Painted Furniture

How To Decorate Around Pastel Greens Part 2

New from the Home Decorators Collection and Martha Stewart Living is a line of craft furniture designed to organize your crafts.  The line is called the Craft Space Collection and is designed to be highly functional with maximum storage capability. The pieces are based on the custom-made furniture that is found in Martha’s own personal craft rooms. This furniture is specifically designed for avid crafters who need special furniture for their crafting projects.

The crafting room is often the most disorganized room in the house, because of the endless supplies that make it appear cluttered.  For most people, they don’t have a whole room designated for their crafts, which is why this furniture line is so appealing.  These pieces are so beautiful that they wouldn’t look out of place in any area of your home.  These pieces are designed to work with one another.  Buy one piece to furnish just a corner or an entire room with pieces that mix and match.

The pieces will aid you with paper based crafts such as scrap-booking and card making, as well as sewing.  Pieces are designed specifically to hold wrapping paper and ribbon and plenty of drawer and shelf space for tools, paper, sewing supplies and more. The furniture is available in two colours, sage green and white.

Sasha Waddell Interiors also has a collection of furniture inspired by the classic simplicity of American utilitarian designs of the 1930s.  The color looks almost identical to Martha Stewarts.   Look how she matches up the magazine holders with the same color that is used on the furniture.

Craft Space Gift wrap Hutch, 34″Hx42″W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $169

Craft Space Table, 36“Hx54″W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $249

Craft Space Table, 31″Hx54″W, $229

Collection in Rhododndrn Leaf:

-Craft Space Deep Cubby Organizer, 13″Hx21″W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $69

-Craft Space Left Cubby Organizer, LEFT, RHODODNDRN LEAF $27

-Craft Space Corkboard, CORK, RHODODNDRN LEAF $49

-Standard File Cabinet, 31″Hx21″W, RHODODNDRN LEAF $159

-Small Cubby Drawer, TALL-6″Hx5.25″W, $6

Tall Cubbie Drawer, SHORT-4″Hx5″W,$6

-Zigzag Drawer Insert, 16.75″Wx11.25″D,$16

-Storage Console, SHORT-31″Hx21″W, $129

Magazine File, 11.5″Hx4.25″W, $14

-Letter File Cubbie Drawer, LETTER FILE, $14

-Deep Cubbie Drawer, TALL-6″Hx5″W, $9

Collection in Picket Fence :

– Craft Space Gift wrap Hutch, 34″Hx42″W, $169

 -Craft Space 42″w Storage Console, LONG-31″Hx42″W, $179

-Craft Space Deep Cubbie Drawer, TALL-6″Hx5″W,$9

-Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Table, 31“Hx54″W, $229

-Craft Space Center Cubby Organizer, CENTER, $59

-Craft Space Paper Organizer, PAPER-13″Hx21″W, $119

-Craft Space Right Cubby Organizer, RIGHT, $27

-Craft Space Standard File Cabinet, 31″Hx21″W, $159

-Storage Console, SHORT-31″Hx21″W, $129

Collection in Sharkey Gray:

-Craft Space 21″w Storage Console, SHORT-31″Hx21″W, $103

– Craft Space Paper Organizer, PAPER-13″Hx21″W, $119

–Craft Space Deep Cubby Organizer, 13″Hx21″W,$69

Additional Beautiful Pieces:

-Martha Stewart Larsson Desk in Black, $399

-Martha Stewart Living Larsson Cabinet $199

-Martha Stewart Living Ingrid File Console $399

-Martha Stewart Living Larsson Swivel Desk Chair $124

-Martha Stewart Living™ Ingrid Console Table, $279

– Martha Stewart Living Ingrid 3-Shelf Bookcase $259

Use Your Garage

Running out of space?  Transform your basement or attic with these attractive pieces.  Think about a major overhaul in your garage.  Get rid of the clutter and make it into a usable space, while at the same time not making your husband mad that he has to park outside.  If your garage is long and narrow, consider using the side of the garage, and work with the space vertically.

TV armoires are being thrown out at local used furniture outlets as people are hanging their flat-screens on the wall.  Consider a used armoire for the endless over-sized tools.  Consider staining your concrete a lighter beige to make the space look cleaner and paint the walls a coordinating green to make this room a usable extension of your home.  Work with existing furniture, and match up your previous collection by painting your existing furniture and accessories green.