Swedish Antique Mirrors

This pretty mirror is listed by Junkteer On Ebay

Period 18th Century Danish or Swedish Mid-18th Century Pier Mirror

A small Swedish Gustavian giltwood mirror, Late 18th Century

Swedish mirrors have undergone a number of styles since they were introduced in the country in the 1600s.

German glass makers helped to lead the way, and they created mirrors in the baroque style of their home country. This included carved frames and a single pane of glass. Carvings could be simple or ornate, and frames could be square or rectangle, as seen in this mirror From Cupboards and Roses

Mirrors could also be made more ornate by hanging a curtain over them. This added a bit of flair and formality to the mirror.

A century or so later, more people began acquiring mirrors and the style switched to that of Swedish Rococo. This style featured carvings of shells or arabesques, and the frames were gilded and asymmetrical.

Shortly thereafter, another style evolved. The Gustavian style saw mirrors that were influenced by neoclassical aesthetics. Frames were richly carved and featured intricate leaves, ribbons and crests.

These neoclassical mirrors feature a pair of sphinxes on each mirror on either side of a fruit-bearing

By the early 19th century, the aesthetic was changing again. Roman and Egyptian influences made themselves known, and mirrors featured carvings of things such as lions, sphinxes, and griffins. The frames also took on a distinctive shape, with semi-circular domes at the top and straight edges along the bottom.

This Swedish pier mirror, shows neoclassical details inspired by Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign.

By the middle of the century, mirrors became much more common in everyday households, and production methods became more base. Decoupaged frames became common, or they were veneered.

The style evolution of Swedish antique furniture mirrors was influenced by a number of factors, and it produced some gorgeous mirrors that make excellent collector’s items now.

What is your favorite style of Swedish antique furniture mirror? Share your thoughts or your finds in the comments!

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Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design

Swedish Transition Rococo/ Gustavian Mirror

Gustavian Mirror

Turn Of The Century Apartment In Sweden- Interior Design Files

This fine Swedish Adolf Fredrik period rococo gilt wood mirror has carved C-scrolls and foliate motifs.

Swedish Rococo Mirror with gold leaf on wood carved frame and a mirrored
inner frame. Stamped NM (Niklas Meunier), active between 1754-1797.

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Where To Find Swedish Looking Wall Sconces

French Candle Holders Wall Sconce- Etsy

PAIR Vtg Ornate Gold Syroco $20 Etsy

Pair of French Style Oval Gilt Wall Sconces with Mirrors $450 Etsy

Gustavian Sconce www.stadsauktion.se

One common decorative element found in Swedish decorated homes is the use of small mirrored sconces.   Not only were these beautiful to look at, they were practical in the 17th and 18th centuries when light switches and modern electricity was not invented yet.  Candle sconces were placed on the wall in old times to bring light to a room.  The mirror backing magnified the light from the candle which allowed the room to be even brighter.

Sconces were paired with tables, which made sense to protect the home from fire hazzards.  Candles at walking height were easier to light at dusk, allowing the freedom of candles on the tables to be moved around from room to room as needed.  In addition, stationary candles on the walls didn’t serve a fire risk as much as those on table tops. Often times pictures depicting Gustavian interiors feature demi lune tables paired up with wall sconces.  Gustavian interiors are all about simplicity, and symmetry, although I am sure positioning the table or chair below a candle also prevented bumping and tipping over of candles.

Today it is hard to locate a set or a pair of these Gustavian styled wood sconces.  They are not a common find!  If you are really enamored with old world Swedish and Gustavian styled rooms, hunt around for rectangular mirrors that you can alter yourself.

1.  Shop Ebay For Similar Looks

Ebay is one of the best resources for decorating your home.  Lets face it, if you are after a particular style, it isn’t going to be in your local antique store, unless you live in Sweden.  Shopping ebay allows you to narrow down the parameters, and search for key words.  Consider buying something close to the style you are after, and alter it with additional wood, decorative wood appliques, and paint.  You do not have to have ALL genuine antiques in your home.  Be creative without spending a fortune.

Get the Look For Less- Vintage Primitive Pair Homco Black Mirrored Candle Holder Wall $17.00  Check out this pinterest page with looks you can create for less.

2.  Shop Esty!

Esty is often the last place I look, and often times I forget all about esty.  Ebay is always my first place to look, although when I have looked on esty, often times there are a few hidden gems.

Last week I was searching through ebay for a particular set of handles for a desk I am finishing up.  I found what I was looking for, and waited several days to bid.  I ended up loosing the bid to another, and would have spent way to much money anyhow.  I looked on esty after loosing the auction, and found an identical set of French pulls for a lot less money.  The best thing is I could buy right away.  Esty has a LOT of great listings.  Take the time to search out key words.

The greatest thing about Esty and Ebay is you are supporting local families and small businesses.  Every day people like you and I….  Often times they are looking for a small profit, making it very a reasonable place to purchase.


Smiling Horse Designs has for sale an 18th century Gustavian reproduction gold painted mirror with candle holder. Hand crafted wood painted mirror, using same techniques as in the original design. 7″ taper holder in metal, painted gold.  They are selling this incredible mirror for $99  Here you go!  The best deal I have seen yet!

Please be sure to add yourself to the Swedish and French decorating page on Facebook.  Enjoy lots of photographs and other people who enjoy this particular decorating style

Annas Kammare2


This house is situated outside the town Karlstad in Sweden. The house actually manages without water and sanitary sewer! This primitive styled log house has been passed down for generations. The current family who enjoys this home are the eighth generation.

Gustavian Sconce

Gustavian Sconce – www.lauritz.com

www.smagarde.nuGustavian Sconces – www.smagarde.nu

Gustavian SconceGustavian Sconce www.stadsauktion.se

Gustavian Sconcewww.stadsauktion.se

Gustavian SconceSpegel gustaviansk Johan Åkerblad –www.stadsauktion.se


Swedish Gustavian Interiors From The Affari Catalogue

Swedish Gustavian Interiors From The Affari Catalogue

Pair of wooden wall sconces…. perfect for a country side home.  Paint them, and heavily distress them.  Buy it for $20 on etsy

Trumeau Mirror & Wall Sconces From Liz
Spradling Antiques. Featured on Acquired Objects Originally seen on Joni’s Blog Cote De Texas

Photograph by Wm P Steele Featured on The White List Blog

Gustavian Swedish Pier Mirrors From Mallett Antiques

Gustavian Swedish Pier Mirror From Mallett Antiques

A pier mirror is a mirror which is placed between two windows.  These mirrors are  generally of a long and tall shape to fit the space. 18th century buildings often featured long windows, which the mirrors were created to complement.  These mirrors were commonly seen as a decorating feature in the rooms of large 18th century houses.

Live Auctioneers displays a rectangular pier mirror that has a beautiful urn over a frieze carved with laurel leaf swags and flowers and fluted apron below.  They estimate this mirror is between $3,000 – $5,000

Ruby Lane also has a rare 19th century pier mirror in gilt wood with bright green paint. The mirror features interesting carvings with garlands and acanthus leaves and is a style that is reflective of the Empire style. Circa 1800-20. $1,850

Neal Auction also has a Swedish Rococo carved giltwood mirror that features a basket of flowers, cornucopia brackets, rectangular mirror plate with reticulated rococo surround.  This mirror sold for $1,673.  Check out this amazing pair of American late carved gilded pier mirrors that sold for $5,078.