Ikea On EBAY

Over six decades IKEA has become one of the major retailers with stores in 40 countries/territories around the world. In the 1950’s founder Ingvar Kamprad started developing IKEA into a furniture retailer. In the 1970’s the concept of IKEA starts to take shape, and IKEA stores open. The POÄNG and BILLY bookcase become hits. In the 1980’s IKEA expands into the USA, Italy, France and the UK, and it wasn’t until 2000 where Ikea was introduced to Russia and Japan.

Ikea is always offering up a hot new designs season after season. They are well known for their beautiful slip-covered furniture, and wood products.

Discontinued Ikea Alvine Spetsig Floral Embroidered Scandinavian Pillow CoverDiscontinued Ikea Alvine Spetsig Floral Embroidered Scandinavian Pillow Cover

EMMIE BLOM Full / Queen Duvet Cover Set $59

EMMIE SOT full/queen duvet cover set $49.99/3pcs

The EMMIE LAND Duvet, Pillow and Fabric

ALMSTA, Rattan chairs,$99.99

PROMENAD dinnerware,$3.99-$4.99