monastery. After the reformatin in 1536 it was confiscated by the Crown. It was then in 1649 that the Danish-Norwegian King Fredrik III sold Bogstad and number of other farms to Morten Lauritzen. This land provided great timber for sawmills which was rapidly expanding in the 17th century.

The Manor remained in the same family from 1649 until it was left to the Bogstad Foundation in 1955, administered under the Norwegian Folk Museum.   The museum has left the estate authentic to the original time period, leaving a monument that shows layers of layers of history.

Peder Anker, became the first Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm in 1814 during the union with Sweden (1814-1905). From 1773 to 1780 Peder Anker made some alterations and additions to Bogstad Manor’s main building.  He designed the ballroom with inspiration from Versailles, bought a huge collection of paintings in Rome and created the first English landscape park in Norway.


Bogstad Manor is open to the public throughout the year, as well as guided tours of the main buildings are offered from May-September.  Bogstad Manor also has copies of artifacts for sale in the museum shop that relate to the history and tradition at Bogstad manor.  The museum shop sells glass, pewter and porcelain.

The gardens at Bogstad are sensational to see.  The baroque garden was established in the first part of the 18th century. The English style park was created by Peder Anker around 1780 and has  canals and ponds for carp and ducks. Peder Anker introduced more than 400 rare trees and plants from abroad. This park became a model for number of parks in Norway.

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Stave church, Rollag, Buskerud, NorwayStave church, Rollag, Buskerud, Norway

Scandinavia In The Middle AgesPicture Credit Visit google.no

Røldal stave church, Hardanger region in Norway. The church was built at the end of the 13 th century and is famous for its crucifix. According to legend it sweats once a year (July 6 th), and the sweat has healing power. After Trondheim (Nidarosdomen cathedral), Røldal was the most important site of pilgrimage in Norway during the middle ages.

Garden Snails - Cepaea Hortensis (Detail) New painted ceiling on antique floorboards. Peter Korver Amsterdam 2008

Garden Snails – Cepaea Hortensis (Detail) New painted ceiling on antique floorboards.

Peter Korver Amsterdam 2008

Rustic Swedish AntiquesVisit ljo-s.blogspot.com

Norwegian cubbord beds adorned with wood carvings and RosemalingNorwegian cubbord beds adorned with wood carvings and Rosemaling

Visit milan.govoffice.com

The colorful knotted throw was created to compliment the wall painting.

The colorful knotted throw was created to compliment the wall painting.

Visit homedesign.marthastewart.com

Swedish Decorating

“The lady’s bedroom at Skogaholms herrgård (Skogaholm Manor), Skansen open air museum, Stockholm.” Visit upload.wikimedia.org

Antique 1840-1870 Swedish Mora Clock

Antique 1840-1870 Swedish Mora Clock Visit seattle.craigslist.org

Swedish Antiques

Swedish Antiques Visit bukowskismarket.com

Dining Rooms

Stora Nyckelviken, Stockholm – Visit upload.wikimedia.org

Hall (ivistoga) with intricate rosemaling; Yli farm in TelemarkHall (ivistoga) with intricate rosemaling; Yli farm in Telemark

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Länna Prästgård, Norrtälje. Martha Stewart

Länna Prästgård, Norrtälje Visit homedesign.marthastewart.com

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Two Scandinavian Homes

Two Scandinavian Homes Visit inspiracionline.blogspot.com

Lone Ranger Antiques 321 Walnut Street Hollywood, Florida, 33019. United States Tel: 001 (954) 925-8990. Fax: 001 (954) 920-6977Lone Ranger Antiques 321 Walnut Street Hollywood, Florida, 33019.

Swedish palette & galvinized pail as vaseSwedish Palette – A Galvinized Pail Is Used As A Vase

Dining RoomsNäs herrgård, Norrtälje, Uppland –Wikipedia

Skogaholms Herrgård, Skansen, Stockholm.Skogaholms Herrgård, Skansen, Stockholm.

