Swedish Gustavian Dining Chairs


Set of Six Antique 19th Century Swedish Gustavian Dining Chairs With Gray Paint-

Scandinavian Antiques Co On Ebay

Ballard Designs has designed a terrific looking Swedish country chair called “Sorrento” that has all the good looks of one of the most popular Swedish chair designs.  The chair features fluted turned legs, with a classic Louis XVI square back painted in white.  The classic slat back frame features tapered fluted legs, padded arm rests and padded linen seat. This chair is part of Ballard Design’s exclusive Casa Florentina collection. They sell it for $559, and comes in your choice of several hand-applied finishes. Skilled artisans apply your custom finish in layers, distressing each one by hand using the same simple tools and techniques employed by Florentine artists for centuries.

Consider upholstering your dining chairs in a shade of white.  White works with a multitude of other colors such as gray, off white, green and blue.  Swedish chairs are often painted, which makes the lighter shades of upholstery appear clean and fresh and provide a nice contrast against the rough distressed wood

Pair of Gustavian Klismos Chairs

Pair of Gustavian Klismos Chairs-Lief

Gustavian Pearl dining tableGustavian Pearl dining table –katarinahalvarsson.com

A Set of 6 Swedish dining chairs, 19th CenturyA Set of 6 Swedish dining chairs, 19th Century Annabelstringer.com

Four Gustavian Side Chairs in a worn pale green patina- Lief

Four Gustavian Side ChairsFour Gustavian Side Chairs in a worn pale green patina- Lief

Pair of Gustavian Chairs in Original Paint

Pair of Gustavian Chairs in Original Paint –Lorfords

Pair of Antique Swedish Country Gustavian Side Chairs

Pair of Antique Swedish Country Gustavian Side Chairs BJORK STUDIO

Pair of Gustavian Side Chairs in a worn pale blue patina and gilded metal details.Pair of Gustavian Side Chairs in a worn pale blue patina and gilded metal details Lief

Gustavian Pale Blue Swedish Sofa With Tall Back -Stephane Olivier

Gustavian Pale Blue Swedish Sofa With Tall Back –Stephane Olivier

Very nice Swedish gustavian sofa from the 19th century in faded blue paint of origin.
The sofa itself features many high Gustavian details such as the guilloche frieze and the leaves carved on the legs and columns.

Gustavian Bucket ChairGustavian Bucket Chair

Re-invented by Louis Masreliez after the excavation of Pompeii.


Gustavian Side Chair

Gustavian Side Chair –Lief

Set of Six 19th. Century Gustavian ChairsSet of Six 19th. Century Gustavian Chairs-W Gardner Ltd

Handsome set of six Swedish Gustavian side chairs. Saber legs front and back.They have been dry scraped to original color. Two are stamped “ES” for Ephriam Stahl a furniture maker in Stockholm.

Pair Swedish Gustavian Klismos ChairsPair Swedish Gustavian Klismos Chairs –W Gardner Ltd

Handsome pair of Gustavian Klismos chairs. Beautiful detailed carving. Scraped to original color. Very comfortable.

Eight Gustavian Dining ChairsEight Gustavian Dining Chairs –Kay O’Toole

A matched set of 10 staight back painted Gustavian Dining Chairs with Sheaf A matched set of 10 staight back painted Gustavian Dining Chairs with Sheaf of Wheat carved decoration backs Cote Jardin Antiques

Period Gustavian Side ChairsPeriod Gustavian Side Chairs A Tyner Antiques

Painted Swedish Oval Top Dining Table Made in Sweden, circa 1900. This hand made painted Swedish dining table features fine distressing to accent the carved details. The apron of the table features elegant carvings of beading, patera, and floral work raised on fluted tapering legs- Seller Greenwich Living Antiques $6500

Outstanding Painted Swedish Stools And Benches

Picture Credit Millqvist Antik & Interior

Foot stools are very common in Gustavian styled interiors.  Most every decorative craft was fashioned out of wood in Sweden in the 18th century, and footstools were just one of the most functional, yet decorative pieces of furniture in the home.  Fauteuil chairs were very common during this time, yet an additional footstool was needed for relaxing and lounging after a hard days work.

Gustavian styled stools were commonly painted white, or gray and can be seen distressed today.  Carved fluted legs or tapered legs are commonly seen in Gustavian styled furniture.  Footstools can also be upholstered to match your existing interior. Consider classic check patterns, plain and elegant linen, or stripes for upholstery.  Florals are also seen in Gustavian styled rooms.

Benches were often seen in the bedroom, and living room.  Footstools are quite versatile that they can be put in any room.

Swedish Gustavian Bench– Kristian Double Bench With Storage

In this photo below, designer Mary McDonald in her Interiors The Allure of Style  book shows a lovely bedroom based around pink color tones and exceptional furniture.  An Italian chair is painted in dark salmon and finished off with red detailing around the frame.  Red and pink work wonderfully together, and this combination shows how wonderful a coral or salmon looks with red painted details.  The sideboard has a paneled table cloth with square nail-head brass tacks that nicely finish off the top.  Beautiful carved gilt wood fluted stools upholstered in a rose velvet steal the attention in this photo.  Consider buying a Gustavian styled stool, either antique or a reproduction to finish off your living room set, or for the bedroom.  Upholster them in a coordinating fabric to finish off the look.

Mary McDonald Interiors The Allure of Style

Mary McDonald Interiors The Allure of Style Close Up Of The Gustavian Stools

Swedish Gustavian Stool

Gustavian 1775-1810– A unusually shaped Gustavian stool in gilt wood. Carved
friezes standing on tapered and fluted legs.

Magnus Lundgren’s Home With His Forest Cat

Magnus Lundgren’s Home With His Gray Cat sitting on a fluted leg Gustavian stool

3 Things You Should Know About Gustavian Style

3 Things You Should Know About Gustavian Style

The most famous form of vintage Swedish furniture is that of the Gustavian style. It was named after Gustav III, who was the King of Sweden from 1771 until he was assassinated in 1792. The style of Gustavian furniture began a decade before his reign but reached its peak whilst Gustav was King. He has been given credit for expanding the Gustavian style and spreading it throughout his country, eager to share his knowledge of foreign styles.

