The Lavish Interior Of The Swedish Häringe Castle

$11M Stockholm Palace is Made for ….Curbed

$11M Stockholm Palace is Made for ….Curbed

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Häringe Castle-

If you want to explore near Stockholm Sweden, consider visiting the Palace-turned-hotel Häringe Castle.  This stunning 17th-century baroque castle- hotel just 45 miles outside Stockholm is located near a nature reserve.   Historic lore suggests that Vikings first claimed the Häringe Peninsula as property in the 11th century.  The estate has belonged to many famous people as King Gustav Vasa, Gustavus Horn, and Axel Wenner-Gren. Häringe was a ship yard during the time of King Gustav Vasa and probably even earlier.  Häringe manor consists of the castle garden and park facilities, farm buildings, staff quarters, the farms and active farmland. Häringe is a very important link to the City’s history, and is a national tourist destination.

The main building was originally built in 1657 by Field Marshal Gustav Horn. The south wing was built slightly earlier when the castle was built. The castle got its present appearance at a major refurbishment in 1770.  Häringe sat as an estate from about 1770 until 1929, when it was bought by the newspaper man Torsten Kreuger. Kreugar added the landscaping and the swimming pool.
After Kreuger, Häringe was bought in 1934 by business and industrialist Axel Wenner-Gren and founder of Electrolux. He filled the mansion with expensive furniture, and it was said he also built the road leading up to the estate. The Wenner-Gren had Häringe many famous guests like Greta Garbo, Danny Kaye, Karl Gerhard. At one point, all the furnishings were sold by one owner, only to be researched and re-purchased by another one years later.  After Wenner-Gren’s death in 1961, the lavish furnishings disappeared.  The new owner, crab importer Olle Hartwig, pored over Wenner-Gren’s photo albums, and was able to re-purchase most of the items.

Häringe castle is located in open countryside between Landfjärden and Bobäcken. Häringe estate was in the early 1900s, one of the largest in the county. The manor house, which has its origins in the mid-1600s, is today a whitewashed two-story building with mansard roof. It has separate wings on both the north and south side. On the south side there is a large swimming pool and remnants of very old trees.  Beyond the grandeur interior, the property lead the way to feature Sweden’s first outdoor pool with a slide from the second floor bathroom, as well as a bowling alley and underground tunnels.

North and east of the castle are a dozen red-painted farm buildings of different ages, which at one time meet the housing needs of the property. These are dominated by a large barn from 1946. On the castle’s west side are the remains of a garden with statues from the Wenner-Gren at the Castle (1934-1961).

There is also a nature reserve south of the property called the Häringe-Hammersta. The land in the nature reserve owned by the Archipelago Foundation. The land immediately surrounding the castle is privately owned.  Today the palace is used for conferences, as hotel accommodation. This castle turned hotel is owned by the Ljungberg family since 1999 and is part of an exclusive hotel chain.

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My Favorite 216 Selections From Wallpaper Direct!

Woodland Chorus by Sanderson

Ella by Arthouse

Cielo Panel by Designers Guild

Take me on a road trip Now by Eijffing


Wallpaper Giveaway From Wallpaper DirectThere’s no question that Swedish style has been popular for decorating homes. The causal, yet elegant decorating style combines a bit of both worlds we seem to enjoy. There are a few things that are unmistakably Swedish – beautiful architectural design, furniture craftsmanship and wonderful wallpaper!

The striped patterns and florals which were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries are still some of the most popular designs to this day. While some of the retro patterns have dated themselves over the years, the large scale damasks, florals, and geometrics are indubitably still in fashion hundreds of years later.

Wallpaper Direct has offered a generous $200 dollar wallpaper give away for the readers of  The Swedish Furniture. The winner can then look through a large selection of wallpaper that meets the giveaway dollar amount.  If the winner is located in the US, they must pick from the US site.  If the winner is from the UK, Australia or Sweden, they must order from the international site. The comments will be numbered on December 1, 2013, and then a number will be drawn from .

Enter 2 ways- Leave a comment in the facebook comment box telling us WHAT wallpaper you like best, or what you plan on doing with the wallpaper.  We will then contact you through facebook if you win.


Enter To WinBelow I have selected 216 of my favorite designs that have a Swedish edge; both modern and traditional from The US Wallpaper Direct website.  If you want something modern with a scandinavian flair, there are several selections that will wow you.  If you have always longed for a classic Swedish design, such as those found in the 18th century, there are several beautiful wallpapers that will instantly transform your room over the weekend.

Duro Wallpaper From Sweden

Duro, for the first time is now offered in the USA.  Duro is a family-owned company and leading brand in Sweden, has been around since 1930, and is one of only 120 companies to be appointed to the Royal Court and has had this distinction since 1946.