18th century weeks at Skansen by Johanni on Flickr

Sunlight in the dining room at Haga, Haga Pavilion, Late 18th century, Gustaviansk or Swedish Neoclassicism Photograph by Magnus photoSunlight in the dining room at Haga, Haga Pavilion, Late 18th century, Gustaviansk or Swedish Neoclassicism Photograph by Magnus photo Seen on Pinterest

Sweaters by Designer Solveig Hisdal

Sweaters by Designer Solveig Hisdal


Traditional Swedish Nordic Dining Rooms – Visit solgarden.se

Coronet of Prince Fredrik Adolf of Sweden Visit knowingtheroyals.wordpress.com

Adolf Frederick was born, 14 May 1710 -12 February 1771) was King of Sweden from 1751 until his death. His father was Christian Augustus (1673—1726) duke and a younger prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, prince-bishop of Lubeck, and administrator, during the Great Northern War, of the duchies of Holstein-Gottorp for his relative Charles Frederick. His mother was Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlach. On his mother’s side, Adolf Frederick descended from king Gustav I of Sweden and from Christina Magdalena, a sister of Charles X of Sweden. From both his parents he was descended from Holstein-Gottorp, a house with a number of medieval Scandinavian royal dynasties among its ancestors. Adolf Frederick was also a 13th-generation descendant of Erik V of Denmark; a 13th-generation descendant of Sophia of Denmark and Valdemar I of Sweden; and an 11th-generation descendant of Euphemia of Sweden, Duchess of Mecklenburg and her husband the duke Albrecht.

Pair of Swedish Baroque Commodes created in the 1850s. Unknown Dealer

Nordic Architecture

Nordic Architecture Visit homedesign.marthastewart.com

Swedish FolkSarah Richardsons Country House Visit houseandhome.com

Nordic Style

GRUVGATAN 13 Blog Visit gruvgatan13.blogspot.se


 The pale colors and bare windows give this room a Swedish feel….Colefax and Fowler

18th Century French Carved Wood Louis XVI Panel

18th Century Giltwood Barometer with Allegory of Science

This comfortable and fresh vacation home displays simple palette combined with clean lines and rustic finishes. In place of a traditional oil painting, designer Jessica McIntyre created an art installation for the dining room with wall brackets from Ballard Designs, pewter chargers from Pottery Barn, antler trophies from Two’s Company and antique Chinese water vessels from Club Cu. The rustic Durango light fixture by Arteriors Home contrasts nicely with the more traditional Zentique dining chairs. The tonal damask rug is from Shaver-Ramsey.coloradohomesmag.com

A Swedish Farmhouse- Source: Skeppsholmen.


Lennart Castelius Antiques & Interiors- here

Klockaregården 1
314 41 Torupsgatan

073-506 56 62


LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 1   LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 3 LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 4Lennart Castelius Antiques & Interiors


A Guesthouse Decorated in The Swedish Style

August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors,

In the August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful, an editorial was written up on a garage in Salt Lake City which was transformed into a relaxing guest house with an overall Swedish design. Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer took the everyday average space we all forget about and utilized the property in an entirely new way.

This concept of using the garage space has become even more popular in recent years as the need to accommodate  “boomerang” children and aging parents has made many of us re-think the space we already own.

Many homes have attached or detached garages, and these spaces can be turned to very nice living accommodations. As with any project, you’ll want to make sure that you comply with local ordinances and building codes before undertaking such a project.

When converting a garage into to livable space, there’s always the issue of what to do with the garage door opening. A good solution is to keep a garage door in the original opening.  By doing so, you can keep with the overall exterior look of the house.

Another option is to install carriage-style garage doors which feature decorative windows. These doors allow you the functionality of windows on the inside while maintaining the original garage look on the exterior. Another option is to replace the garage doors with large scale windows or doors which will fill the opening.

One of the most challenging aspects of this sort of renovation is the option of a bathroom. Additional plumbing requires tying into the existing plumbing lines which can be problematic and challenging. An additional bathroom is always a nice amenity to have for those additional guests, so investigating ways to add this possibility is worth doing.


About the Swedish Salt Lake City Garage Transformation:

After looking at the pictures of the Salt Lake City interior, one would never suspect it was a garage to begin with. Bead board paneling frames a fireplace where a gilded 19th century Italian mirror gives the living room a refined look. Porcelain garden stools are scaled perfectly for a pair of 18th century Swedish chairs. A Swedish sofa with embroidered crewel work add a natural, yet refined look for this room. A traditional mora clock in the entry way sets the mood for the whole guest house.