1. Influences

During the 17th and 18th centuries, styles were taken from various European countries including France, England and Italy, by the Swedish aristocracy. It is claimed that when Gustav returned from France to become King, that he brought with him certain French influences that affected his thinking. The King’s trips to France and Italy opened his eyes to different styles and on his return; he was keen to spread his ideas throughout the country.

He was particularly fond of the furniture shapes in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI, whilst studying in France. He was also influenced by his trips to the excavated site of Pompeii and Herculaneum. As a young man experiencing the world, he absorbed several styles and on his return to Sweden, he was eager to show what he had learnt by furnishing the royal properties.

2. Style

The style of Gustavian antique furniture has often been described as simple yet elegant. In comparison to the French Louis XVI style of furniture, it is less exuberant but can be claimed to be largely influenced by the French style. Swedish furniture designers in the past have added their own mixture of ideas along with what was imported from abroad.

The elegant lines are a strong feature with Gustavian vintage furniture and experts say that they became more geometric under the guidance of Gustavian designers. The colours used were generally soft greys and creams with an overall emphasis placed on symmetry and balance. There was also a focus of a minimalist nature; the items produced had little exquisite accessories and tall windows had minimal coverings.

3. Modern Day Appreciation

Nowadays, Gustavian furniture is very highly sought after with people paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for an elegant chair or bench. Chests of drawers designed by Gottlieb Iwerson and Georg Haupt demand significant prices at auctions when available. It seems as though 18th century Gustavian antique furniture is very much in demand with enthusiasts willing to pay incredible prices for a piece of history.

As the world becomes more and more modernised, antique furniture will simply become more popular. It is a natural reaction to the mass production of similar styles with people yearning for something more unique. Many turn to the past for inspiration with Gustavian furniture emerging as a popular choice for those looking for a contemporary and elegant style. There are many lessons to be learnt from the past and style is only one of them.

William Robinson is an antique enthusiast and spends much of his time researching historical periods that interest him. He currently works for Loveday Antiques.


Antique Furniture At Loveday Antiques

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5 Ways to Incorporate the Color Red Into Your Swedish Styled Home

Tullgarn Upholstered Chair By Nordic Style

Red has been known to be one of the richest colors of all colors available to us, and it just so happens to be one of the main colors in the Swedish decorating style.  The color red is a fantastic choice to use as an accent color, such as in fabric choices, painted furniture, and accessories.

Red can also be used on the walls, and through out a room if it is done right.  The color is rich, vibrant and powerful.  Red can have a very distinctive country flavor, when it is paired with certain fabrics such as the Swedish check fabric, or floral textiles.  It can also present itself to be a courtly aristocratic look simply by pairing it with the right Swedish furniture.

Swedish country ladder back chairs look very country, compared to the square back Louis XVI dining chairs which are more formal in appearance.  Both velvet and raw silk are more stately fabrics which can be used to create a cultured Swedish interior.  Cotton or linen based fabrics work in both a stately interior, as well as a country home scheme.  There isn’t another color with quite the impact that red has.

Here are 5 Ways to Incorporate the Color Red Into Your Swedish Styled Home

1. Consider Using A Red Check Pattern

There are three main patterns which work with every other pattern, and that is the stripe, solid fabrics and the classic check fabric.

Check fabric is almost a must-have element in a Swedish home.  If you plan on decorating around any of these colors, consider adding in a check element of some sort.  Whether you decide to go after a country look, or an upscale courtly look, gingham can be used in either decorating styles.

Pair gingham with a painted chair for a country look.  Look for off white paint colors, or gray toned hues.  Dark gray paint can look terrific against white and red.  For a grand more opulent look, consider gold based furniture that is gold leafed for a regal appearance.

You can add in a couple throw pillows, or base your entire room around one single pattern.

See these posts as examples- Ted and Lillian Williams chateau in France, Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Manhattan Check Wallpapered Apartment, or Clare Fraser’s Swedish Bedroom.

Finding an over-sized check pattern can be difficult, and at times I felt like I have resorted to using tablecloths that are widely available online to upholster with.  Ebay is one of the best places to buy “lot” fabrics at discounts.

Here are some fabrics that caught my eye:

LinenTablecloth’s rectangular tablecloths are durable, and are made of a heavier fabric than most other tablecloths on the market.

DII Flame Red and White Checkers Tablecloth 60 x 84″ Made of 100 percent cotton

This classic red and white check pattern that features flowers is very Swedish looking, except I have had a hard time finding it in 100% cotton than vinyl.

Decorating With Red Check From Country Living Magazine

House Beautiful Magazine Cover

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Nordic Painted Dining Tables

Vintage Thomasville French Provincial Style DINING ROOM TABLE $400

Buy this table at Vintage LA Furniture On Ebay

If you cannot find just the right dining table for your Swedish home, consider a country styled rustic farm house table.   They are almost impossible to find on the west coast of the United States and not much easier on the east since this style has been highly sought after.  Farmhouse tables were not only used for dinners but also served as a counter top to prepare food.  The family table was the most functional piece of furniture in primitive times, as the table was the central location where the family gathered around for games, conversations, crafts, learning and family dinners.  Preparing meals was much more time consuming in the past than it is today.  Pasta, juices and meats are prepared and pre-packaged in our modern stores, cutting down the consuming time it took to prepare meals than in the past.   Typical antique farmhouse tables are quite substantial in size and are often very long, and rectangular in shape.

Older antique farmhouse tables are  quite heavy in weight, as they were made entirely out of wood.  Composites are more commonly combined with wood today as wood has become more of an expensive material to use alone.   Antiques are still some of the only furniture that ALL wood materials are used.  All wood furniture is quite a bit more expensive to buy as genuine hand crafted quality is rare today.  All wood farmhouse tables are more expensive to purchase because the quality is long lasting, durable and strong to handle wear and tear over the years.