The printing process used by Duro uses ten times the standard amount of ink to create a distinctive, rich look, similar to hand-printed papers. They also have started a green initiative during the 1960s and eliminated PVCs, developed their own water-based inks and uses only solvent free coatings.

Swedish Wallpaper From DuroDuro Wallpaper From Wallpaper Direct

Duro Wallpaper 2Duro Wallpaper From Wallpaper Direct

Make Your Own Folding Screens With Wallaper and Wood

Gammalsvenska Collection By Duro 8Gammalsvenska Collection By DuroGammalsvenska Collection By Duro From Wallpaper Direct

Thibault DesignThibault Design

Thibaut PiccadillyThibaut Piccadilly

House & Garden November 2013House & Garden November 2013

About Wallpaper Direct:

Wallpaper has been selling wallpaper online since 1999.  They carry over 4,000 different wallpaper patterns.  To understand the volume of their business, they have approximately 10,000 wallpaper samples on hand, and dispatch 40,000 samples per month through the mail.

Wallpaper Direct is a trading name of C. Brewer & Sons Ltd. and is part of the BREWERS group of companies. C. Brewer & Sons is one of the country’s oldest decorators’ merchants, established in 1904.  Brewers holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of decorating materials to The Queen.   Brewers is a family run business with more than 146 stores selling an extensive range of decorating materials.  Paint and wallpaper is what they specialize in.

Wallpaper Direct has two distinct websites.  One for their international clients, and another for the United States.  We’ve been supplying equally discerning customers in the USA from our UK site since we launched Wallpaper Direct online in 1999, and now we’re open for business with a new American company Wallpaper Direct Inc with a dedicated team in Tennessee.

Wallpaper Direct

Call Toll Free on: 1-855-823-9754
Wallpaperdirect Inc.
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Blue and white St. Antoine wallpaper by Farrow & Ball Keith Scott MortonSt. Antoine Wallpaper by Farrow & Ball Keith Scott Morton

Uses For Wallpaper Other Than Walls:

Do you want to create a wow factor with wallpaper?  Here are a couple of tips how you can transform your home and simple every day objects with wallpaper:

1. Mod Podge Photo Mats With Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used as Artwork. Frame pieces of wallpaper and group these frames together to create a miniature art gallery. OR, consider covering picture mats with wallpaper.  Simply use mod podge which can be applied to empty mats.

-Craig Frames Collage Frame- From $20 on Amazon

-Accent Design Framing Mat Double 5″x 7″Ivory/Gold- Amazon

-Accent Design Mat 8″x 10″  4 Openings- Amazon

– Accent Design Mat- 2 Openings, – Amazon

 2. Wallpaper Your Closets

Consider transforming your walk in closet, pantry or linen closet with a statement of yourself using wallpaper.  Wallpaper the walls, and consider buying storage boxes, which you can then cover with the wallpaper for a unifying effect.   Closets allow you to experiment with bold patterns, and outspoken colors.

– Darice 8/9/10-Inch Paper Mache Round Box- New From $6- Amazon


Bryonie Porter’s Wallpaper Furniture
Bryonie Porter’s Wallpaper Furniture

3.  Mod Podge Wallpaper To Furniture

One of the best artists to site, would be Bryonie Porter’s Wallpaper Furniture.  You can see how wallpaper can go a long way on furniture.  Transform a vintage chest with wallpaper, or consider adding interest to glass display cabinets.  Add wallpaper inside a chest of drawers,  or inside of a wardrobe. Apply two or three coats of clear polycrylic  (not polyurethane as it will yellow it) to protect the wallpaper, sanding gently with a very fine sandpaper between coats of varnish.  Use wallpaper as drawer liners.  Line the inside of a drawer with wallpaper cut to fit. Attach with double-stick tape so the lining won’t shift when you’re rummaging in the drawers.

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Combining Swedish antiques with modern wallpaper, never looked so hot!  

Ben Dhong’s combined classic Swedish antiques in a residence for a finance executive in San Francisco’s Marina. Ben Dhong left the world of finance to intern with designer Martha Angus. He later launched his own design firm, Benjamin Dhong Interior Design, and today Ben works for clients around the country,and has his work published in House Beautiful.

The Gustavian Inspired Room:

This room is all about my love of contrasts and how to highlight what you love about something by pairing it with something that brings out that essence.”   The wallpaper sets an entirely different direction for the Swedish antiques placed in this room.  It goes to show you the power of wallpaper.

Combine the New with the Old:

The wallpaper’s field of gold blocks creates a modern backdrop.  The  plaster medallion of king Gustav pops like a piece of modern sculpture, and gives the room a focal point.  The polished silver Saarinen style base pops against the carpet, and the Louis XVI-style chairs bring in the rich flavor of Sweden into to the room.  Ben brings a very fresh approach to classical design.

