$100+ Solid Braided Rugs

Braided Rugs On AmazonBraided Rug 80″ Round Off-White $109

The careful selection of your homes rugs can really bring alive that Swedish look you are after.  Last month, I found myself spending hours trying to select a rug that would work perfectly for our outside covered patio.  After browsing endless patterned rugs, I found myself drawn to plain, simple braided rugs.

Living in Seattle for a short period of time, I left several large sisal rugs outside under a lofted outdoor barn, only to find later they were molded, so much so, that I had to pour bleach to remove the dark black spots that were left on the rug.  So after that experience, I didn’t want to chance getting the wrong rug for my outdoor patio.

Super Area Rugs on Ebay, had a large selection of rugs that work for indoors and outdoors.  The intricate braided detail was enough pattern, and also gave my space that simple look I was after.  These rugs can work for the indoors, as well as the outdoors.  I ordered an Oval version of the “Reversible Braided Rug in Blue Ice Color”  When they arrived at my door, they were rather light, made of a synthetic material, which enables them to be washed and used outside throughout the winter.

In this post Swedish Decorating MUST Haves – Natural-Fiber Rugs I show pictures of jute rugs, sisal rugs, and hemp, all great choices when selecting a rug for a Swedish home.  If you want something different, consider a braided rug.  I have found they come in very pretty light colors such as blue, ice blue, and white, amongst so many other colors.

Sunbrella Solid Braided Outdoor Rugs

Sunbrella Solid Braided Outdoor Rugs- Find Them On Amazon

Here are some selections that would work with a Swedish style home:

– Rhody Rug Braided Rugs In French Blue–  Amazon

– Rhody Rug Braided Rugs In SOLID Navy–  Amazon

– Rhody Rug Braided Rugs In SOLID Key LimeAmazon

Braided Rugs For That Swedish Interior

Solid Braided Rugs By Rhody Rugs- In Hydrangea Color

Braided Rugs On AmazonITM Indoor/Outdoor Braided Rug, Green, 8-Feet, Round- $199

ITM Indoor or Outdoor in Periwinkle Blue – 8 Feet Round $199

ITM  Indoor/Outdoor Braided Rug, Blue, 6-Feet, Round $144

ITM Nautical Braided Reversible Rug, 5-Feet by 7-Feet, Grey $116

ITM Indoor/Outdoor Braided Rug, Dark Blue, 6-Feet, Round $165

Braided Rugs For That Swedish InteriorSolid Braided Rugs By Rhody Rugs- You choose the color and size!