Natural patina, nail holes and blemishes all create unique individual character in antique farmhouse tables that often times the more rustic the table the more expensive it is.  It is often quite hard to re-create old age wear and tear on a new table, that often times the patina on old tables are highly sought after even though they look really worn and banged up.

The above beautiful painted farmhouse table is from an article in Country Living Magazine – The Best Farmhouse Tables.

Reproductions of antique tables and chairs are becoming the more common approach to getting an older look using recycled wood from reclaimed old buildings like barns and factories.  Reclaimed wood has a unique  appearance and likely more expensive to purchase but produces an aged look common to what you would find in antique furniture.Both roughly finished wood and smoothly sanded finishes are typical on farmhouse tables, often only accompanied with wax.  Painted or stained finishes can also produce nice effects.  Walnut stains, white washes, pickled stains and painted tables in beige, gray and cream would replicate some of the earlier styled tables in the 18th century.

Coachery Barn has beautiful 5 Foot custom farmhouse tables in  24 colors.  My favorites are Seagrass, Olive, Mustard, Natural Wax, and Mustard

Farmhouse Table Ideas From Restoration Hardware

-Farmhouse Table MADE OUT OF PALLETS .

Pairs of tables that can be pushed together to form longer farmhouse tables.

-Anthropologie Farmhouse Table

Build a Farmhouse Table – Free Plans

How to Make a Barnwood Table By B.T.

-How To Make Your Own Farmhouse Table

Two Old Tables Into One LARGE Farmhouse Table

For Additional Raw Wood Distressed Tables- “GET THE LOOK- Farmhouse Tables For Your Kitchen

The Baltic dining table features a natural rectangular surface and an elaborate based. It would make any dining area stand out because of it’s beautiful natural elements. The table features a Kiln-dried hardwood frame. The finishes are hand applied and sanded repeatedly. The top of the table is coated with a lacquer top coat or wax. New sells this for $1,499

Hudson Goods Blog does it right!  These beautiful baroque french chairs are a perfect combination with farm house tables.  Classic dark gray or beige paint, with linen or burlap makes a perfect combination to pair with distressed tables.

This Victorian Pine Farmhouse Table which is one of the most beautiful farmhouse tables I have seen. As you can see the distressing shows the off the wood and the off-white paint revealing an ornate detailed finish. Paint should always be off white, and have undertones of either green or beige for the best antique finishes. The finish on many antiques are either rubbed down to an eggshell over the years or the finish as a dirty appearance, which often can be produced with glaze. This stunning table has a wide boarded top which sits on a painted base with turned legs. See the complete table at Antiques Atlas.

This beautiful Farmhouse wood dining table  is featured with creamy white  french painted chairs.  Don’t feel as though dining tables and chairs have to perfectly match.  Combine chairs painted in a beige, or Swedish gray for a complement with bare wood.  The antique painted blue buffet is updated with turquoise paint.  The ornate wood gold leaf wood mirror gently pulls all the colors together for a dynamite room

Massive Scandinavian Swedish Gustavian Painted Dining Table

Set of 4 Swedish Rokoko dining chairs in original patina

Scandinavian Swedish Painted Dining Table

6 Nightstands To Consider For Your Country Styled Swedish Home

Swedish Gustavian Decorating

This Georgian located in Bromley, London home decorated with Swedish furniture for a classic Gustavian styled home right out of the 18th century. Of all the photos, two really struck me as really spectacular.

In the picture above, a genuine Swedish antique cabinet is painted and really sets the theme for this room as being distinctively Gustavian.

This lovely bed is upholstered in a mauve satin; a perfect color choice for a Swedish look. The frame of the bed is painted white and finished with gold detailing around the edges of the frame.  Adding the extra work into your furniture can make all the difference in your home.  Painting your furniture a shade of gray or an off white and adding extra gilding on the details can add the extravagance looks of 17th and 18th century Swedish furniture.

Painting the details in gold can be very tedious to say the least, but as you can see it makes all the difference to creating looks very close to regal Gustavian furniture.

The walls in this room are likely painted white, but as you can see from shade of the photo, a shade of pink, pink gray tone, or muted coral would look really spectacular to pair with an upholstered Louis XV bed in mauve.

Gustavian Swedish Decorating Ideas

This room shows how sweet a child’s bedroom can be decorated in a classic Gustavian look.  In this room, the natural wood really steals the spotlight.  overall look is very distressed, rustic and antique looking.  The headboard and nightstand is distinctively Gustavian.  The painted box under the bed has all the right color tones, and the upscale chandelier adds elegance to a child’s room.

Buying a true antique is quite rewarding. Although if you want this but don’t want to splurge on true antiques, here are a few furniture suggestions that give the Swedish look while at the same time stretching your dollar……

Winsome Wood End Table Night Stand with Door $55

2 Nightstands That Could Be Painted A Off Gray– Wood Two Drawer and Shelf Side Table – Set of 2 For $80.  Consider exchanging out the hardware for something round.

This lovely Reclaimed Four Drawer Side Table by CG Sparks is really lovely, and sells for about $250.

Furniture Creations is one of the best places to turn for inexpensive children’s bedroom furniture. This side table has beautiful lines for $66 dollars and comes in black and white.

1. Antiqued Distress White Finish Cabinet Table Nightstand $66

2.Angellina White Finish Solid Wood Night Stand $149

3. Distressed White Wood Perfect Bathroom Corner Cabinet $15.

4.Handmade Rosewood Nightstand – from two color schemes: $194 White with a brown top, or brown with a brown top Rustic in feel and sturdy in construction

5.Winsome Wood Night Stand/ Accent Table with Drawer and cabinet for storage $49

6.Antique Walnut Regalia Table Collection $81.

Gustavian Swedish Decorating Ideas

This antique horse is one of the prettiest patterns I have seen, as if you look closely at the pattern, it extends all over the horse’s body compared to other antiques where the pattern usually is positioned around the center, and the legs are left white.

Many antique horses have this classic circular painted pattern that adds depth and texture to these old fashioned toys.  The combination is usually white or light yellow and gray, and the saddle is painted in an alternative color.

