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The Very Best Swedish Looking Wood Outdoor Furniture

LuuNguyen Co., Ltd. company is a leading garden furniture producer in Vietnam. They produce absolutely beautiful garden furniture made from hardwood such as Eucalyptus, Acacia, and Teak. LuuNguyen garden furniture can be found on Amazon, although after visiting their site, they welcome entrepreneur, importers, wholesalers, department stores, or those who wish to create their own private label. A business can sell and market these lovely outdoor furniture lines without the complexities of products manufacturing.

Spring and Summer has arrived, and people are always looking at investing in outdoor patio and garden furniture.  Quality patio furniture isn’t always affordable, at least this is what I discovered shopping for our own home.  A few weeks ago, I was heading into town, and spotted garden furniture out of one of our local shops, and so I made a special effort to go and see what was for sale.  One adirondack chair was listed close to $700 dollars!  How can anyone afford to entertain with one chair costing as much as an antique?

If you love the look of Swedish furniture, and are perhaps in the market for outdoor furniture, you may really enjoy the designs from LuuNguyen’s outdoor wood furniture collection.  The slat back chairs have always been a classic Swedish design. In this post we feature several dining chairs which also have slat backs to achieve an antique country Swedish look.

Here are my favorites:

1. LuuNguyen Reclining Folding Arm Chair Set of 2 $179

2. LuuNguyen Hardwood Folding Side Table $43

3. LuuNguyen Folding Table, 28 by 28 by 30-Inches $99

4. LuuNguyen Folding Chair Set of 2 $99

5. LuuNguyen – Lindy Hardwood Chaise Lounge $149

6. LuuNguyen  7-Piece Dining Set $649

7. LuuNguyen Rocking Chair $99

8. LuuNguyen 7-Piece Extension Expandable Dining Set $800

9. LuuNguyen Four Foot Hardwood Bench $139

10. LuuNguyen 11-Piece Extension Expandable Dining Set $1000

11. LuuNguyen Five Foot Hardwood Bench $139

12. LuuNguyen 5-Piece Conversation Deep Seating Set

Wood furniture allows you the option to customize it with paint to match your existing wood or metal furniture.  Wood also allows you to distress furniture in such a way that it doesn’t look brand new.

If you choose not to paint your wood furniture, consider cleaning your furniture at regular  intervals to keep your furniture in good condition.  Cleaning is a must for any patio furniture, but even more so for wood furniture is using a protector for the wood.

– Consider getting an oil based water repellent polyurethane.  This is especially necessarily for areas of the country where it rains quite often.

– For sunny regions, polyurethane that has a UV protection capability, or paint that has built in barriers to prevent color fading.

-During the colder months, it’s a good idea to  store your wood patio furniture inside.  Many people do not have the luxury of extra space so consider investing in patio furniture covers for the winter months.  If you don’t have the space, consider the folding chairs above, which are easier to store.

Other Considerations:

Look at this picture from Petit Trianon – Picture Taken By Heather Clawson.  Buy your own wood planter boxes for your own home.  -Cedar Wood Raised Planter Box $300, -Branford Large Teak Planter Box $121, –Cedar Planter Box Square $24.97, -Susquehanna Outdoor Barrel Planter, Cedar $49

SEI Storage Box $349, -SEI Plantation Chair $399, -SEI Teak Lutyens Bench, 5-Feet $649

-Adams Manufacturing Quick-Fold Side Table, Desert Clay $12.72, Berry Blue$14, Fold Side Table White $34, Bright Blue  $17 Cafe Table, Desert Clay $34.99

-Faux Ivy Privacy Screen $55, Vinyl Chair Cover $9., Vinyl Chaise Cover $8. Primo Cypress Wood Table Grill $474

Set of Twelve 19th Century Swedish Chairs La Pouyette Blog

A set of 12 Swedish dining chairs c.1830, Scraped to traces of original pale
blue paint, seats recovered in coarse vintage linen – Lorfords Antiques

19th Century Table and Bench From Lorfords AntiquesCheck out their dining tables here…….

Isn’t the painted bench and table in the upper picture just amazing?  The color of the paint is absolutely perfect for anyone who is looking to decorate in the Swedish Gustavian look.  If you haven’t discovered International Concepts’s unfinished furniture, certainly check it out, as they have a number of Shaker pieces that could double as Swedish country furniture.  Of course, a set like this I am sure is worth thousands.  Everything about it is just eye flattering!

Since I have joined Pinterest, it seems like every day I am learning a new DIY skill or another.  One trend I have seen on Pinterest is turning FREE old pallets that are often discarded into garden furniture.  While the thought of this may make you cringe, you would be surprised at how pleasing some designs have looked.

-In this photo, you see a garden chair that is made out of an old pallet.

-Here someone has stacked palettes for lounging inside the home.  You could take this concept outside and use it for your garden containers at several heights, much like a staircase.

-While I wouldn’t have this design inside my home, it could be a great idea for composting outside.  Composting containers often are unsightly, and this design may be a great idea to consider.  The overall design is very attractive, and anything can be improved with paint.

-This is one of the nicest designs I have seen using pallets.  Why not cut them in half, and use them as wine racks?  You could have a floor to ceiling storage for wine, or shelving if you are creative.

-This person put together a lovely outdoor potting table using a couple old pallets.  This table looks fabulous!

-This table was created using a couple of pallets.  You can see they added wheels and framed this together with wood blocks for the center.  How easy, and inexpensive.  You could also take this concept, and build a large container garden that is waist height.  No more bending over to garden!

When it comes to simple DIY projects such as these, anyone can get excited.  With the cost of wood these days, it is no wonder why people are turning towards free resources.  Although, at the same time, there is a fine line between your home looking like a junk pit, and a home that you can be proud of, so choose carefully what you implement.

The Magazine Popular Mechanics has an article that shows you how to make your own adirondack chairs if you are game to learn.  For many people such as myself, I have no carpentry skills what so ever, so I couldn’t even entertain the idea.  While I am an exceptional painter, wood filler has become my best friend when it comes to creating projects from wood.   For people like me, and perhaps many of you, you just would rather buying a nice piece of furniture instead of messing around with wood that may turn out to looking like DIY.

There is such a wide range of furniture out there, all at different price points.  It seems more than ever there is a growing demand for metal and wood furniture. Although if you are like me, and you are going to invest in a set no matter what, why not find a style that you absolutely love, and plan on enjoying for many years ahead, than just settle for something in your local area?