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Top Designers Pick The Best Furniture Paint Colors

Pictured, Slate Blue and Oyster White , both by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

In House Beautiful's "Add a Pop of Color to Your Furniture" key designers revealed their best paint colors for furniture.   Brian McCarthy's reveals his favorite colors from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint line.

"Find a piece that has good lines and trick it up. I've taken a plain pine chest of drawers from a junk shop and done a simple, cottagey finish with milk paint. Start with a base in S (Read More.....)


How To Decorate With Yellow For A Historical Look

Swedish Decorating Colors- Blue, Yellow, Navy And Gray- Painting of King Gustav III

Yellow along side blue and white are colors that are known to be distinctively Swedish, so when it comes to picking a color for a room around, yellow is a fantastic choice.   If you have ever based your home around the darker colors such as red, or black, over time it can be very overwhelming, and just gloomy.  Yellow produces the opposite effect.  It is enlightening, encouraging, and uplifting.

The color yellow can apply to so many decorating styles, so when considering a period look that is Swedish, here are three tips to keep in mind to make it uniquely Gustavian.

1. Pick the Right Hue-  Yellows such as pale yellow or ocher yellow are more historical than high-voltage tones.  Brighter tones of yellow can be very fluorescent, which are not at all what you want for (Read More.....)


Falu Red- A Prominent Color In 17 and 18th Century Sweden

Swedish RedThe color red has been distinctive color in Sweden in the 17 and 18th centuries.  Falu red  (pronounced "FAH-loo", in Swedish Falu rödfärg) is the name of a Swedish, deep red paint well known for its use on houses, barns and cottages. The paint originated from the copper mine at Falun in Dalarna, Sweden.  During the 17th century Falu red was commonly used on smaller wooden mansions with the intention to imitate buildings with brick facing.  In the Swedish cities and towns, buildings were often painted with the Falu red until the early 19th century, when many began to oppose the paint.

It was then that other colors were introduced such as yellow, white and the beautiful lighter pastel colors that you see in historical architecture in Sweden.   Houses and buildings in Scandinavia are usually painted white or yellow.   Red paint was the cheapest, so many of the barns and outbuildings in the countryside were painted red.

Only the noble buildings of the farm were painted in other colors.  Falu (Read More.....)


Suzanne Rheinstein’s Home And Furniture

Suzanne RheinsteinThe photos above and below were taken in a room designed by Suzanne Rheinstein at the Greystone Estate, the site of Veranda's annual showhouse Picture seen on

Architectural Digest & House Beautiful magazines both publish annual lists of current successful designers, and Suzanne Rheinstein always is noted as one of the top designers in the LA area.   Other established designers such as Michael Smith, Thomas Beeton, Kathryn Ireland, Barbara Barry, and Waldo Fernandez also are all noted to be the best in Los Angeles.

Suzanne Rheinstein is owner of Los Angeles renowned Hollyhock, an extravagant LA Antiques Store.  Rheinstein is known for her relaxed, elegant style, and special (Read More.....)