Finding one of these antique painted horses is next to impossible without spending a fortune.

Ebay always has a small but limited selection of very nice antique wooden horses often for exceptional details.  So if you really are looking to invest in a wooden rocking horse consider keeping an eye on ebay, as usually I see them anywhere from $160-up to $2000 and beyond.

Happy Trails sells this very adorable Lamb Rocking Animal.  He is handcrafted with a wood core, and stands on sturdy wood rockers. This animal will make a bold addition to any child’s room. Measures 22.5″L x 14.5″W x 25″H and is priced at $49 dollars with FREE Shipping From Amazon!

How Linen Is The Perfect Fabric For Nordic Decorated Swedish Homes

Suzanne Kasler Southern Accents Magazine

Suzanne Kasler -Photo Credit Trouvais

Linen is still the most desired fabric for decorators and interior designers alike.  Linen is elegant, durable, and simply luxurious.

Linen is the strongest of the vegetable fibers and has 2 to 3 times the strength of cotton.  Linen is from raw flax, a bast fiber taken from the stalk of the plant. Linen is one of the oldest textile fibers known to  man. Over 4000 years ago, it was woven in Egypt and used to wrap royal mummies.

Not only is the linen fiber strong, it is smooth, making the finished fabric lint free. does wrinkle easily but also presses easily. Linen, like cotton, can also be boiled without damaging the fiber.

From  creamy white to light tan, linen can be easily dyed and the color does not fade when washed.  Linen also happens to be highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat, but also has the qualities of keeping cool making it an ideal fabric for summer garments.


Swedish Gustavian Ideas From Skona Hem Magazine

Decorating With Linen From Skona Hem Magazine


-Linen is also prone to mildew in extreme conditions. Don’t make the same mistake that I did and hang drapes in a solarium’s that collects water on the windows, because overtime your drapes will collect mold. Linen on the other hand does well in light conditions compared to all other fabrics due to its inherent resistance to UV damage.

– Linen easily creases and wrinkles, and tends to hold the wrinkles, so if you don’t mind that, it could be lovely for slipcovers. Linen has very little stretch, so be prepared to make your slipcovers a little extra large, as linen will shrink a little. Never put linen in a hot dryer. High heat causes the linen fibers to shrink and break. Consider letting your linen slipcovers dry on a table or on Air dry or tumble.

-Linen should be ironed with a good quality steam iron while it is damp, if you choose to iron at all. The more often linen is worn and washed, the softer it will become. However, if you are looking for a crisp appearance, ironing is a must. Use a steam iron and sprinkle on additional water if necessary to get a smooth finish. Press linen on the wrong side to prevent shiny spots. Use spray-on starch to get a crisp appearance.

-Of all the areas where you could use linen, the fabric looks best with drapery, because it doesn’t need to be washed as often, which also limits the lengthy pressing sessions. Consider linen for your drapes. The material looks elegant, rich, yet very natural in appearance, making it a must have for Swedish interiors.

Modo Textured 100-Percent Slub Cotton 3-Piece Duvet Sham Set only $54 dollars.

Wrinkle Resistant 300-Thread Count Reversible Cotton Duvet Set Stripe– Twin, Full, Queen, and King $45.

Safavieh Becca Grey Linen Dining Chair $249

Sussex Beige Linen Club Chair only $454!

This Louis XVI Armchair Only $319!

Ethan French Country Dark Limed Gray Oak Linen Dining Chair $499

French Country Weathered Gray Hemp Linen Dining Chair $499

Linen Pillow Cover with Jute Embroidery $33.

Cotton Linen Pillow Cover with Jute & Mother Of Pearl Embroidery Sea Horses

Ballard Essential Panel Natural Linen 108 Inch-$99

Springcrest™ Trim Linen Drum Shade  $14.99

Maytex Twill Wing Chair Cover $71.24

Williamsburg William and Mary Matelasse Pillow, Linen $51.67

Oval Hardback Natural Linen Shade $30.00

Tumbleweed Faux Linen Sheer $29.00

Progress Lighting Off White Shade 1-Inch $16.00

Swedish Cartel Clocks

Signed Antique Swedish Gilt Carved Wood Cartel Wall Clock Neoclassical 1913 From North West SPB on Ebay

1. Rococo Style Clock – Sweden – Late 19th Century Cherry Hill Antiques

2.  A Swedish Late Gustavian carved clock-Evergreen Antiques

3. Mora Clocks · Stockholm Gilt Wall Clocks

4. Italian pair of 1920s’ Gilded Mirrors From Ebay Seller Noemanyc on Ebay

5. Rococo Carved Wood Gilded Cartel Wall Clock Sweden From Bee and Rooster EBAY

6. Original Antique French Brass Cartel Wall Clock From Aizclusiv Euro Antik 2 On Ebay

17th Century Primitive Painted Homes

17th Century Primitive Painted Homes

La Pouyette featured a unique post of a primitive painted cabin located a few kilometers from Gstaad.  The cabin was originally featured in the  1993 Home and Garden magazine. Gstaad is a village in the German-speaking section of the Canton of Bern in southwestern Switzerland, and home to one of the largest ski areas in the Alps.  This home was at one time considered a wellness area with sauna, and built in 1628.  The evidence is found in the inscriptions.  The walls are decorated with paint in black, green and red.  In some areas of the home, formulas of blessings in Roman letters in Gothic characters are seen on the walls.  Painted wooden panels, decorated beams, friezes carved into the woodwork, all add to the beauty of this home. Blonde wood is used on the floor boards, and the furniture is found in in natural pine. Visit La Pouyette‘s Blog for additional photos of this spectacular home.17th Century Primitive Painted Homes 4 17th Century Primitive Painted Homes 3 17th Century Primitive Painted Homes 2


Spectacular Paintings From 18th Century Painter Carl Gustaf Pilo

King Frederik V of Denmark

King Frederik V of Denmark

Carl Gustaf Pilo was an 18th century Swedish painter. Pilo mainly worked in Denmark, and served as the painter to the Danish court. Pilo was also a director and professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Art.