Subscribe to Home Beautiful- House Beautiful (1-year auto-renewal) $15 dollars ($1.50/issue)

Borrow Elements From This Home:

– Pairs of French Bergeres- Ebay

– Gingham check black curtain drapes W46 X L42 $25- Amazon

-Ivory & Orange Faux Silk Checks Curtains 52″W X 84″L – $38- Amazon

-Juliet Heavy Satin Embroidered Faux Silk Curtain Panel 52″W X 108″L – $295 Amazon

-Howard Elliott Bright Gold Lead 37″ Round Wall Mirror -$299 Amazon

-Uttermost Valent Blue Accent Table- $217 Amazon

-Two’s Company Gold Leaf Round Wall Mirrors, Set of 3- $136 Amazon

-Hickory Manor Round Rose Mirror, Cream Gold Silver- $292 Amazon

-Howard Miller Grandfather Clock $3K – Amazon

-Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock- 3K Amazon

-Traditional Grandfather Clock with Chime from Coaster $230 Ebay

-Uttermost Cadey Side Table-$283- Amazon

-Howard Miller Chili Red Mora Clock For $1K Amazon

Commentary from the House Beautiful article:

FRANCES SCHULTZ: Sometimes the guesthouse is the second-Hand Rose of decorating, but this is a little jewel box.

MARSHALL WATSON: The owners treat their guests like family, and most of the time they actually are family. Between them they have seven children-two still at home and five grown and away who return frequently to visit.

Jeffrey KILMER: She wanted the house to be a fantasy escape, for her visitors to have a feeling of being transported into a foreign environment that
was cozy and warm.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- That Swedish Mora clock as you enter really sets up the whole scheme.

MW: You also feel, ‘Boy, I’m entering a really special space.’ You’re enthusiastic and drawn in. Even though you enter directly into the main room, it creates the feeling of an entry distinct from the room.

IK: And as opposed to a painting or a mirror, the clock is three-dimensional, so it adds depth and enhances the sense of space.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- Small spaces allow the luxury of less. And yet there seems to be everything here you need.

IK:- It’s laid out comfortably. The living room and dining room pieces are small scale, but still very comfortable. There’s not a lot of stuff here, but everything
has its function. We’ve kept the seating arrangements pulled away from the walls. If you create space beyond the furniture, it adds volume to a room.

MW: And there’s no upholstery to the floor. There are a lot of legs, and that creates that air space, which in turn creates an open feeling. But you have to be careful. In a large area a lot of legs will look like too many ballerinas on tiptoes.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- That elaborate gilt mirror is a bit brazen for a Nordic country cottage. Did it come from an ancestor’s castle?

MW: Well, it’s from somebody’s ancestral castle,and it works here for several reasons: It’s in a rather squashed space, so to put a square mirror there would not have been nearly as interesting. Also, a bull’s-eye expands the room. As for its elaborateness, you know the mantel was—and [still is—the place where you put your best pieces.

So the idea is that this was handed down through generations, and it was going here because it was the finest thing given to us by Grandmother.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- The lanterns seem to be the only place in the room where you’ve played up the scale. How big are they?

JK: About 18 inches tall and 13 across. There weren’t a lot of lamps, and we needed something to anchor the space. The two large lanterns delineate the living and dining spaces and give an intimacy to each,but at the same time pull them together.

MW: We also used downlighting in this room,and rather dramatically on that wonderful wall of wood that’s the fireplace wall. There’s a hidden door at the left of the fireplace to conceal a closet and television—that’s easy to do with beadboard.

It was typical of both Swedish and American Colonial houses to have wood paneling on the fireplace wall, since it was the focus of the room, and the rest of the room would be lath and plaster. We added beams also to give that cozy feeling of a very old
house with low ceilings.

FRANCES SCHULTZ– The kitchen blends so seamlessly into the room that
I almost missed it.

M W: We love to do kitchens, but we hardly ever do a ‘normal’ kitchen. We try to find an antique and adapt it to a kitchen cabinet door-front, whether it’s a rustic couple of boards from a wash stand or a wonderful Gustavian sideboard, which is what these were inspired by.

