69 Inspiring Pictures Of Nordic Country Style Decorating

Bogstad Manor

Bogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad Manor is a protected cultural monument and one of the few country estates in Norway. The history of the estate dates back to 1649, while Norway was still Catholic the land was rented out to tenant farmers by Hovedøya Monastery. After the reformatin in 1536 it was confiscated by the Crown. It was then in 1649 that the Danish-Norwegian King Fredrik III sold Bogstad and number of other farms to Morten Lauritzen. This land provided great timber for sawmills which was rapidly expanding in the 17th century.

The Manor remained in the same family from 1649 until it was left to the Bogstad Foundation in 1955, administered under the Norwegian Folk Museum.   The museum has left the estate authentic to the original time period, leaving a monument that shows layers of layers of history.

Peder Anker, became the first Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm in 1814 during the union with Sweden (1814-1905). From 1773 to 1780 Peder Anker made some alterations and additions to Bogstad Manor’s main building.  He designed the ballroom with inspiration from Versailles, bought a huge collection of paintings in Rome and created the first English landscape park in Norway.


Bogstad Manor is open to the public throughout the year, as well as guided tours of the main buildings are offered from May-September.  Bogstad Manor also has copies of artifacts for sale in the museum shop that relate to the history and tradition at Bogstad manor.  The museum shop sells glass, pewter and porcelain.

The gardens at Bogstad are sensational to see.  The baroque garden was established in the first part of the 18th century. The English style park was created by Peder Anker around 1780 and has  canals and ponds for carp and ducks. Peder Anker introduced more than 400 rare trees and plants from abroad. This park became a model for number of parks in Norway.

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Bogstad ManorBogstad Manor In Norway

Stave church, Rollag, Buskerud, NorwayStave church, Rollag, Buskerud, Norway

Scandinavia In The Middle AgesPicture Credit Visit google.no

Røldal stave church, Hardanger region in Norway. The church was built at the end of the 13 th century and is famous for its crucifix. According to legend it sweats once a year (July 6 th), and the sweat has healing power. After Trondheim (Nidarosdomen cathedral), Røldal was the most important site of pilgrimage in Norway during the middle ages.

Garden Snails - Cepaea Hortensis (Detail) New painted ceiling on antique floorboards. Peter Korver Amsterdam 2008

Garden Snails – Cepaea Hortensis (Detail) New painted ceiling on antique floorboards.

Peter Korver Amsterdam 2008

Rustic Swedish AntiquesVisit ljo-s.blogspot.com

Norwegian cubbord beds adorned with wood carvings and RosemalingNorwegian cubbord beds adorned with wood carvings and Rosemaling

Visit milan.govoffice.com

The colorful knotted throw was created to compliment the wall painting.

The colorful knotted throw was created to compliment the wall painting.

Visit homedesign.marthastewart.com

Swedish Decorating

“The lady’s bedroom at Skogaholms herrgård (Skogaholm Manor), Skansen open air museum, Stockholm.” Visit upload.wikimedia.org

Antique 1840-1870 Swedish Mora Clock

Antique 1840-1870 Swedish Mora Clock Visit seattle.craigslist.org

Swedish Antiques

Swedish Antiques Visit bukowskismarket.com

Dining Rooms

Stora Nyckelviken, Stockholm – Visit upload.wikimedia.org

Hall (ivistoga) with intricate rosemaling; Yli farm in TelemarkHall (ivistoga) with intricate rosemaling; Yli farm in Telemark

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Länna Prästgård, Norrtälje. Martha Stewart

Länna Prästgård, Norrtälje Visit homedesign.marthastewart.com

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl's Accessories Blog

Skansen Museum in Stockholm- See More At New Girl’s Accessories Blog

Two Scandinavian Homes

Two Scandinavian Homes Visit inspiracionline.blogspot.com

Lone Ranger Antiques 321 Walnut Street Hollywood, Florida, 33019. United States Tel: 001 (954) 925-8990. Fax: 001 (954) 920-6977Lone Ranger Antiques 321 Walnut Street Hollywood, Florida, 33019.

Swedish palette & galvinized pail as vaseSwedish Palette – A Galvinized Pail Is Used As A Vase

Dining RoomsNäs herrgård, Norrtälje, Uppland –Wikipedia

Skogaholms Herrgård, Skansen, Stockholm.Skogaholms Herrgård, Skansen, Stockholm.