Pilo carefully studied the works of Rembrandt and throughout his career, met with the changing tastes of society.

His work transitioned from Rococo to Neoclassical, mainly painting portraits as well as historical scenes.

After 30 years of service with the Danish court, Pilo was asked to return to Sweden. Upon his return to his home country, Pilo was named the director of the Swedish Academy. He painted actively in his home country until his death in 1793.

Pictures and information attained from Art Experts

Swedish 18th Century Art -Portrait of a Lady

Swedish 18th Century Art -Portrait of a Lady

18th Century Swedish Art- Adam Gottlob Moltke by Carl Gustav Pilo

18th Century Swedish Art- Adam Gottlob Moltke by Carl Gustav Pilo

Tour Through Drottningholm Palace, And Drottningholm Theatre


Drottningholm Palace also has a theatre that sits directly beside the palace.  The Drottningholm Palace Theatre, or in Swedish called “Drottningholms Slottsteater” is an opera house from 1766.   Today it is run by a private foundation, but still functions as a real theatre!  The theatre was built for Gustav III by his mother in 1766.   Gustav III loved the theatre so much and was often known as the theatre King. In 1792 when he was assassinated, his mother Louisa Ulrika of Prussia decided to close up the theatre at Drottningholm.  Then in the 1920s it was rediscovered, and because the theatre had not been used or touched in so many years, almost all the original equipment is still there.

This wonderful group of pictures came from TC4711 on Flicker, and Sim 1 Travels

I am so thankful to people like Hansn’s Flicker who have taken pictures for us to view.  King Gustaf III had this lobby made as an addition to the Court Theatre in 1791. It was also used for having breakfast. Musicians then sat on the upper floor making the music sound like coming from the heaven painted on the ceiling! When the King was murdered one year later the theatre was closed and it stayed closed for 130 years. Check out the marble finish on the walls. There are so many colors of faux marble wallpaper that you can put up to give the look of a high end interior marble. Add a tinted glaze over top of the wallpaper to mute the overall look so it doesn’t appear to be wallpaper. There are also many free videos on You tube today with Master Painters who show How to achieve these looks. If you are willing to learn, it just takes some practice.

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Nineteenth And Twentieth Century Quilts

Detail of rare Gustavian bench from the late 1700s- thelilyhome.blogspot.com

Detail of rare Gustavian bench from the late 1700s- thelilyhome.blogspot.com 

If you have not bought a hand made quilt, consider picking a quilt from French 72 Antique Quilts on ebay. What makes their store so different, is they specialize in high quality antique American quilts and quilt tops from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  The antique historical quilts are quite a bit more beautiful than any of the modern contemporary designs popular today.

Historical quilts combine patterns and colors better than the quilts you find today.  Quilt Making and patchwork have been popular pastimes in the United States since the 1700s, and historical quilts are highly collectible as works of art.  Antique American quilts often have historical significance and can tell a story about the time period. Antique quilts vary widely in design and materials, and can be hard to date at times because they may have been assembled in phases from older quilts or blocks.  Consider hanging an antique quilt on the wall for a Swedish American country look.

National Quilt Museum, located in Paducah, Kentucky. The museum houses a large collection of quilts, most of which are winning entries from the American Quilter’s Society festival and quilt competition held yearly in April. The Museum also houses other exhibits of quilt collections, both historic and modern.

Quilt Museum and Gallery in York, England -Britain’s first museum dedicated to the history of British quilt making and textile arts. The museum was founded and is operated by The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles. The Guild was formed in 1979 and is the national organisation representing quilt makers throughout the country. Traditional and contemporary work is of equal importance within the Guild, and membership is open to anyone who works in patchwork, appliqué, and quilting, or has an interest in quilts.

Antique & Vintage Quilts from French72 Antique Quilts


English Tea Tables : A Must Have Statement Piece In An Outstanding Swedish Room


Scandinavian Design by Lars Bolander withHeather Smith MacIsaac

Tripod tables were designed originally to serve tea. Some were designed to tilt like the pie table which could then be folded up and stored away. You would think the tripod table is English in origin because they have been traditionally associated with England and North America, but it was also popular in other areas of the world as well.

It is not uncommon to find tripod tables in Swedish interiors because they were executed in Scandinavia, Germany, The Netherlands, and France. Dutch painters were known to decorate the oval tops of these three legged tables with landscapes starting in the late 17th century, and this following survived well into the 19th century. In the late 18th century the English style became extremely fashionable, and cabinet-makers in Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands executed furniture in this style.


Swedish Painted Tilt Top Candle Stand From Rhonda Eleish and Edie Van Breems


Swedish Furniture & Decorating Ideas- London-Townhouse By designer Katrin Cargill

London-Townhouse-By-designer-Katrin-Cargill-500x475Swedish Furniture & Decorating Ideas- London-Townhouse By designer Katrin Cargill


Stunning European Paint Colors For Painted Kitchen Cabinets


The Beautiful colors found in the Farrow and Ball Paint Line

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK shows some beautiful kitchens painted in various blues.  The kitchen featured lovely English styled cabinetry with recessed cabinet doors.  Recessed doors allows the door to be painted as well as the capability to match wall colors because the cabinet face blends seamlessly with the overall cabinet design.

Consider painting your walls a shade darker or lighter than your kitchen cabinets.  In the pictures you can see out into another room which is within the same color groups.  The natural wood floors breaks up the use of blue in these rooms.  The color yellow is also very Swedish and plays off the blue quite nicely.  The brass hardware is a nice pop compared to silver which would blend into the blue tones.

Cover Stain in Oil has been my go-to-paint for several years now.  It is one of the best discoveries when I used to paint furniture as my full time hobby. Coverstain IS NOT your typical oil paint.  It goes on smoothly, than most other oil brands.  If the mixture is a bit thick, add a small amount of paint thinner to the paint.  The overall finish is levels out when it dries, and it dries to a flat finish which is incredibly unusual for a oil paint.

