Superior Reproduction Furniture From Sarreid Ltd

For more than 40 years interior designers throughout the United States and Canada, Sarreid Ltd has been known as being an innovator in the home furnishings field since 1967. After receiving many requests from customers to provide them with identical pieces of the best selling items, Sarreid Ltd finally decided to manufacture the best of their furnishings that could be then made available to the public on a wider scale.

Their goal was to make exact replicas of the original antique that they had in their possession, so they could produce quality pieces that look identical to the originals. Every item could be made using the original techniques seen on the pieces themselves by skilled craftsmen who restore Sarreid’s genuine antiques. Their reproductions look like thousand dollar 18th century antique furniture. This is partly due to the amazing skills of their craftsmen, (whom they recruit from all over the world), but also the steps they take to make the furniture look genuine. They start with reclaimed wood, and every item is hand finished by their team of antique restorers, replicating the finish of the original antique in every detail. The end result is that each replica is unique in its own way, just like the original. Expansion, shrinkage, small cracks, and wood imperfections are all inherent qualities of their product.

Some of their pieces come with a unique story.  The painted blue chest (above) was almost was lost….

“I will pay now and pick it up in an hour,” I said to Monsiuer Bersaut at the flea market in Lille. Someone must have overheard me because when I  returned the Louis XVI style French Bahut was already “collected”. Lille has one long street so I called two other dealers and started looking. An hour later we found the sideboard tucked behind a car. Since then I always leave a code name for the goods to be collected. We liked it so much we had our great craftsmen make an exact replica”

Sarreid sells exclusively to fine furniture stores and design galleries.

French Provincial Ebony Rub Oak Chest Dresser Sold By Marcia Treasures on Ebay

“Buying antiques in Sweden is a special job. Although I speak Dutch I still do not understand one word of what they say. The Dutch word tafel (table) is bord in Swedish, and bord in Dutch is a plate. A chest of drawers in Swedish is Byra, but if you order a Byra in Holland you get a nice cold Heineken. Anyway, I was very excited when I bought an early 19th century chest of drawers in Gustavian style. We liked it so much that we asked our craftsmen to make an exact replica.”

Aidan Gray’s Swedish Furniture Line

Swedish Blue Stefan Chair by Aidan Gray

Aidan Gray Dining Chairs

Founder and head designer of Aidan Gray, Randal Weeks has a thing for European design and Swedish furniture. The Aidan Gray line represents everything that encompasses old world design and aesthetics.  Products are made-by-hand with natural materials such as solid wood and rustic metals.

Aidan Gray is quickly becoming known for their architectural looking decorative accents and their reproduction antique furniture.  Not only do they carry beautiful antique-looking furniture, but the finishes are extraordinary.  Their furniture is finished using old world painted finishes and classic distressing techniques.   Multiple layers of paint, glaze and waxed finishes are often skipped with most retailers as they become tedious and ridiculously expensive for most companies to make a profit, which has opened up the door to niche companies such as Aidan Gray, Barreveld, Uttermost, Restoration Hardware and Wisteria.  Furthermore, being a faux painter myself, it also takes quite a bit of practice to get these antiqued painted finishes looking just right.  You need the right paint combinations, because as you add paint, the overall color changes, so I appreciate a line which goes the extra mile.

Painting can be tremendously rewarding, but also quite a lot of work especially when layers of paint are involved, so it is especially nice to see a company provide the extra finishes which give more of a worn antique appearance.  The best thing about Aidan Gray is YOU can sell their line, and open up your own small business.

Many retailers who sell shabby and rustic antiques tend to bring in Aidan Gray in amongst their antiques because the line brings forth more of the authentic paint finishes that are often found in Europe.  In fact, many small business are even selling on ebay from the comfort of their homes instead of having a store front.  Many blogs have sprung up featuring furniture staged in homes with price tags and additional pictures about the furniture which are ultimately connected with “but it now” on ebay.

Ebay has been the fastest growing online outlet, which many sites such as Esty have tried to match, that it is foolish for a small retailer not to be listed on ebay.  Paypal, and Amazon have gained the peoples trust when it comes to personal securitythat most people turn to them when they decide what retailer to purchase from.  Today you see big mega stores such as Target selling on amazon because that is where the people gather today.  With such a niche line such as Swedish furniture, who would have the time to drive across the country to visit a specialty store? Check out some of Aidan Gray’s beautiful Swedish looks for your home, and possibly for your future store.