FRANCES SCHULTZ-There’s an element of depth in everything, from the fabrics to the furniture to the layers of color and glazing on the painted surfaces.

MW: In a small space you view things close at hand,so in many ways the detail is more important than it might be in a grander space.

FRANCES SCHULTZ- Which is not to say you don’t have elements of grandness. The clock, the mirror, that amazing headboard. Talk about going for Baroque.

MW: And if it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it. Isn’t it fabulous? It was part of a large cartouche that came from Austria. It’s pine, and in two pieces mounted directly to the wall. We thought it was reminiscent of a chalet in Europe where you’d throw this one
enormous piece in a room. It makes the room feel a little larger, and everything else holds together.

FRANCES SCHULTZ-The house may be small and relatively sparse, but there are big gestures.

MW: You don’t have to have a lot of pieces in the room if the pieces have a lot of character. We do many large projects, and it’s wonderful to have these great, large rooms for entertaining. Yet invariably the couple finds the smallest, coziest study or
library to live in. In our everyday lives we want to feel enveloped and protected, don’t we?

Produced By Doretta Sperduto

August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer

August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors, August 2010 issue of Home Beautiful- Designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer- Keywords:Scandinavian design, Swedish Chairs, Garage Transformations, Garage To Living Spaces, Swedish Country Interiors,

6 French Carved and Painted Directoire Jansen Dining Chairs Greenwich Living

The surprise of a gilded 19th-century Italian mirror “gives the living area a great jolt,” Watson says. Porcelain garden stools are perfectly scaled for the pair of 18th-century Swedish chairs.

The house is on a promontory that overlooks a canyon: “There are several resorts in the region, so it gets a lot of use, winter and summer,” Kilmer says. Seating is arranged away from the walls, giving the room an airy, open feel. The cushion on the painted antique sofa is covered in Hinson’s Classic Crewelwork and shaped to follow the lines of the wooden seat. Curtains are Mariefred by Country Swedish. Sofa and drop-front desk from Evergreen Antiques.

Beautifully effecting patina and age, decorative painter Judy Mulligan applied multiple layers of pigment and glaze to kitchen cabinets and walls. The narrowness of the Dennis & Leen Formations dining table “allows for intimate, lively conversation,” Watson says. English Hepplewhite-style chairs are covered in La Seyne by Brunschwig & Fils. Sub-Zero refrigerator with custom panels; Viking range and hood.

Gustavian Three Seater Sofa By Gustavian sells a traditional Swedish 18th Century sofa made from solid birch wood with hemp fibre in supporting weave. Seat and back cushions in natural rubber and coconut fibre. Hand carved floral pattern on the front. Price: £3,200.00

White Painted Gustavian or French Style Carved Wood Sofa – A very decorative white painted Gustavian or French Style carved wood sofa, modified to accept comfortable upholstered cushions $4,950.00 FS Henemader Antiques

50 Examples Of Swedish Folk Country Interiors

Swedish Mora Folk Art Clocks

Country Style Mora ClocksSwedish Interior Design.co.uk

Interior archive is one of those sites where you can spend hours on.  Looking through their dozens of pictures, there are a number of beautiful pictures that present a country look from Sweden.  Here are my favorites:

A  Swedish Interior Design Country Folk Art Home Photographed By Tim Clinch

The Interior Archive showed some beautiful pictures of a country house in the folk art Swedish style. A simple kitchen is furnished with antique wooden furniture. A hand-painted Swedish Mora clock stands against a distressed orange wall in the kitchen.  Here, we see the detail of the hand-painted decoration on the chair that sits in the kitchen.  A wall-mounted corner cupboard provides ample storage in the kitchen.

Swedish Country Home Designed By Van Breem

Photographer Simon Upton captures a guest bedroom is painted a pale grey and the bed is from van Breem’s line of reproduction Swedish furniture. A pair of rustic wooden chairs flank a console table and a Swedish Baroque mirror in the yellow painted hallway. The dining area in the kitchen has a wooden trestle table and Swedish grandfather clock and is full of spring flowering bulbs. The large range in the kitchen displays a collection of Swedish copper pots. A painted yellow Swedish sofa from 1760 and a dresser in the living room.  Outside we see a Swedish bench and lantern infront of a shed with a blue door.