The best thing about this paint is you can get it tinted almost any lighter color.  I have been purchasing my paints at Ace Hardware as we live in a smaller town, and they have been able to tint the paint vibrant colors, and darker shades.  If I want something darker, I simply buy a quart size of satin oil paint at my local Sherwin & Williams and mix it in to darken it up.

In addition to the unusual features of this paint, it can be sanded down when it fully dries.  The paint dries to the touch within about 3 hours, but I wouldn’t suggest sanding it down.  I usually sand my furniture after day 3.  The next day you can sand it down, but I find I run through sand paper quickly because the paint is still not fully cured.  Because this paint dries flat, you can add any color over top of it, and it doesn’t have to be oil based.  What I would suggest is have Cover Stain tinted the color that is close to your ideal choice, and add your ideal color over top. If you do choose to spray this paint on to your cabinetry, PLEASE buy an industrial heavy mask with air filters.  I cannot  stress that point more.


Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchens

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK www.remodelista.com

Plain English Kitchen

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK

Plain English Kitchen Designs in the UK www.remodelista.com

Butler sells a terrific butter yellow console table that gives a unique Swedish impression. The first time I saw this table, I got so excited as the color and style are so close to Swedish styled furnitre. The soft blue floral set on the butter yellow are both typical Swedish cloors. The Artist’s Originals line is sold through Butler and is a collection of highly desired fine furniture hand-painted by accomplished artists. This stunning table is made from wood construction and features a single drawer. This table is entirely hand painted, and measures 32” H x 35” W x 16” D.

Martha Stewart's Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey Hill

The console table would fit right into the Martha Stewart’s home in Connecticut. The butter yellow is very simular to historical paint colors.Martha Stewart's Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey Hill

Martha Stewart’s Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey Hill

Martha Stewart's Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey HillMartha Stewart’s Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey Hill

Martha Stewart's Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey Hill

Martha Stewart’s Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey Hill

Martha Stewart's Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey Hill

Martha Stewart’s Previous Home In Connecticut , Turkey Hill


35 Pictures Show How To Decorate Around The Swedish Rustic Country Look

Country living is wrapped up in modest, yet meaningful details. The mixture of the old furniture and primitive decor has become a style that many people are flocking back to. As the recession hits and hard times find their way into the economy, many people are digging deeper for fulfilling and meaning in life. Many people discover that what really matters to them is God, friends and family. Perhaps that is why we see many people embracing the country lifestyle. Deep within the country style is an underlining current of family which is the foundation to the look itself. Family history has brought forth a deeper meaning for many families and has made it’s way into the home decor in all forms. Wall genealogies, family picture albums, and weathered furniture which have seen better days are widely embraced.

Sturdy oak tables which have been passed down from family to family are more loved than the brand new furniture without the dents, marks and history. Farmhouse tables which have seen countless family meals, served both a place to prepare meals as well as seeing countless children doing their homework. Families find the value in the most humblest items such hand painted ceramics, and woven baskets. One of the charms of country living lies in comfort. There is a respect for craftsmanship and integrity for design.

In Influential Country Styles, Judith Miller looks at the country traditions from around the world which we love and adore. The comfortable warm looks of the country home have become a style that can be found around the world, and Miller takes us on a tour of the decoration of homes which we can borrow and make our own.

The best thing about Influential Country Styles by Judith Miller is that the book is based on just country interior design. The American Rustic interiors has an entirely different color scheme than the informal English Country cottage. The brightly colored Mediterranean villa looks much different than the white looks found in the Scandinavian farmhouse. Judith Miller explores the best of country style, which you can adopt in your own home.


Country Gustavian Interior Decorating
Influential Country Styles, Judith Miller

Influential Country Styles, Judith Miller

Influential Country Styles, Judith MillerInfluential Country Styles, Judith Miller

Scandinavian Antiques features a stunning Danish Baroque Chest of Drawers with black inlaid details which accentuate the drawers, sides, and top of the chest. The chest is quite small making it a perfect piece to dress up a small wall in your home. Many of the chests from this time period would be three times the size, making this chest truly unique. This is in very good original condition for 250 years old. It has been restored with a French polished finish and is truly of museum quality.

You will fall in love with Coachery Barn’s furniture, just as I have. Coachery Barn is one of the only companies to re-produce furniture which takes the form of the country styled Gustavian and Georgian furniture. Their furniture seamlessly integrates with the Swedish styles because of the clean lines and simplistic looking designs. The paint finishes are well picked and aren’t modern at all. Lovely hues of gray, blue, yellow are distressed to represent the elegance of old furniture. One of their prettier pieces is the old world classic breakfront sideboard base to the left which sells for a little over $1800. Their furniture has the classic appeal of old world style which would look dynamite in your Swedish decorated home.

Old World Furniture From Coachery Barn

Hekman sells a drop dead gorgeous drop leaf side table As you can see Hekman has done a wonderful job of adding extra architectural detail by finishing the edges of the legs and the edges of the table in white paint. In addition, the table has been beautifully distressed to give the impression of age. This beautiful accent table is made of select Asian hardwoods and veneers with two drop leaf sides and a storage drawer. The antique brass casters add an additional luxurious element. Hekmans table sells for $840.

If you are looking for that primitive country feel inside your home, consider scrolling through Country Buzzins on ebay. The company sells antique sign art and old boards by Folk Artist Charles Jerred. The Artist has captured time and memories of old fishing camps, Roadside Motel Signs, Amusement Park signboards. Country Buzzins sells a large inventory of worn and wonderful wooden signs, checkerboards and Parcheesi boards perfect for decor outside and inside the house. Mount a few antique wooden game boards on your wall for that perfect country primitive feel. Many of the signs include the perfect combination of painted colors for your homes decor. Get that primitive style with Country Buzzins.

Global Views produces a wonderful aged wooden horse anchored to a stand. The horse is made of wood, and antiqued with what seems to be a whitewashing to get the wonderful patina. The horse stands 28-Inches tall by 7-Inches W by 28-Inches long. This would make a lovely decorative object on a stand in the bedroom, living room or elsewhere. The rustic look fits in perfectly with the 17th & 18th century decorating. It sells for just under $200.

