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If you do have french chairs, consider spending some extra time, painting the frame’s carved details, as it really allows this extra detail to pop out.  On our Provence site we show a lovely Louis XV armchair painted in white, but accented in Blue.

You can see how lovely these french chairs look with multiple colors.  Another great picture of a painted chair with the details painted is one by T.C. Donobedian which has a frame painted in light pink with green accents which is just stunning.

When choosing an appropriate Gustavian styled fabric consider that of stripes and rose floral fabrics based on a white background, which is the supreme example of Gustavian style.

Finding a heavy weight upholstery for furniture can be a bit of a challenge, although ebay always has sellers who are cleaning out their closets, offering amazing details for yards and yards of fabric better than wholesale prices.

Shabby Cottage Floral Toile Upholstery Drapery Fabric

Shabby Cottage Floral Toile Upholstery Drapery Fabric Dale Ray Fabrics EBAY- 9 dollars a Yard