A Swedish Home Designed By Lena Renkel-Eriksson

-Lena Renkel-Eriksson has used shades of white, blue and dove grey to recreate the classic style of her native Sweden in her Surrey home  Here she creates a unique space around the color blue. A blue-painted cabinet in the kitchen was custom made by Swedish carpenters and the swedish country chair was painted in a richer more saturated blue and distressed.  In this photo, we see a yellow painted doll’s house flanked by tiers of battered leather suitcases in a nursery.  This spectacular photo shows off a dining area designed around the Swedish styles.  A Swedish bench is paired with white painted Swedish gateleg table, and two classic swedish side chairs. The wooden floor of this hallway has been hand- painted in a yellow and white harlequin pattern.  In the attic bedroom, white is the dominant color.  A white wooden desk and Gustavian-style chair are placed infront of the window.  A country styled white painted chair sits in the corner of the living room, where beautiful painted walls steal the attention.  An oval Gustavian bow mirror is painted in white on the wall shows this room is decorated around the classic Swedish styles.

Noteworthy Beauties:

-A Rustic Lars Sjoberg Home shows a Swedish mora clock which stands on the stone staircase.

-Designer Lena Proudlock shows a solid blue-painted Swedish mora clock which stands on a blue-painted wooden floor.

-Mish Tworkowski designs this rustic styled living room that sits an antique spoolwork armchair
and a re-upholstered French chair in an orange velvet.  In the room sits a cream painted 19th century Swedish cabinet.  White washed wood walls give plenty of light to this sitting area.

-Miguel Flores Vianna shows a spectacular Swedish kitchen with a wood burning stove, with country Swedish chairs.  This kitchen has many rustic elements to it.  A light blue is painted on the walls breaking up

– Christian Kain positions two pairs of boots on either side of a carved painted console table in green the hallway.


 Swedish photographer Anna Kern

Corner cabinet in red, white and green with a built in Mora style clock. Tumblr

Gustavian Bench

Swedish Bench- Live Auctioneers

Sandemar, Sweden, 17th Century

Swedish Cartel Clock

 Swedish Gustavian Style Gilt Bronze Cartel Wall Clock,circa
1860, having a heavy bronze case in the form of an anchor draped with a
laurel wreath mounted on a blue painted wooden plaque; the white
porcelain dial has a blue Roman numeral chapter ring encircled by an
Arabic numeral minute ring, marked Knut Svala / Stockholm


Scandinavian style bed

Scandinavian Bed

Folk art painted step back hutch with adjustable shelves, two drawers and two doors.

Folk art painted step back hutch with adjustable shelves, two drawers and two doors.

Scandinavian room scanned from BOOK: The Perfect Country Cottage by Bill Laws

Featured on Glenda’s Blog The Paper Mulberry

Gustavian Antiques

A Rare Swedish Gustavian Red Painted Sofa circa 1790 Reupholstered by Talisman

The Swedish Country House By Susanna Scherman- Buy It On Amazon

Original Pictures Seen On Martha Stewart

Remarkable Arch Pediment Folk Art Marriage Cupboard

A remarkable late 18th Century Marriage Cupboard, in the Folk Art tradition, made in two vertical sections and surmounted by an arched molded cornice, all retaining the original painted decoration and hand wrought iron hinges. The original painted surface shows some appealing evidence of wear and age and the subtle original polychrome colours have softened and patinated to a delightful chalky dry surface.

Marriage Cupboards of this scale and importance were generally made to special commission for young married couples and were frequently offered by their families, containing woven, homespun and embroidered fabrics. They are also known as “Dowry”, “Brides” or “Wedding” Cupboards and are often associated with the Scandinavian Countries, where there was a strong tradition of Paint Decorated Furniture of this type as in other European alpine regions. The reason they are made in separate sections is so they could easily be de-assembled and transported up to the mountains in summer months, when the agricultural folk would take their livestock up to new pastures.

The extraordinary artwork seen in this social gathering space was painted by Jonas Hertman in the 1770s.  The subjects of the murals depict cherished images and events in Swedish culture.