18th century weeks at Skansen by Johanni on Flickr

Sunlight in the dining room at Haga, Haga Pavilion, Late 18th century, Gustaviansk or Swedish Neoclassicism Photograph by Magnus photoSunlight in the dining room at Haga, Haga Pavilion, Late 18th century, Gustaviansk or Swedish Neoclassicism Photograph by Magnus photo Seen on Pinterest

Sweaters by Designer Solveig Hisdal

Sweaters by Designer Solveig Hisdal


Traditional Swedish Nordic Dining Rooms – Visit solgarden.se

Coronet of Prince Fredrik Adolf of Sweden Visit knowingtheroyals.wordpress.com

Adolf Frederick was born, 14 May 1710 -12 February 1771) was King of Sweden from 1751 until his death. His father was Christian Augustus (1673—1726) duke and a younger prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, prince-bishop of Lubeck, and administrator, during the Great Northern War, of the duchies of Holstein-Gottorp for his relative Charles Frederick. His mother was Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlach. On his mother’s side, Adolf Frederick descended from king Gustav I of Sweden and from Christina Magdalena, a sister of Charles X of Sweden. From both his parents he was descended from Holstein-Gottorp, a house with a number of medieval Scandinavian royal dynasties among its ancestors. Adolf Frederick was also a 13th-generation descendant of Erik V of Denmark; a 13th-generation descendant of Sophia of Denmark and Valdemar I of Sweden; and an 11th-generation descendant of Euphemia of Sweden, Duchess of Mecklenburg and her husband the duke Albrecht.

Pair of Swedish Baroque Commodes created in the 1850s. Unknown Dealer

Nordic Architecture

Nordic Architecture Visit homedesign.marthastewart.com

Swedish FolkSarah Richardsons Country House Visit houseandhome.com

Nordic Style

GRUVGATAN 13 Blog Visit gruvgatan13.blogspot.se


 The pale colors and bare windows give this room a Swedish feel….Colefax and Fowler

18th Century French Carved Wood Louis XVI Panel

18th Century Giltwood Barometer with Allegory of Science

This comfortable and fresh vacation home displays simple palette combined with clean lines and rustic finishes. In place of a traditional oil painting, designer Jessica McIntyre created an art installation for the dining room with wall brackets from Ballard Designs, pewter chargers from Pottery Barn, antler trophies from Two’s Company and antique Chinese water vessels from Club Cu. The rustic Durango light fixture by Arteriors Home contrasts nicely with the more traditional Zentique dining chairs. The tonal damask rug is from Shaver-Ramsey.coloradohomesmag.com

A Swedish Farmhouse- Source: Skeppsholmen.


Lennart Castelius Antiques & Interiors- here

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LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 1   LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 3 LENNART Castelius ANTIQUES & FURNITURE 4Lennart Castelius Antiques & Interiors


Go Bold With Red- Nordic Country Interiors

To start thinking about how you would like to include red in your home, here are a couple questions you must ask yourself:

  • Into which room do you want to add red? kitchen, living, bath or entryway?
  • How prominent do you want the color to be? All over color or an accent pieces in red?
  • How much daylight is in the room? morning, afternoon, or both?

House Beauiful compiled 24 of the best reds from the top leading designers.  Here are my favorite 9 red shades of paint from their selection of 24


1.”This is a really deep coral, kind of like a cheerful Chinese red. Pinks and reds to me are synonymous with frozen drinks and relaxing.” –Richard Mishaan, Benjamin Moore’s Chili Pepper 2004-20

2.”When I look for red, I want a pure, true red, like the color in the American flag. Ralph Lauren does absolutely the best. It’s the essence of red. It makes me think of boating or polo.” –Suzanne Kasler , Ralph Lauren Paint’s Dressage Red TH41

3. “Red never goes out of style. It’s full of life — always fresh, always fun to wake up to. We go for reds with less blue in them and more orange because they’re happier to live with.” –William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, Ralph Lauren Paint’s Lattice Red IB57


4. “It’s a true, deep red. I like the temperature of it: it’s a bit cooler. But a little red goes a long way. It’s good in areas where you don’t spend much time or in boring areas that need a strong burst of color.” –Roderick Shade Pictured, Benjamin Moore’s Million Dollar Red 2003-10

5. Benjamin Moore’s Redstone was used in Eldon Wong’s cupboard.

6. “All my life I’ve pursued the perfect red. I can never get painters to mix it for me. It’s exactly as if I’d said “I want Rococo with a spot of Gothic in it and a bit of Buddhist temple” — they have no idea what I’m talking about.” –Diana Vreeland, Benjamin Moore’s Red 2000-10


7. “Red is the color of excitement, and I tend to go for corally orange reds. With red, you know you’ve arrived and you glance in the mirror and realize how great you look and breeze right in.” –Keith Irvine, Benjamin Moore’s Salsa 2009-20

8.”I prefer the warm, vibrant reds to the historic reds, which are beautiful but sedate. This is a daring red, a real fire engine red. It has a playfulness that reminds me of a little red schoolhouse.” –Ruthie Sommers, Fine Paints of Europe’s Dutchlac Brilliant Tulip Red W1001B-M

9.”Lately I’m on this anti-completely-neutral kick. You have to have some seasoning in your rooms. Sangria is good, universal-donor red — not too blue, not too orange, not too dark.” –Elissa Cullman, Benjamin Moore’s Sangria 2006-20

Get samples of your chosen color, and paint a large section of your wall to determine what color looks best through out the day.   Some colors will appear more grayed, while others may appear more saturated.