European Antique Imports is based in Los Angeles and has been in business since 1989. Their pickers continuously search the Scandinavian and European countryside for the finest examples of antique country furniture. Their workshops in Sweden & The Baltic States enable them to provide these antiques at great prices.

IMAX sells a wonderful set of Gazebo Birdcages that would be the perfect home decor accents in your Swedish home. The set includes one small and one large birdcage. The small birdcage dimensions are 15.5” height x 7.75” wide x 7.75” deep. The medium birdcage dimensions are 21.25” height x 10.25” wide x 10.25” deep. These intricate birdcages are constructed of 70 pct aged pine wood and 30 pct wrought iron. Both cages have variations in texture and color. The set have been painted and distressed to add age and appeal. These lovely cages add architectural dimension to any room setting.


Veranda Magazine featured a California home designed by Betty Burgess in their April 2009 issue.  The home featured classic french furniture with linen upholstery and a simple clean palette.  The simple natural looking design featured large scale furnishings, antique furniture and minimal accessories.

The  hand-hewn eighteenth-century ceiling beams and waxed Venetian plaster walls gave the home a rustic appeal typically found in Swedish homes.  The overall palette was grey, paired with taupe.

“Grey goes with everything,” Burgess tells Veranda, ” We wanted the whole house to feel peaceful, to have texture. Grey captures the natural colors of the coast along Pebble Beach. It also showcases the home’s remarkable antiques and artwork without competing.”

The kitchen featured classic french cane back chairs upholstered Pierre Frey cotton at French 19th-century table.  Adjacent to the table was a white washed cabinet holding white dishware.  The living room featured lighter upholstery in natural flax-linen sofa.  A pair of 19th century X based stools sit under a contemporary glass based sofa table.  An antique barometer gives a touch of luxury on wall.  A French 19th-c. chair sit next to the couch.  Betty Burgess has a passion for European classicism.



This home by Betty Burgess features a number of stunning french chairs in a natural setting. 

Betty Burgess Veranda April 2009

Veranda April 2009

Betty Burgess Veranda April 2009


Avolli was asked a few years ago to participate in the Old York Historical Society Decorator Show House. Avolli was selected by Joyce Jordan Interiors as the primary supplier to her dining room. The room was decorated with spectacular painted Swedish distressed furniture. The dining room chairs and side chairs were all given gentle slip covers which brightened up the space. A Danish Bornholm clock was featured and lemon yellow & white striped drapes and yellow and blue china added some color into the room. The spectacular Swedish cupboard, chairs and gilt & marble console table and not to mention the dining room table which first caught my attention are marvelous to look at. Who wouldn’t want this to be their dining room?


One of my passions in life is painting and replicating natural finishes with paint. When one of my friends came across this over-sized Roman bust, I couldn’t help but get excited about the chance to paint it and give it an entirely new look. For most of my paint projects, I tend to work with a brown base, because it is easy to build upon with other colors. With this project, I started off with a light brown / beige paint color.

The color that I have found that works the best is Rustoleums Putty. The product is pre-mixed and comes in an oil base in both a quart or a 12 ounce spray can. With this bust in particular I started off with Rustoluems Putty in Oil, and let it dry for a couple days. Then I took a gloss dark brown in oil and dabbed it on using some cheap packing plastic foam. Anything that has some texture to it will work. If you look closely at the bust I tried to make the detail as small as possible so it doesn’t look ragged or purposely faux finished.

The secret to many faux finishes is to have an overall top coat which blends things together. The minwax Jacobean wood stain gives this bust a glossy look, blending all the colors together, while disguising mistakes. The best way to apply the Jacobean stain is to spray it on. Buying a 1 dollar plastic spray bottle at your local dollar store is one of the best ways to apply it. When you spray the stain on in very light coats, it will not take your previous work off. It is important to allow the bust to dry a day before spraying the final stain on.

Using the same base (Rustoluem Putty) for an entirely different look, you can combine it with a cornflower shade called Dromedary Camel from Sherwin & Williams. Sometime computer screen paint colors can distort the actual color, so comparitive colors would look much like Egyptian Temple , Tangy, Romanesque Gold.

After the putty is dry, I paint on the camel color, and wipe it off with a rag. The beauty of oil paint is it doesn’t come off easily compared to latex paint, and you can achieve paint finishes that look antique. If you have any great painting tips, email them to me, and I would be glad to note them on my site.

Painted Statue BustPainted Statue Bust


In the March issue of Home Beautiful features an impressive European home designed by Eleanor Cummings, and also credits Babs Watkins and Julie Watkins Baker.

Opening into a foyer are a marvelous Louis carved walnut front doors in their original paint finish, while wood beams were cosmetically added to the ceiling in the living room to add length and antique charm. 150 year old planks replaced old limestone floors and wood from a Scandinavian diary were used to make custom cabinetry in the kitchen.

This European styled home home features a VAST amount of antique painted doors and furniture that are incredibly uncommon for their patina and paint finish. Just a pair of antique doors would resell in many galleries upwards of 5k -20K. Add to that – Masterfully painted plastered walls that look like something out of the medieval 17th century, and you have a LOT of talent and investment tied up to create this look.

The amount of beautiful painted antiques are incredibly beautiful to look at, and we appreciate Home Beautiful for covering the talented work of Cummings, Watkins and Baker. The homes natural plastered walls provides a neutral foundation to layer in the home’s focal palette of soft blues and platinum grays. Baker tells us blue is one of the hardest colors to get right in a room. She says other colors surrounding blue can really change the appearance of blue, as natural wood warms blue up, while silver tends to do the opposite; brighten them up while cooling them off.

The focal points in this home cannot be missed – The antique painted Louis XV carved walnut front doors, the Swedish Hutch, and Gustavian bench in the bedroom, the 18th century tapestry, and the beautiful faux finished walls, and painted furniture.


The Antique Vintage European Textiles ebay is one of my favorite shops for true vintage and aged textiles. Located in Vermont, United States, they recently moved back to the United States; having lived in Europe for 12 years.