Original Pictures Seen On Martha Stewart

Gustavian AntiquesThe colorful original paint has been well preserved on this lovely chest. The monogram and date of 1848 indicate it was likely a wedding or anniversary gift.

Scandinavian style bed stuffed with charm.

Scandinavian style bed stuffed with charm.

Scandinavian style bed stuffed with charm Flicker

Norwegian Corner Chair With Salmon Background 

 Jeff R Bridgman American Antiques

  Palace-turned-hotel Häringe Slott in Sweden

Swedish Interior With Slat Wood Walls- Tumblr

 Swedish photographer Anna Kern.

Summer Country House In Sweden – Unknown Details

Summer Country House In Sweden – Unknown Details

Norrlands Chairs Lucas Antiques Blog

Segreto Secrets Blog

Swedish photographer Anna Kern

Swedish photographer Anna G. Tufvesson ,

Swedish antiques from Gudrun Ödmann Antikhandel gudrunodmann.com

Picture Credit-masterhenriks.blogspot.com

Swedish Folk Art Style

Swedish Folk Art Style

Swedish Folk Art Style

Swedish Folk Art

Swedish Folk Art Style- Space For Inspiration

Lucas Antiques Blog

Lucas Antiques Blog

Lucas Antiques Blog


Primitive Corner Cabinet With Astonishing Blue Paint, 3 Beautiful Country Chairs,

Red Antique Chest, -Swedish Wedding Chest Lucas Antiques Blog,

Red Scandinavian Clock

The beauty of a Swedish Mora clock such as this is found in the lovely
curves of the piece itself. In addition, this one had been painted a
deep shade of red and has intricate floral and leaf flourishes in gold
and green (note, paint is newer than the clock case, painted
approximately 100 year ago).

Red Scandinavian Clock

Swedish Mora Clock In Red From Scandinavian Antiques

The Country Side Of Sweden- An All White Based Home

Wood has always played an integral part in the Swedish home life. Beech, birch and pine are the most popular woods in the Nordic region. Hardwoods such as mahogany were rarely used in Sweden as they would have to be imported, as well as the blonder woods were native to the land making it practical to make everything out of wood other than the kitchen sink. Swedish design is known for their use of pale wood, paneling, and solid wood furniture. Furniture was often elaborately painted, or left bare.  In this country home we see this very design; shades of white, minimal design, and outstanding Swedish wood furniture.

Tips From This Interior To Your Home:

1. Add Interest- This Swedish interior is based around whites. They add an interesting floor mat to spice things up. A guitar hangs on the wall, which adds a stamp of personality into the home.  Make your textiles count in a minimal home.  Consider fabrics that have a Swedish styled patterns.  Look for upholstery fabric, slipcovers, tablecloths with a distinct Swedish design.

2. Skip Painting Some Pieces. If you are hoping to decorate around white, add in plenty of untouched wood pieces to the overall scheme. Raw wood furniture can be very beautiful. This directoire style chest is washed with solid paint in a unique way that shows off the wood, but at the same time presents a very rustic edge to the style.  Use the paint technique for your own wood pieces.  Give a Swedish touch to these raw pieces by adding a oil rubbed hardware…. The rustic details won’t be overlooked.

An American’s Guide For Getting The Swedish Country Look

With the stresses this world has to offer, it is no wonder why there is such a gravitation towards a home that is cozy and relaxing.  Our homes are places where we want to connect with our family and friends amidst the fast paced life we are living.

Country decorating has always been a very popular decorating approach in the US, and around the world for that matter. American painted furniture with colonial elements is often what you would find in many homes in America that are designed to reflect the early America period design, but rarely do you see a home decorated with a Swedish reflection.

Swedish country decorating has a slightly different slant than you find in America.  The style and approach to furniture is quite a bit different.  In Sweden we find the same countryside looks that are found away from the city with a homestead influence.  We give you 5 tips to getting the Swedish look with the common elements that you can find in America online and in your local antique stores.

Here Are A Couple Tips To Getting A Country Swedish Look In Your Home   

This Swedish decorated house in Dalarna, Sweden has all the rustic elements
you would expect to see in a house set in the Scandinavian country.  Borrow a couple ideas from this home for your personal decorating.