4.  Paint Your Furniture Red Than The Walls

If you want an all-white based room, consider painting larger furniture pieces in red.  In this post we show you a red provincial chest in a country style.

For a rustic country look, start by striping your furniture of it’s prior paint and urethane.  I find using a heat gun the best way to strip furniture without using chemicals.  Ideally you want the wood to soak in the paint, which will allow you to distress it better, when it is dry.  I find even if I paint a piece of furniture that has urethane on top, the sanding doesn’t look as great compared to wood that is raw.  Use a flat or satin red paint on the piece.  Distressing is the key to this look.  Later, adding brown glaze to the top of the paint, which you can either paint on, or wipe off will blend the wood and paint color together to give you that aged look.  These three steps have allowed me the best results to achieving an old world antique painted furniture looks.  Don’t be afraid of going crazy with the distressing.  You cannot go wrong with over distressing, expecially when you start with raw wood.  You can always go back, touch up the areas that have too little paint, and distress again to blend the areas together.

5.  Combine Red With Natural Wood or Black Painted Furniture

The picture below shows a Scandinavian entry way in a traditional red,  featured in Lars Bolander’s Book- Scandinavian Design, this entryway is furnished like a real room instead of a transit area.  A black painted rococo side chair with gold details contrasts nicely against the red painted plank walls.

If you choose to paint your walls red, such as the room below, consider placing furniture that is painted and heavily detailed.  White, black or natural wood furniture looks the best against saturated colored walls such as the picture below.  Find furniture with some detailing.  Perhaps a solid wood unfinished chest with gold detailing.  Another way to go in the picture below is a wood chest with black detailing.

Photo by Staffan Johansson From Palm Beach Daily News

Original Photo From Lars Bolander’s Book- Scandinavian Design

Lars Bolander’s New Book- Interior Design & Inspiration- The Swedish Furniture


Same home from From Lars Bolander’s Book- Scandinavian Design

Close up of the chair….

Swedish Baroque Captain’s Arm Chair c. 1750

Beautiful 18th Century Swedish Chair. Painted black with intricate gold-leaf detail.

This lovely grandfather clock boasts the traditional curves of the Swedish Mora design. The original black paint is accented with gold flourish detail, while the bottom has a lovely pastoral scene with lake and swan in forefront.

Gods & Gårdar Magazine

2012 Swedish Winter Photo from Fantastic Frank

Period Gustavian two over two chest of drawers in red paint. Egg and dart molding at the top, with fluting and carved rosettes on the chamfered sides. Cupboards & Roses

 Swedish Cupboard Bed From Moon To Moon Blog

Classic Swedish rocking chair with unusual paint. These chairs were usually painted black. The wood grain and floral finish is rare. This six legged style was made between 1830 and 1850, after that the 4 legged version took over.

 Næslund Antikviteter – Swedish Furniture

Næslund Antikviteter – Swedish Furniture

Næslund Antikviteter – Swedish Furniture

Næslund Antikviteter – Swedish Furniture

Næslund Antikviteter – Swedish Furniture  

18th C. Swedish Rococo black painted chest with rare brass hardware decorated with crown and cross, circa 1760.

Swedish at Tone on Tone Antiques

Swedish Gustavian Bench, 18th century, with traditional “Falu” red paint

D.LARSSON Interiör & Antikhandel

Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Nordic Watercolour museum-Camillaengman.blog

Distressed Red Chest From Gruvgatan13 Blog

Gustavian style white dining room in a classic Gustvian style, with painted wooden furniture and red accents. The red is given a pink partner seen in the slipcovers for a soft look. House To Home

Swedish-style Dining Room – House to Home Magazine

Antique Vintage French Fabric  ~ Project Bundle From Loody Lady on EBAY

Varke magazine at scandinaviankitchens.com

Combine Red and Gray Together-Næslund Antikviteter

With its simplified lines and absence of ornament, our classic Gustavian Chest captures the rustic charm that is an essential element of Provincial home decor. The warmth and beauty of bleached reclaimed elm sets off its casual design and fine craftsmanship, as well as providing a lived-in authenticity. Harrowset Hall Furniture

HGTV Dream Home 2006 Bunk Room HGTV.com

Bright red bunk beds (painted in Sherwin-Williams’ “Cherry Tomato”) line
two walls on either side of the big window facing the front of the
house and a northern view of the mountains. Above the window, almost 10
feet off the ground, is a fifth bright red bunk, nestled beneath the
peaked roof. A red rolling ladder, of the kind found in libraries or
bookstores, provides access to this top bunk. Small built-in shelves at
the head of each bed (and individual reading lamps) create the sense
that each bunk is its own little room.

Consider using gray with red, such as this gray painted mora clock from Lone Ranger Antiques

Paint the interior of your cabinets intead of the walls- Under The Spanish Moss Blog

Another all gray interior with a red chair as an accent. 

French Elle Decor December 2008

A Close up of the chair

The French Elle Decor December 2008 issue

A Bleached/Painted Gustavian Commode with Reeded Front- $5,500

Baroque Commode Germany circa 1760