1. Great Design Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

I play a fun game with people and tell them that in this room is something from west elm, ikea, restoration hardware and marshalls and make them try to find it….it all proves that chic doesn’t have to be expensive.”

2. Elevate Your Overall Collections With A Few High End Pieces

I like creating confident rooms in which everything is not shouting at you “look at me”. It’s a low-keyed confidence. The ability to pair the precious with the humble. One of my joys is to elevate the humble and treat the valuable as an everyday object

3. Just Focus On What You Like Rather Than Just “Expensive”

For years I couldn’t figure out if I’m a traditionalist that likes modern things or a modernist that has a strong sense of history. I’m now comfortable with dropping the labels. Beautiful design is timeless.”

4.  Layer In Points Of Interest

I love layering textures in the same color tones. It brings a richness in a very understated way“.

I adore contrasts. There is a wonderful tension between the contrast of a rough linen with a rich velvet, or a distressed wood with a silver bowl. I find that tension exhilarating.”

5.  Choose Furniture That Has An Edge Of Beauty

Great thought goes into the combination of a room. Some pieces must speak, while others must be sotto voce. The addition of a new piece may very well require removing something to keep it balanced.”

I like my rooms to have a bit of intellectual heft…A sense of history and erudition but never pompous.”

Furniture Credits:

Dining chairs: Vintage Louis XVI Style chairs, Tara Shaw Antiques

Wallcovering: turquoise and gold geometric metallic pattern, “Margot,” by Sandberg

Dining table: Hammered nickel table base by Julian Chichester and vintage Knoll top from Converso

Chandelier: white plaster from Donzella Gallery.

Statue: “Attitude” by Paul van Lith, Erickson Fine Art Gallery.

Relief: Plaster Medallion of King Gustav from Real Gustavian.

Carpet: custom turquoise and cream diagonal stripe wool carpet, designed by Benjamin Dhong.

Wallpaper Give Away Results

Wallpaper Give Away Results- WINNER- Debra Rodkey Lee!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the giveaway!  Thank you Wallpaper Direct for such a generous prize! 

Swedish Styled Wallpaper

Stola Herrgård, Sweden

Wallpaper can make a tremendous difference in a room decorated around the Swedish style.  It has the ability to add historical flavor to a room, and infuse color on the walls in a way that is decorative.  Prints can be a remarkable tool for a designer or homeowner who wants to give an impression of a room based around a period theme.

Stripes are known to be particularly Swedish, and are often seen combined with a floral pattern.  See an example in this room. Floral patterns, or all-over patterns which repeat themselves are also heavily used in Swedish decorating. During the Gustavian period, damasks also became popular as many elements of the French Style were brought to Sweden. Castles and houses of the wealthy had contemporary
wallpapers imported from France to decorate the walls of their gracious reception rooms.

In the 12th Century, papermaking reached Europe, and by 1481, Louis XI of France ordered Jean Bourdichon to paint angels on blue background on 50 rolls of paper. It was then that the ruling class began to commission artists to paint paper for their walls. In 1599, a Paperhangers guild was established in France. Then in 1675, Jean-Michel Papillon started making block designs in matching and continuous patterns. He was considered the inventor of wallpapers. Come the 18th century, wallpaper products from London became popular. Wallpapers gained popularity because they were less expensive, than hand painted papers. Later, Louis XVI issued a decree that wallpaper rolls should be about 34 feet in length, in 1778. It was Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf of France who invented the wallpaper printing machine in 1785. Nicholas Louis Robert of France invented a way to make endless roll of wallpaper.

Duro, Gammalsvenska Wallpaper From Sweden

Since 1946, the past three Kings of Sweden have appointed Duro as supplier to the Royal Court. Today Duro shares this honour with only about 120 other companies in all of Sweden.  In addition, the fact that the Royal Family and Court are very restrictive with the distinction makes it all the more appreciated.Over the years, Duro has accumulated thousands of wallpaper fragments from castles, manor houses, and historical buildings throughout Sweden.Working closely with antiquarians and museums, Duro has meticulously recreated many of these beautiful patterns that can be found in their Gammalsvenska Collection.

Country Swedish

Country Swedish sells a variety of Swedish furniture, fabrics, rugs and wallpaper; everything you need to put together a Gustavian styled room.  Country Swedish makes fine reproductions are designed and developed by craftsmen with careful attention to scale, proportion and ornamental details. Many of their wallpaper designs can be paired with sophisticated interiors or country interiors depending on the furniture you select, and the coordinating accessories.  They have a wide variety of period style wallpapers with several colors to choose from which would aid in furnishing a Swedish country house or an elegant Gustavian city home.  Check out their wallpaper selections here, and my favorite picks are below.