They travel to Europe regularly sourcing the highest quality textiles. They specialize in quality European Antique and vintage textiles such as hand-woven Grain Sacks, homespun linen, thistle cloth, hemp rolls, french ticking, French linen, mangle cloths and a variety of other natural fabrics. With many years of research, and hands on experience, Antique Vintage European Textiles are able to distinguish antique from vintage materials, but also work in collaboration with other colleagues to assure the best possible integrity with their period textiles.

They label fabric antique if they estimate the age to be 100 years of age or greater. Be sure to check out some of their absolutely stunning fabrics for your decorating or next upholstery project.

Antique Vintage European Textiles 1 Antique Vintage European Textiles 2 Antique Vintage European Textiles 4 Antique Vintage European Textiles 5

Designer-Shannon-Bowers-of-Dallas-TexasDesigner Shannon Bowers Featured in Veranda Magazine

Swedish-Mora-Clock-From-Cote-De-Texas1-500x649Check out the wonderful write up Joni from Cote De Texas on Swedish Influences

Mora Clockswww.maisonsdumond


The Best Swedish Lamps And Shades


Lovely Burlap Lamp Shades From Pottery Barn

If you are looking to add a touch of Swedish appeal in your home, the right style of lamp can go a long way to authenticate a that rustic period-style look in your home. Wood table lamps are the perfect choice for Swedish interiors and can be paired with a number of different shades ranging from natural fabrics such as burlap and linen to silks and satins. Wood lamps are often crafted out of different types of wood such as mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak, and maple. For a rustic aged look, lamps should be limed, or white washed for the lighter looks often associated with Swedish interiors.

More people are falling out of the cold looks of modern furniture and falling back in love with the natural ornate rustic looks found in colonial, swedish and antique looks. More people are turning towards quality, and are throwing away their plastic home decor, and looking for natural materials that age well such as brass and natural wood elements.

Wood lamps are created by turning a piece of wood on a lathe, and the styles first began with wood candle bases. Wood based lamps were inspired by the wood workers of Belgium and Holland and often feature generous curves and ornate grain details that can be enjoyed for many years.  Buy something that lasts and gains beauty as it ages.

Jamie Young Petit Paro White Washed Wood Base Floor Lamp features a white washed wood finish, with a natural burlap drum shade. The shade is 18″ across the top, 18″ across the bottom, and 13″ high

This lovely carved lamp is made entirely of carved wood.  The lamp is complete with a burlap shade for a very natural look perfect for any Swedish styled home

Swedish Jamie Young white washed table lamp.  This white washed wood base is simple yet detailed with beautiful rustic natural finish.  The shade is made of linen with a classic drum shade. Takes one 150 watt, 3-way bulb with a rotary switch. Shade is 15″ across the top, 15″ across the bottom, and 10″ high. 22″ high.

Swedish Gustavian meets French Country in this three drawer chest. A smooth pine
top contrasts with a distressed finish on the front, back and sides, revealing
faint hand-painted embellishments in gold. True vintage grandeur. Zentique is selling this terrific chest for $1500

Kathy Kuo Designs on ebay is selling a fabulous painted Swedish Gustavian gray washed hand painted dresser. The dresser has stunning gold hand painted features and sells for $1700

Curry and Company

Currey & Company is a wholesale manufacturer of distinctive home furnishings products. They are best known for our lighting products such as their chandeliers, wall sconces, table and floor lamps. If you are looking for a new set of lamps consider looking at Currey & Company. All Currey & Company’s lighting products are designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards. Hand forged iron products have been the specialty of the company, but the range of materials they offer is extensive including hand carved wood, porcelain and brass. Many of their styles invoke a feeling of an old world style in combination with classic shapes that remain fashionable through the generations.

I came across these really beautiful antiqued Oak empire (set of 6) dining chairs from MBW Furniture on ebay. The dining chairs had the square back and fluted legs that is commonly found in very common in the Swedish designs in the 18th century. MBW Furniture custom builds furniture, so even if these are not available, inquire about having something built from scratch. I often look on MBW to see what they have up from week to week, because they have such beautiful furniture.

Why A Natural Fiber Rug Is Essential For Pulling Off A Swedish Interior


 Ramie is also very comparable to linen and is also of a plant fiber from an East Asian plant.  Ramie is natural white in color, inexpensive and often mistaken for linen.    Ramie has a high luster and an unusual resistance to bacteria and molds making it also a great fabric for outdoors, although it is extremely absorbent and dries quickly. Ramie has been tested to be three to five times stronger than cotton and twice as strong as flax.

Natural fibered rugs have gained tremendous popularity over the years, as they blend well with all types of design styles and interior colors.   Natural rugs work with the glamorous modern eames styles, but also marry well with the antique scandinavian antiques, and act like a neutralizer with fussy overly ornate baroque and french furniture.  The natural fibers make it an excellent candidate to combine with the classic Swedish paint colors as many of the natural rug colors are beige or cream. Hemp fabric withstands water better than any other textile product making it an ideal fabric for outdoors, as well as for upholstery. Jute rugs are being showcased more often than luxury Persian rugs and Oriental carpets in renowned magazines such as Elle, Veranda and Architectural Digest.

 Jute is most often seen in sacks, rope, twine, and seen most frequently in rugs.  Jute rugs are clean and often times they don’t show the dirt like synthetic rugs.  While some find them comfortable, others say they are uncomfortable compared to plush tufted carpets. Jute rugs are hand-braided and hand-sewn.  Jute, being a natural fiber rug adjusts to its environment.  Dryer or more humid environments will cause the rug fibers to expand and contract.

I personally have owned many different types of natural rugs.  I have a 12 x 16 Jute in our living room, sea grass in our kitchen and sisal in our basement.  Each one is different, and every brand will differ.  While some of them are not thick, others are very heavy and sturdy.  I personally have had over 9 natural rugs and have loved them.  You just cannot go wrong with natural fiber rugs.


These beautiful natural fabrics are HEMP! Aren’t they beautiful? From Enviro Textile.