1.  Collect The Right Style Period Furniture.

This family house in the Swedish countryside has some very authentic Swedish looking furniture.  Gustavian style Rococo chairs through out the home show off a Gustavian look that is famously created in Sweden.  The chairs alone tell you this home is from Sweden.  Finding these very rare pieces of furniture in America is next to impossible, and buying true antiques can be very costly making a whole home decorated around the Gustavian style a far reach for most people.

There are some furniture pieces in America that double the looks found in Sweden.

– Consider decorating with furniture that is has clean straight lines, and made out of wood.  In the picture above the drop leaf table looks much like the early shaker style seen in America. Look at some of the furniture from Chelsea Textiles to get some good ideas.  Many of these tables such as this one, and this one, can be found for less. Collect furniture such as drop tables which can be used in the middle of a living room paired with a sofa, they can also be pushed against the wall.

Other items that are universal to some degree are wall shelves.  Find wall shelves that are made of wood, and slightly cut with a curve.   The top of this cupboard is a great example of a look that is found in the country. Plate racks for the walls are easily found on ebay and can be painted any color to create a uniform look within your home.  Collecting plates that can be positioned on the wall or on plate racks is another common element in Swedish styled homes.

– Have a couple pieces in your home which are just plain wood.  Consider stripping a side chair down to its bare wood, and waxing it.  Beauty can be found in wood, and gives a much needed balance towards an interior with many painted finishes.

Wood Slat walls are another very common architectural element with Swedish styled homes.  Often times these walls are painted a white or a gray with gilt mirrors hung on the wall.

– Another option is to collect Queen Anne furniture which then can be manipulated with paint to get the look of the backroads in Sweden.

-Wooden chairs and old benches can be a stylish approach in decorating your home. You can include a corner cupboard, plate racks and even sideboards and serve as storage areas around your dining room.

Shop on ebay for the just right pieces to finish off every room in your home

2.  Get The Color Right

This pinterest page gives a person some excellent examples of Colonial decorating in America.  Much like Swedish decorating, painted wood is a very common element.  When comparing the two styles, one thing is very evident, the colors are slightly different.  Dark blues are very common with Swedish and Nordic style antiques, as well as lighter hues of elementary colors.  In this photograph you can see a wide range of salmon oranges, deep blues and red. Consider bringing the historical c0lors that are found in Sweden inside your home.

Decorating with red and pink can be very country.  While pink is shunned these days, it can be a dramatic color which can really speak volumes in your home.  Getting the right color, and adding additional painting techniques such as distressing and glazing  can give a terrific historical look. Black is also a great color for primitive interiors.  Other country colors to consider are yellow, and red, and creamy white. Consider putting more of an emphasis on the bolder richer colors such as a deep red than the light blues and whites found in the castles of Sweden.  Borrow from the colors found in Sweden for your wood accessories, furniture and walls.


Wood can be painted and heavily distressed to give you the dramatic looks that
are found in Sweden. Light colored drapes around the windows let in the light, and give this home a soft touch. Antique Swedish mirrors also make this home, and a pair of sofas in blue and white stripe are the colors found in Sweden.  Wooden floor with Nordic Style runners sewn together making a large rug.  In this home antique kitchen table is paired with Swedish Leksand chairs.

Country style decorating can capture the spirit of the simplicity of country living amidst the modern times. Country decorating is one way of reminiscing the pasts. It reminds us of how we are living our lives. Decorations inspired by country living makes us closer to nature. A cozy home reminds us to live simple lives.

Picture Credits- isogninelcassettodiadriana.blog, Weranda Country

Swedish Gustavian Dining Chairs


Set of Six Antique 19th Century Swedish Gustavian Dining Chairs With Gray Paint-

Scandinavian Antiques Co On Ebay

Ballard Designs has designed a terrific looking Swedish country chair called “Sorrento” that has all the good looks of one of the most popular Swedish chair designs.  The chair features fluted turned legs, with a classic Louis XVI square back painted in white.  The classic slat back frame features tapered fluted legs, padded arm rests and padded linen seat. This chair is part of Ballard Design’s exclusive Casa Florentina collection. They sell it for $559, and comes in your choice of several hand-applied finishes. Skilled artisans apply your custom finish in layers, distressing each one by hand using the same simple tools and techniques employed by Florentine artists for centuries.