The Gustavus Collection By Zoffany

Zoffany has turned to the restrained classical style of eighteenth century Sweden to influence a wallpaper collection that exudes character,elegance and simplicity. Core colours of creams, whites, blues and greys are warmed with the addition of earthy reds. The challenge for the Zoffany design studio was replicating the quality of the natural materials inherent to Swedish eighteenth century interiors for a contemporary market. By using modern printing techniques and rich opaque pigments the studio has captured the authentic textures of natural wood and rough plaster.

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Love Affair With Blue and White Wallpaper – Lily Oake

Gustavus Collection – Albertine
Based on a Drottningholm paper from 1782, Albertine shows the influence of French 18th century silk,
with bouquets of roses set between striped panels, intertwined with leaves.   To create the original wallpaper, two techniques were used, the stylised background pattern was first block-printed, whereas the bouquets and trailing leaves would have been painted on afterwards.   Two different type of printing roller were employed to achieve a similar effect for the Zoffany wallpaper. Sold Through – The Best Wallpaper Place, or Living Interiors
Very little is know about this design, found in the Zoffany archive, although it has all the hallmarks of a painted Gustavian wallpaper   The single flower head placed within leaves, has naïve simplicity, set against a fresh lime-washed effect.   The original colouring on a blue-washed ground, is accompanied by three more natural shades.  Sold Through – The Best Wallpaper Place
Medevi- The Gustavus Collection By Zoffany Sold Through The Best Wallpaper Place
The subsequent influence of French classic style produced a fresh approach to Sweden’s established style of interiors. French brocades, arabesques and damask were transformed in the hands of the local
craftsmen and artists.
The combination of elegant formality with an unassuming simplicity has inspired these designs. The laurel wreath motif perfectly captures the combination of natural beauty and elegant
formality typical of the Gustavian style. ‘Gustavus’ is based on a design in the Zoffany archive with addition of marble textures inspired by painted panels in Swedish houses. The circular motifs, in contrast to the subtle marble veining, are printed with the application of an opaque ink, giving an almost three dimensional effect.- Sold Through – The Best Wallpaper Place
 Eleonora Wallpaper, By Gustavus by Zoffany
Drottningholm Palace
Drottningholm Palace, seen above.  A copy of this paper was given to Nancy Lancaster by the King of Sweden and it has since been duplicated by many designers over the years. 
Designer Timothy Whealon


Stenciled wall paintings based on 18th-century wallpaper in Sweden’s Drottningholm Palace The wallpaper  brings fresh air and drama into the foyer of a New York apartment. Designer Timothy Whealon extended the alfresco theme with a green lacquer David Hicks garden seat and lattice-motif Madeline Weinrib Brooke rug in Chocolate. Chairs are covered in Claudine in Chocolate by Les Indiennes.

Swedish Wallpaper Ideas

Swedish Interiors – Rococo Chairs – Picture Credit Master Henry Blog

Designer Timothy Whealon

Designer Timothy Whealon  – House Beautiful Magazine


“Châmbre d’Hélène” in Givenchy’s estate Le Jonchet.

Gammalsvenska Collection

Henriot Floral wallpaper by Quadrille Featured On House Beautiful Magazine

Duro, Gammalsvenska Wallpaper

House To Home Magazine- Pierre Frey

Eleonora, By Gustavus by Zoffany

A beautiful design of shaded birds amongst trailing leafy-branches on a
golden lime-washed effect background – ideal for natural freshness and
modern sophistication. Additional colourways also available. Please
request sample for true colour match.- Available Through Wallpaper Direct

Thibaut Piccadilly Birgitta

Country Swedish Wallpaper

Lillian August

Lillian August

Cathy Kincaid

Country Swedish Wallpaper

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Wallpaper Used In Svartsjö Palace

Zoffany’s Sophia wallpaper

Tiled stoves with improved heating – so necessary during the harsh
Scandinavian winters – were introduced in the 1760’s and with them an
opportunity for another area of pattern in Swedish interiors, The
inspiration for ‘Sophia’ was taken from flower patterns on painted tiles
and comes in a palette of eight colours, each reflecting the freshness
of Gustavian pigments.

Zoffany’s Sophia wallpaper- Sold Through – The Best Wallpaper Place

Swedish Interior- Picture Credit- Aged And Gilded Blog

Consider The Medevi- The Gustavus Collection By Zoffany Sold Through The Best Wallpaper Place

Swedish Interior- Picture Credit- Aged And Gilded Blog

Mixing Patterns Can Really Be Striking