Consider upholstering your dining chairs in a shade of white.  White works with a multitude of other colors such as gray, off white, green and blue.  Swedish chairs are often painted, which makes the lighter shades of upholstery appear clean and fresh and provide a nice contrast against the rough distressed wood

Pair of Gustavian Klismos Chairs

Pair of Gustavian Klismos Chairs-Lief

Gustavian Pearl dining tableGustavian Pearl dining table –katarinahalvarsson.com

A Set of 6 Swedish dining chairs, 19th CenturyA Set of 6 Swedish dining chairs, 19th Century Annabelstringer.com

Four Gustavian Side Chairs in a worn pale green patina- Lief

Four Gustavian Side ChairsFour Gustavian Side Chairs in a worn pale green patina- Lief

Pair of Gustavian Chairs in Original Paint

Pair of Gustavian Chairs in Original Paint –Lorfords

Pair of Antique Swedish Country Gustavian Side Chairs

Pair of Antique Swedish Country Gustavian Side Chairs BJORK STUDIO

Pair of Gustavian Side Chairs in a worn pale blue patina and gilded metal details.Pair of Gustavian Side Chairs in a worn pale blue patina and gilded metal details Lief

Gustavian Pale Blue Swedish Sofa With Tall Back -Stephane Olivier

Gustavian Pale Blue Swedish Sofa With Tall Back –Stephane Olivier

Very nice Swedish gustavian sofa from the 19th century in faded blue paint of origin.
The sofa itself features many high Gustavian details such as the guilloche frieze and the leaves carved on the legs and columns.

Gustavian Bucket ChairGustavian Bucket Chair

Re-invented by Louis Masreliez after the excavation of Pompeii.


Gustavian Side Chair

Gustavian Side Chair –Lief

Set of Six 19th. Century Gustavian ChairsSet of Six 19th. Century Gustavian Chairs-W Gardner Ltd

Handsome set of six Swedish Gustavian side chairs. Saber legs front and back.They have been dry scraped to original color. Two are stamped “ES” for Ephriam Stahl a furniture maker in Stockholm.

Pair Swedish Gustavian Klismos ChairsPair Swedish Gustavian Klismos Chairs –W Gardner Ltd

Handsome pair of Gustavian Klismos chairs. Beautiful detailed carving. Scraped to original color. Very comfortable.

Eight Gustavian Dining ChairsEight Gustavian Dining Chairs –Kay O’Toole

A matched set of 10 staight back painted Gustavian Dining Chairs with Sheaf A matched set of 10 staight back painted Gustavian Dining Chairs with Sheaf of Wheat carved decoration backs Cote Jardin Antiques

Period Gustavian Side ChairsPeriod Gustavian Side Chairs A Tyner Antiques

Painted Swedish Oval Top Dining Table Made in Sweden, circa 1900. This hand made painted Swedish dining table features fine distressing to accent the carved details. The apron of the table features elegant carvings of beading, patera, and floral work raised on fluted tapering legs- Seller Greenwich Living Antiques $6500

17th Century Primitive Painted Homes

17th Century Primitive Painted Homes

La Pouyette featured a unique post of a primitive painted cabin located a few kilometers from Gstaad.  The cabin was originally featured in the  1993 Home and Garden magazine. Gstaad is a village in the German-speaking section of the Canton of Bern in southwestern Switzerland, and home to one of the largest ski areas in the Alps.  This home was at one time considered a wellness area with sauna, and built in 1628.  The evidence is found in the inscriptions.  The walls are decorated with paint in black, green and red.  In some areas of the home, formulas of blessings in Roman letters in Gothic characters are seen on the walls.  Painted wooden panels, decorated beams, friezes carved into the woodwork, all add to the beauty of this home. Blonde wood is used on the floor boards, and the furniture is found in in natural pine. Visit La Pouyette‘s Blog for additional photos of this spectacular home.17th Century Primitive Painted Homes 4 17th Century Primitive Painted Homes 3 17th Century Primitive Painted Homes 2


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